Going Slower

by Uther Pendragon

Copyright© 2018 by Uther Pendragon

Romantic Sex Story: Teri had had a great time with Phil, though they should have gone slower. Now, did they have a future? MF rom F-1st

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Petting   Safe Sex   .

She had a text from Phil when she woke up Monday.

Teri. We need to talk.
Lunch when + where.

If a guy sent, “I want to talk with you,” it sounded like good news; if he sent. “We need to talk,” it sounded bad. Well, with Phil, it might be good. Everything with him so far had been good. And, if that was little time, it had been lots of experience.

She sent.

Burton. 1

Maybe it would be good news. Phil had a way of brightening the oddest times.

She had about decided that the mixer was a horrible idea when the nice-looking boy came over.

“I’m Phil,” he said.

“Teri.” Then she’d had to spell it. Mom had thought ‘Teresa’ was exotic.

“And ‘Phil’ is spelled P H I L. It’s short for Phillip.”

“I’d guessed.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Would you be willing to dance with a guy with a boring name?”

He could dance well, and -- names taken care of -- he could talk well, too. They somehow stayed together for the rest of the party and left together at the end. Being a University event, there had been no alcohol. She felt a little buzzed, even so. They kissed a little, and he started the car.

“Look, I don’t know where to go,” he said. “Like you, this is my second week in town. Would you mind coming back to my place?”

“They let girls in your dorm?”

“I live in my Aunt Mary’s house. Well, I suppose that it’s Uncle Pete’s house. They had space, and Dad pays them less than the dorm and meals would cost. It used to be my Grandmother’s room, sorta private, but sorta in the house, too. Dad and Aunt Mary’s mom. After she died a couple of years ago, it was too much part of their house to rent out to a stranger. They don’t mind my having a key, though. You have to be very quiet.”

She hadn’t really said she would go with him, but she didn’t say a word when he drove to the place and parked in the driveway. Silently, they tiptoed around the back of the house to a lower level. He opened sliding glass doors and led her through a place that looked like a family room to another door. He unlocked it, turned on the light, and went to a radio. He turned it on low to a classic station.

“There,” he said. “They don’t mind the radio being on low, and they won’t hear us if it’s playing.”

It was definitely a boy’s room. The bed wasn’t made. Phil tossed the sheet and blanket on sort of straight, and then covered everything with a bed spread.

He sat down on the bed, and she sat beside him. Kissing on a boy’s bed seemed awfully lewd, but he was right. She wanted kiss him, and they didn’t know where to park without someone seeing them.

And his kisses were arousing. His touches were exciting, too. She’d never let a boy open her blouse on a first date, but he didn’t try to wrestle her, and she was a college girl now.

He took off his shirt, which the other guys hadn’t, but that made the kisses infinitely sexier. They were lying down on the bed with him on top of her, kissing madly. His chest was warm -- if ticklish -- on her breasts, and his tongue was teasing hers instead of plundering her mouth.

Then they were wrestling, but not with her resisting him. They rolled back and forth on that narrow bed. She tried to get as close to him as possible.

“Oh, Teri!” he said. He kissed her breasts all over before sucking on her nipple. She felt so hot that she rolled from one place to another without his moving her.

When he pulled at her jeans, she moved to help him. Her panties and shoes came off with them, and he stopped quite still.

“Oh, Teri. You are so beautiful.” He kissed her mound just once, and he pulled off her socks. She heard his shoes hit the floor, but then he was kissing her.

She lay flat while he stroked her thighs.

When Lance had groped her genitals, she had felt that he was taking something. Now, Phil was giving her something; he was giving her pleasure. She loved it, but she felt herself tense until her muscles ached.

“Oh, Teri,” he said. “Oh, darling. You are so sweet. You are so responsive.” And, then, she exploded.

She had brought herself off after dates, but it had never felt like that. And she never felt so limp, so joyful, so right, afterwards as she felt now.

“Oh, Teri. You are wonderful. Say yes.”

She said. “Yes.” She could feel him shake the bed as he pushed off his pants. Then pulled them towards him, grabbed the wallet, took something out, and then rolled a condom onto his cock.

He got between her legs and kissed her breast again, the arousal, never quite dissipated, rose gain. Then he came over her and kissed her deeply. The heat rose in her belly, and she wriggled under him. She felt his warmth all along her body and something cool brush against her thigh.

“Teri, Say that I can.” He was fumbling at her genitals, and he felt the coolness slip between those lips. He was staring into her eyes, and she nodded. This was right.

Now, they were going to talk. When she got to the cafeteria, he was sitting at a table near the entrance. He touched her hand silently and got into line behind her. While she selected her food, she was conscious of his presence at her back and remembered when he had been even closer.

It had been right that he would be her first, and it had been more right as he slipped into her, spread her, abd filled her. He completed her in a way that she had never known that she was incomplete. He shifted, and the weight was less overwhelming. He took her breasts in his hands and they seemed fuller and more adequate. He kissed her nose tip, and the gesture was loving.

“Are you all right?” She had never been better. When she nodded, he began moving in and out.

The heat rose, spread from her breasts to her stomach, to that part that he was stroking with his motions.

“Teri,” he yelled. He drove hard into her, and then pulsed there. He was a hard beam over her and a hard spike within her.

Then he was a warm, limp blanket over her and something softer creeping out of her.

It didn’t get all the way out before he moved back. That pulled him out, and he turned away and dropped his protection into the waste basket.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“I’m fine. You were a little loud, though.”

“Yeah. Somehow, keeping quiet wasn’t the top thing on my mind. We’d better take another ten minutes of silence and then sneak out.” Since his idea for a silent time was kissing her, she didn’t argue with his agenda. They got dressed, he gestured to what she’d call a “powder room,” toilet and sink but no tub. She used it, he used it, and they snuck out.

Now, they were at the end of the line, and Phil told the cashier that he would pay for both. He led her to a table that was just clearing out. More people ate at noon than at one, and nobody was near.

“I like you, Teri, like you one hell of a lot.”

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