Meeting at the Gas Station

by SusanBBW

Copyright© 2018 by SusanBBW

Erotica Sex Story: A chance meeting between an older man and a middle age woman. What will happen? Will the woman submit to the older man's wishes?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   True Story   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Squirting   BBW   Big Breasts   Size   .

I really wasn’t dressed any differently except maybe a little (more like a prostitute would wear maybe). I was wearing tube top with a jacket over it ... and a skirt ... and sandals.

He insisted that he pump the gas into my car. I “Thanked” him and he then suggested an old-fashion “thank you” afterwards, ... I’m not sure why, but I had a feeling what he was meaning, I did blush and agreed. So I followed him back to his hotel room ... Found out he was visiting his son & daughter-in-law ... but after leaving their house he decided to stick around ... getting a hotel room etc.

He was probably in his mid to late 60’s, I’m guessing. He wasn’t much taller than me with gray hair, which was thinning on top. He probably weighed no more than 150 lbs. His arms and legs were thin, lack of muscles or tone. He was wearing overalls with 1 of the shoulder straps unhooked and a t-shirt. Clean shaven. Friendly like, really.

Once at in hotel and in his room ... he suggested that he would pay me ... whatever the going rate was ... I blushed at his suggestion that he thought I was a prostitute. He asked if I was and I told him, “No, that I wasn’t”.

He smiled and asked, “If I had ever done anything like that?” I replied ... by blushing again ... He said it really doesn’t matter to him, if I did or not ... He continued in saying, “I tell you what, you don’t seem to mind in me thinking that you are a prostitute, right?” I nodded to him in response that he was right. He said, “Well, as far as I’m concerned, you are a prostitute, and I am merely just 1 of your ‘Johns’, ok?”

I smiled at him in agreement.

“Oh, one thing though, I can get pretty naughty and maybe a little kinky too. Is that going to be a problem?” He asked.

“No, not at all”, I said. He shook his head in amusement as he stood up and smiled.

“Well...”, he said, “I rather call you ‘slut’ or ‘whore’, as well, ... prostitute sounds to ... formal, ... I hope you can understand what I mean.”

I agreed with him and he smiled. His voice changed timbre somewhat when he said... “I think it’s time you show me what you have to offer, don’t you think? From what I can tell, you are perfect for some ‘thumping’!”

I slowly stood up and smiled at him, then slowly began to unzip my skirt. I let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it one foot at a time.

I was just about to remove my jacket when he said, “Ohhh my, you are a naughty slut - not wearing any panties ... and your cunt is hairless! Just like a young girl’s...” I was shifting back and forth on my feet slowly with my head down, trying to hide my embarrassment.

“I would never have thought that you would be a hairless cunt too”, he grinned. “Looks a little wet too ... are you liking this; being a prostitute for me, you must be!” He then said,” Please continue slut ... let’s see those big fat titties.”

I slowly began to remove the jacket ... and slowly pulled the tube top over my head. “Such large areolas too, how lovely they are, and fat nipples too, look like they have been suckled on a lot. Have they, have those large nipples been suckled ... a lot?” He asks sternly waiting for an answer.

I respond by shyly looking at him ... and shaking my head yes. He says, happily, “That’s what titties are for ... especially yours ... you could be a wet nurse for a hospital.” I blush with him saying that.

“Now ... Turn around for me ... let me see it all!” I slowly turned around ... as I did, he continually commented with an “Mmmmm”. Once I turned fully around ... He said, “Stand in front of that mirror over there, not to close though, ... just enough so I can also see you in the mirror also.” I walked in front of, about 8 feet from it.

“Look at yourself in the mirror, You are really liking this, ... exposing yourself to a stranger. Your fat titties and especially your large nipples, says it all ... Your pussy is wet for sure, I don’t even have to check if you are or not. You are definitely wet and a willing slut”, He said with a grin. “Now ... I think I have something for you to put on,” He said, “I just need to find it...”, as he was rummaging through a plastic bag that was on the table.

“Ahh ... here it is...” as he started walking towards me with, what looked like a cord or small rope.

There were 2 cords, separate into 2 sections. They both appeared to be adjustable by a plastic cuff like thing. “Here, as he separated one from the other, put this one on, first”, He said as he handed it over to me.

Looked like a bra like structure but made out of just cord ... at the base of each of my breasts the cord went around it. I started putting it on ... there were 2 smaller circular areas that were higher up from the base of my breasts that went around my areolas. As I was finishing that part, he tied it at my back.

“Turn around, let me see how it fits”, he said. I turned around, facing him. He adjusted it so the 2nd circular locations around my areolas were farther down towards the base of my breasts. “Very nice,” he said. He grabs the other section from the bed ... and hands it to me to put on. This section was like underwear or panties, but was also made of cord. The cord was wrapped around my hips and went around my butt and between my legs; the cord was on each side of my pussy and came up over my butt. After he tied that in back, He looked as if making sure it was all in place. He then said, “Now look at yourself in the mirror...”

I didn’t notice it before until I saw it being reflected back in the mirror, but there were 2 snaps on the front on the lower section of cord. I felt 2 more snaps on the back side of the section, just above the cleft of my butt. Just as I was about to ask him about them, he said, “Ohhh yes ... I forgot this...”

He had in his hands a leather-like piece that appeared to have a slot in the center of. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, he then said, “We can’t forget this and...”, as he again started rummaging through the plastic bag on the table, “ ... this ... now can we?”

He pulled out a very large and thick black dildo. It looked almost like a real one. It even had blood veins that ran along the outside of the dildo. He stood up and walked over to me. As he was doing so, he was placing one end of the dildo into the slot onto the leather strip. I thought that he was going to want me to use it on him, but instead, he had snapped the back-end first and as he was coming from underneath, ... the dildo started sliding into me, as he brought it around towards the front.

“There we go ... how do you like that, slut? Do you like that long, thick and black dick in your juicy cunt?” he smiled looking into my eyes.

“Oh my God”, I said ... as I felt the dildo sliding into my pussy. He snapped the buttons to the front of the leather strip.

He watched as I squirmed about feeling the black dildo in my cunt. He then said, “You love that don’t you, slut? You love having your white cunt filled by this black dildo, don’t you? I bet you’re wishing it was a real dick ... and if it was real, would it be your first black dick? Come on, tell me... , “ he waited for an answer, as he continued to watch.

A part of me was wishing it was real as I started to whimper in answering him. “Yes, I love it ... I wish it was a real black cock,” my breathing was heavy as I continued. “I have had a black man in my cunt!”

“Mmmmmm ... I thought so,” he replied. “But, saying ‘black’ doesn’t sound right, you know... , “ he said. “Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a racist ... But I kind of like the idea of saying... , “ he paused. “How does this sound to you... , “ he then paused again. “You love having your white cunt filled by some nigger meat,” he said slowly and then said, “I bet that nigger meat loved your hairless cunt and your fat ass too.”

I was stunned, yet he was right ... hearing him saying it, “nigger”, was making it sound soooo much naughtier. I trembled in response to him saying it. He slowly walked up to me and leaned in towards my ear, and said, “Say it, slut...”

I repeated to him... “Yes, yes, I love nigger meat in my white cunt.”

After I had said it, He said, “I thought so!” He laughed out loud, as I felt the dildo began to hum...

“Ohhhh it’s moving within me,” I said as I started whimpering from the dildo vibrating within me.

My knees buckled from underneath me. I found myself in a kneeling position on the floor of the hotel room with the dildo in my pussy.

He came around me and bent over me to face me, “hmmmm ... I bet that feels very good in that cunt of yours ... so tell me slut ... You were looking for someone to fuck your hairless cunt weren’t you?”

“Yes...” I managed to say, breathlessly.

“Tell me, cunt, have you ever prostituted yourself? Come on, slut. You can tell me,” He whispered into my ear.

I moaned ... feeling the dildo slowing down in me. My face looked up at him, he had a big grin and then said, “Tell me or I will turn that nigger meat off!”

I didn’t want him to stop the black dildo and yet ... I wasn’t sure about telling him about my past either. My pussy betrayed me though. I wanted to feel that black dildo vibrate in my pussy. I started to tell him, reluctantly at first, but I couldn’t help it.

I started to tell him about 5 years ago going to Mexico and giving in to a man’s desires down there. The man convinced me to prostitute myself, that I would be perfect for the lonely men in the mountainous regions, the small villages - away from the big cities. The dildo started vibrating again but he warned me to not stop. He wanted me to give every little detail of what I did in Mexico, but he wanted me to talk dirty about it too. Using words, such as cunt, slut, pussy, etc., to describe what I did and especially what they did to me. I couldn’t believe how telling a complete stranger, with his finger controlling my cunt, my pussy through the black dildo, it was driving me into complete lust and want.

During the time I was telling him about my past in Mexico, he had me move onto the bed. I was squirming wanting to feel the dildo in every part of my cunt. A few times my hands would move onto my breasts or try to touch my clit, but he would stop me. “No, slut ... just the dildo will pleasure you,” He would say or “What did I tell you, slut?” He would make me answer him, having me repeat what he had said before. I would repeat, “The black dildo is to pleasure me.”

One of the times that I attempted to touch myself, he turned off the black dildo. I begged him, I even pleaded with him, even moving my hips as I repeated what I was supposed to say, hoping it would turn on the black dildo, but he resisted. He was grinning, ear to ear, as I begged him. He finally said after minutes of begging from me, “Tell me how a slut would.”

I finally got my thoughts together and said, “Please let the nigger cock, fuck me!”

“Oh yesssss,” as he ‘snaked’ out the’s’, I felt the dildo began to vibrate again within me. “That wasn’t so hard, now was it, slut?”

I withered about, moaning, and he said, “So you like brown meat too in your white juicy cunt, also. Why ... am I not surprised ... because ‘You’ are a true slut! Aren’t you?”

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