Little's Night Out (a Ddlg Short Story)

by It's a Kilt, not a Skirt

Copyright© 2018 by It's a Kilt, not a Skirt

Erotica Sex Story: 'A day in the life' of Daddy and his baby girl. First a trip to the movies, then some deliciously administred punishment, and then...a treat for little.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Cream Pie   Petting   Small Breasts   .

The screen before us flickered as the image changed, but I could hardly pay attention. In fact I was only looking at the screen because Daddy told me to. If I’d had it my way my eyes would be closed, mouth open, moaning low and deep.

It was vintage movie night at the cinema, and I’d been really excited to go. Now I didn’t even remember what the film was or the premise, now I could hardly remember my own name because Daddy’s fingers were shoved deep inside my sopping cunt.

He’d spank you if he heard you say something like that, I immediately thought, and my pussy tightened around his fingers at the thought. I whimpered softly, breathily. ‘Daddy... ‘

‘Shh.’ He put a finger to my lips, turning to look at me. The flicker of the screen made half his face a shadow. ‘Kitten, I said no sounds until later. Keep your pleasure noises inside, baby. Do as I tell you. And don’t forget; you’re not allowed to cum yet.’

I pouted, whining, ‘But Da-ddy... ‘

Giving me a stern look he slid his fingers from me and fixed my dress. ‘If that’s how you’re going to behave, princess, then we’ll have to save this treat for later. One more word from you and you’ll be punished instead of pleasured.’

I shut up. Disliking the look of seriousness in his face I obediently turned to watch the film. Thankfully we were in the very back row and the theatre was halfway empty. The closest people were several rows in front of us.

‘What are you doing, baby girl?’ Daddy murmured. ‘I didn’t tell you to watch yet.’ A gentle finger traced down my cheek, stopping at my chin to turn my gaze to him. ‘No, you can’t watch yet. First you need to apologize to Daddy.’

I gasped a little.

‘But HERE, Daddy?! This is in public!’

‘Here, sweetheart. Come on now.’

My cheeks flaming furiously, I stood up slowly and sank down in front of his seat, on the floor. As I fumbled with the buttons and zips on his jeans, Daddy stroked my long brown hair, murmuring to me.

‘Yes, baby girl. You’re so good. Just apologize nicely and I won’t punish you.’

I smiled up at him from my space between his legs on the floor, wanting approval and basking in the praise. My fingers brought his cock out from his jeans, my hands slowly slicking up the the thick hard length of him.

Just looking at his cock made me want him inside me, in my mouth, or shoved deep into my pussy.

Daddy’s breath came heavier as he watched me through half-closed eyes.

Unable to stand it any longer, I sat up on my heels and enveloped him in my mouth, humming happily at his taste and feel.

Surprisingly, Daddy pushed me away.

‘Put this away, princess. Fix your dress.’

He gave no other explanation, and I tucked his stiff member away and stood up slowly to sit next to him. I was disappointed.

‘Come on, kitten,’ Daddy took my hand, guiding me to the vehicle, and I let myself be pulled even though I had pouted in silence since his last command. Not only had he denied me the pleasure of my orgasm, but he’d also denied me the pleasure to give him an orgasm as well.

Daddy opened my door for me and I climbed in, crossing my arms over my chest as he shut the door and went around to the driver’s side.

‘Don’t sulk, baby,’ Daddy advised me as he started our Camaro. ‘It won’t help anything.’ We pulled smoothly away from the curb.

‘It’s not fair,’ I mumbled to myself, but Daddy heard me.

‘What was that, princess?’

I had no choice but to repeat my sentiment.

‘It’s not fair, Daddy.’

‘Why not, cupcake?’

‘I wanted to make you cum. I need you inside me. You wouldn’t let me do either.’

‘Because I know what’s best for you, sweet. You’ll get better later.’

Insolent, I stared out the window as we drove off.

‘If you don’t speak back to me when I give you a reason to again today, baby, I am going to have to teach you a lesson.’

I could hear his slap on my ass already and shivered in anticipation.

Still I stared out, saying nothing.

‘Last chance, baby.’

Finally I hung my head. ‘Okay, Daddy. I will.’

‘Good. And since it took you so long to respond, I think you owe Daddy another small apology.’

Grinning, I reached over and smoothed my hands up his jeans, rubbing the hard lump concealed in them.

I didn’t do that for too long, though. Daddy hates to be teased for too long and I didn’t want him to be angry with me.

Sliding the zip down, I reached carefully into his boxers and pulled out his rigid cock. He had such a beautiful cock.

I licked my lips looking at him; he was as thick, red, and throbbing as he ever could be. I could just imagine him sliding slowly into my slickness, all hot inside me.

My fingers teased down to his testicles, fondling them. Daddy kept his eyes on the road, but he couldn’t help but moan.

‘Princess,’ he said warningly, and I giggled, fisting his cock and slowly pulling his foreskin back and forth, my movements gradually getting faster and my grip firmer.

Oh, wow. My thumb slicked across the bulbous head of his cock and Daddy jumped as I touched such a sensitive part of him. His cock was absolutely dripping with precum! I was salivating, loving the taste and wishing there was enough space for me to lean over and take him in my mouth.

‘That’s enough, kitten,’ Daddy husked. ‘Clean me up, please.’

What! He denied himself an orgasm again?!

My mouth was agape. ‘But Daddy... ‘

‘Now, sweetheart.’

Quickly I fixed everything and sat back in my seat, watching the neighbourhoods glide past us.

Daddy turned to me with a smile.

‘Look, baby. We’re almost home.’

I smiled back at him, but inside I was confused.

Daddy helped me out of the car, making sure my dress didn’t brush against the ground. When we’d locked up and began to walk up to the house, I was surprised to feel Daddy’s hand on me and I squeaked as he swept me up into his arms like a damsel.

‘Come on, kitten. I’m going to have my way with you.’ His eyes were smouldering, dancing deliciously with fire. Nodding almost shyly at the intent in his eyes, I let him carry me all the way to the bedroom.

He dropped me onto the bed from a height, making me squeal. But he wasn’t done yet. Daddy climbed on top of me, his finger tracing my cheek, his other hand on my waist, his mouth leaning down to mine ... and he tickled me. Exploding in manic laughter, I wiggled around helplessly under him.

When he eventually stopped Daddy stood up, leaving me on the bed alone. When I saw him begin to take off his belt, I trembled.


‘You haven’t been all good today, have you, princess? Hm? I come home to an unfinished supper and you watching television with homework left to do as well.’

‘Daddy... ‘

‘How am I going to teach you that you can’t do that again?’ He murmured, turning to me, rolling the belt up in his hand and looking at me seriously. ‘Well, baby?’

My eyes were on the belt. ‘It’s your decision, Daddy.’ I hung my head, trembling.

‘Okay, kitten. Take your dress off and turn over onto your tummy on the bed. Five with my hand, five with the belt. You’ll count, okay?’

Sniffling, I nodded, and did as I was told. Daddy sat on the bed, and I settled myself over him. His hand smoothed reassuringly over my back, slipping his hands into my panties and pulling them slowly off. His fingers gently probed my entrance for just a second, and I knew he was satisfied with my readiness. Then I heard him raise his hand.

‘One,’ I croaked out as his hand smacked my flesh, stinging. ‘Two. Three.’ I always loved his hand the best. It really felt like he was involving himself in punishing me more if it was his hand.

The fourth slap had my ass dark red, I could feel it. It was stinging, and I wiggled on his lap.


Daddy gathered up the belt from beside him. He raised it and it came down, oh, so much harder over my tender asscheeks. I cried out, and then whimpered, ‘One.’

The second strike went in between my legs, wrapping around my thigh. I winced even as my pussy leaked hot onto his jeans. ‘Two.’

Three, four were more moderate, and on five Daddy made the last one count. It was the hardest blow yet, and my body rose up in pain, tears spilling down my cheeks.


I stayed where I was, over his lap, lying there crying quietly. I heard him toss the belt away and lift my body up so he could move out from beneath it.

‘On your hands and knees, princess.’

‘Yes,’ I said, still crying, and shakily got to my hands and knees on the bed. Apparently he wanted to prolong my punishment, taking me from behind like this. My head hung down, and I could hear but not see Daddy undress, hear his shirt hit the ground and his jeans push down. I opened my eyes just in time to look through my legs and see him slide off his boxers, see the hard length of his cock bob up, his arousal red and throbbing. My breath caught. He was going to be rough.

Daddy climbed onto the bed behind me, and gently released the clasp on my bra, his hands cupping my breasts tenderly as I removed the last article of clothing. Resuming my position, I was surprised when Daddy bent down, planting as kiss on my raw ass cheek. He kissed every inch of my asscheeks softly, taking away all the hurt as his other hand crept up to my clit.

‘Permission to moan, Daddy,’ I gritted out between my teeth.

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