The Geek Roughs It

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Sex Story: A mature business woman hires a Geek

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Workplace   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   .

Bit of a nonsense stroke thing

Owning the high street high tech store in a private capacity with competition from the big multi nationals, Edna Crosby was doing well. Business through personal service ... in the nicest possible way, was thriving and the 51 year old, acrimoniously divorced mature woman from the rough area of town had built the business up with her ex husband, proving to be the brains behind the idea. This had led to bitter conflict at the office and at home, then she had caught the bastard cheating behind her back with several of the gorgeous young fillies he had recruited from his contacts at the pub, with no regard for their common sense ... they had none, but looked fabulous.

She relocated to a trendy part of town, utilising the substantial pay off, adopting his policy of staffing with attractive female personnel was a winner and she’d adapted it with a very different concept. Get the pretty brainy ones in, don’t shag them ... she wasn’t into lesbian stuff, pay them well and Bingo! Business was good.

Donal McDonald couldn’t believe his luck. 20 year old, fresh out of university he had been plucked from a gaggle of graduates vying for the few job available and found himself in a open plan environment, surrounded by mobile phones and laptops, but also four equally qualified stunning clever girls. The one thing the boss had continued with after her complete takeover had been to insist on glamorous, intelligent, keen young women because the outfit had a prominent situation in the market place and men ogled the talent, come in, got hooked and bought the expensive wares.

To add to Donal’s day to day pleasure was the down to earth, plain speaking attitude of the boss and the fact she proved more attractive. She wasn’t tall but carried herself in a stately way, five feet five in four inch stilettos ... and never wore a brassiere, at least at work. He had no knowledge of her home life but her unfettered bosom was unusual and spectacular in the open business environment and premises. She was more attractive for a reason unknown to Donal, but he had grown up lusting after older women.

One bright summer Tuesday, Edna had taken it on herself to get a load of phones out of the store. She was well known for getting on with things, not relying on seniority or status and the new batch of mobile devices had arrived by DHL when she opened up that morning. She had a plan as the clock ticked through a quiet morning. ‘I’m not busy, today’s the day. I’ll get them on the way back from coffee’ she thought watching Donal checking paperwork at his desk. Various bodies congregated it the small kitchen Edna had provided, not liking coffee dispensers, it was always poor coffee, for their usual morning coffee. Edna decided to enlist Donal’s help in getting the Samsungs.

“So how’s things going today?” he asked as Marianne, a dark skinned exotic flavoured girl left with her mug of Ceylon Spice Chai. As usual, he avoided leering at her tight neat arse swaying away in a minimal bright red skirt, not wanting to be seen ogling his colleagues by the big boss. After all he was only six weeks into the job. He was also doing his best to avoid staring at Edna’s low slung wobbling breasts as she stirred her mug of Morrisons builders tea. Edna arched her back as sinuously as she could at her advanced age, thrusting her chest out thankful that it seemed he had finally noticed her habit of going bra less. She caught Donal’s look of pure lust as he snatched a peek at her mature figure.

“Not too bad, New intake of Samsungs in the store. I’ll need to go and get a trolley or something.

“I’ll give you a hand, if you like, you shouldn’t have to to do that Mrs Crosby” said Donal, chivalrously. Edna smiled sweetly and thanked him, leaning forward and touching his arm, being a very tactile person. As she leaned forwards, her low-cut top revealed her cleavage, causing her tits to clash together. Donal’s face was a picture! His eyes widened and he could barely tear his eyes away from her boobs to look into her eyes. ‘I’ve got him,’ she thought.

She told the front office what they were doing and they entered the store room. Donal started looking for the box. Edna came in behind him and brushed past him in the small room. As she moved past him, she made sure her boobs and her hip touched him. She went to the end of the room and bent over with her leg together, thrusting her overweight but shapely arse up towards him.

“Oh somebody must have moved them, they don’t seem to be here,” she said turning to look at him, still with her arse in the air. By this stage, Donal was in a total state. His cock was fully aroused and she could see it bulging his trousers. ‘Oh my god’ she thought, ‘Finally and it must be nine inches, at least!’

“Why don’t you come over and see if you can find them?” She beckoned him, locking the door and patting her ample butt.”Somewhere in here,” she said provocatively. Edna turned to brush off imagined dust from her right nipple, her tit wobbled, her stout nipple quivered and her smile was cheeky.

That was the last straw for Donal. Letting out a growl of lust, he grabbed her and pulled her to him, kissing her passionately, as he squeezed her tits. In two seconds flat, Edna was naked and on her knees in front of Donal’s crotch. She rubbed his cock through his trousers.

“There is one thing you need to promise me before we take this any further,” she said. Donal groaned as she squeezed his cock.

“Anything, anything you want!” he panted.

“What happens in here stay in here,” she stated. He nodded instantly. “I am the boss as you know, what I say goes, I run a tight ship but I’ve always had my choice of the new guys working for me, hiring them if I fancy them, pretty girls do well of course, you understand?” she asked fondling the front of his trousers. Donal’s nods were jerking his geeky face back and forth, nearly flipping his library type glasses off.

“Any questions?”

“Nnnno no no, just that ... why... ?” he stammered.

“Why you, why now, why me old enough to be your mother... ?”

“Yes Mrs Crosby ... oohhh!”

She was pinching his stiffy.

“There is another thing. I want you to be rough with me,” she said. “Rough but don’t slap me around and mark me understand?”

“Er ... Are you sure?”he replied.

“I want you to force me, forget who we are, just a man and a woman OK?” she purred, squeezing his cock with one hand whilst undoing his trousers with the other. “And it’s Edna ... just in here yes?”

“Edna, whatever you say,” he smiled.

She pulled his trousers and CKs down and gasped as his circumcised cock slapped her face. It was easily nine inches long but not thick. For the first time she began to doubt the wisdom of her plan. She wasn’t sure what kind of sex Donal would have in mind and he was a fair bit longer than she’d anticipated. Moving quickly, before her doubts could take hold, she took his cock in her mouth. It was already dribbling pre-cum as she slid her lips over the knob and started to suck. Donal groaned deep in his throat as she sucked. He wasn’t going to last long at this rate, but he doubted that was going to much of an issue. A mature Edna had turned him on so much he felt he could go on forever.

He moved into action. He started thrusting into Edna’s mouth, forcing his cock deeper until it hit the back of her throat. He sensed her gag and decided to go for it. ‘She wants to be forced, so I’ll force her,’ thought Donal. He grabbed the back of her light auburn hair and pushed his cock into her throat. She gagged again, this time round his cock, which spurted a little pre-cum as her throat tightened round him. Edna tried to pull away as Donal’s cock slid into her throat for the second time. Her eyes were streaming and she was drooling all over his cock.

“Come on now, Edna, I’m not going to stop till I get my balls on your chin!” Donal told her, as he forced her head down on his cock again. She tried to take it a little deeper this time, but could only get three quarters of his cock down her throat before she gagged again. This time, Donal didn’t let up. He forced the last few inches of his throbbing cock down her throat until she felt his balls resting on her chin. He stayed there for a moment enjoying the feeling of being balls deep in his boss’s throat. Then he began to fuck her throat, gently at first but getting rougher as his excitement grew.

Edna couldn’t take much more of this. She was finding it hard to breathe and she could barely see from the tears that ran down her cheeks each time she gagged on Donal’s cock as he fucked her mouth. She could hardly believe this was happening, but she had instructed ... ordered him to do so – force was the word. She had never been able to take a cock so deep, her ex wasn’t as big as this, her many lovers were thicker but not as long, let alone a monster like this one. But here she was deep throating like a pro as Donal’s balls slapped her chin. Her pussy was dripping wet and she could feel herself getting more and more turned on. She hoped that he would be able to keep it up after this - she wanted his cock inside her. Suddenly she felt his cock start to twitch and she knew he was about to come. Donal loosened his grip on her as the cum fizzed up his shaft, and Edna was able to pull back so that his cock was out of her throat. The first jet of cum hit the back of her tongue and was gulped down quickly. Donal soon filled Edna’s mouth with creamy semen. Swallowing as much as she could, some of it dripped out of her mouth and onto her Marks and Spensers blouse, new on Saturday.

Donal pulled his cock out of Edna’s mouth and looked down at her tear-stained face.

“That was amazing, you’re good boss,” he gasped. She smiled up at him.

“I hope you’ve got some more of that cum saved up, lift me up.” she tittered. This time it was Edna’s turn for some oral action as Donal lifted her up onto a stack of boxes. Her black pleated business sjirt was tucked under her bum and he was amazed that not only was the mature business woman bra less but panty less to. He didn’t speak and ate her pussy. As his tongue worked her clit, she felt an orgasm welling up inside her, it had been so long. As he slid a couple of fingers into her slack hairless pussy, she thought she was going to explode from sheer pleasure, he pulled out, initially disappointing her, but then he flipped her over to kneel on the worktop. Edna was desperate to tip over the edge, and felt Donal work a couple of finger up her vice-like arse hole and flick her clitoris. It was too much; she came, shuddering and moaning from the force of her orgasm. As the waves of pleasure subsided, she realised that Donal still had a couple of fingers in her arse and was working them back and forth. He kept his fingers in, manoeuvring her slowly to the floor bending her over, his cock in position, tormenting her pussy with his slimy helmet.

“I’m going to fuck you Edna,” he breathed in her ear. She moaned with desire.

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