Trouble With Pills

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Fiction Sex Story: The lad shouldn't have taken Dad's medication so his mother and sisters help.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/mt   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Father   Daughter   Anal Sex   Bestiality   First   Masturbation   .

Who the daft fuckers are that write so badly, beats me. I can’t resist meddling with their crap work.

Here’s another

Joan Cocteau, a housewife and mother who loved her family was a 36 year old mother of three and married to the same man for fifteen years. Her husband, Peter, was 43 years old with a minor erectile problem for which he had medication. Peter was a great husband, loving, kind and still had the body of a 25 year old. He was 6’1, muscular and had a big penis. He was a junior partner at a city accounting firm.

Their son, Brian, was 14 and at that age where he was always masturbating. She often caught him - not bothered but maybe he was purposely letting her walk in on him as he stroked his cock. Brian was hitting puberty hard. He had grown six inches in the last year, getting body hair and his voice has gone from high and squeaky to deep and alluring. Now 5’7, wiry thin with dark hair and bright blue eyes.

Brian’s twin sisters, Liz and Tina, were both 15, well into puberty. They were both a slender 4’2 with light auburn hair, blue eyes and little bumps on their chests. They’d had their first periods, and sported fine mats of pubic hair. Their hips were narrow. They dressed like the girls from music videos on TV, looking older. Joan felt she should be stricter about how they dress but hated to be one of those oppressive parents and the children were given an extremely free advanced take on life.

Peter and Joan believed their children needed to find their own way to express their individuality. The girls both asked for a tattoo for their 12th birthday, being told no, it would be something everyone would see every day. Finally her husband had a solution and took them to a tattoo studio and had them get a little heart on their pussy mound. Joan wasn’t best pleased but accepted them.

One of her worst experiences, when the girls were growing up, had been when she took them to the store noticing a man who must have been in his sixties hitting on them. She challenged him telling him the girls were 12 and then he dared to ask her how old she was. He asked if her and the girls ever liked to party together. As she led the girls away Joan saw the prat had an erection in his jeans. She also noticed much to her disgust and titillation that it was pretty impressive ... and at his age!

Joan was a personal trainer being pretty fit. 5’4, 118 pounds with short brown hair, green eyes and 34C breasts, she had good skin and could pass for late 20’s ... at a push! She tidied the kitchen and wanted to change the bedding sheets so went upstairs. She tutted not finding Peter’s erectile dysfunction medication on the wide open cabinet in their en-suite bathroom. That morning he was taking a pill when the phone in the family room rang. He had taken the pills downstairs with him when he answered the phone. Over the course of the conversation he put the pills down on the desk and forgot them.

School was out for the summer, the kids were home all day. Joan only worked as a fitness instructor three days a week and was off work. Having sorted the four bed sheet into the wash and felt the house was clean enough, she went into the garden weeding the flower bed next to the shed.

Inside the house, Brian woke up hearing his father leave for work. He checked to make sure his mum was out side and pulled out his porno video collection. Over the last two years he’d amassed quite a collection, filling four boxes in his cupboard, including a lot of hard core stuff he got from his degenerate friend Lou next door. For a starter he pulled out one with 18 and 19 year old pregnant women having sex with older men. As usual, he masturbated and came on an old pair of his mother’s panties. Little did he know, she knew he was using her old panties but wasn’t bothered to say anything, he was young and learning.

He wanked too quickly and since he had plenty of time to himself, he wanted to repeat it. The phone rang and he answered it in the family room. It was a phone survey. While he was on the phone giving them false information he saw the bottle of Lavitra. He read it and when he saw that it helped restore erections he decided to try it. Like most men and boys, he didn’t bother to read the directions. Instead of the usual recommended dose for an adult male of 1 pill, he took 10.

At first he was pleased with the results. He went into his room, stripped off his shorts and lay on his bed. He stroked his cock with his mother’s cum stained panties for twenty minutes. But then nothing happened. Brian had never jerked off this long without cumming and was starting to get nervous. When he heard his sisters moving around he knew he was running out of time. His mum was still outside doing the lawn work for another half hour. By this time Brian’s erection was starting to hurt. He finally panicked and opened his window, shouting for Joan to come into the house and when she entered his room she found him with a towel on his lap. He didn’t make eye contact.

“Mum, I ... I ... III was ... I was doing that thing to myself and I found some of dad’s pills and I took some and now it hurts.” Nodding at the pills on top of the video box on the floor. She could see the bulge under the towel. He continued, “And now I can’t get it to go away. I’ve tried but it won’t ... you know.” She could see he was very embarrassed and uncomfortable and wanted to be stern but as a loving, caring, sympathetic free spirited soul mother she couldn’t see her little boy suffering. She tried to focus on the problem.

“Okay, you have an erection and you have tried to wank it and you can’t cum”, she calmly said, restating what he just said. He glumly nodded that she had got it right.

“Okay, take off the towel and let’s have a look.”

He slowly lifted off the towel, shocking her. She had seen his cock many times since walking in on him playing with himself almost every day. But his cock seemed a full inch longer and a half inch thicker ... It was solid ... capital S. He had a man’s cock on a young boy’s body thanks to those pills. It was swollen and purple and looked as painful as it must have felt. Joan ushered him to the edge of his bed with his legs hanging over and kneeled in front of him.

“Okay, I’m going to do this and finish you off. Now just close your eyes and try to think sexy thoughts and not please of me.” She took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it gingerly, not wanting to squeeze it too hard since it looked very sensitive.

To her surprise, after stroking him for five minutes, nothing happened, so she suggested he played a video as she stroked him. He played a hard core magazine from the bottom of his box. It was a German production called Kinder-Slut. It had a 50 year old man and a teenage girl holding hands on the cover. Joan was sure she didn’t want to know what was in the video so just handled him, resuming her task. Another ten minutes passed and her hand was getting tired. She decided to try something more drastic.

“Okay”, she said, “Just relax. I am going to try sucking you off.” He looked unsurely at her but said nothing, but obviously worrying that a Mum sucks her son’s cock. He needed help and she was no prude. A good six inches in her hand, licking the underside from root to knob, she heard and felt him shudder making her happy. Joan’s happiness wasn’t totally that she had her tongue on Brian’s cock, but rather that she was still able to make a man erect. She hadn’t gobbled for a while. She smiled to herself and then took his entire cock in her mouth, deep-throating it. He looked on amazement.

She sucked without gagging and the enthusiasm of a 20 year old, using lips, tongue, the roof of her mouth and hands. He was moaning but he wasn’t cumming. This went on for a good 30 minutes. By then her jaw was getting sore and were no closer. She had to try something else. She clambered up to her feet, dropped her sundress, airily handed him her panties and climbed onto his lap. He didn’t say a word, too busy sniffing, as she cleverly lowered herself onto his rigid cock. It parted her pussy lips like Moses and she sank all the way down.

After a second or two he regained his composure and began to thrust up at his mother.

“Oh Mum, you’re my first girl.”

She wasn’t sure if that meant he was a virgin or if he was saying he had gay experiences before yesterday. Again, she didn’t want to know. Riding his cock for a full forty minutes she had three orgasms Her son or not, she found it hard ... well of course but hard not to cum when being fucked for forty minutes. And unlike her husband, Brian was chock full of energy. After his mother’s third orgasm her legs were getting cramp. She climbed off his cock reluctantly and then licked it clean, thinking maybe the perverseness of a mother licking her own cum from her son’s cock might trigger his orgasm but it didn’t. She needed help.

She called his sisters into the room. All the colour in Brian’s face disappeared but she assured him it would be okay. When the girls entered they were confused when they found them both naked. She put them at ease and explained the situation.

“Girls, Brian has a problem. He was masturbating and took some of your father’s erection pills.”

She had always spoken to the children about sex and had no problem explaining the situation in plain terms.

“Now his penis is too hard and he is having trouble ejaculating. I have been trying to help him but we are not having much luck. Now we’re both starting to get tired. With you girls help us?”

The girls looked each other and Tina asked very very tentatively, “What do we have to do?” Her brother’s face was etched in pleading and fear.

“You know that video you both watched with your father last week? I’d like you to do something like that. We’ll start off with oral sex and see how it goes. If needs be he’ll have sex with you both, I’m knackered,” Joan laughed, so did they ... and Brian

They all have had sex education in school and Joan and Peter thought it would be a good idea to show them a few sex videos so when they are in class the information will make more sense. Joan likened it to when the kids were learning about the American Revolution they took them to Philadelphia. The children didn’t think there was anything odd about their dad watching porn with them. He just watched it with them in case they have any questions. In fact, he even let them see his cock so they could study it and studied each other’s vaginas.

The girls seemed okay with the idea. After watching the 4 or 5 pornos they were curious to try some of what they learned, Joan put on some music and told them to strip each other slowly, figuring it might get Brian more aroused to see two twin girls undressing each other. And the girls didn’t disappoint. They were both still wearing their lingerie since they just woke up and their mother had to admit it was pretty sexy as Tina bend down and slid Liz’s panties down her legs.

When they were both naked she called them over between Brian’s legs. They knelt down and both took his cock in their hands. They licked his cock from both sides, occasionally touching tongues. Liz then took the initiative and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Tinawent to work on Brian’s balls. She was amazed at how well they were doing with their first blow jobs, guessing Peter had done a very good job explaining how to suck cock, always being a very good communicator.

Sensing Brian was in heaven as he looked down and watched his twin sisters sucking his cock, two identical faces licking and rubbing his sensitive organ must have been a real treat for him, Joan suggested he reached down to play with their silky hair as they serviced him.

Suddenly he took some inititaive “Suck it, sluts! Suck that cock!”, he shouted

Tina looked up at her mother expecting Joan to say something to her brother who was gagging her with his cock. She looked back at her and said, “He said to suck his cock, slut.”

The girls both looked a tad displeased and worried at her but before they said a word she continued, “And that means both of you. I want to see his spunk dripping down your faces.” Brian moaned and she knew she was on to something. He continued, “Yeah, suck me you fucking whores!”

They took turns sucking his cock another ten minutes before it seemed they were beginning to tire. Not surprising since this was their first blow job. She told them to get up and suggested they try sex, laying Tina lay on her back so Brian was next to her.

“Okay, she needs to be nice and wet for this to work. You girls are both virgins so we’ll need to be careful. Tina, I want you to go first so stay there. Liz, get between her legs and lick her pussy. Get it really wet and juicy.”

Joan know neither girl wanted to do this but feelings for their brother and their mum’s attitude, which was strong and powerful they said yes. She knew that Peter also told them about lesbian sex as they watched the pornos together just in case some day it ever came up in conversation. She wouldn’t want them to feel stupid for not knowing what it is. Once again Pete impressed her with his teachings. As she watched Liz lick her twin sister’s cunt she smiled. It is very comforting to know that her husband was such a great father. He must have spent a lot of time going over this with them. Both girls were smart enough to keep up the façade and pretend to enjoy it. Brian was certainly buying it.

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