English 101

by hiddenrainbow

Copyright© 2018 by hiddenrainbow

Erotica Sex Story: A story about a college student who gets caught doing something bad, and ends up doing something worse.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Rough   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   First   Teacher/Student   .

“Kate! Kate!”

“What?” I replied, half listening to my friend and half paying attention to what professor Borowczyk was saying about Beowulf.

“What did you get in the midterm?” asked Isabel.

“Shh, ask me later,” I said, looking ferociously straight ahead.

Isabel leaned over my arms to look at the paper in front of me. “Fifty-five!” she exclaimed. A girl sitting in front of us turned around and frowned meaningfully at us. Isabel raised her hands apologetically, then shuffled closer to me and whispered. “Fifty-five is terrible! How did that happen?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, feeling myself starting to tear up. “I thought I was doing so well in this class!”

“Well maybe you missed something? I don’t know,” said Isabel.

At the front of the class, the professor cleared his throat. “If those towards the back could please keep the trivial conversation to a minimum, that would be much appreciated,” he said gruffly. I blushed bright red and pressed my lips together tightly, and sat like that for the rest of class.

After class finished, Isabel and I walked towards the lounge to eat our lunches. “So what you going to do about your midterm?” she asked me.

“I don’t knowwww,” I wailed. ‘Maybe I can ask to do a retake?”

“Pretty sure they won’t let you. You can check with Kamal-over-me or Benjamin-my-mouth?”

I smiled at her. Isabel and I along with some of our other girl friends had come up with dirty nicknames for the class TAs, because both of them were pretty hot. Benjamin’s nickname seemed to change pretty often though, I was almost sure that the previous week it had been Benjamin-my-ass. It was a bit sad for Eric, the third TA, because he didn’t have a dirty nickname yet. Isabel and my other friend Tina had a habit of saying their nicknames when they were close by, because they know it would make me blush.

“I will check with them. I don’t want to fail a class, it’s so embarassasing!”

“Aw Katie - fifty-five isn’t a fail, it’s ok,” said Isabel soothingly.

“It is a fail! Anything below 60 is a fail,” I hissed.

“Oh. Ok then, yeah maybe go see the TAs,” she replied.

It was a Wednesday, which meant that Benjamin was the TA who had his office hours during lunch. I walked over to the English building, which was a squat concrete block on the edge of campus. The TA office was a small one tucked away in the corner of the building. There was nobody waiting outside so I knocked on the door. I didn’t hear any answer, so I knocked again. I frowned, because if Benjamin wasn’t in his office I’d have to wait until Friday when Kamal had his office hours. There was still no answer. I tapped my foot while I thought. Perhaps he was listening to music. I wasn’t exactly pounding on the door. I checked the handle to see if it was locked, and it wasn’t. I stepped inside.

Benjamin wasn’t there. What I should have done right then is gone back out of the office, left a note on the door and gone away. But I didn’t for two reasons. Firstly, I could see the wrapper from a sandwich on the desk, which meant that he had been here today. And secondly, next to the sandwich was a paper with lots of notes on it. I don’t know why, but I walked around his desk and looked at the paper.

Let me stop for a moment and explain our midterm. It was part multiple choice, part short answer, with one essay question at the end. I’d actually done ok on the essay question, I got a B. But I bombed the rest of the questions, maybe because I hadn’t remembered as much about Beowulf and Grendel and that stuff as I thought I had. What was on Benjamin’s desk was the answer key to the first part of the midterm. A student’s paper was next to it. I immediately wondered if that student had maybe done a retake, or had asked for their paper to be rechecked. I was excited. I looked at the answer key.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t have even gone into the office. And once I was in there, I shouldn’t have looked at the papers. And once I looked at the papers, I definitely shouldn’t have picked up the answer key. But I did all those things. And as I was standing behind Benjamin’s desk, holding the answer key, the door opened.

“Oh. Are you waiting for...” Benjamin trailed off as he realized what I was holding. “Is that the answer key for the midterm?”

“Y-y-yes, but it’s not what you think!” I stammered. “You weren’t in your office and then I came in and I was just taking a look and I need to get a retake or something and I don’t know why I looked at the answers because now I can’t take it anyway and I’m sooooorry,” all the words came out in a rush as I felt myself begin to cry.

Benjamin closed the door, came over to me and took the answer key out of my hand. “It’s ... it’s ok. Just sit down for a moment,” he said. I sat down on the edge of his desk, tears beginning to roll down my red face. I must have looked a total mess. “What’s your name?” he asked me kindly.

“K-k-Kate,” I managed to burble through my sobs.

“Ok Kate. And I’m guessing you didn’t do as well as you wanted on the midterm?” I just nodded. “Ok. Well normally we might let you retake the essay portion only, would that help?”

“N-n-noooo,” I wailed. “I did f-f-fine on that part. It was th-the rest where I f-failed!”

“Aw it’s ok, I’m sure you didn’t fail,” he said. He sat down at his desk and opened a laptop. He was obviously looking up my grade. After a minute he said, “Kate Walker?”

I got off the edge of the desk and came round to his side, managing a small “yes”.

“Ah ... actually I suppose you did fail the short form portion of the midterm, technically.” I started to wail again. He closed the laptop and stood up. “I’m sorry Kate,” he said. I realized that with the small office and the small desk, he was standing very close to me. My face felt like it was going an even deeper red, but this time because of the situation. Here I was, caught doing something wrong, maybe even cheating, with tears all over my face and this guy who ... was really quite attractive. Benjamin had dark straight hair and an oval shaped face with large, kind looking eyes. He had a scruffy sort of half-beard, and while he didn’t look overly muscular I could tell that he was fit by the way his collared shirt hung on his frame.

I couldn’t believe it. I was starting to get turned on. I squeezed my thighs together, hoping that the little pressure on my pussy would douse the fires a little. Unfortunately it didn’t work. I bit my lip. “ ... another option for the midterm, ok?” Benjamin finished. I hadn’t heard anything he’d said.

“I’m s-sorry, I don’t understand,” I said.

“Are you alright Kate? You look very flushed. Maybe you should sit down for a couple of minutes and I can explain what your options are,” he said.

Benjamin was standing between me and the chair behind his desk. Now that I think about it, he probably wanted me to sit in one of the other chairs in the office, the ones where the students would usually sit. But I was closest to the desk chair, so I moved past him and took that one. As I did so, I felt his pants brush across the front of my thighs. He was unmistakably hard. I gasped very slightly, although I’m not sure he noticed. However, once I sat down in the chair I was clearly able to see the outline of his hard cock in his jeans. Was ... was Benjamin turned on by me? Or was he turned on by having a crying teenager at his mercy in his office? Perhaps it was both, but something was turning him on, and that thought immediately had me wet. I desperately wanted to reach down under my skirt and ease the heat inside me. I hadn’t had any type of physical contact in several months, and this whole situation had me on the brink of losing control.

And then it happened. It had only been a moment since I sat down. Benjamin turned towards me. His cock was right in front of me. “I really meant for you to ... oh,” he said. I looked down. I must have unconsciously opened my legs when I sat down, or perhaps in that moment after while I was thinking about my arousal. My skirt had ridden up my thighs and a lot of skin was visible. And I suddenly thought ... he’s turned on by me. This guy is turned on by me, despite my red face and ... shit I’m probably covered in running eye makeup and tears. I couldn’t have stopped myself for a million dollars. I reached out and placed my hand over his cock.

Benjamin gasped. “ ... Kate,” he started to say. I looked up at him. My eyes were probably still full of tears, but whatever he saw made him pause. And a pause was all I needed. I began to stroke him gently up and down through his pants. His cock grew even harder, and I could see that what I’d felt before was not his full hard length. By this time my pussy was beginning to throb. I squeezed my thighs together again as I rubbed him. Then almost on autopilot, I reached up higher and unsnapped his jeans, pulling them down his thighs. As soon as I did so, his cock dropped down in front of me like a falling tree. Even through his dark blue boxers it looked amazing. My left hand lifted my skirt up. Underneath I was wearing a pair of slightly lacy pink panties. For a brief second I felt glad I’d worn something at least fairly sexy today. Then my left hand was in my panties and my right was stroking him through his boxers.

He leaned back a little, starting to breath harder. My fingers were tracing up and down my lips, spreading my wetness all over. I wasn’t sure if I could really finger myself in this position, but that wasn’t what I wanted right now anyway. I managed to drag my hand out of my panties, and with both hands I pulled down his boxers. The cock that was unveiled made me spasm right then and there. It was straight and thick, with an even bigger head like a medieval battle helmet. Unlike some cocks I’d seen it was perfectly smooth, and his hair had been trimmed back all the way. It was absolutely gorgeous. I had to suck it.

“Oh god, please,” he said. Had I asked to suck it out loud? I didn’t know, and it didn’t matter. I leaned towards him and took the glorious thing in my mouth. I haven’t given a lot of blowjobs, but this one was all about passion. I immediately went as far down on his shaft as I could, which was probably about half way, and came back up. I pretty much fucked my mouth with his cock, moving up and down quickly as my left hand drifted back inside my panties. Sometimes when I got right back to the head, I’d suck harder, creating pressure with my mouth, which trigged a moan from Benjamin every time. After only a couple of minutes of this, I think both of us were about ready to explode.

“Wait ... I want to,” he said. I didn’t stop sucking. I don’t think I could have if he’d begged me. But he didn’t ask again. He pushed my head back off his wonderful dick, and then pulled me into a standing position. I probably looked a little dishevelled, and my skirt was certainly a mess. I went to rearrange myself, but he didn’t give me the chance. He grabbed my shoulder and spun me around so I was facing the desk, then pushed me over it. I gasped as my chest hit the wood surface. I can still remember there was a pen holder almost right in front of my face. If he’d pushed me harder or to the side a little, I might have ended up with a face full of pens!

I knew what was coming, but I gasped again as he lifted my skirt up, dropping it over my back, and pulled down my soaked panties all the way to my sneakers. My shaved pussy was totally exposed, but he didn’t give me any time to feel as mortified as I wanted at this. I felt him move up behind me, and then his thickness spread open my hairless lips and his cock was inside me. All the breath was forced out of me in one go. I felt like I was dying, but from pleasure instead of pain. It seemed like he was inside my stomach, and every part of me was twitching and clenching around him. I might have cum from just that single thrust, but then he put his hands on my pale exposed bottom and spread my cheeks open. With everything else added together, the feeling of having my virgin butthole exposed to this man who, until a few seconds ago had been my teacher and my peer, was too much. My pussy spasmed and my thighs quivered as I came. I was panting and whimpering, thrusting my hips forward and down, desperately trying to rub my clit against something for additional stimulation.

I don’t know if Benjamin had been momentarily stunned by my rapid orgasm, but if so he recovered quickly. While I was still cumming, he pulled out of me and pushed his length back inside, still with my cheeks spread open. I moaned and whimpered again. My legs felt like they were totally useless, I was supported only by the desk. Benjamin spoke for the first time in what seemed like hours “you like that, don’t you?”

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