Fat and Bouncy

by Marduk

Copyright© 2018 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A chap enters an online dating service and arranges to meet a number of women who, by their profile were eager for a sexual encounter - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Humiliation   Rough   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Big Breasts   Public Sex   .

Elga sat in front of her computer; she hesitated for in her mind she wondered if this action to join an online ‘dating site’ was going to be a success. She knew that she was plump although she had heard a few not very complimentary comments about her weight, She knew her tits were large but she did think men liked big breasted women but in the few men that had taken her out, none had returned although she had not refused them either a fuck or a suck. She hit the key on the computer and make up her profile, even putting in a photo and hit the send button. As a woman she didn’t think she would have to outlay a financial costing; it was now a matter of waiting and hoping that somebody would think she was worthwhile. She had not held back and called her ‘username’ ‘fat and bouncy’

Harry had joined the site a week or so before and although there were a number of interesting entries, none were in his area. It was just after eleven in the evening when Elga’s message was registered. Now he was interested for although the woman described herself as fat, this didn’t bother him and the important contribution was that she was in his suburb. He replied. “Hello ‘fat and bouncy’ your message sounds very ideal, you say you live in the same suburb as I do, now do you know ‘The Willow’ coffee shop it is in Bents Street, if you are available and a time was made would you be interested in meeting up’, he signed off.

Elga didn’t observe the message till the next morning, she opened it and nearly fell off the chair, this was her first reply and it sounded positive. She quickly replied that she did live in the suburb and knew the coffee shop and yes she would like to meet up if he was serious. His reply was almost instantaneous. ‘I am retired and I cycle I could meet you there this afternoon, if that was convenient. I will be wearing ‘cycle gear and my jacket is a bright yellow with a black band across the middle. Would three pm be OK?” Elga fumbled with her reply, she was in a sweat for she didn’t expect that her profile would be considered seriously, however, her answer was ‘I will be there’.

Harry had always worked on the notion that it was better to arrive at an appointment early than late so it was five minutes before three that he locked his bike, removed his helmet and walked into the shop. He had no idea of what she would be wearing or whether he could recognize her because the photo on her profile wasn’t that great. He didn’t have to worry for she was already there and recognized his jacked and called. He gave a nod and crossed to where she was sitting. “I gather ‘fat and bouncy’ is not your real name?” he said, not loud but enough for her to go into a fit of giggles after which she said. “No ... no it is Elga”.

“Mine in Harry”, he said. “I have been involved with the organization for a while and no body use their name on the site, just a username and some are a real giggle. However, I am delighted to meet you”. She gave a gasp for that was the nicest compliment she had received from a man, and this man did appear as his profile said ‘fit and tanned’. “Have you ordered?” he asked. She shook her head for she was still trying to get used to the fact that she was sitting in a coffee shop talking to a very athletic man who seemed genuine in his interest in her. Finally she gave a sigh and asked for a weak coffee.

For the next half an hour it was just chatter, a sort of ‘get to know you’ agenda till finally he asked. “How did you get here for I only came by my bike? I would like to escort you home if it was in range”, he said.

“Oh! ... Ah! ... I just walked and ... and I would love you to walk me home”, she stammered. He unlocked his bike and whether it was pure gratitude or just because it was the thing to do she gripped his fingers. He smiled and returned the squeeze. By the time she arrived at her neat home, she was in a sweat for this was the first time that a man had walked her home. Her mind raced what should she now do? “Do ... do you ride far?” she gasped. He smiled. “It is not that far Elga”, he replied. “It took me half an hour to cycle, if I had driven maybe fifteen or so minutes. I will say you do have a nice garden”. Whether it was that comment that decided her next move - “Would ... would you like to come in?” she said.

With the bike secured and concealed behind her recycle and garden bins he was invited to sit after they had gone indoors. “Would ... would you like a cup of tea?” she asked. He gave a nod and smiled for it was obvious inviting a person into her home was very rare and she was not only confused but was also trying to impress. “I do have homemade biscuits”, she said. “Would you like some?” He gave a nod but shortly gave another compliment. “They were very nice Elga”, he said. “I do a bit of cooking and I do make biscuits but not up to your level”. That broke her hesitation, she almost fell onto him, so desperate for affection and even for him it took seconds to respond.

As he followed his set pattern in kissing a woman, he felt her up and this seemed to only increase her response, she pushed hard against his lips. She was wearing a blouse that when undone revealed a pale bra that was barely covering her tits. As he kissed her and massaged that ample flesh; it took seconds to lift the bra and release an enormous tit, with an already enlarged nipple, he went from her mouth onto that nipple and this time she could voice her response, which was an ongoing ‘Ohhhhhh!’. He sucked till saliva was running onto her stomach. He stopped. “Now it is my turn”. He broke the embrace, stood up, dropped his shorts and pulled her head towards his throbbing erection. Elga had sucked before and as the head of the cock touched her lips, her mouth opened and then it was his turn to utter grunts as the muscles of her mouth performed the ritual he enjoyed. She sucked for several minutes then he stopped her. “Now you randy cunt, we fuck”.

No sooner said then engaged and never before had her couch squeaked to the ravishing she received. He drove his cock up to his balls; he rammed her, harder each time till she was working in rhyme and when he emptied his load, not only did her cry echoed around the room but her entire being shuddered and bucked. Slowly he pulled out. “That was the nicest fuck I have had, you were great and maybe next time you can suck and drain my balls that is if you want too. I will leave my mobile for now that we have connected I don’t have to use the credit points from this organization. He kissed her still wobbling tits and left. She lay, exhausted for some time, finally staggering into the shower, for she was a lather of sweat.

For her Harry had opened the door for full sexual satisfaction but for him she was just another co-operative woman and he wasn’t content to leave it there. There were other women on that site, that were living close by that needed investigation and one, in his age requirement mentioned in her ‘interests’ public sex, oral sex, anal sex and bondage. He was very conservative with the credits and only answered a message if the woman was in the ‘age’ requirement and in reasonable distance and like it had been with Elga this woman was in the same suburb. He typed his answer. “I read your message. You mentioned public sex does that mean you either fuck or suck in public and also you mentioned bondage. I have a longing for my balls to be brutalized and as you are in my suburb there is a coffee shop in Bents Street, I could meet you there if interested. He hit the send button.

The woman had just come out of the shower when the computer registered Harry’s reply. She read it; a dribble of saliva ran from her lips, she felt a tingling of excitement. ‘Wants his balls brutalized I rip the fuckers off’ she was still muttering on what she could do to his balls as she replied. She told him she knew the coffee shop and set a time, if he could make it for five that afternoon. His reply was positive. ‘I won’t wear underwear’, his message read. ‘You can get to them a lot quicker’. She was shaking with excitement for it was a long time since she had handled a blokes balls and given them the service she longed to do’.

Elga had been rather plump and very cuddly; this woman was as different as the north was from the south. She bore a number of tattoos and there was a bit of metal from piercing in her ears and lips. She was a bit shorter than himself, but an inch or two taller than Elga. She wore the standard fashion, a ripped pair of jeans and her blouse was tied in a knot, revealing a lot of bare skin, her hair was short, she bore the evidence of a real slut. Her tits were average, nothing to get excited about and Harry, although being a veteran did wonder what he had got himself involved with, but she was a woman and her profile made her an interesting engagement. “Coffee or are you more interested in dealing with a section of my anatomy?” he asked. The conversation wasn’t loud so her reply as well as his question wasn’t heard by others. “I’ll rip the cunts of things off”, she snarled. They walked out, however, unlike it had been with Elga a squeezing of fingers and being very close, this woman was kept at a non-emotional distance; if he had been dressed in real bikie gear it would have been OK. “Did you drive?” he asked. She just gave a grunt. “I’m parked in the car park”, he said and because her profile had mentioned public sex as well as anal his vehicle was semi sheltered, at least on the passenger’s side.

He pushed her onto the passenger’s seat. “I said no underwear” as he dropped his shorts. There was no comment from her, either positive or negative; she just grabbed and this time his response was “Oh! Fuck” for her grip was vicious. He also didn’t observe the glint or the twisted smile as she began to twist, pull and yank. “My ... my balls” he gasped as they began to turn colour and his cock bounced as she performed. “I said I would rip the cunts of things off”, she snarled as an added twist almost made him bite his tongue. “You fucking cunt”, he snapped as he dragged her head towards his throbbing erection. “Now suck my cock”. She didn’t let go of ‘her toy’ but took his cock into her mouth and accommodated its length as he forced it down her throat.

With her head buried into his groin and his balls gradually turning a colour of blue he would have just let her suck him dry but her profile said she like ‘anal sex’, a cock up the bum. “That will do you cunt, now I am going to fuck you up the arse”. He pulled her up; saliva dripped from her mouth, turned her around, pulled the blouse open, grabbed her tits, ripped down her jeans and as her bottom rose he pushed his saliva covered cock between the cheeks of her bum and shoved. This time it was she who gave a gasp and her whole being shuddered as he ravished her. He mauled her tits in payment for his balls that were quite sore. He pumped without consideration and when he emptied his balls her head was buried into the seat and her tits crushed against the hand break. He pulled out, wiped his cock over her bum and snapped. “That was great; your bum was worth a fuck”. He didn’t leave his mobile, but did walk her back to her vehicle; she said nothing as he commented as she was about to drive away. “If you want another go at my balls you have my details”.

The hot water stung his bruised balls and he wondered if she had broken the skin for once before a woman had done that and like now it stung. However, it was something that he had to get used to, especially if he liked women to be rough with his balls. He was about to start getting tea when his mobile rang. He hadn’t received a call from Elga so her name wasn’t registered. He answered. “Harry this is Elga” came the chirpy female voice. “If you are free would you like to come to tea, for I generally eat around seven”, she said. He didn’t hesitate for he really hadn’t decided what to cook. “I have been riding”, he said, naturally not saying what sort of riding. “I have just had a shower; I could be at your place in about twenty minutes”. He concluded. Her response was a very positive and encouraging reply. He smiled and hoped she wasn’t wearing a bra for to have those tits swinging without a restrain was a real cock hardener.

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