The Auction

by sspringer3

Copyright© 2018 by sspringer3

BDSM Story: A woman contemplates how she got to where she is at as she waits to be sold.

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slavery   Heterosexual   BDSM   Lactation   .


Number 28 was standing in a cage with 3 other female slaves waiting for their turn to be auctioned off. She could hear the auctioneer as he called out the bids on the slave taken from the cage a few minutes before. As number 28 stood there nervously, she reflected back on her path to this point in her life.

She had been a relatively shy but normal 34 year woman. Long brown hair, nice soft body with curves accented by a little extra weight. Her childhood was normal with loving parents and two brothers. She had been the middle child. She had been a passive child, letting her parents guide her life and her friends take the lead in play. Her main pleasure was in making others happy. To make her parents happy, she began attending college even though she had no real focus to her studies. She attended college for a few years before her friends were lured away by the big salaries offered by the dotcoms. Once again, following the lead of others, she left college to for the dotcom world. She did well enough salary wise, but never progressed as far as her friends. She just did not have the drive and self confidence it took in that free-for-all-world.

The bursting of the dotcom bubble left her high and dry. No degree and her only professional work experience no longer in demand. Her old friends couldn’t help because they had also been laid off. So she went from professional work with a salary in the high 80’s to a retail salesperson making, at best, $20,000 a year.

She drifted along until she met a man who came into her store. He started flirting with her almost immediately and before she knew it, she had a date with him that night. He took control almost immediately, seeming to know she liked others to lead her. She was so excited; it was hard to wait for her shift to end. He had told her to be ready at 8 and to wear a skirt. She thought it a little odd to be told what to wear on her first date but it felt so good to not have to make that decision.

That evening was a turning point in her life. It started at the restaurant where he immediately took charge. He took the menu from her as it was presented and proceeded to order for her. He then instructed her in the proper way to enjoy the food and wine, telling her what to take a bite of next and what tastes to look for. She got the feeling he wasn’t so much teaching her so she would enjoy her food more, as he was teaching her so she could look after him better. The thought brought a warm feeling to her that started in her pussy and crept up to her heart. It felt so good that he would be taking that much interest in her.

Later, he took her to his place without even asking her. It was as though he expected her to go and could not conceive of anything else. She too accepted this as his right. She reveled in his confidence and surety.

Once inside his front door, he turned and kissed her for the first time. It was a long, lingering kiss; his tongue seeming to take control of her mouth. It was the most erotic kiss she had ever experienced or even seen in the romantic movies she and her friends used to watch during slumber parties in high school.

Then he told her to strip. She didn’t even think. She just started to remove her clothes. She wasn’t a virgin, far from it. During high school and college, she had never said “no.” It wasn’t that she particularly wanted to have sex; she just didn’t have it in her to spoil her date’s evening. She had even had sex with women if they wanted it. But she had never just stripped like this, on command. That evening she learned so much about herself and about the joy of submission.

She began to spend her every waking moment with him. Pleasing him with little things, massaging his feet after a long day no matter how tired she was, making his favorite foods, even cleaning his house. It was the happiest time of her life.

Their bedroom activities had increasingly reflected an M/s relationship. He began to use corporal punishment to improve her sexual performance. It began with spanking and gradually progressed to caning. His control over her in the bedroom soon became complete. She was his sex slave, doing whatever he wanted.

Then he told her, not asked her, to move in with him. She was so excited! This was what she had wanted from their first night together. It was an easy move since he had her sell all of her furniture and most of her possessions. He told her that He would give her all she needed from now on. In fact, He told her to quit her job. He wanted her to devote herself to Him full time. The morning after she moved in to His house, He took her hand and guided her to the telephone where He dialed her work before handing her the phone. “Tell them that you quit.” He commanded and she obeyed.

Soon the M/s relationship was carried on outside the bedroom. She was always naked in his presence and wearing his collar. He started making her sleep on a mat at the foot of His bed, chained to the bed. Kneeling at his feet, she felt complete and wanted. She was a 24/7 slave. She was His property.

One night He had some friends over, keeping her nude during their visit. These were friends of His that she had met briefly before. But He always had left her behind when He went out with them. He had never brought them over to His house before while she was there. At first she didn’t know what to do, but it was soon clear that they considered her to be His slave. And as such, they ignored her. So all evening she knelt at His feet and did His bidding.

She was so content to belong to Him. She loved it when he began to modify her body for his pleasure. He began by lengthening her clit so it protruded from her fold. It made her very easily stimulated by any touch at all. The rare times He let her wear clothes, she would have cum from the stimulation to her clit if He had let her. But her ability to cum without His command had been taken away from her long ago.

Next he lengthened her nipples until they were over a half inch in length. He loved to roll them in his fingers and pull on them as though he was milking her. She loved it too. It made her feel both used and loved at the same time.

His final modification was to induce her to produce milk. He bought a milking machine and either hooked her up to it or milked her with his hands four times a day. In two weeks, she was beginning to produce milk. He always put a vibrator in her pussy when he milked her, saying it would make her produce more. Whether or not it would, it always made her wet with anticipation when milking time came close. Soon she was producing all the milk they needed, plus extra that He sold to His friends. Sometimes she would be milked in front of His friends so they got fresh milk.

He never let anyone else milk her nor did he share her with anyone. It was as though he was saving her for something.

Then she found out what that was. He was going to sell her! She knew she would not resist. It would make Him happy to sell her and it was His right. She was His property.

When the day came for her sale, He paid special attention to her. He lathered her up in the shower and made slow sensuous love to her. He then shaved her body completely to be sure it was baby smooth. He told her how happy she had made Him. What a good slave she was. Then He led her to her sleeping pad at the foot of His bed and commanded her to sleep. She thought she would be too excited to sleep. But before she knew it, He was shaking her shoulder to wake her. He told her to relieve herself and brush her teeth.

Then, He draped a cloak around her naked body and led her outside to His car. She turned slightly to take her last look at His house. Then she was inside the car, lying on the floor as He always expected.

He got in and drove a while before stopping the car. He got out and came around the car, opening the door and taking her hand to lead her to the door of a big building. Inside the place bustled with activity. Some Masters and Mistresses were leading slaves over to be registered for the auction. Others were inspecting the slaves being readied for sale.

A Mistress approached Him and greeted Him. She said “Don, so you have another one to sell. I am impressed. Wasn’t your last sale only four months ago? How do you do it?” He responded “It isn’t hard. I just look for the lost ones. But I mustn’t take too much credit for finding this one so quickly. The day after the last auction I went out to buy myself a little present with the profit from that sale and, lo and behold, there this one was. From there it was easy.” Number 28 did not know how to take what she just heard. He did not love her! He had never loved her! Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes. Noticing this, He wiped them away and said “Now, now little one. You know you needed someone to take care of you and there I was. Now you have a place in life and can serve others as you were born to do.” She took heart in His words because she knew they were true. But she still was a little sad. “I decided to try something different this time. I created a milk cow out of this one.” “Oh, yes” the Mistress said, “I can see from her nipples. Does she produce much?” “Yes, quite a bit. I bet she brings a pretty penny in the auction.”

With that he took her leash and led her to a table where He registered her for sale. As part of the registration, he listed her as being a milk cow with her average daily production figure. After being registered, He handed her off to an attendant who painted something on her ass. The attendant told her she was number 28 and led her to a cage to await her sale.

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