The Monster in the Cave

by NymphWriter

Copyright© 2018 by NymphWriter

Fiction Sex Story: Every year in the village of Koletis, a female member between 18 and 25 is selected to be the annual mate of the Monster in the Cave.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   High Fantasy   Mystery   Aliens   non-anthro   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Transformation   .

At the foothills of the mountains, surrounded by a dense forest was the small village of Koletis. It was said to be founded in the seventh century by a small band of travelers who were looking for a place to start anew and escape the oppression of their greedy overlord. Over time, they developed trade with other villages in the region, usually just beyond the forest and they enjoyed great prosperity. However, the village’s elders grew greedy and corrupt and the divide between the wealthy and the poor expanded. It’s believed this was what brought the Monster in the Cave to the village.

The story goes that the Monster in the Cave had come to the village to take up residency disguised as a man. He was skilled in woodworking and earned a good living with his trade, but he was driven out by the corrupt village elders who demanded exorbitant payments from his services. He warned them if they didn’t change their ways, the village would be forever cursed. The elders scoffed and banished him to the caves in the mountain that neighbored the village.

A few years later, a message was received that the village elders were to send one of their adult daughters to the cave so she could be the mate of the Monster in the Cave. The village would suffer great woes should they deny his request. Of course, the message was ignored and within days of the deadline a great fire destroyed the crops of two village elders and killed several of the villagers.

Since none of the elders wanted to sacrifice any of their daughters, they sent a young girl whose parents had been killed in the fire. The elders felt it would be easier to send her off than to take care of the orphan child. However, a few days later she returned untouched with a message that the elders had angered the Monster in the Cave with sending it a child of the villagers, not a woman of the elders, and that further punishment would be unleashed. True to its word, another fire erupted in the home of the senior elder who had sent the young girl. Though he and his family barely escaped, he was badly burned. A week later, his eldest daughter made the trek into the mountains to appease the beast and was never seen again.

A year later, the creature demanded another adult daughter from the elders to be its mate. This time a younger daughter of a different elder volunteered herself and like the first girl, was never seen again. It wasn’t long before the village elders ran out of eligible daughters for the Monster in the Cave, so they sent the young village orphan girl whom they had first sent to negotiate with the creature since she was the only one to ever return.

Upon her return, she shared that all the villagers’ daughters, including those of village elders, between the ages of 18-25 would be entered in a lottery to be selected to be the Monster in the Cave’s annual mate. The names of every girl would be put into a box, but those daughters of the village elders would have extra entries, one initial one and one for every year they were above eighteen. So, at eighteen, there would be two entries and at twenty-five, there would be nine, thus increasing their chances of being selected. The young village orphan girl was charged with running the lottery as the Monster in the Cave said she was the only honest person in the village.

Year after year, the villagers tried everything to protect their daughters including encouraging them to engage in sex prior to the lottery as it was believed that the Monster wanted a virgin. However, the Monster in the Cave took virgins and whores alike. If a girl was lucky enough to not be picked before she turned 26, she could marry and have a family. The villagers had tried several times to find and kill the Monster in the Cave, but they could never find the cave and the orphan girl would never reveal the location stating the Monster would punish her if she did.

Over the centuries, the villagers continued the practice of sacrificing one female resident who was between the ages of 18-25. The legend of the Monster in the Cave continued and anytime the villagers refused, disaster would strike in the form of a mysterious fire. The descendants of the young orphan girl continued to operate the lottery and the descendants of the village elders were still required to partake in the lottery. Some of the daughters would abstain from sex until after their eligibility in the lottery passed while others became the village whore.

Kinsley grew up knowing these stories and understood as the daughter of a village elder, she was more likely to become a bride of the Monster in the Cave than any other. She was a plain woman with long, mousy brown hair, brown eyes, small breasts, slim build, and simple features that would allow her to blend in anywhere else, but the village. Elders’ children were never allowed to just blend in.

However, neither her plain looks nor her status as the daughter of a village elder stopped her from fucking every man she could from the time she turned 18. She had decided that if she was destined to be a monster’s bride, she was going to go in knowing how to fuck. She would take on multiple lovers daily, once even three at the same time, with one cock in her pussy, one deep in her ass, and one in her mouth. Her reputation for being a whore was well known in the village and while some looked at her with contempt, others saw her as brave for preparing like she did. Some suspected that it was to be disqualified for being such a whore while others questioned if she was wanting to be selected to escape the village.

The day before the lottery, Kinsley was in a back alley as Topher, the mayor’s son, was fucking her ass and growling in her ear, “You like being my little whore, don’t you Kinsley?”

“Mmmm, yes,” she hissed.

His cock wasn’t the biggest she had enjoyed, but time was ticking and she wanted to fuck as much as she possibly could before the lottery just in case. Either way, she was determined to try to enjoy fucking as many men as she could no matter what, though Topher wasn’t very enjoyable, just convenient. He gripped her hips tightly with his pale white hands and pounded her ass until he shot his load.

“Fuck!” he hissed. “I wanted that to last longer.”

“Do you want me to clean you up?” asked Kinsley.

He checked his watch, “No, shit! I’m going to be late.” He pulled his cock out, and shoved it back into his pants. He smacked her ass and smiled. “After the lottery, I’ll have you all to myself.”

Kinsley smiled as he ran from the alley, straightening his red hair and trying to not look like he had just fucked her ass. “Like hell you will,” she whispered under her breath.

While Kinsley didn’t mind being the town slut, she had no desire to be a kept woman, especially to a man who was known for fucking anything that moved. Sadly, he possessed a dick not worthy of anyone’s time. She fixed her skirts and stepped out of the alley and into the street. A handful of older women passed her and hissed, “Slut.”

Kinsley smiled and said, “Like you’re not jealous.”

One of the women stopped and looked at her. It was the mayor’s wife and Topher’s mother. Her dark red hair was swept up in a bun that framed her matronly face and her brown eyes were piercing. “Not in the least. I don’t need to fuck every man in town to prove a point.”

“I know,” said Kinsley. “You don’t even fuck your own husband.”

The mayor’s wife’s eyes narrowed. “I hope you’re selected. I’m sure the Monster in the Cave will make short work of your slutty ass.”

“Well, it would sure as fuck be better than dealing with frigid bitches like you or small dicked men like your son,” said Kinsley as she turned on her heels and walked away.

Kinsley hated living in the village, but knew that she couldn’t escape. Sadly, it too was part of the Monster in the Cave’s curse. She thought about talking with the family who ran the lottery about ensuring she was picked, but she knew they wouldn’t listen. It was no secret that they ignored anyone who tried to negotiate with them.

She walked to the edge of the forest and looked out. She longed to just run away and start anew, but she knew she’d be severely punished by both her family and the villagers, though to her, the only true punishment would be forced to marry Topher. While he wasn’t a horrid fuck, he rarely if ever made her cum.

As she returned to town, she encountered Quinton, one of the orphan’s descendants. “Hello Kinsley,” he said, his deep voice washed over her like a warm blanket.

“Hi Quinton.”

“What were you doing at the forest?”

“Wishing,” she sighed.

“Wishing for what?” he asked with a wicked smile.

“Wishing I could leave this god-forsaken village and have a huge cock fuck me.”

“Well,” he said grabbing her by the wrist, “I can’t help you with leaving, but I do have a hardening cock that would love to fuck your pussy and maybe your ass.”

Quinton was handsome and tall, with thick black hair, dark eyes, chiseled features, and a nice, thick cock. Kinsley had always enjoyed being fucked by him and knew this might be her last chance for a good fuck and an orgasm. “Lead the way.”

Quinton led her to his home where they quickly undressed. He pushed her down onto the bed, pushed her legs apart, and began licking her pussy. “Hmmm,” he said, “someone was fucked earlier, I see.”

Kinsley smiled. He always knew if she had fucked another man or two before and she always wondered how he did it. She figured he could smell the scent of the other man on her, but she didn’t care as his tongue teased her clit and two fingers slid deep into her pussy and curled. He hummed on her clit and slid his fingers deep inside her pussy adding a third. He pushed his thumb on her rosebud and she knew she was close to an orgasm. Kinsley moaned and squirmed, pulling his hair and pushing his face deeper into her.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Please, make me cum! Please!”

His fingers moved faster, his tongue danced with her clit, and it wasn’t long before a huge orgasm raged through her body, soaking his face and fingers. He lapped up her juices, slid his fingers out, and mounted her quickly. Quinton slid his fingers into her mouth and said, “Clean them up.”

Kinsley happily licked and sucked his fingers as his cock filled her wanton pussy. The taste fueled her desire as he thrust within her at a steady rhythm bringing her to a second, equally powerful orgasm. After this, he slid his cock out, flipped Kinsley over, and slid his cock into her ass. Kinsley moaned louder as he gripped her hips and savagely pounded her ass. Kinsley clawed at the sheets on the bed and moaned. This was the fucking she craved and she knew no other man in the village could fuck her like this.

The harder he fucked, the more she liked it. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back, forcing her to arch her back so her breasts stuck out. Her hard nipples pointed toward the wall making it easy for him to tug at them roughly. Then he struck her ass hard and said, “Come for me again, my slut.”

After a few hard blows that reddened her ass, Kinsley had a third orgasm that coated his balls. He slid his cock out and spun Kinsley around. “Open wide.”

Kinsley happily opened her mouth as Quinton shoved his cock into her mouth and down her throat. The taste of her juices on his cock pushed her to yet another orgasm. He held her hair tight in his fist and tugged at her nipples as he fucked her sweet mouth hard until he fed her his cum. It poured down her throat as he emptied his balls into her. He slid out and shot a few squirts onto her face. He licked her face clean and kissed her cheek. The air around them was thick with the aroma of their savage fucking.

“Thank you,” she purred, falling back onto the bed.

“You’re welcome,” he whispered. “It seems you needed that.”

“I was in dire need of a good orgasm or three.”

“Clearly,” he said, sitting on the bed, “and it was four. But tell me, why do you want to leave?”

“I hate this fucking village.”


“Well for one,” she began, rolling onto her side and propping her head on her bent arm and hand. “I want to experience the world beyond the couple of villages we trade with. This is my last year in the lottery and the odds that I’ll be picked aren’t great and Topher seems to think I’ll be his when I’m not selected.”

Quinton smiled and shook his head. “You’re like the fifth girl to tell me this.”

“I’ll pretend I’m surprised. Honestly Quinton, if I could volunteer to be the Monster’s bride, I would.”

“Sadly, thanks to your ancestors, that’s not an option anymore.”

“Did they really send your great-great grandmother when she was 12?”

“I think there are a few more greats in that but yeah, that’s the story. At least the Monster in the Cave has some standards and won’t take a female younger than 18. I hear it prefers older women though, women at your age.”

“Well, there are several of us in my age bracket and three of us are daughters of village elders.”

“But you are the oldest, aren’t you?” he asked.

Kinsley rose and began to dress. “Yeah, but not the oldest of the eligible women.”

“True. Must you leave?”

Kinsley smiled. “Quinton, you are by far the best fuck I’ve ever had. You ensure I have more orgasms than anyone else. Hell, even three men at once can’t accomplish that. I’d love to stay and fuck you until the end of time, but we both know that isn’t an option for me or you. So yeah, I must leave.”

Quinton pulled Kinsley down and kissed her gently. “Don’t despair Kinsley. The number of women who want to be picked is low and you will have the most entries because of your status and age.”

“How low?”

“I can count the number on one finger.”

Kinsley smiled. “Maybe that will work out in my favor.”

“Maybe. See you tomorrow.”

“See you then,” she said as she kissed him, then quietly left.

Kinsley went home, ate dinner, and tried to sleep. Thoughts of watching another girl being picked and Topher making her his wife depressed her. Kinsley was the only girl in her family aside from her mother who had married her father just after she aged out of the lottery. Kinsley didn’t have a man in her life she wanted to marry should she not be picked, though the thought of Quinton picking her didn’t exactly bother her, she doubted he felt the same way. She knew she was just a fuck-buddy to him and to be honest, that was all he was to her as well. However, that didn’t change her desire to see that relationship grow into something more. The problem was that none of Quinton’s family would ever pick a village elder’s child to wed.

That morning, she ate breakfast with her family, dressed in the simple traditional frock that all the entrants were required to wear, and her mother French braided her hair. They went to the town’s center where the other young women also wearing simple frocks, some with their hair braided, others with their hair in a bun, all nervously chattering among themselves and waiting. The entire town had gathered and were standing around the pack of women. Kinsley could see Topher standing next to his mother who scowled at her. Soon, Quinton, his twin sister Quintina, his mother Yvette, and his grandmother Vafara, stepped up to the podium and addressed the crowd.

“Good morning,” Quinton began as a hush befell the crowd. “I know you all have a lot to do so we’ll try to get this over with quickly. As you all know, every year a young woman from our village is selected to become the newest mate for the Monster in the Cave. While the original design was this to be a daughter of a village elder only, that element has long since been abandoned and now all young women between the ages of 18-25 are eligible. All names have been placed into this box with additional entries for those few who are daughters of village elders. In a moment, I shall select the name of the young woman leaving us today.”

Vafara scanned the crowd with her deep dark eyes framed by heavy wrinkles and long silver hair. Yvette’s hair was brown with silver streaks, but her eyes were softer like Quinton’s. Quintina’s long black hair hung loosely around her face as she whispered something to Quinton. Kinsley was curious what she was talking about and envied her position as the only woman in the village who didn’t have to wear these ugly frocks or worry about her fate. A few of the girls shifted their weight from one foot to another, others fidgeted with their frocks.

One whispered, “I wish they’d just get this over with.”

“It’s over soon enough. Just hope it’s not your name they call,” whispered another.

Kinsley glanced around the circle at the faces of the other women and the villagers that surrounded them. She knew her parents were behind her with the other village elders and parents whose daughters were awaiting their fates. She glanced up at Quinton who slyly winked at her as he reached deep into the box, stirred his hand around and withdrew a small slip of paper.

He cleared his throat as he opened the paper and said, “Kinsley Weber.”

There was a collective gasp throughout the crowd as everyone looked at Kinsley. Despite what she had said, what she had thought, hearing her name caught her off guard. She looked around and saw her parents, her father consoling her weeping mother. Her desire to escape hadn’t taken in account how this would hurt her parents. She tried to move toward them, but she was quickly grabbed and dragged to the front where Quinton, Quintina, Yvette, and Vafara stood. Kinsley struggled and pretended she didn’t want to be the Monster’s mate. She knew she had to pretend to protect her parents.

“Take her to the room,” said Vafara. Kinsley was shocked how cold her voice was as she was taken away.

A few minutes after she was locked into a small room her parents came to say their goodbyes. Kinsley’s mother wept and her father remained stoic. She realized how much this was hurting them and for a moment, wished she hadn’t been picked. Sadly, their visit was too short and ended too soon for all. Quintina and Yvette ensured that Kinsley was properly dressed under Vafara’s watchful eye including removing the braid from her hair so it hung loosely around her face. When she was ready, Quinton came to escort Kinsley into the mountains. They walked through the forest for hours going in random and assorted directions in case any of the villagers were trying to follow them. As the sun began to set in the mountains, he led her to the cave. Their entire journey had been in silence up to this point.

“Here is where we part,” he said soberly.

“Thank you,” Kinsley sighed. “Thank you for everything.”

Quinton turned to Kinsley, took her face into his hand and looked deep into her eyes. “I’m sure by now you figured out that I pulled your name on purpose.”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Please know this isn’t an ending.”


“Trust me Kinsley. I never would have pulled your name if I wasn’t sure.”

Quinton kissed her forehead and gestured for her to enter the cave. Kinsley slowly walked into the cave trembling. Occasionally she’d look over her shoulder and see Quinton standing at the mouth of the cave as she continued her trek. Deeper and deeper she went until the entrance was no longer visible.

The cave was well lit with a form of phosphorescent light and she could clearly see where she was going. She rounded several corners before she found herself in a large opening lit by a large fire and several torches in the walls. Standing by the fire was a large creature with tentacles for arms and hands, three large legs, and multiple appendages that looked like an assortment of cocks. It was a greenish-blue with three large eyes, a small mouth, and no body hair that she could make out. Kinsley froze in place, unsure whether to run, scream, or just what.

“Remove your dress,” a voice said.

Kinsley looked around then realized it was the creature talking. She quickly slipped the dress off and was now standing before the creature in just her boots needed for her long trek.

“Shoes too.”

She sighed and quickly removed her boots. “Do I dance for you now?” she asked.

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