The Wonder of Wendy's Waterfall

by harry lime

Copyright© 2018 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: The hero loses his girlfriend and gains a new female partner in the same evening.Upon reflection, it was a good deal in his judgement because his new live-in girl was teaching him there is a lot out there that he had never suspected to exist in reality.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Squirting   Water Sports   .

It was one of those weird Fridays that seemed like Monday and needed to be forgotten in a hurry. I got off work a bit early because I was meeting my girlfriend Irene to go to a movie and dinner at a local restaurant that had good food and was within my budget.

Irene was waiting outside the restaurant and I thought that was a bit weird but sometimes she acted funny when I least expected it. I was beginning to suspect she was taking some kind of pill or something even worse, but I figured it was all in my head and dropped it without making an issue of it.

“Hi, honey, are you ready for the Friday night special?”

I knew that she loved the special fish dinners they had in the quiet little place and that she always expressed her liking for their food.

Irene looked at me kind of funny and I knew right away something was not right.

“Joe, I am not going to have dinner with you tonight.

In fact, I have another date with a much nicer man who is taking me to the new French restaurant over on the Boulevard. I can’t go out with you anymore because I am engaged to Tony now and he is really the jealous type.”

Needless to say, all of this took me by surprise because I had never heard of Tony before and Irene had never told me she liked French restaurants. It was more expensive, but if she told me she wanted to go there, I would have taken her. I could see right away this was something more complex than which restaurant we were going to on a date.

“Well, good luck with that, Irene. You have me at a disadvantage because I thought we had something going here that meant a lot more than fancy French restaurants and unsuspected male friends called Tony.”

Irene snorted in crushing derision and I knew immediately that it was truly over between us.

I was being dumped before I could even reach home plate and my memories would be of her soft and yielding breasts and the funny way she pushed her tongue inside my mouth to pretend she was in charge of the kissing duties.

The fact of the matter was that Irene had a lot of shortcomings of her own that I never mentioned for fear of arousing her nasty temper. I made every attempt to make things work and did my best to ignore that which was staring me right in the face.

In case you are thinking I am exaggerating about her flaky attitude, I want to call your attention to the time she went to movie with me and I discovered her panties were missing and her female parts were all pulsating and wet with what could only be another man’s spunk. It was right in the middle of the day and she made no excuse to me, hoping I would be too dense to suspect the truth of her infidelity to yours truly. It actually intrigued me more than it annoyed me because she was something of a prude when it came to daytime sex. She even had a habit of making me turn the lights off on a sleepover letting me fumble foolishly to find her proper hole.

I wished her good luck with her new boyfriend and ate by myself in a convenient bar with sawdust on the floor and roast beef on a plate with bikini-clad girls showing breasts that defied gravity in a way that made me hungry for second helpings.

The waitress came back with my second helping and teased me about my appetite.

“You remind me of my ex-boyfriend. He never could push away from the table without a second helping of my roast in his belly.”

I looked up at the attractive female with the double D-sized heavy artillery and noticed her name tag said, “Wendy, Gold Star employee”. I had been in such a funk over my unexpected dumping at the hands of the heartless Irene; I had missed her raw sexual magnetism. It was easy to see this attractive waitress was no longer a fresh young thing, but she had that sort of beauty that seemed to last for a long time and made her waning years a delight for any partner with the patience to plumb her depths with passion.

“Your ex-boyfriend must have been crazy to give up your culinary gifts as well as your obvious physical charm when the lights go down real low.”

Wendy gave me a nudge with her nicely curved hip and I felt the solid presence of her lower body secrets inviting me to enjoy the excitement of her panty-line and pull me into the current of her feminine charm. It was so transparent that I had no other choice than to reach out and touch her private parts with searching fingers and a slowly hardening dick. I have to be honest and relate that my state of mind was in a weakened condition due to my recent rejection by the heartless Irene.

One apple pie and two cups of coffee later, we made a date to watch a horror flick in her small apartment as soon as her shift ended in less than two hours.

Needless to say, the next two hours, I was filled with anticipation about my good fortune. My date with Wendy was to confirm her promise to give me the carnal bliss I knew I needed to make me whole once again. All I could think about was the over-sexed Wendy, and her need for second helpings of her own, with her long, beautiful legs pointed straight up to the ceiling. One thing I could always count on with Wendy was her noisy reaction to being poked in any position.

I was glad that she lived on the top floor of the apartment building and her next door neighbor was an almost-deaf old woman that talked constantly to her cat as if it were a conversation with her closest friend and confidant.

When Wendy got into my little sports car, she snuggled right up next to me giving me a full taste of her female flesh all the way from her pretty ankle to her generous boobs. She managed to bounce on my bare arm in a constant reminder that she was in a mood for male companionship sooner rather than later. I had no doubt that she wanted more action than talk and she was ready to show me her spirit of cooperation in getting better acquainted.

We settled down on the sofa to watch the silly film.

It was filled with scantily clad young things being chased and subjected to harsh treatment by assorted creatures that were supposed to be victims of a biological attack that rendered them incapable of restraining their sexual impulses. The female cast was in danger of being eliminated when a tough young woman from an Army base started to even the odds and rescued the survivors with reckless abandon. Of course, it was then when it changed into more of a female on female relationship thing and we both had to laugh thinking those poor girls didn’t know what they were missing.

We were both sipping on a bottle of Johnny Walker Red to the point that the wonderful Wendy was motivated to show me her landing strip proving her own rug matched the curtains of her curly red hair.

I couldn’t look without touching and one thing led to another.

Her sexy red lips convinced me that she was just as good munching material as the young things on the screen.

Her insistence forced me to be a gentleman and bend down to do the honors.

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