My Mother and I and Sexual Experience

by Rebo

Copyright© 2018 by Rebo

Incest Sex Story: My mother seduced me and taught me how to make love with a woman and just what a woman needs and ants from a man.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Mother   Son   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

A story concerning my mother. I first saw her when I was young but then she came into my room one night I was about 18 yrs old. She sat on my bed to say good night I guess, this was something that she normally didn’t do, but this night she just did. I was under the covers had already learned that I could masturbate and get a good feeling in my cock fantasizing about fucking someone and that included my mother who I had seen naked. I had seen other pussies on the neighborhood girls but they didn’t have hair like this hers was so bushy and full it was different than any other I has seen.

So she sits on the bed in her nightgown one leg on the floor and the other on the bed, her legs were sort of crossed. She knew that I was looking and she manipulated her legs and nightgown so I could see right up her legs. There is was that black bushy pussy in all its glory and it was glorious. She kept moving and I could see better. She didn’t say much that night but when she leaned over to kiss me I could also see her tits and the nipples were hard. She kissed me on the forehead hugged me and said “sweet dreams now” I will never forget those words that night. Needless to say I did have sweet dreams that night as I fantasized about her pussy and me touching it that’s all just touching it. Well maybe putting my cock in her yes of course, what boy would not at that age.

Her nightly visits became more and more frequent after that night and I would lay there and get an instant hardon and she could see, I knew she was looking at my cock as I was looking at her pussy. Her nightgowns kept getting shorter and shorter, at first I thought it was my imagination until one night she came in wearing what was then called a baby-doll nightgown, it was not like the ones today it still went down but only to her ass cheeks and it was not sheer like today’s are. She sat on the bed and this time she asked if I liked that she came to visit me before I went to sleep and if it made me feel good. I looked at her and said yes I loved it. She reached over and pulled the covers off me without saying a word and there I was with a raging hardon under my tighty whites, could not hide it.

She looked and asked if that happened all the time and I said, yes then she asked what I did about it. I looked at her and with a stupid grin said do with what. She took her hand and put it on my cock and said “this”, I didn’t know what to say or do.

She told me that what was about to happen was never to leave the bedroom or there could be BIG trouble, she pulled my underwear down and played with me, yes she did right there. She was moving the skin on my cock up and down giving me a hand job and I was getting hot and harder. I could feel the insides of my cock getting ready to explode and just before I did she stopped. She must have known it was ready to cum.

My father was asleep downstairs in their bedroom so he had no ideas what was going on upstairs, he went to bed every night by 8 pm he had to get up for work at 3am. That left her me and my sister who was also asleep in the other bedroom the only ones awake.

My mother continued to come to my room every night after that, I would get hard and she would play with me masturbating my cock moving the skin up and down so slowly it always felt so fucking good. I was not allowed to touch her those were her rules all I could do was look. She would pull up her nightgown and I would get a real good look at her body her breasts and pussy, that hairy pussy. It intrigued me so much and I would fantasize after she left at night. Then one night as she was playing with me she put her hand between her legs and played with her pussy as she did that she moved her hand up and down faster on me all of a sudden her body made some funny moves back and forth and she pushed her finger into her pussy and almost pulled my cock off my body. I said what happened and she told me she had an orgasm something she wanted to do for along time while playing with me and tonight was the night and she did it, she didn’t care what happened, she wanted it so bad. I could smell her, she smelled different and she told me that was her cum. She took her finger and made me smell it, oh it smelled so good, then she asked if I wanted to touch her. Well I did and she was wet all over in and out. She got up told me that I was never never to tell anyone about that night and left. If anyone ever finds out what is going on between us I will be in big trouble meaning her. I would never ever tell anyone believe me Mom.

She didn’t come back to my bedroom for about a week and I knew why and what happened, she had gotten her period. I kept playing an playing with myself enjoying it more and more. Finally, one night there she was again sitting on my bed, I asked what happened and she told me about her getting her period and then I understood why she was missing. I had figured right.

Well things got better a lot better apparently and this I know now she got hornier and hornier playing with me, she would then lay next to me and undress me so I was naked, she would pull up her nightgown never taking it all the way off and rub her body up against mine, that was an amazing feeling. I would rub up against her, my cock would touch her pussy hair and it tickled my cock I guess it made her feel good too because she would push hard up against me. I could feel her getting wet then she would play with her and me. She did this for a while almost six months went by and it never got any further that her touching and playing she would not do anything else for a long time.

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