The Unnatural

by Jax_Teller

Copyright© 2018 by Jax_Teller

Erotica Sex Story: With Samantha Wiles This a first work together on a Fan Fiction Piece. Super Natural Fan Fiction. This is a short story to test the waters.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Mind Control   Gay   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Paranormal   Incest   Brother   .

The supernatural world had become slow, with jobs becoming fewer and more time between. Sam and Dean Winchester were investigating a series of unusual situations that led them to believe that Marie Jordan was possessed or some sort of entity.

Marie was an Adult entertainer at a local strip club, The Body Shop. Sam went to the the internet cafe’ to research the local news and the clubs’ history. Sam jumped at going to the club to “check her out” with the typical grim. Sam just shook his head as he walked away.

Walking inside the club Dean clicked on the EMF Meter in his pocket and walked over to the bar. As he passed dancers he listened to see if the meter made any sound. Once at the bar Sam ordered a beer and asked if Marie was dancing. The bar tender said there wasn’t any Marie dancing. Sam said OK, what ever, and moved to the back corner of the club where he could see the doors. Five dancers came and went doing three song dances.

The dancers getting off the stage would go to the private dance area to meet patrons who wanted lap dances. Nothing out of the unusual happened until the sixth dancer took to the stage and was announced as Syn. As Syn began to dance the crowd become entranced and only focused on her. Even the private dancers giving lap dances stopped to watch her.

This continued through her three dances and even the bar tender and waitresses had stopped to watch her as she removed her last article of clothing. It was as if every succeeding dance she seemed more beautiful more captivating. Near the end of her third and last song she swirled around the pole and ended on the floor. She spread legs and began to masturbate, rubbing furiously at her clit. No one moved and Dean found he too was having trouble looking away, even to survey the room.

It was then he realized he and everyone else was being influenced by Syn, and couldn’t resist the urge to watch her. As he struggled to look away, he realized his own cock was hard in his tight jeans. Normally strippers can’t legally openly masturbate on stage but no one seemed to care. It was like a waking dream and before he could adjust himself, he looked back at Syn, and realized he was close to coming in his pants.

Syn kept rubbing herself until the end of the song and had an epic orgasm thrashing about wildly on the stage pulling her fingers to her mouth and sucking them clean. Dean felt his cock swell to painful proportions until it exploded spewing hot thick buckets of come in his pants. In his embarrassment, He was able to pry his eyes off Syn long enough to see that everyone in the club seemed to be experiencing their own epic orgasms at the same time.

Dean realized it was Syn who was causing the orgasms. As his body allowed, he moved to the exit and ran out to Babe, jumped in and peeled out leaving a trail of blowing debris. He drove to the motel room and awkwardly walked to their room and let himself in. He was relieved Sam wasn’t back yet and stripped as he went to the bathroom turning on the shower, leaving a trail of clothes behind.

He remembered the bucket load of come in his pants and went back picking up his clothes as he went to the bed he used near the door. As he reached his bed putting the clothes down he turned to go back to the shower when the door flew open and Sam walked in and looked directly down at Deans rock hard cock.

Sam said “dude really?” and Dean said “fuck you” as he returned to the bathroom. Sam replied “in your wettest dreams asshole.” Dean let it go as he realized his cock was harder, longer and fatter than he’d remembered as he stepped into the water. Sam filled Dean in as to the number of suspected drug related penis issues as Dean tried to jerk off for some relief.

Sam went on “Apparently men have been having erections that won’t go away without medical intervention after visiting that club.” Dean shouted out “ I can believe that “ Sam said “that good?”, and Dean replied “not really”. Dean stepped into the main room with a towel wrapped around his waist sporting a large bulge.

Sam looks over at Dean and says “really you too? What happened?” Dean recounted his experience at the club all the while Sam kept looking at the bulge. Dean stopped his narrative and said “Sammy eyes up here”. Sam smiles at him and said “ I should see, take a look at it, you know for the case”.

Dean looks at Sam for a second and lets the towel loose revealing his rock had cock. Sam says “Jesus dude, what the fuck, can’t you dial it back?” Dean gives him the classic duh look and says “ yeah”, pausing and then “nope”. Sam says “maybe you just need to get laid again?” Dean said “ that an offer?” And Sam replies “Fuck you”,

Sam says “ no really man maybe the curse or spell is broken when you come with some one else” Dean replied” yeah well there ain’t any chicks around ya know, and it’s starting to hurt?” Sam says” well maybe I could suck it for ya?” as he licks his lips. Dean said “sure why not, it’s not like we’re brothers or anything”

Dean stroked his cock his hand not fitting around the shaft. The agony building Dean said “ ok but no kissing or anything in my butt, got it?” Before the words were out of his mouth Sam had knelt down in front of him taking Deans cock in his mouth. Sam stroked and sucked on Deans cock and it started to get even bigger round and longer. Sam let go and got back on the bed and Dean said “son of bitch, I was so close” turning and laying on his back on his bed.

Dean said “ your going to have to go to that club and find Syn” Sam interrupted him and said “Syn?” and Dean affirmed the name. Sam said “no wonder Syn is a Norse Goddess of defense. In this case she must be defending the women by cursing the men with painful erections.” Dean responds “ great, just fucking great.”

Sam threw his clothes back on and headed out to the club. Dean laid back switching through the tv channels trying to find something to turn him off, and even maintained an erection through real life Autopsies. Once Sam arrived he saw Syn getting into a car realizing her God like attraction as she pulled away from the club. He followed her to a residence a few miles away. He waited as she went in, grabbed the colt and made his way to the back of the residence. Sam jimmied the door and enters quietly, hearing a shower turned on and music come on, he follows the sounds.

As Sam enters the bed room he checks to see where Syn is, he sees her entering the shower naked. He girds himself, and watches her until she is soaping her hair. He steps into the bathroom and tells her not to move. Syn screams at being startled and then continues to wash her hair. Sam says “ look lady I want you to take the curse off of my brother and leave the men of this town alone.”

Syn Says “and why should I do that?” Sam says” those men aren’t evil and don’t deserve to be punished.” Syn turns to face Sam and is instantly dry and standing naked in front of Sam. The shower was turned off, and she says “ that’s what you think? that I am cursing or punishing them? “ Sam replied “well yeah, the erections are painful and don’t go away for hours”.

Syn ‘s voice gets a tone of authority almost ringing as she says” they asked for it in their minds, prayed for it, a bigger cock that could last as long as they wanted, it was all in their heads, I saw it”. Sam said “ yeah but the pain, and the erections don’t go away, some men had heart attacks, they didn’t pray for that.”

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