A Professional Woman

by Curt Bruch

Copyright© 2018 by Curt Bruch

Erotica Sex Story: A successful business woman who is focused on her work has had many disappointments in the past with her love life which has coloured her view of the opposite sex. However, it is work that provides a solution as she investigates and discovers the joys of BBC which more than compensates for the previous shortcomings. However, her men better measure up, or else.

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As ever when the midnight hour heralds the dawn of another new year I enjoy a solitary celebration sitting in my cosy apartment, drink in hand, and reflect what has passed and speculate on the maybes to come.

Whilst some may think that to have reached nearly a half century of birthdays and still be an uncommitted single without a life partner to share one’s joys and struggles is something to be pitied. Should anyone be foolish enough to say that to me then I will politely counter that there is a better way to live one’s life without taking on the burdens and responsibilities of someone who, in all probability, didn’t live up to the rosy expectations of youth. No, I need nobody’s pity for my life has turned out rather well and as time goes by I have even less cause for regrets.

I graduated nearly 30 years ago with a first in Business Studies and then gained my Masters shortly thereafter. My adolescent dream was to go into medicine but maybe I was not as smart as I thought myself to be and so the world of business attracted my interest instead. However, my interest for medicine was not to be denied, with my studies completed and my diploma firmly held in hand I applied and succeeded in gaining a post with a London Teaching Hospital within their finance department. The experience I gained in my first proper job, spent ‘learning the ropes’, held me in good stead and I have steadily and surely improved my position over the years by moving on when I’ve accurately gauged the time to be right and to go and work for other organisations, usually with a promotion. Indeed, a measure of my standing and expertise within the world of Medical finance is that I am regularly being head-hunted by competitors and encouraged to jump ship and transfer my loyalties elsewhere. But, for the moment, I am content with my present lot as Finance Director for a prestigious Private Health Trust based in Harley Street, doing a job that entails frequent overseas travel and at the same time pays me a very agreeable salary as part of a generous package. I regard myself as being the epitome of a Professional woman.

However, whilst I may have successfully climbed the ladder of professional success, life hasn’t been without its downside for living is not all about work and in the past I have had quite a few disappointments with relationships that had resulted in me being very suspicious and cautious whenever a specimen of the opposite sex has wandered into my social frame. I pointedly say ‘had’ for it has been over the past couple of years that things have radically changed and the improvement in quality of my ‘downtime’ has increased exponentially. To explain: Growing up I was no different in satisfying my needs and urges than any other teenager/student/undergraduate. The years up to and including Uni were a bit of a substance-fuelled haze and sex was frequent and rapid (sometimes I even knew the name of the boy involved) but it was never deemed satisfactory as far as I was concerned. Invariably the boy involved would fire off before I had even gotten fully aroused and if he was one who did have any staying power then either he had little idea of his way around a woman’s body and how to provide a modicum of pleasure on his journey or, worse, he had a small penis that was incapable of providing that pleasure. No, my sex life was not a great success and my experiences to date had given me no great enthusiasm to explore further. Thankfully I had a great circle of girlfriends and took much solace in my self-imposed celibacy sharing with them the injustices and inadequacies of the opposite sex. Indeed, some of the counselling sessions that I had with one or two of them introduce me to the world of Sappho but the emotions generated during those gentle couplings were not sufficiently strong enough for me to then declare myself a signed-up Lesbian; it was nice though.

Over the years my workload and responsibilities increased in a satisfactory manner which was in direct contrast to any satisfaction gained from my equally increasing sex drive. I took pleasure from an increasing collection of toys, dildoes; vibrators; beads. I even invested in a ‘Magic Wand’. They all provided physical stimulation but the pleasure bestowed was nothing when compared when my comforters were used in conjunction with my other salvation, the Internet; the repository of a world of imagination and suggestion.

I cannot recall how long ago it was that my trawling around this exciting world and visiting different sites led me to ones that predominately featured sex between white women and black men. Whenever, it was from that moment my interest in black cock was sparked and I increasingly sought out websites that catered for the ‘genre’ and found myself constantly aroused at the thought of being fucked by some of the magnificent specimens I was viewing on-line. My fantasies were further fuelled by my purchase of another vibrator; this time I chose to buy one that was big, long, fat and black. Oh, the times I enjoyed the company of my new black friend.

It was a short hop from indulging my fantasies to deciding to investigate the real thing. Everything I had viewed on line only fed the conviction that black men were not only better endowed but from what I had seen, albeit allowing for a little artistic licence, had impressive staying power and had the potential to satisfy my needs. However, I was not going to let myself into a situation which I couldn’t control or rush into areas such as anonymous chat rooms where, who knows, what dangers might lurk. No, I would approach this endeavour with every precaution; with the same manner and cautions that I would apply to any new business in my professional life. After all, this would be a major project and I needed to minimise risk to maximise success.

Having decided to go down this path the first task was to set out my requirements which was fairly straightforward; my BBC had to be attached to a similar professional or other well educated, financially comfortable person.

The second task was identifying where to look.

The third task on my project plan was the recognition that I was in danger of over-thinking and complicating this whole thing and I was saved from myself by developments at work which provided the solution.

A major aspect of my work entailed the management of foreign customers, companies mainly, who had contracts for private healthcare so that any required medical treatments for their employees could be carried out in UK clinics. For years the business focus had been primarily on the Middle East and the rich Gulf states and although I often had to travel to the likes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to promote my company I found little attraction in the individuals I met mainly due to their misogynistic cultural attitudes towards women. However, things for me turned around when West African states began to be added to our customer base and I began to interact with executives from Ghanaian and Nigerian companies. What a refreshing difference in their approach and it took but a few visits for me to become comfortable and familiar to be in the company of these charming black men.

It was on a visit to Lagos to meet with a private hospital that my world changed. I was there to finalise a contract that would provide teaching facilities in UK for their interns and I was introduced to Charles, a doctor who would be the first ‘student’ to attend a post-graduate specialist course. He was a handsome and well educated man and after the meeting ended he invited me to celebrate the success of closing the deal by going out to dinner. I was staying at a five star hotel which had a restaurant and night club and when he suggested we celebrate there I happily accepted silently pleased at not having to venture too far from the comfort of the hotel. We had an evening of dining, pleasant conversation (deliberately not about work) intermingled with a little dancing. It was when we danced and he held me close that I could feel that he most definitely had other things in mind beyond work and dancing; his cock felt huge pressed against me. It was then I recognised that the time had come and I knew from the way Charles had been flirting the whole evening long that we would finalise our celebrations in my room and I would be introduced to my first black cock.

We left the restaurant and passed through the lobby under the knowing glances of waiters and reception staff and took the lift to the sixth floor and my suite. I was so eager that even before the room door had clicked shut I was reaching a hand behind me to find the zip on my cocktail dress. Charles straightaway helped and I felt his hand pull the zip down and with a shuck of my shoulders the dress fell to the floor and I stepped out, turned and almost fell into his arms. No words were spoken as we kissed and embraced as we somehow shuffled our way toward the bed. I felt the edge of the bed behind my knees and I sat down and with unladylike haste I tore at his belt and loosened his trousers. He politely stood there as I fumbled with the fastenings but being the perfect gentleman he assisted me with the task and within a few seconds his trousers fell to his ankles and I was treated to the promise of something magically as I was confronted by a protrusion tenting his white boxer shorts. I looked up and held his gaze as I pulled at the waistband of his shorts but feeling resistance to my efforts returned my focus to find his swollen cock was somewhat trapped by his underwear! A little more concentration and my effort was rewarded by the sight of a penis that was everything my dreams had promised; it was thick, long and black and had a glans that could only be properly called a knob; it was a thing of beauty and was mine to worship.

I lay back on the bed and pulled off my own underwear as he got shod of his shirt and, thankfully, his socks (nothing more of a turn off to me than a naked man still wearing socks!) I don’t recall we spent much time on foreplay as he knelt between my spread legs and pointed that monstrous extrusion at my vagina which I knew even without touching was sopping wet with expectation. The moment had come and I looked at him as he grasped his stiff black cock in his soft black hand and pressed forward to spread my white gaping pussy lips. It felt huge as he pushed and my fleeting thought was his size is going to take a lot of adjusting to ... but I was dedicated to the cause ... and he slid straight in and I gasped as I sensed my insides being completely filled; it felt wonderful and only got better as he began to gently to rock back and forth.

Our ‘celebrations’ went on far into the night and Charles was an imaginative and gentle lover who encouraged and respected me as we fucked in every conceivable position. I had countless orgasms whilst he, dear boy, seemingly had endless stamina and self-control and it was only during our final coupling that he allowed himself the pleasure of ejaculating his spunk deep inside my womb. He was still pulsing and dribbling when he slowly withdrew that magnificent black shaft all coated in our combined juices.

The time came for him to go and I almost felt relieved when he took his leave. As the door closed behind him I tentatively touched my tender pussy; there was no doubt that that I had fully adjusted to the size and it was gorgeous. As I sank back quite exhausted under the bedclothes my retiring thought was I should have done this twenty years ago.

I returned to London the following day and was able to report to my colleagues that my business in Lagos had been very satisfactorily concluded albeit that to them I was only referring to company issues. The conversation I had with myself was quite different for I was inwardly buzzing at the memory of the wonderful evening when I had been royally fucked in the most delightful way by a charming, well-endowed black man. All my dreams had come true and my bites of this delicious cherry had me craving for more of the same. A smile wreathed my face at the thought that Charles would soon be coming to London himself and, even though we had only just met, plans were already set for the few weeks of his stay.

It was a week later when I got the call that confirmed his safe arrival. As arranged by my department he was staying at a hotel not far from the hospital where he would be doing his training. A very convenient arrangement for it was also quite close to my apartment in North London.

His three weeks was spent in the most agreeable and productive fashion with him during the weekdays being totally focussed on his training and the nights and weekends being totally focussed on me. In our free-time we ‘did the sights’; went to the theatre; wined and dined in the finest restaurants but, at the end of every day, we would return to either his hotel or to my flat where we have the most delicious dessert of his gorgeous big fat black cock violating my welcoming pussy. For me lovemaking had been taken to a whole new level and I could not get enough of being attended to in such an agreeable manner. Charles was the perfect companion and the combination of his sophistication; his intelligence; his charm and consideration toward me together with that beautiful fat cock that never seemed to soften was the complete package as far as I was concerned. The thought of going back to the inferior white version just didn’t enter my mind.

However, what did concern me was the reality that Charles would be returning home and I would be denied what I had come to crave. He recognised my dilemma and being the considerate person I had come to adore he proposed a solution that would compensate me for the loss of him filling my vagina with his wonderful penis; he made the naughty suggestion that I might entertain his successors who would be coming to UK for the same course that he had completed. At first I was taken aback by the scandalous idea; for heaven’s sake I might have given Charles the erroneous impression that I was an easy lay but after my blushes faded I realised the proposal was not such a silly idea. After all, I suspected that his colleagues would be of the same mould as himself and surely if I took sensible precautions I would find solace and satisfaction similar to that provided by Charles without having to expose myself unnecessarily.

Charles completed his post-graduate medical degree and I accompanied him to Heathrow to see him catch his flight back to Nigeria. As we parted he confided that his priority when he returned to work was to research the fellows who would soon be coming over for the same course and to advise and confirm their suitability. How exciting.

I had a few weeks of recovery before the next batch of post-graduates arrived in London. Charles had identified to me four of them whom he thought would fit my requirements and as agreed I, not quite surreptitiously, carried out ‘interviews’. My interviewing technique was really quite simple. As part of the arrival process when they checked in through admin at my hospital I would suggest that as part of our welcome they might by way of an introduction to London-life like to accompanying me to lunch at one of the many excellent restaurants in the area. It was not a very subtle ploy, I admit, but it did allow me the perfect opportunity to observe and confirm the ‘target’ had what it takes to be my new boyfriend. So it was that on four consecutive days I had the pleasure of a new black beau who may, or may not, have realised what the endgame was.

I certainly had a lot of fun as I conducted my survey but at the end of the exhausting week it was Adewole who was my choice. He was darker-skinned than Charles but he provided everything I had come to expect; he was funny, very smart, considerate and, best of all, as I discovered on our first date his penis was an equal size, if not bigger, than Charles.

Adewole’s 3 months was busy to say the least for not only did he have his course to complete but he had family connections in UK to attend to and then there was his new passion, me. We quickly settled into a routine of sorts and most evenings, once his studies for the day were complete, we would be found spending time together either in his hotel or, at weekends, staying over in my flat. It worked really well and I loved getting well taken care of by a black cock that not only never seemed to lose its erection but was attached to a toned body that just kept going and going; his stamina and imagination amazed me. We fucked and sucked in every textbook position and then some more and then just as I thought things couldn’t get any better, it did, he had recognised my awakening desire for diversity and suggested an introduction to his 20 year old brother who is attending University here in UK.

I was unsure at first how to proceed given here I was, a mature lady approaching her 50th birthday and was now being encouraged to engage with a boy just out of his teens. But Adewole was insistent that his younger sibling was a nice fellow and would provide the variety he suspected I was looking for, or, as he put it, broaden my scope.

It was the weekend after the suggestion was made that Edem, his brother, came to London to meet up with Adewole and I joined them for a night out. My first impression was that he was cute but I wasn’t sure if I could see myself spending intimate moments with him. However, first impressions are not all they are cracked up to be and as the weekend progressed and I spent more time in their company I came to appreciate Edem that despite his relative youth had the same easy charm and gentleness that I had come to appreciate about these black African men and it was the following weekend that I eventually got together with the brother.

After another night of fun on the town we returned to my apartment and it was clear from all the signals that this was the moment when I would, as Adewole put it, be broadening my horizons. However, I could sense that Edem was a little shy and embarrassed at the prospect of what I hoped would be the outcome and I had a discrete word with Adewole and made it clear that I would not be participating in any group sex or mini gang-bang or such. Adewole had previously hinted that he had hoped he might have been able to join in or, at the least, watch but being the perfect gentleman quite understood my concerns and after a couple of drinks made his excuses and left the two of us alone.

The evening didn’t quite go as I had envisaged. Edem was nervous as a kitten and I had to constantly reassure him that I was so pleased to be alone in his company and that I really wanted to feel him in every way. My soothing talk and, dare I call it, dominant manner had him naked in next to no time and I was delighted to see as I pulled his pants down that he had a cock that although not yet fully erect was almost as big as his brother’s. It took me just a few touches and strokes of this magnificent ebony organ to arouse it into a formidable shaft and I leant down and licked the shiny plum that was straining to escape from his foreskin. I don’t think that he had ever been treated in such a fashion before and his excitement was palpable as I softly grasped the beautiful cock and pulled the restraining sheath down to fully expose his knob. My heart gave a flip as he pushed forward and encouraged me to open my wet mouth growling in a whisper, “suck it; go on, suck it.”

I really didn’t need him to ask for that’s exactly what I had in mind, to take him and give him an introductory blow job. I opened my mouth as wide as possible to encompass this magnificent black sweetmeat and it seemed to take but a few seconds of sucking and stroking before I felt him begin to jerk and shudder and my mouth was flooded with his premature ejaculation. I continued sucking and did my best to swallow his early gift but the young virile boy seemed to have an endless supply and at the risk of gagging I lifted off and as his pulsing cock emerged from my mouth he was still spurting his orgasm over my face. He began to apologise but I looked up at him and smiled my approval and licked my lips before moving to give him a kiss. I then whispered that, ‘it was his turn’, and pulled him down and held his head and guided him to my pussy. He needed no further instruction and he instinctively began to lick and probe with both his tongue and his fingers to give me two delicious orgasms. I squealed and sighed in response and my reaction of him so pleasuring me clearly delighted him and I found that to be so endearing.

I lifted my head from the pillow as he knelt back between my spread legs to see his face covered with both a huge smile and my juices. I smiled back and was pleased to see that his cock was once again fully erect and dribbling pre-cum onto the bedclothes. He needed no directions from me and I held out my arms and pulling him toward me he instinctively slid his stiff black shiny penis straight into my welcoming pussy. I couldn’t help myself and gave a yelp as he thrust his full length inside me and I felt his balls press against my bum but it was a cry of pleasure, not of pain or surprise. I held him around the waist and hugged him and whispered encouragements in his ear. I’m not sure whether anything I was saying made sense but after a few moments of laying still inside me he began to properly fuck and the feeling of his stiff cock filling me so completely as he moved back and forth quickly bought me to yet another orgasm. I squeezed my legs together to increase the friction and that was enough for him to once again to begin spurting and pulsing his hot semen into me as another premature ejaculation overtook him. Oh, the delights of the vigour of youth.

Edem collapsed on top of me his chest heaving as he gasped for breath. Clearly all this intimate bedroom activity was a new experience for him and once he had regained the power of speech he apologised for his shortcomings and said he hoped I wasn’t disappointed in his performance.

Silly boy, I was delighted and charmed and told him so. I told him that we had the whole weekend for him to refine his technique and assured him that the more we fucked then the longer he would last. The next 48 hours were spent putting my theories to the test.

Sunday evening and an exhausted and contented Edem left to go back to his university leaving an equally exhausted and contented me to get my breath back and ready for the week ahead.

It was the following day that Adewole reappeared and I thanked him for his discretion in leaving me alone with his brother. He smiled and said that it was the least he could do for me knowing that I might not be ready to be quite so open with sharing my treasures in company. However, this was said in a jokey manner for he said he had other news that might make me change my mind.

I already knew he had other family and he shared the news that his older brother, a lawyer, will be visiting London shortly from Nigeria. Adewole had previously shared family pictures with me and I had seen both video and some pictures which showed his brother to be a big man in every dimension but in a good way for he is very sporty (apparently he plays amateur American Football). I had already made admiring comments about him so Adewole sensed, correctly, that I might like to make him ‘feel welcome’. I agreed but, again, only on a solo basis.

The older brother was just delicious. He was a size up on Adewole who is 10 inches when erect and I was open-mouthed with trepidation when I saw what he was offering and really thought I would not be able to handle it. It was on the third day of his visits before I could fully accommodate him. I felt very proud of myself.

He was only in London for the week and I felt duty-bound to give him my best so that he would have something good to remember of his visit for I knew that he was having a rough time with whatever business it was that he was here to deal with. However, it would be dishonest of me to say that it was only his interests I had at heart for once I had become accustomed of being impaled by this delicious monster I was constantly wet with the anticipation of his next visit.

I was most disappointed when the time came for him to return home.

After Big Brother had returned to Nigeria it was back to what had become my ‘new normal’ of dating Adewole. He had obviously shared notes with his brother and had no need to ask if I had enjoyed his brother’s company for my smile at the mention of his name spoke volumes.

But nothing stays the same and there was a new development in my life when Adewole invited me to lunch with him. He said that his younger brother Edem was going to be in town with a friend from university and Adewole knowing my newly developed interests suggested it would be a good opportunity to meet yet another candidate to be assessed for entry in my little black book.

We three went out to lunch where I was introduced to the friend who is Ghanaian. My first impression was that he looked cute but for my purposes cuteness isn’t a qualification and it doesn’t follow it will be enough to get him some action.

In the event we had a pleasant enough time over the meal table but I sensed that the ‘friend’ had only come along on the London visit as an opportunity to have a look around of a place that he had only read about. Certainly there was no interest shown in me or sparks struck with the Ghanaian friend so clearly nothing was going to happen with him. We parted as friends on the restaurant steps where Edem made it very clear he would be accompanying me and that the friend could go off and make his own way to go do whatever he wanted elsewhere. ‘How rude,’ I thought but was relieved at the outcome for the friend really was quite dull and I hadn’t relished the thought of spending any more time in his company when the alternative was so much more exciting.

We said our goodbyes and Ghanaian and Adewole went one way (Adewole had to return to work) and Edem and I went the other which took us via a couple of stops on the underground to my flat. Once the front door closed behind us we went straight through to my bedroom and in next to no time were laying naked in my bed and I was reintroduced to that lovely fat black cock which Edem has learnt so well under my guidance to give me delicious satisfaction.

We spent the rest of the rest of the afternoon reminding ourselves of the joys that comes from slipping a thick black cock into an accommodating white pussy. We must have fucked in every position and I lost count of the orgasms this dear boy gave me. For his part it was clear that his favourite position is doggy and he loved to bury himself deep inside me, stay still while he fondled and stroked my clit and nipples. I delighted to feel his hands on me so and as I felt my orgasm approaching I would clamp and squeeze on him the effect of which would then be enough for him to explode his orgasm deep inside me. Different but delicious.

Once again I had to face the reality of my boyfriend leaving me to go home after having completing his course but I was unconcerned for although I had become very fond of Adewole it was never a romantic attachment and I regarded the parting as being part of a cycle that is set to be repeating itself.

Before he left for home he confirmed that there are six Medics from his hospital coming this year to take the post grad course in London. Adewole, like Charles before him, knew the people involved and knowing my preferences has identified three of these as fitting the profile for ‘interview’ and as soon as they have arrived in the UK these will commence shortly. I was very excited at the prospect.

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