Soup of the Day 10&11

by MysteryWriter

Copyright© 2018 by MysteryWriter

: John is trying to move. serial flash fiction and fast and dirty.

Tags: Ma/Fa  

Soup of the day 10th day.

The notice had been given so I had to be out of the studio very shortly. The big move was going go be on Sunday. I was sure that I would not have a vehicle by that time, but it wouldn’t matter I could always tag along with my sister Lucy. She was determined to interject herself in my life, so I planned to take advantage of that fact. Mostly to tag along when she went to the grocery store.

During the next three days, the travel trailer would be moved just off the rear of the concrete driveway. The plumber was coming along to install an adapter to allow the dump tank to empty raw sewage directly into the waste pipe of the house. There was no need for him to do anything about the drinking water supply. I was already determined to get a freshwater hose from the Walmart store on our next visit. At the very least a good soak and scrubbing was going to be necessary for the water tank. It hadn’t been used in the last ten years, at least.

The ten gallon tank was stored in a cabinet above the sink. That make it gravity fed to supply water to the sink and the toilet. All that was to explain that there were a few things to do, but not many. I had enough money left over from my payment advance, and my first state retirement plan payment to manage it. The big damage settlement check from the state would pay for my transportation. The planning had been daunting, but I managed it with Lucy’s help.

I think Lucy’s children were at an age that they didn’t need her help planning thing. I obviously was giving her the opportunity to use her planning skills. They were my decisions, but she knew how to arrange all the minor things involved in the tasks. She made it possible for me to arrange a new life in only ten days. It if had been up to me only, I would have take a month just to decide to make the move from the studio apartment to anywhere else. Even with her help making the move was a huge change in my life and a really, really scary decision.

Lucy was one of those people who had receipts going back five years. I insisted she get the electric bills for the last year. It was my decision to pay the difference between the electric bills from the year before and the new charges going forward. We made the same deal for the water bill.

Since the trailer had two twenty pound LP gas tanks on a trailer hitch mount, I didn’t need to worry about that being a shared issue. I explained to Lucy that I might supplement my heat with an electric ceramic heater. I had read a lot of good things about them. If I did that, it would show on the electric bill.

At the end of day ten Lucy called to tell me the plumber had finished the dump tank connection. She also made the decision to allow him to install a fresh water hose to bypass the water tank on board. He had even purged the tank on the small water heater to be sure there were no leaks. That information told me that Lucy wanted to play mother to me. I had lived on my own for ten years before going inside, so her need to mother me might get old. Especially as I learned to live on my own again. Still I did need a place of my own. I could always have the trailer pulled somewhere else. For the moment I might as well take advantage of her urging me to move to her back yard.

On day Eleven we went to Walmart and bought some things for the camper. The camper had a small living room in front and an almost as small a bedroom in the rear. It also had a tiny bathroom with small toilet and tiny shower stall.

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