Fwb's Sister

by Eivind_Loup

Copyright© 2018 by Eivind_Loup

True Sex Story: I met my Fwb's sluttier sister Another Short story I made.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Rough   Spanking   Cream Pie   Squirting   Big Breasts   Public Sex   .

It started as a phone call from Tanya, she told me that her sister, Anna, was in town. And, Tanya mentioned me, and my sexual life with her, during their conversation. Tanya confirmed with me that Anna would come around my place and that I’d make sure to give her a good time. I agreed with her arrangement and prepared for the next day.

That day, I woke up, and did my usual routine; had coffee, breakfast and a little shower. It was around 10:30am when I heard Anna knocking on the door (who else would knock?). I opened the door and greeted her, unexpectedly, she gave me a kiss on the lips along with a hug. I then felt her hand tugging my pants. Is she serious? I was quite stunned that I let her whip my cock out and give me a blowjob. She was amazing! her mouth was so hot, and her tongue spun around and kept rubbing on the dick’s head. It felt so good. I grabbed her head and started to push my cock into her throat. She received and gagged on my cock several times. We were just in front of my room in my apartment building, anyone could just walk down the hall and see us, but we didn’t care. Looks like Tanya failed to mention how much of a slut her sister was. We kept going till I finally came inside her mouth. When Anna felt my cum, she started slurping all the juices of my cock, and I could hear her swallow every last bit.

She then stood up, and introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Anna by the way”. She giggled as I let her in my apartment. I thought I could relax, but as I closed the door and looked at her, she was already removing her clothes. She was just like Tanya, Long Brown Hair, slim, large perky breasts, but a little taller. Then a lustful urge just hit me. I started to remove my clothes as well and grabbed Anna from the back, I groped her breasts and fingered her pussy. I pulled her hair and pressed her tits against the Balcony’s glass door. There wasn’t a lot of people outside, but anyone could see her naked body pressed firmly onto the glass door. I spanked her hard and she moaned for more “Give me more Daddy!”. I Spanked her ass till it was reddish in colour, I couldn’t resist, her ass cheeks were so tender. I proceeded to press her face and body more to the glass as I push my cock deep inside her vagina, I wanted people to see her as a slut getting owned by her new master. She’s my territory now. I kept thrusting my cock in and out of her, pounding her pussy till her legs weaken, she kept moaning as I fucked without any pause, even when she has came twice already. The Glass door kept shaking and her fluids sprayed and drip down her legs and into a puddle on the floor. I felt myself about to cum, so I pounded as hard as I could, pushing my cock deeper and deeper inside of her. The thought of staining her insides with my cum, just like what I did with Tanya, made me cum so much. I blasted my huge load inside her. I made her kneel and lifted her pussy as her head pressed on the floor. I wanted to make sure every single drop would pass through her uterus and into her womb. Both Anna and Tanya will give birth to my children.

After that, me and Anna had some lunch outside, she told me more about her. About how she wanted to be a teacher and wishing for a chance to travel around the world. She told me more about her sexual fantasies, and how public sex and forceful sex was such a turn on for her. Which made me think while we were having a ‘date’.

We were walking together to the department store, pressing her body against me from time to time, I guess she was getting horny again. But, also a few minutes later, my lustful urge was starting to rise again.

We were inside the department store and I kept groping her when no one was around. I really can’t resist. She was wearing a tight short skirt and a buttoned plaid shirt. Her clothes were thin, her body was moulded on it and her nipples were so noticeable. She wasn’t wearing any bra. I couldn’t help it, we both knew anyways we’d have sex somewhere in the mall. No one was around, the department store was big. But, that didn’t matter, I couldn’t care less if anyone was around. I must act, I can’t take it anymore.

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