Sneaking Out

by Imaginator

Copyright© 2018 by Imaginator

Incest Sex Story: The daughter's sneaking out at night led to more adventures than she could have counted on.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Group Sex   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   .

I sleep in the nude, and I’m the only one in the house who does. I’m married, and we have two daughters in high school. The elder, Amanda, just got her driver’s license and is the chauffeur for her sister and her friends. There are rules of course, and a curfew of ten o’clock, and going out only on weekends.

One night, midweek, I heard a noise at the other end of the house and got up to check it out. I heard a noise coming up the stairs from the basement, where the girls sleep, so I quickly rushed back to the bed. Then Amanda’s footsteps, recognizable by the heels she likes to wear, continued past the front door to our room, where the door was still open. So, I just laid on top of the covers by my still-sleeping wife. There was a lamp with a large shade on the nightstand that blocked the view of the door opening from about half the door height, up. I could see, though, her arm reach in to shut the door. But she hesitated. She must have been looking at me with the aid of the moonlight drifting into the room. I remained motionless, wondering if I would get hard. After what seemed like three or four minutes, she closed the door and left. I waited until I heard the front door gently shut and the key turn in the lock. Then, I relaxed, got under the cover, and went to sleep.

At the breakfast table the next morning, nothing was said, there were no knowing looks, and no blushing. Everything was normal. Everybody went to school or work and returned home in the evening and gathered at the dinner table. Still, there was no hint from Amanda that she had noticed anything. She was late in changing from an impish girl to an attractive woman who was rather small in the chest but had incredible legs and a shapely butt. I dared myself that night to stay awake to see if she would sneak out again. I think she left at about eleven the previous evening.

Everyone went to bed as usual on a school night, including me. I lay there nude, wondering if I would really go through with my plan. As I watched the clock, it approached a quarter of eleven, and I heard the stairs with footstep sounds coming from the basement. So, I had done that part. What next? I had been thinking about those legs and ass, and had a semi-hard going on. As the steps sneaked closer to our room, my staff stood higher. Then, I saw her hand, again, reaching for the door knob. And I saw her hesitate. I was getting even harder, and it throbbed with every heartbeat. She was definitely stalling longer than the night before. I couldn’t help it. My hand went down and grabbed my cock at the base. She didn’t move. I slowly started stoking upward, then downward. She didn’t move. I could feel the precum drooling down my shaft, so I coated the head with it. She didn’t move. I started stroking softly, so as not to awaken her mother. I was taken by how excited I was. I knew it would only be a few strokes this time, if only she stayed there. She did. Without much effort I started blasting. I stiffened my whole body and grabbed my cock as tightly as I could, sperm flying all up my torso. She was still there. I had just come in front of my daughter. Satisfied that I was done, she softly closed the door and left.

The next morning she barely even looked at me, and gave me the slightest peck on the cheek before she left for school. Tonight was Friday night, and the wife and I and our younger daughter usually went out to eat and then to movie or to the downtown area where there were several clubs with outdoor music. Anyway, Amanda’s curfew on the weekend was midnight. So, I waited until Wednesday night to “wait up” for her again. That was a good plan. But this time, instead of hearing heels tap the floor, I heard a shuffling sound. Was she wearing slippers? Was she getting that sneaky? This time, though, she didn’t put her hand on the door knob. I could tell by the shadow on the floor that she was just standing in the doorway. Then, I saw her slippered foot step across the threshold. I was hard again, like before, and like before, I remained motionless for several minutes. Then, I started my slow stroking and squeezing hard on my cock. She stood there. I heard some movement coming from her, but I couldn’t tell what it was. It was the almost imperceptible sound of cloth moving on skin. I was imagining that she was rubbing her tits or pussy. Either way, it got me into a frenzy. I shot wildly again, covering myself. As I slowed down and stopped, Amanda looked over the top of the lampshade and I looked back. Neither of us made an expression of approval nor disapproval. After I took my hand from my cock, she left. And went back downstairs!

What should I do now? Should I follow her? Should I stay? I’m a coward. I stayed. But the next morning, there was that knowing look, the staring me down. Elizabeth grinned at me, too. Had Amanda told her what had happened? Even as she sat across the table from me, Amanda dragged her foot up and down my leg. How much clearer could the message be?

That night we went through the same routine. Only this time, I faked coming, hoping she would not notice that there was no sperm. Then, she waited a long time. I was wondering if she would try to approach my bed. She didn’t. Again, she looked over the lamp at me, and she went back downstairs. I pulled a pair of boxers from where I hid them in the nightstand and made my way stealthily downstairs. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard unintelligible whispers coming from Elizabeth’s room. Elizabeth is two years younger than Amanda. I made sure my shadow would not give me away and then tip toed to Elizabeth’s doorway. Amanda was saying that yes, she had seen it again, and told Elizabeth how long it appeared to be, my cock that is. Elizabeth asked what was Amanda doing the whole time and she said that she had been touching herself. Dam! My cock twitched. Elizabeth said, “Show me what you were doing.” I decided to peek now. Amanda had on a long tee shirt and pulled it up to her chin, revealing that the tee shirt was ALL she had on. Although her tits were small, she had a narrow waist and curvy hips. She had a nice dark bush, but not too heavy, and either it just didn’t grow out very far, or she trimmed it. Amanda was standing, facing the door and Elizabeth was sitting on the edge of her bed with her back to the door.

Amanda started rubbing her clitoris, or in the area of it, and Elizabeth asked how long she did that, and Amanda said, “Not long enough, but I can fix that now.” So she started masturbating there in front of her sister. Apparently, this was not their first rodeo. Had she told Elizabeth about the other times, too? Had Elizabeth sneaked up for a peek? Elizabeth asked if she moved her hand at the same speed I jacked off, and she said, yes.

By now, I didn’t care if Amanda saw me. I felt certain that she would not freak out if I saw her. About that time, she looked me in the eyes, not giving me away. She turned slightly and it gave me a better view, so that I could see the outcropping of pubes. Wet pubes. I kept my dick out of view, in case Elizabeth turned around, but I made no secret of stroking myself as Amanda stole glances my way. I was able to take my time, now that I had just come. Amanda, though, was getting into it and still whispering to her sister. Elizabeth asked if she came the same time I did, and she nodded. Elizabeth then said, “I wish I could see him do it.” Amanda ignored her, but I stepped into the doorway, giving full view to what I was doing. Amanda was looking more and more at me. Then, Elizabeth said again, that she wanted to see me do it, too. Then Amanda nodded toward me and said, “Look”. She did, and there I was in all my glory, my two girls watching me jack off. Amanda started cumming and it seemed powerful, as her body spasmed, and she buried her fingers in her pussy. I didn’t shoot, but kept on stroking, and they both approached me, their eyes fixed on my cock. Amanda still had her tee shirt tucked up under her chin, while Elizabeth was still fully covered in hers. Amanda finally slipped her tee off, so Elizabeth did, too, revealing slightly larger tits, with amazing areolae and huge nipples, just like her mother. Elizabeth is a true blond, so if she had any pubes, they were hard to see in the dim light. I’m sure she did, though, because of her age. Now, they were both rubbing themselves. But I stopped, and took my hand off my dick, and just let it hang out there. Elizabeth looked up at me as she reached her hand out wrapped it around my cock. It was heavenly. Then, Amanda put hand around it, too, there being just enough room for their small hands. I don’t know when I ever felt so good. Amanda got rid of her tee shirt and then got rid of my boxers, and grabbed my dick again.

I placed a hand on each of their mounds, and sure enough, Elizabeth had pubes. Amanda was still wet, and Elizabeth was moist. I felt around on their swollen lips and massaged around them, feeling the moisture and heat. My middle fingers went to their clits, which were both easy to find and very hard, just like their mother’s. They both gasped as I stroked their clits and they grabbed more tightly on my cock. I was getting close. They moved closer so I could get a better angle on their pussies and they each put an arm around my back. They were tilting their hips forward to give better access, so my fingers entered their wet domains. As I slowly penetrated them, they closed their eyes and softly moaned, pushing into my hands. One let go of my cock and fondled my balls, while the other began a good job of jacking me off. I looked down, and it was, to my surprise, Elizabeth jacking me.

We worked together on the masturbation, all three of us increasing speed and intensity with each other. Then, we all exploded at the same time. Elizabeth aimed my cock at Amanda’s pussy, and it was coated, as was the hardwood floor. We held on to each other as we slowly descended from coming, panting heavily, and saying nothing. Finally, I said, “That was the hottest thing ever.”, and they both agreed. Amanda asked, “Even better than with mom?” I had to say, “Well, almost.” I rubbed my sperm around in Amanda’s pubes and up above while Elizabeth took the cum from my dick and her hand and rubbed it around on herself. I knew that I did not have to say anything about keeping quiet about this. I picked up my boxers and cleaned the floor, and Elizabeth asked, “Can we do it again?” Amanda repeated it, and I said that we would see.

Thankfully, their mother is a sound sleeper, so there was no trouble with me getting back in bed. The next morning, just as I had thought, neither let on a thing, not even as much as the previous morning. Thursday night was silent, and I wondered what was going on. Amanda didn’t even sneak out of the house.

Friday afternoon my wife got a call from her sister. She had been in an accident and was to have emergency surgery the next morning. It was not life threatening, but timing was important. She called me to tell me, so I called up the airline and used my frequent flyer miles to book her trip in the early evening. The girls and I drove her to the airport, kissed her goodbye, and wished her sister well. Of course the obligatory, “Call when you get there.”

We drove back home with just general chit chat. Amanda said she had a date that night, but cancelled it because of her aunt’s situation, thinking we would all go to visit. So, instead of going directly home, we went to one of those fondue restaurants for dinner. The girls had never been and really enjoyed the beer/cheese appetizer dip. We got home around nine, and we all went to our rooms. I took off my clothes, showered, and lay in bed to watch TV. Shortly, Evelyn, my wife, called to say that the trip was uneventful and her brother in law took her by the hospital for a short visit, and then on to her sister’s house to set up for the night.

The girls had heard phone ring because we still had a land line at the time, so they came to my room to get the scoop on mom and their aunt. Since our adventure the night before, I decided to remain nude, and they looked but said nothing of it as we talked. After they were satisfied with the news, they plopped on the bed, sitting cross-legged, making it clear that they had no panties on under their tee shirts. Amanda took the TV controls and flipped to a soft-core porn channel, but I didn’t object. Apparently, she knew her way around the channel’s menu pretty well, because she went right to a movie that I had also seen that involved several FFM threesomes. I liked where this was going.

I asked if they watched many of these movies and both said usually at least one a night. So, I asked if they looked at real porn on the internet, and they both said yes, again. We watched for a bit and when the first nude scene came up, both girls took off their tee shirts. There I was again, in heaven.

I asked what kind of porn they liked to watch and Amanda said she wanted to see movies of kids her age, but they were hard to find. I told her to be careful about that, because the FBI keeps tabs on downloads, and trace the computers. Amanda said that her friend had gotten some software that could erase those files so that they couldn’t be found again. Elizabeth asked what kind of porn I liked to watch, and I said just about any kind, but mainly boy-girl sex. She said that I could come watch some with them sometime, to which I agreed.

We got quiet as the scene changed to the first fake sex of the movie. My cock started rising and the girls glanced at it repeatedly during the sex on TV. As it reached full mast their glances turned into stares. I had to ask if they had seen real cocks before and they both said no. I was surprised, because I thought that was what Amanda was doing while she was sneaking out. Maybe she was lying, and that was OK.

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