Rescuing Rachel

by The Blue Light Boy

Copyright© 2018 by The Blue Light Boy

Erotica Sex Story: Teens meet at camp then lose touch. They later meet again. The girl later becomes an amputee. CAUTION - Adult themes!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Fisting   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Amputee   .

I first met Rachel when I was 14 years old at a summer camp on Lake Okanagan, British Columbia. I spotted her the moment she got out of her parents rented SUV. She was beautiful with her dark auburn hair, flawless pale skin and deep, piercing green eyes that felt as though they could look into your soul. Even at that age she knew the affect her beauty had on the opposite sex and used it to her full advantage. I was just a gangly geek but we hit it off straight away and became the best of friends, spending all our time together. We soon became more than friends one evening by the camp fire and spent the time making out. We had an amazing 4 weeks together. She was the kind of amazing girl that was excited by everything, it was infectious. At the last night prom Rachel wore a short, revealing red dress with strappy silver heels that made her look even more beautiful. Late in the evening Rachel took my hand and led me into the woods. Once we were far enough out of sight she sat me on a log, turned around and slid her dress up and over head revealing she was wearing a black, lacy thong and no bra. She dropped the dress to the ground in front of her while I admired her ass. I’d never seen a thong before and thought it was one of the sexiest things ever. As she wiggled her firm butt at me I noticed how slim her waist was and the beautiful curve of her butt. For her age she had an unbelievable body and an amazing confidence. She slowly turned around with her hands over her boobs. I felt my throat tighten as she removed each hand, slowly sliding them down her sides. Her boobs were small, maybe a B cup, but pert and round with small, light pink, erect nipples. I noticed she had her navel pierced. She paused at the waistband of her thong before bending forward as she slid it down her long legs then threw it onto the log next to me. She then slowly stood up, covering her pussy with both hands before giving a little shrug and removing her hands revealing a thin strip of dark auburn pubic hair and an otherwise smooth pussy. I couldn’t help but stare, I felt my mouth go dry. She stepped toward me, pulled me up by my shirt, undid my belt and flies, slid my pants and boxers down to my knees then pushed me back onto the log. As she then straddled me I could feel her soft, warm thighs against my own. The feeling of having a beautiful naked girl with just her heels on sitting on my lap while I was mostly dressed was certainly a powerful but sexy feeling. She put her arms around my neck and I placed my hands on her hips. We started kissing hard, I could feel her tongue probing my mouth. After a while she pulled away. I could see a glint in her eye. She took one of my hands in her own, lifted it to her mouth and sucked 2 fingers. It was one of the most intense feelings I’d ever had. My cock almost hurt from how hard it now was. I could barely breath from the anticipation. Her eyes locked with mine as she pushed my hand down to between her thighs, cupped my hand and slowly slid the two fingers into her hot, wet pussy. I was amazed at how tight it was, my two fingers barely fitted. She then took my cock in her hand and gently started stroking it as it hardened yet more.

‘Be gentle.’ She whispered into my ear then started kissing me, again her probing tongue felt wonderful in my mouth. I didn’t know what I was doing. I wrapped my other arm around her slim waist and started gently moving my fingers in and out of her. She seemed to respond to this so I got more purposeful with my movements. It wasn’t long before she was gently moaning and wiggling her pelvis around like she was riding my fingers. I could feel an amazing sensation coming from my cock. She alternated between stroking the end with her thumb and using her whole hand to rub it up and down. I could feel myself getting close to orgasm and had no idea how to slow it down, despite wanting this moment to last. I worked my fingers deeper into her, her pussy widening to accept this new intrusion. I suddenly remember something I’d seen about a girls clitoris. I had no idea what I was looking for but used to my thumb to rub the area I thought it was in. I must have hit the right place because she suddenly jumped a little, gave a small yelp and held her hand still on my cock. She then seemed to relax and started playing with my cock with a renewed vigour. Her kiss got deeper. I felt her grip tighten around my neck as I worked my fingers inside her deeper and faster. I worked my thumb more urgently. I could hold on no more as I started ejaculating over and over. Rachel carried on pumping my cock extending my orgasm. I made sure I kept working my fingers inside her pussy. My orgasm must have set off her her own. Suddenly she held her lips tightly against me, made a deep, muffled groan and gripped me tight as her whole body went rigid. I felt her bear down forcing my fingers further in, I could feel my knuckles pushing against her labia and pelvic bone. The feeling of her pussy rhythmically squeezing and relaxing against my fingers was like nothing I’d ever experienced. As the squeezing slowed and our orgasms subsided I felt her breathlessly relax against me. I slid my fingers from her making her shiver slightly and noticed how wet they were. I put my hands around her naked body and held her tight to me. I could feel the warm moistness from her pussy in my groin. We sat like that for a while until we could suddenly hear people nearby. From the noises they were making it sounded like they were having a similar experience to Rachel and I. She stood up slowly letting me have one more good look at her amazing body. She then turned and bent from the waist to pick her her dress which meant I got a good look at her curvy, pert butt, puckered pink asshole and pink, wet pussy lips which were still gaping slightly from her finger fucking. She slowly stood up and as she slid her dress on over her head and down her body I pulled my boxers and pants up before buttoning them. She took a small pack of wipes from her small clutch bag, took 2 from the pack, gave me one and wiped my cum of her hand while I wiped her juices from mine. The fact she had the wipes made me wonder how long she’d been planning this. She took the 2 wipes and put them in her bag then smoothed her hair and dress with her hands. She picked up her thong from the log then turned, put her arms round me and reached her head up to kiss me. As she was quite a lot shorter than me I had to tip my head quite far forward. As we kissed I felt her fiddling with my pocket and realised she was putting her thong in it. She then pulled her lips away from mine.

‘Something for you to remember me by.’ She said sexily.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever forget you Rachel.’ I replied like a love sick puppy. She then took my hand and we walked back to the prom. Watching her dance for the rest of the night knowing she had no underwear on took my breath away and gave me an erection I was struggling to hide. With every twist, turn and jump she somehow just about managed to stay decent, although it was close a few times making my heart skip a beat. As we slow danced at the end I could feel my cock pushing into her tummy making her giggle. That night in my cabin, once all the other boys were asleep, while hiding under my duvet using the torch on my phone I had a good look at Rachel’s thong. I loved how soft if felt. I looked inside and saw it was a size 2 and that there was a white mark where her pussy would have been against. I held it to my face and smelt Rachel’s sweet, clean musk. I felt my cock harden as I thought back to our earlier activities in the woods. I slid the thong into back the pocket of my jeans at the end of my bed and fell into a contented sleep.

We sadly made our goodbyes the next morning as our parents picked us up. She headed back to Toronto and I headed back to Vancouver. I hid Rachel’s thong in a drawer in my bedroom and would often get it out to look at and hold. I thought about Rachel for a long time after that and hoped that I would see her at camp the following year. Sadly I didn’t. Soon her memory faded, though I still occasionally reminisced about that amazing 4 weeks.


After High School I decided to go to college in Seattle to study engineering. It was my second week when I was walking across the quad and heard a laugh that I recognised. I felt it in the pit of my stomach. I stopped and spun round and saw the back of a beautiful, dark auburn haired girl. My heart skipped a beat. Before I had a chance to walk over to her though she picked up her backpack and walked inside a building with some friends. I knew in my heart it was Rachel. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see one of my friends looking at me.

‘You ok dude?’ He asked laughing.

‘Yeah, sorry, think I just saw a ghost.’ I replied.

‘Eh?.’ He replied back looking confused.

‘Nothing, I’m good.’ I told him. We caught up with the rest of the group who were all laughing at me. I spent the next few weeks looking out for Rachel with no luck. I started to realise that it couldn’t have been her, just wishful thinking.

Since camp I’d taken up several sports, I was no longer the same gangly kid I’d been when I met Rachel. I’d joined several teams at college. One evening playing football my attention was suddenly drawn to the cheerleaders, well, one specifically. This time I was sure it was Rachel. Her long auburn hair and piercing green eyes were the same. She had matured nicely, she had a beautiful body with an amazing chest, perfect curves and long, slender legs. I caught her looking at me and thought I saw a spark of recognition. The moment didn’t last, as suddenly the ball landed by my feet and I was slammed to the floor by the other team. By the time my head had cleared the final whistle blew. I got up to my feet and looked around for Rachel but suddenly my team crowded round me and we left the field celebrating our win. I tried to look around at the cheerleader and I’m sure I saw her looking back at me.

Two days later I was sat in a coffee shop in downtown Seattle working on an assignment when suddenly I felt a knot in my stomach. I looked up and saw a girl at the counter. It was undoubtedly Rachel. She must have felt me watching her as she looked over at me. This time the spark of recognition turned into a huge smile.

‘Tyler.’ She screamed as she ran over to me. I’d barely managed to stand as she threw her arms around me tightly.

‘Rachel.’ I gasped. Once we’d finished our embrace we both took a seat as a bemused looking server bought her coffee over. I thanked the server and paid her. Rachel and I spent nearly 3 hours catching up. She told me she’d been on her way to camp the next year and was excited to meet up again. In fact she said she was going to let me fuck her and had it all planned. They were on the highway from the airport when a truck slammed into their rented SUV causing it to roll over. Her parents and younger sister were all killed in the wreck. Somehow though Rachel had survived with nothing more than a fractured arm. Rachel’s grandparents had all died when she was young and the only other family she had was an aunt in Nova Scotia who was mentally ill. As there was no family to look after her she was placed into care. She spent from age 15 to 18 bouncing around care homes and foster homes. At one foster home she was sexually abused by the older brother and started using drugs to forget. It wasn’t long before she was spiralling out of control, first shoplifting to get money for drugs then prostituting herself to fund her growing drug dependancy. Things changed though just after her 17th birthday. Rachel spent most nights on the streets, only returning to the children’s home when she needed a warm bed and a shower. One night, while looking for somewhere to sleep, she found her friend naked and beaten to death in an alley. A needle was sticking out of her arm. She ran away terrified. That night she decided she didn’t want to end up like her friend. She went back to the home, cleaned herself up and got herself into rehab. She returned to school and worked hard to catch up. She managed to graduate high school with honours. Afterwards she decided she needed to leave Toronto and her history behind. She got a place studying Nursing at University of Washington.

‘Wow, small world. Of all the colleges in North America we end up at the same one.’ I said once she’d finished.

‘Fate, for sure.’ She replied smiling. We agreed on dinner that night before parting ways at the coffee shop. We slept together the next night on our 2nd date, though Rachel said it was technically our 3rd. As I undressed her I found she’d got some tattoos. I’d already seen the one on the inside of her wrist but I also found a floral and butterfly design going from the outside top of her right thigh, over the outside of her hip, onto her stomach and ending under her right breast. She still had her navel pierced but now had a dream catcher tattoo surrounding her belly button. They looked so sexy. As I watched her padding around my room the next morning wearing one of my shirts, her white lacy thong revealing her auburn landing strip, just visible through the bottom of the shirt, I realised how beautiful and special she was and how lucky I was to have found her again.

We were soon dating and both so happy. Rachel was beautiful and amazing in bed. Turned out she was kinky and up for anything, I couldn’t have wished for more. I finally had my Rachel back. We often talked fondly about our time at camp, especially that last night, in fact we’ve recreated that night a few times. I told her that I still had her thong. For our 3rd year we rented an apartment together. Our life together was amazing until one day, 2 months into the first semester, it all came crashing down around us. Rachel got home from her hospital placement looking extremely tired and pale. I’d cooked dinner for us but she barely ate a thing. When I asked her if she was ok she told me she was just exhausted. Rachel went to bed really early while I watched the rest of the game then went to join her in bed. I snuggled up to her and kissed her shoulder but got no response. I noticed she was hot and clammy and guessed she was coming down with the flu. I rolled over and fell asleep.


I was woken in the small hours by Rachel being sick. She was sat on the edge of the bed with a garbage can in her lap. I stroked her back and found she was burning up. I went to the bathroom to get the thermometer, took her temperature and found it was 40.1.

‘We need to get you to the Emerge Rach.’ I told her.

‘No, no, I’m ok, it’s just flu, I’ll be fine.’ She replied.

‘Rach.’ I tried to argue with her but she waved me off. Once she’d finished vomiting she laid back down. She was violently shaking because of the fever. I kept checking on her throughout the night. I must have fallen asleep as when I next woke up it was daylight.

I rolled over to check on Rachel. Her breathing was erratic, her torso was hot but her arms and legs were cold with a rash over them. I tried to wake her but she wasn’t responding.

‘RACHEL.’ I shouted as I shook her hard. Her head flopped to the side and she didn’t respond. I could feel pains start to rise in my chest. I grabbed my cellphone off the bedside table and dialled 911. During the call I noticed Rachel’s breathing had stopped. I tried to feel for a pulse but couldn’t find one. I screamed at the emergency operator then started CPR on her. It felt like an eternity when the fire department and paramedics finally turned up. They all started working on Rachel putting tubes into her throat and needles in her arms as well as performing CPR. As they ripped her top off I saw there was deep purple rash all over her torso as well as her arms and legs. They used the defibrillator to shock her heart which made me scream and cry harder. A police officer turned up, took me into the lounge and comforted me while the paramedics worked on my beautiful girlfriend. Eventually they carried Rachel down to the ambulance and took her to the ER while I travelled in the police car. The traffic was getting heavy but it was the fastest I’d ever made it across downtown. We arrived at the hospital to a crowd of people all shouting and bustling around Rachel while I was taken off to a quiet room. It felt like an age before a Doctor finally came to talk to me. As he asked me to take a seat then sat next to me I feared the worse.

‘I’m afraid Rachel is gravely ill. We’ve managed to start her heart but she is still critical. Can I ask, does she have any family?’ He asked.

‘No, no-one, I’m all she has.’ I replied shaking my head, fighting back the tears. I explained Rachel’s history while the Doctor nodded.

‘Well, in that case, I guess your her next of kin.’ The Doctor replied. ‘Rachel has something called meningococcal septicaemia. When someone has meningococcal septicaemia, bacteria enter the bloodstream and multiply, damaging the walls of the blood vessels. This causes bleeding into the skin and organs. She also has purpura fulminans which is an acute, often fatal, thrombotic disorder which manifests as blood spots, bruising and discolouration of the skin resulting from coagulation in small blood vessels within the skin and rapidly leads to skin necrosis. She is also in multi-organ failure and her chances her slim I’m afraid. We will do everything we can for her. She will be going up to ICU shortly where they will monitor her. Later she may need surgery but only once she’s strong enough.’

‘Ok.’ I whispered feeling numb. ‘Can I see her?’

‘Of course you can.’ He replied. I followed the Doctor into the trauma room as he explained what I was about to see. I burst into tears and fell to my knees when I saw Rachel. Her body was bloated and covered in bruises. There were tubes and wires all over her. I took her hand in mine and it felt cold and dead. One of the nurses helped me up as the rest of the medical team moved Rachel to the ICU.

Later that day I phoned my parents in Vancouver to let them know what had happened. Two hours later they turned up in Rachel’s hospital room. The first thing they did was hold me tight. They had come to love Rachel as though she were their own daughter. Dad went and got me a can of pop and a sandwich which I nibbled at as I wasn’t really hungry.

Doctor’s and Nurse’s came in and out throughout the day doing various tests and checking various monitors and machines. It was beginning to get dark when we had to leave the ICU. Dad drove me home and he and Mum stayed the night. I was back at the hospital first thing the next morning. A different Doctor met with us and updated me on Rachel’s situation while my Mum held my hand.

‘Rachel remained stable through the night, though she is still in a critical condition. She’s still on the ventilator and we’ve had her on dialysis for her kidneys and ECMO to support her heart and lungs, this allows her body time to recover. The antibiotics have been running all night and later today we will be taking her down to the OR for surgery on her arms and legs.’ The Doctor gently explained.

‘I thought you had to wait until she was stronger?’ I asked.

‘Ideally we would, the problem is that as the necrosis from her limbs gets worse the harder her already damaged organs are having to work. It’s a fine balance but she needs the surgery if she has any chance of survival.’ She carefully explained.

A sudden horrible thought occurred to me.

‘What surgery will she need?’ I asked in a panicked tone.

‘I’m afraid there is no choice but to amputate her limbs, the septicaemia has caused severe necrosis in her extremities. Her limbs are dead and poisoning her.’ She explained slowly. I could feel her looking at me with sorrow and pity.

‘Oh my god, all 4 limbs?’ I asked as I started to cry.

‘Yes, I’m afraid so.’ She replied.

‘How much?’. I asked, terrified I already knew the answer.

‘We won’t know until Rachel is in surgery but you should expect the amputations to be high. I’m so sorry Tyler.’ The Doctor stood up, put her hand on my shoulder then left. I sat there in shock as my parents held me again.

It was just after noon when Rachel was wheeled to the OR. I sobbed as she left. I asked my parents to leave for a bit to which they reluctantly agreed, I wanted some time alone. I sat in her room feeling lost and desolate. I found myself thinking horrible thoughts that I was disgusted at myself for having. As much as I loved her I considered leaving her. There was no way I could look after someone that was so disabled. I couldn’t live any of the dreams I’d had with Rachel now that she was a cripple, a useless quadruple amputee. As hard as I tried I couldn’t shake the thoughts. For a second I thought it would be better if she died. I realised that if I left her though, there was no one to look after her. Rachel would end up living in a care home, or worse, on the streets again with no way to look after herself, feed herself and no way to defend herself. She’d be abused and used as a sex toy with no way to stop it. There was no way she could live like that, she’d never survive long in that life. The thought of never seeing Rachel again, even in her newly disabled state was more than I could take. I realised that I’d lost her once and that I couldn’t lose her again.

It wasn’t until the evening when she was wheeled back into her room. I noticed she now looked tiny. The Doctor sat down next to me while the nurses reconnected Rachel to all the monitors and machines.

‘The surgery went as well as can be expected.’ The Doctor started to explain. ‘There was extensive damage caused to her limbs. I’m afraid there was no choice but to amputate both her arms mid humerus and both her legs were amputated near the top of her thighs leaving her with extremely short residual limbs. I’m confident that she won’t require any further surgery and we just now have to sit and wait.’

‘Thank you.’ I wearily managed to reply as the Doctor shook my hand and left. I moved my chair close to the bed and laid my head on Rachel’s chest. I could hear the air being pumped in and out of her lungs. It was late when Mum woke me up and took me home. They stayed a few more days before I sent them back to Vancouver.

I spent the next 2 weeks at the hospital during the day and at our apartment overnight. 16 days after Rachel became ill I arrived at the hospital and found Rachel awake in bed. I ran to her and held her close to me.

‘The nurse was about to phone you. What happened?’ She asked croakily. I slowly and gently explained everything finishing with her amputations. Rachel laid in bed in silence looking shocked.

‘How much is left?’ She eventually asked quietly.

‘I don’t know Rachel, I’ve not looked.’ I replied.

‘Tyler, could you pull the sheet down so we can see, please.’ Rachel asked.

‘If you’re sure.’ I replied. Rachel nodded so I gently slid the sheet down then removed her gown being careful not to dislodge any tubes or wires. Her arms were heavily bandaged and seemed to be about 6 to 8 centimetres long. She gently tried to move them but winced with pain. Her lower half was also heavily bandaged. It appeared as though she had barely any leg stumps at all, maybe 2 to 4 centimetres at most. Rachel stared at her truncated torso and started to cry. I held her tight to me again.

‘I’m fucking useless!’ She screamed. ‘I’d be better of dead!’

‘Don’t say that.’ I said trying to console her, knowing nothing I could say would ever make it better. I could feel her trying to fight me off with her useless arm stumps until she eventually calmed down and fell back asleep from exhaustion.

The next morning the Doctor arrived and removed the bandages to check her stumps. I winced at how black they looked. She must have sensed my concern.

‘It may not seem it but everything is good, she’s doing really well considering. Later we’ll take her for a CAT scan to check for brain damage but otherwise everything’s ok.’ She started to explain.

‘Will she be able to use prosthesis?’ I asked.

‘She’ll be referred to a specialist soon. Its possible that she may be able to use arms prosthetics but it’s unlikely she’ll be able to use leg prosthetics. Although she’s officially a double above knee or DAK amputee, her residual limbs are so short that Rachel is almost a DHD amputee, a double hip disarticulation. It’s unlikely she’ll be able to use functional leg prosthesis as there won’t be enough residual limb left for the sockets.’ She explained. I thanked her and she left.

Later that day, Rachel and I were chatting, when a woman in a suit arrived. She introduced herself as the finance manager and took a seat.

‘I have a delicate subject to discuss with you I’m afraid.’ She started. ‘I need your insurance details.’

‘We don’t have any insurance.’ I replied looking at Rachel.

‘Oh, well that leaves us in a difficult situation I’m afraid. The two of you will be responsible for any uninsured costs incurred so far and any further costs.’ She said bluntly.’

Neither of us knew what to say and sat for a few moments shellshocked.

‘How much?’ I asked.

‘Just over $500,000 so far, and you are incurring further costs each day.’ She replied. Rachel and I both audibly gasped.

‘We don’t have that kind of money!’ Rachel replied.

‘We can set up some sort of payment plan but if you can’t pay we will seek to recover our cost’s through the courts.’ She continued.

‘She nearly died, how dare you!’ I shouted at the woman.

‘There is no need to shout sir.’ She said firmly as she stood up. ‘If you have no way of paying then we will have no choice but to discharge you.’

‘She’s got no fucking arms and legs, she needs rehab and more treatment.’ I shouted angrily.

‘Sir, if you continue with your aggressive behaviour I’ll have no choice but to have you removed and banned from this hospital.’ She replied

‘My behaviour!’ I shouted.

‘Tyler.’ Rachel cried. I sat on the bed and cuddled her.

‘Just get out.’ I growled at the lady. She left an envelope on the bed and left. It was dark when I kissed Rachel goodnight and left.

Shortly after I arrived the next morning a nurse walked in and started removing the bandages and staples from Rachel’s stumps and disconnecting all the leads and tubes.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked.

‘Sorry,’ She replied. ‘We’ve been told to discharge your girlfriend.’

‘What?’ I shouted.

‘I’m sorry. I thought you knew.’ She continued, looking visibly upset. ‘Finance told us last night that as you could no longer afford her care then Rachel was to be discharged this morning. The Doctor argued with them but they wouldn’t budge.’

‘But, we don’t know what we’re doing, I don’t know how to care for her or what she needs. We don’t know if she has any brain damage, she needs a CAT scan. We don’t even have a wheelchair.’ I shouted.

‘I’m sorry Tyler, I really am.’ The nurse replied.

A few minutes later the lady from finance arrived with 2 security guards and a wheelchair.

‘You need to leave now.’ She said. I thought about arguing with her but the security guards looked like they were ready for a fight.

‘Can we have a moments privacy?’ I growled at her.

‘You can have 2 minutes.’ She replied as they left the room and shut the door. Rachel was crying again, she didn’t know what to do. I slid the hospital gown from her leaving her naked on the bed. I reached into my bag and pulled out the clothes I’d brought for her. I put her bra and t-shirt onto her then lifted her up and held her with one arm while I awkwardly slid her panties and shorts over her short leg stumps with the other. Rachel steadied herself by placing her arm stumps on my shoulders.

‘Thank you.’ Rachel whispered through her tears. I replied by kissing her on the head. As I walked toward the door I was astounded my how light she now was. I opened the door and placed Rachel in the waiting wheelchair. I then picked up Rachel’s belongings from the room, shoved them into my bag, took the wheelchair and wheeled Rachel out of the ICU, down in the elevator and out of the hospital. I saw many people staring at Rachel and noticed she was trying to make herself as small as possible in the chair. When we got outside I hailed a waiting taxi and lifted Rachel over into the back seat. I then took my bag of the back of the wheelchair then deliberately kicked it backwards into the lady’s legs. She winced then buckled as the metal hit her shin. I smiled at her, then got in the taxi and told the driver where we wanted to go. I could see him staring in the rear view mirror at Rachel. I slid her over and cuddled her tight to me. As she buried her head into my arm I noticed she smelt of sweat. I felt her torso convulsing as she continued crying.


It took about 30 minutes to get home through the light morning traffic. Once the driver had stopped I got out, put my backpack on my shoulders, paid the taxi driver then picked Rachel up and carried her up to our apartment. As I carried her upstairs our neighbour, Mrs Preston walked past and nearly fainted with shock before furiously making the sign of the cross.

‘What happened?’ She asked.

‘Not now Mrs Preston, sorry.’ I replied. She stood to the side and let me past. I unlocked the door, walked into the apartment, put Rachel down on the couch, dropped the bag on the floor then sat next to Rachel and cuddled her tight to me. She’d stopped crying now, I think she had nothing left. We both sat in stunned silence not sure what to do next.

I lost track of how long we’d sat there but after a while I stood up, made sure Rachel was comfortable on the couch and picked up my bag to empty it out. I put the stuff away, grabbed two cans of pop from the fridge and took two envelopes that were inside my bag over to the couch. I placed a straw in one can and held it against Rachel’s lips while she sucked it down thirstily. Once we’d both finished our drinks I put the cans on the nearby table and opened one of the envelopes. One of the nurses had included care instructions for Rachel along with a card with her cellphone number on it and a note that read ‘If you need any help please don’t hesitate to call me. I thought the way you were treated was just awful. Karen xxx.’ I showed it to Rachel who smiled. I then opened the other envelope. It was the bill the finance manager had left, it totalled $525,450. There was a breakdown of all her treatment which made for sad reading. On a second page was different ways we could pay.

‘What the hell are we going to do about this Rachel?’ I asked waving the bill at her. ‘They’ve given us 90 days to pay.’

‘I have no idea Tyler.’ She replied wearily. ‘We don’t have that kind of money, and now I’m like this there’s not a lot I can do to raise it.’

‘I know.’ I replied. ‘We’ll deal with it later. Come on, we need a wash.’ I picked Rachel up and carried her to the bedroom, laid her on the bed and went to run the bath. I came back, stripped her off and looked her shortened body over. Her stumps were a lot less red and swollen now and the bruising on her torso and pretty much cleared up. I noticed how thin she now looked, not that she was big in the first place. I stripped myself off then picked Rachel up to carry her to the bathroom enjoying the feeling of her warm body against mine. I turned the water off then stepped in to the bath holding her to me. I sat down and laid Rachel back between my legs, letting the hot water lap over her. I could see her start to relax for the first time. I lay there watching her breath. I saw how her short stumps didn’t touch and how open and inviting her pussy now was which made my cock twitch. Her normally well trimmed landing strip of pubic hair was unkempt. I quickly thought about something else hoping she hadn’t noticed my arousal. I was sure that last thing she wanted right now was sex.

After we’d had a good soak I washed us both, making sure I took extra care around Rachel’s delicate stumps. She winced as I gently washed each one. As I ran the wash cloth over the lips of her vagina she shivered. I then gently and carefully shaved under her arm stumps for her before washing her hair. Once we were both clean I held her against my chest facing me, Her warm, wet body felt good against mine. I could feel the heat from her pussy near my cock which made it twitch again. I really wanted to slide it deep into her open, easily accessible pussy. I felt Rachel place both her arm stumps on my shoulders which snapped my thoughts back. I held her tight against me with one arm and stood up with her before wrapping a towel round the two of us and carrying her into our bathroom. I laid her on the bed and wrapped her in the towel, then grabbed a second towel with which to dry myself. Rachel just lay there staring out the window looking distracted.

‘You ok babe?’ I asked as I sat next to her.

‘I was just thinking... ‘ I could see her eyes start to water again as she took a deep breath. ‘I was just thinking that this is my life now, never being able to do anything again, just having to sit or lay around until you do something for me. I had all these plans for us and they’re all gone, all ruined. I’m completely useless.’

‘No you’re not, and no they’re not.’ I told her emphatically as I scooped her up onto my lap again, as I did the towel slipped leaving us both naked. I held her tight to me. I could feel her chest heaving as she started sobbing. ‘You’re not useless, not to me. I love you Rachel, I have done since I met you at camp. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, limbs or no limbs, you are perfect to me.’

‘Tyler, I am useless, what can I do?’ I can’t be a nurse now, I can’t do anything. I can’t even use a computer! I can’t even wipe my own butt!! What sort of life is that for you. It’s not fair for you to give up everything you’ve always wanted to look after me. You won’t be my lover you’ll be my carer.’ She said between sobs.

‘Rachel, I want to be both, I want to love you and to care for you, no matter what.’ I assured her then took a deep breath. ‘To be honest with you Rachel, I thought about leaving you. I thought I’d never be able to look after you and I thought about everything I’d be giving up and for a minute, while you were in surgery, I thought about leaving you. Then I remembered how you made me feel when we first met. Then I remembered how I felt when we found each other again. The thought of leaving you made me feel sick. I’d be lost without you. I then thought about the new life we would have together and, in that moment, I was sure that I loved you and never wanted to leave you. I’d never been so sure about anything in my life.’

Rachel looked up at me. I could see there was hurt in her beautiful green eyes. I leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. She pulled away for a second and looked at me again, she looked like she was trying to make a decision. I felt sick for a second. Her face then relaxed and she smiled before leaning her head back in and kissing me back. After a few minutes she dropped her head onto my shoulder and we sat and cuddled for a few minutes. I suddenly felt her take a deep breath.

‘Right, we can’t sit around like this. Get some clothes on us both then carry me out to the lounge, we need to sort some stuff out’. She said. I smiled at her then sat her on the bed, she instantly fell backwards having not yet learnt to balance herself. We both let out a small giggle. I put some deodorant under my arms, dressed myself in jeans and t-shirt then found some underwear, denim shorts and t-shirt for Rachel. As she was still laying on her back I slipped her panties onto her followed by the shorts. I took her deodorant from the nearby shelf and Rachel lifted each arm stump as I gently applied a little. I sat her up and held her while I awkwardly got her bra on followed by the t-shirt. I then picked her up and placed her at the head end of the bed leaning against the pillows before taking her hairbrush from the drawer next to her bed and brushing her hair then putting it into a pony tail. She started wrinkling her nose before giving in.

‘Can you scratch my nose please.’ She asked cutely.

‘Of course.’ I replied as I scratched her. Once we were ready I picked her up and carried her into the lounge, sat her on the couch before picking up my MacBook and sitting next to her.

We spent the next few hours researching things we’d need and how to care for her and found some rehab and physio tips that I could help her with.

‘I guess I’m going to need a wheelchair ‘cos you can’t carry me all the time.’ She said. I nodded as I typed ‘power wheelchairs’ into Google. We were both shocked at the cost, and even more shocked when we looked at specialist ones that she could use with her arm stump. The shock didn’t lessen by much when we saw the cost of manual chairs, but we realised we would have to compromise on what little independence an electric chair would give Rachel. We set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the chair and hopefully a good portion of her medical bills. We realised we’d never be able to afford prosthetic arms for her. As we continued researching we were both horrified to find out about amputee devotees and admirers.

‘Oh my god.’ Said Rachel then lifted her arm stumps and nodded at them. ‘People are actually attracted to this?’

‘Seems so.’ I replied feeling slightly sickened that anyone would get aroused by something so horrifying and traumatic for the person involved.

We both started to develop a morbid curiosity though and kept looking at photos and videos as well as reading some amputee fetish fiction. After a while, both still shocked at what we found, we decided to put the computer away.

‘Wow.’ Was all Rachel could manage. I shook my head then started to get up?

‘Do you want something to eat?’ I asked.

‘Yes please.’ She replied. I made us a couple of sandwiches, got us some chips and a can of pop each, carried them over then fed Rachel and myself. We spent the afternoon watching movies on Netflix. Rachel was still frail and exhausted so kept napping. About 5:30pm I gently woke her up from yet another nap.

‘Rachel.’ I said gently then waited for her to wake. ‘Do you want to go somewhere to eat?’

‘No.’ She looked terrified at the thought. ‘I’m not ready to be seen like this. I know it will have to happen someday but let me get a little more used to it first.’

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