Welcome the the Country

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Incest Sex Story: A youth learns about country, cunt and animals

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Coercion   NonConsensual   Rape   Fiction   Farming   Incest   Uncle   Aunt   Nephew   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Voyeurism   Water Sports   .

A youth learns about country, cunt and animals

My wealthy parents went on a cruise holiday to the Caribbean and I was packed off to my aunt and uncle’s farm in Cumbria, North West England for the week. Not exactly packed, I loved going. I’d looked forward to it ever since I was little, although they proudly survived on limited means, just the farm produce and some spare building being let as small businesses. My mum’s younger sister Bessie and her husband Frank, he a solid Cumbrian, where Bessie was from a more educated and cultured business stock as my mum of course. They were so much fun to be with, laughing all the time. I got there after dinner, the Manchester to Carlisle trains had been the usual late everywhere and I was tired after a thirty five minutes car drive in Uncle Frank’s clapped out Toyata pickup to the very remote farm and we soon called bedtime after a super filling dinner of roast lamb and all the trimmings. My room was right next theirs, it’s not a huge old, stone built farm, just a modest tenanted place with basic accommodation, sharing a common wall in the small house. Soon after they went into their room, I could hear aunt Bessie moaning and gasping for more, their bed, against my wall was banging into it with a fast rhythm. I knew Uncle Frank was fucking her and surprised they were letting rip knowing I was within a foot away through the wall.

It went on for some time and within five minutes my teen cock was out and I was quickly shooting a big cum load into my hand. I didn’t want to mess up the sheets so I came in my hand and slurped up all the evidence. I like the taste of cum. I finally fell asleep even though I could hear moaning still going on in a more subdued manner behind the wall.

The next morning at breakfast, Bessie straight up asked if their lovemaking bothered me the night before. I sensed turning bright red and stammered a no, but she just laughed. “Do you know ... I’m not ashamed to tell you, but I might have a little play later knowing you were listening,” She glanced back at me over her shoulder while washing up, smiled and got on with clearing the kitchen. I just shrugged quite dumbfounded at her frankness, but it was enjoyable watching her. She looked a real farmers wife - robustly built with a big arse and big tits, still an hour glass figure but a full hour, if you see what I mean, all trussed up in a tweed skirt and a blouse under a floral hose coat. No tights or hose to be seen. Her mousey coloured hair was not good condition and held up in a black band.

My Mum Celia is relatively slim, very tall and has dirty blonde to prematurely grey hair. She runs a recruitment company. Dad owns a scrap metal recycling company. After a few hours of just pleasurable hanging around, Frank called me to the barn, I wasn’t sure why, but when we got there, he took me around to a side stall where a ewe was contained in a kind of contraption that held her tight.

“She’s a Herdwick, the best local breed and I’m trying to build up the herd, borrowed a ram,” he explained. “I’ve trimmed her fleece.” There was a sort of table that her belly rested on, a heavy strap that went across her shoulders, and another one that held her in at the hind quarters or hips. He took a large jar of greasy lotion from a shelf and lathered up her cute vagina, which was almost human considering this was the only one I’d been close to, joking about how tight it was; what a good fuck she was going to be ... I thought to myself ... whaaat, why is he saying that? In the next stall was a young ram, big curly horns and this apparently was going to be his first mounting and her first time as well. Frank was excited that I would get to see the action ... and I was ... I think!.

He brought the ram around and didn’t have to do much more. The ram’s cock emerged slowly to develop into a big red shaft. Nature took over and soon the ram was ploughing into the ewe at a rapid speed and quickly came. It must have been quite a gushing surge of jism as it splattered out of her hole and ran down, messing her fleecy legs. “He’s done a good job for his first time, thought I would have to show him ... you know,” Frank chuckled, sort of slyly, as he led the ram back to the stall beside us. He came back and stood there, looking at the swollen, well fucked sheep pussy and sighed.

“This is too good to turn down,” he said, loosening his belt and dropped off his trousers and pants. His hard cock wobbled down at 45 degrees in front, easily as big as the ram’s, at least from my viewpoint. Off came his top and then he was totally naked, apart from socks and boots. I was wide eyed as my uncle came up behind the ewe, still trapped in the contraption and having to stoop a little to level, slid his cock in up to his balls with his first lunge. He fucked happily, grinning at me for five minutes. “I’m cumming in your hot cunt-hole, you slutty whore” he yelped, his voice higher than usual. It was so basic and so human to use such terms to an animal, but the look on his face was pure lust. Harder, humping and slamming into her, he unloaded hot juices to join in with the ram’s cum. Finally he pulled out and smiled broadly at me. “It’s your turn son. Strip down and give that tight cunt a good fucking.” I was amazed, stunned, in awe that he was so matter of fact ... and very turned on. I remembered aunt Bessie’s attitude about their shagging in the next bedroom, it all seemed so nonchalant. I thought why not.

I didn’t realise I was so horny and hard, stripping out of my clothes getting totally naked. Uncle Frank patted the ewe to calm her, but she wasn’t flighty. I hefted my cock stroking it, brought it to the animal’s cunt and then I was sliding my own fat, 18 year old, seven inch cock in where the orifice was so wet and hot that I almost shot my load before I got fully in. I easily slid in all the way to my balls and with each lunge of my young body, fucked this animal’s cunt. I would slap my balls against her sticky soft backside, making a wet slurping sound. Covered with cum juices from my belly to my knees, I fucked away, oblivious to a hidden video camera filming my bestial debauchery.

By the time I finally unloaded my cum into this deliciously accommodating, tight, squelchy cum hole, I was delirious and half crazy with the thought that I was standing naked in front of my equally naked uncle, fucking a sheep. When I finally stopped, and laid over the back of the ewe, a hand was caressing my arse. I turned around to see aunt Bessie, greasing up her fingers while she ran her hand down to my balls. I gasped as she clutched them tightly. “What a good boy,” she chuckled. “Learning fast about country life eh?”.

At the same time, uncle Frank pushed me down hard on top of the ewe and slapped a heavy strap over my torso, snapping it tight. A second later, another strap held me at the waist. “Hey! Hang on what’s... ?” I cried out for them to let me up, but Bessie’s grip on my balls tightened and I quietened down. I felt her greased up hand working around my arsehole and then I felt a sharp pain as she inserted several fingers and began to finger-fuck me. I was OK so far, because I loved to do that to myself a lot but then the fingers ... and being another’s fingers were easier to gain depth. Soon there were three and then four and I started screaming, but then moaning as she rolled her thumb into her palm and inserted a good portion of her hand into my arse, pushing it in fist full. She now rolled her hand around inside of me, loosening the muscles, making my arsehole a wide gape. Then she slowly slid her hand out, leaving me there with a gaping two inch arsehole opening

Uncle Frank came up behind me as I peered back to watch what was coming next, it had to be different and it was. His cock as hard as before, slid quickly into my virgin arse and was soon fucking me hard and deep, grinding it into me, his balls slapping my arse as he bottomed out, forcing me down onto the ewe’s back ... at least that was a soft wooly grounding. My aunt was at my side; she’d stripped naked too and groaning at what a good fuck boy I was, stroking me. Then she climbed up over me, finding some support in the framework somehow and I think on the ewe and presented her wet pussy to my face and demanded that I suck her while he fucked me. I lifted my head a bit and latched on to her cunt while she grabbed my head and pulled me into her. I knew my mother shaved her fanny, only because I have seen her naked, she occasionally sun bathes naked and has no qualms about who sees her. Aunt Bessie was very hirsute, a dark brown, going grey mass of pubic hairs shrouded her slit

Meanwhile, the ewe wasn’t really too happy and was trying to get loose under me and that just got my uncle hotter, sensing the motion and he rode me out, crash ramming his fuck pole all the way in and out of my bottom. Once, he pulled out and got his cock back into the sheep’s cunt below my body, for a few good thrusts, tittering that he wanted different lubricant and then yanked it out and slammed it back into me. It didn’t occur that there might have been an unknown infection lurking in the mix ... but what could I do?

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