My Lovely Fat Sister

by John Demille

Copyright© 2018 by John Demille

Incest Sex Story: Needy sister starts hugging him. Things progress.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Tit-Fucking   BBW   Big Breasts   .

Incest! I didn’t know the word before the events told in this story. Even if I knew what the word meant, I never thought I would be involved in something like that. One never really expects something like this to happen.

I was fifteen, thankfully not a virgin anymore. Julia from down the street took care of that few months back. But, she’s moved on to other guys after making sure I knew the basics of pleasuring a girl. Julia was always looking for something new. I wasn’t new anymore and became disposable I guess.

My sister Jessy and I were never really close, just regular siblings I guess. She was a year and half older than me. She had her own things going on while I had mine. I never really paid much attention to her or her social life; she was just there.

I need to point out that Jessy has always been a big girl. 180 lbs on 5’2” makes for a very big girl. She always struggled with her weight and was chronically dieting and unhappy about her self image. She didn’t seem to be able to keep any female friends for the last few years. She didn’t have an ugly body. No apple-shape here; she was all pear. Big ass and really big boobs contrasted nicely with her relatively pinched waist. Plain face, but as her brother I was used to her appearance, so I can’t really tell you whether she was cute or not.

One day, out of the blue, walking into the house on my way back from school, I found myself in a tight hug with Jessy. It was a tight, full body contact type of hug. She had my arms pinned to my sides and her head on my shoulder in no time.

I was surprised to say the least. I could easily feel her bountiful, bra-free tits crushed against my chest and her big thighs pressing against mine.

It took me a bit to gather my thoughts, and before I could say anything, Jessy released me and turned without saying a word and walked away to her room leaving me with the smell of her lavender soap in my nose.

I was puzzled. What brought that on? I didn’t know what to say to Jessy about the subject so I chose to ignore it that day.

It happened again the next day. Again, walking through the door, I found myself wrapped in arms again! Ok, twice is the start of a pattern. This time I chose not to say anything although I wasn’t as surprised as the day before.

Again, she let go of me and walked away, although not before emitting a deep sigh.

The third day I was ready. I had my arms more spaced so I didn’t get pinned like before. I wrapped my arms around her substantial girth and held her in place.

“So, wanna tell me what I did to deserve such affection all of a sudden?”

She tried to let go and walk away, but I didn’t let her.

“Not so fast. What’s going on Jess?”

She looked up at me with a weird—to me— look in her eyes.

“Nothing, I just needed a good hug and who’s better at it than you, my little brother?”

“Little brother?”

“You’re right, younger brother, you’re not so little anymore, are you?”

“Yeah, well I am six feet. Still, it’s a little surprising.”

“You don’t like it? You don’t like to hug me anymore?”

I could detect sadness in her voice. I’m no dick, and I don’t like to see my sister sad.

“No, that’s not it. Just surprised that’s all.”

“OK, good.”

Then she pulled herself free and walked away again.

One thing to note, I don’t know if you dear reader ever had somebody fat in your life, but I guess because of her size, Jess changes her clothes to a big t-shirt and soft baggy pants as soon as she gets home. I’ve caught her quite often scratching under her boobs or rubbing her waistline while coming out of her room after changing. I guess her giant bra’s underwire puts too much pressure there or something. Anyway, this is just to say that while hugging me, all I feel is soft flesh under soft cotton cloth. It’s a very pleasant feeling.

For a while after that, the hugs kept coming.

One day, I don’t know who I was thinking about when I was walking back home, but for some reason I had a boner. Back then, I didn’t need a reason to have a boner. I had them regularly, at least once an hour or so.

So that day, I felt Jess stiffen a bit after coming in contact with my hard on but then resumed the full body hug with seemingly more enthusiasm.

For a few seconds, I was mortified that my older sister could feel my boner pressing onto her soft lower belly. But, since she didn’t pull away, I thought to pull a slight prank or something, so I just flexed my ass muscles and arched my back a bit pushing my boner into her flesh thru our clothes.

She didn’t seem phased. She didn’t pull back a millimetre.

It felt very good. While I wasn’t a virgin, my sex life at fifteen was anything but busy.

Since she didn’t pull away, I figured she doesn’t mind it. I pulled back a bit, then pushed again a bit harder, with my hard on getting even harder than before.

This time there was a reaction, I think, Jessy’s hands dropped a bit lower on my back.

I pulled back and pushed again with the same results— no negative reaction.

I didn’t know what to do after that. Do I keep humping my sister’s belly? To what end?

I decided to stop for fear of coming off as a pervert.

Jessy kept the hug going for another thirty-seconds, then disengaged with a sigh and walked away.

During all these days, we never really talked about why she’s doing this or why needs so many hugs or what has changed. Yes, I was completely clueless about these things. Although, Jessy seemed a little more cheerful after we started doing that.

The next day I wanted to test something. See the previous day, like most days, I was wearing my jeans which were a bit bigger than my body and definitely made of a rather stiff denim. So that day I decided to wear my workout clothes on the way back home and I left my underwear off.

As I approached the house, I started thinking about what’s coming and I got harder than I ever remember being.

Just like old faithful, Jessy was there with her close hug as I walked in. I don’t really know if she noticed the hard to miss tent in my pants before making contact.

Since I had been wearing no underwear and the pants were looser, my hard on wasn’t parallel to my belly. It was more on a steep angle, so sticking out more than the day before.

I didn’t give Jessy a chance to put her arms around my torso this time. I beat her to it and put my arms under hers, forcing her arms around my neck. My hands ended up on her lower back.

Again, she didn’t show any sign of feeling my obscene erection on her front.

I, on the other hand, could easily feel my knob pressing into her and as I flexed my hips, my cock slid up and then down against her. I’m uncut and a movement like that pulls the skin back and creates delicious feelings.

Before I humped her again, I slid my right hand under her shirt and onto her bare back. This time I got a reaction from her. A sharp intake of air and a slight moan told me she’s not averse to this.

Encouraged, I slid my left hand under her shirt and proceeded to rub her back in a clumsy attempt at a back rub.

She moaned softly, and I felt her head press harder into my neck.

I couldn’t help it, my hips seemed to have a will of their own and I started a slight humping motion against her belly. She didn’t complain, and her moans grew more pronounced.

It was crazy.

Here I was, a fifteen-year old with my older sister’s hands around my neck and I was dry humping her in the house’s foyer. Small tiny humps, but humps nonetheless.

I got carried away a little, and soon my hands were starting to slide under her pants’ elastic onto the top of her big round ass unhindered and uncontested.

I didn’t want to push things too far too fast, or maybe I chickened out a little, but I restricted my hands to just under her waistband.

Meanwhile, she was just standing there pushing her front harder against my front.

I didn’t want to make a fool of myself, so when the pleasure became too much to bear, and I was certain that I would soon have an orgasm; I stopped my motions. Shortly after we disengaged and Jessy walked away.

I went to my room, and soon my semen was flowing into the my bathroom’s toilet bowl.

I decided that from now on, thin sweatpants would be my uniform for arriving home.

I don’t know who was really guiding/controlling our hugging sessions, her or me, but they always progressed forward to more. Each day it was either a longer hug or more intense hug or a hug with something new. But, the one sure thing was that it was more than the day before.

We never discussed what was going on or why. I just went with it.

Sure enough, the next day, our hug went even further.

As we were about to hug, I spread my legs further than I would normally do, this brought my cock lower. So instead of my hard on pushing against her lower belly, it landed on her soft pubic mound. It seemed that Jessy liked that and pressed herself against me harder than ever.

Her press against me flattened my cock against my body, and she pushed hard enough for me to feel her against my balls too.

It all felt deliciously naughty.

Without hesitation, I pushed my hands under her t-shirt and soon slid them under her waistband onto the upper part of her ass. No underwear to be found.

I pressed my hips forward sliding my cock up and then down between us. Because of my lower position this time, Jessy’s face was almost level with mine. I could feel her breath against my ear and could clearly tell that she’s taking very short breaths. Even to my adolescent and not very experienced mind, it was clear that she was turned on.

Having a turned-on girl in your arms is fantastic. It’s usually the prelude to a hot and heavy sex session. But, I was on uncharted waters here. This wasn’t just any horny girl. This was my older sister with all the consequences looming overhead and had me thinking about what I can and can’t get away with.

Would it be OK to do sexual stuff with my own sister? Would this jeopardize our relationship or our house?

Despite my rational mind keeping things in check, I couldn’t help push things further. The pleasure that I was feeling from holding this soft, willing female body against me was overwhelming. The naughtiness of the situation was overwhelming. The possibilities were endless. Having a willing female under the same roof was enticing. My cock said the hell with reason and proceeded to push me to do more to please it.

My sister’s short breath kind of compelled me to take things farther faster.

As if with a mind of their own, my hand traveled further down onto the generous globes of my sister’s ass where they kneaded the pliant, firm flesh. The results of the manipulation was reciprocal humps from my sister’s hips against my raging hard on. The more I manipulated the flesh of her ass, the more responsive Jessy’s hips became.

I tried not to focus on my front for fear of losing control and ejaculating inside my own pants. My mind focused mostly on the sensations in my hands and what’s going on back there.

The tips of my fingers traveled slowly towards Jessy’s ass crack. Once they reached that destination they furrowed a bit deeper and I found myself massaging her ass cheeks and spreading her ass wider. Soon enough my hands were close to the juncture of her ass and thighs and deep enough for me to feel the intense heat of her asshole.

My mind kicked in for a bit. I wondered how far I should take things here in the foyer. I even wondered why we’re still doing this in the foyer. It’s obvious that both of us are willing to take things farther physically between us. We were clearly heading on the path to intercourse. Shouldn’t we move on from the house entrance to somewhere more secluded and less likely to get us caught by an unexpected visitor or even worse, an unexpected parent?

Usually, on school days, Jessy got home a half hour to an hour before me as I stayed for working out at the school’s gym. Our parents got home from their tiring jobs about two hours later. But who knows, what if they got home earlier.

Since this wasn’t leading to anywhere real, I chose to stop the action before my fingers touch a point of no return so to speak.

So gradually, I started moving my hands away from her sensitive and dangerous spots to a more safe place like her lower back. I also stopped my humping motions and soon enough, our breath evened out and a somewhat disappointed Jessy let go and left to her room.

I had never come so quickly after getting to my room that day.

The next day I decided to skip workout and headed home at an earlier time. I reached home and there was no Jessy in the foyer. I sneaked towards the bedrooms and sure enough I could hear music coming from Jessy’s room. Her door was open. I guess she’s used to being alone at home at this time of day that she didn’t think she needed any privacy. I walked towards her room without a sound. Padded luxurious carpeting muffling my steps.

Peeking around the door jamb, I found Jessy primping. She was standing in front of her mirror completely naked brushing her long black hair.

I admired her body, for this was the first time that I saw it in its full glory.

Yes, she was fat, but far from ugly.

Her skin was almost flawless and alabaster white. She was full everywhere, but there seemed to be an excess amount of fat in her tits and her ass. Her tummy wasn’t big, wasn’t flat by any means, gently rounded is how I would describe it.

I liked what I saw.

Afraid of being caught peeping and what it could mean to out progress, I backtracked and left the house and came back at my usual time and was met at the door by Jessy’s warm, tight hug.

That day Jessy was wearing something different. Pyjamas I guess. Whatever she was wearing, it was very thin and very supple. It almost felt as though my hands were touching her flesh. I could feel every detail on her skin.

Again I went with the spread legs stance. Even wider than the day before. I was so low that the tip of my dick landed right at the juncture of her legs and pussy. When she gasped and pushed herself tighter against me, my cock felt as though it was pushing into a hole.

Almost instantly, both of us humped our crotches against each other seeking more pleasure.

I was turned on beyond rationale. I don’t think I had an ounce of control left in my body. Sister or no sister, this girl in front of me wanted me and I wanted her.

My hands shot into her pants and onto her ass in no time. Grabbing and kneading her cheeks as much as possible and pulling her harder against my hard cock.

She humped back. She was pushing her pussy so hard onto my cock that I could feel her pussy lips separating and her intense heat surrounding my cock’s head.

No more than moments later, I pulled my right hand from her ass towards her front. I wanted to touch her pussy. But as soon as my fingers felt the soft, slick and shaved skin at the bottom of her belly, it was pulled away.

Jessy let go of my neck and dropped quickly to her knees in front of me before I realized what was going on.

She pulled my pants down quickly freeing my cock which sprang up.

Before I realized what she was doing, Jessy had her lips wrapped around my cock head and started sucking.

The sudden warmth around my cock compelled my hips to flex, pushing my cock deeper into the wet cavity that it found itself in. Good thing Jessy had her hand wrapped tightly around my base, otherwise my sudden reaction would have pushed my cock past her mouth and all the way into her throat.

I stood there rooted to my place marvelling at this turn of events. To say the least, I never expected to receive a blow job from Jessy, ever.

As great as it felt, soon enough Jessy’s inexperience at oral sex started showing, painfully.

“Ouch! Watch your teeth!”

She pulled my cock out and started examining it.

“I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to hurt you.”

She started crying.

“I’m sorry. I guess I’m totally useless. I can’t even do this properly.”

She covered her face with her hands, sat on her haunches and started weeping.

This was going so well before, I didn’t want her to stop.

“I guess you haven’t done this before.”

“No, not really.”

“Well, it does take practice to perfect.”

“But I already hurt you.”

“It’s not that bad, I still want you to do this If you want it.”

“Of course I do.”

“Alright then, lets go somewhere more appropriate and you get to practice all you want.”

I extended my hand to her and helped her up. I led her by hand to my room.

“Come, lets get comfortable and do this right.”


I pulled my clothes off and laid back in the middle of my bed.

“Oh, you’re naked!”

“Come here with me on the bed.”

She approached hesitantly with her eyes glued to my pulsing cock, paused at the edge of the bed and then climbed up.

I spread my legs wide.

“Kneel between my legs, that’s the best place for this.”


“Why don’t you take your clothes off too?”

“No way, I’d rather stay like this.”

“OK, if you wish.”

Jessy just stayed between my knees and stared at my cock.

“Come on. I thought you wanted to practice sucking cock.”

“You don’t have to be so vulgar you know.”

“Hey, I call it what it is. Sucking cock is sucking cock. Licking pussy is licking pussy. Fucking is fucking. What else am I going to call them?”

“You’re right, but still that makes me uncomfortable.”

“If you don’t want to do this, we can quit.”

I was gambling. I didn’t want her to ever quit, but I wasn’t going to do this on her terms. She started this and to continue it has to be on my terms.


“No what?”

“I don’t want to quit.”

“Alright then, you want to suck my cock?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes I want ... to ... suck your cock.”

“Good. You can start whenever you feel like it.”


But she didn’t move to start.

Guessing that she needed some guidance I reached forward and put my hand on her neck, gently pulling her down towards my cock.

“Open your mouth.”

She opened her mouth and I pulled her down until I felt my cock touch the back of her mouth. She gagged.

I let go of her head and she pulled back, releasing my cock.

“Ok, let’s start again. But this time cover your teeth with your lips or something. Teeth on cock are very painful and no way to perform a blow job.”

Without a word she put her mouth back around my cock again and started sucking like a baby would suck a nipple. It felt OK.

“Good, now just sucking is good, but on its own doesn’t do much. You have to move and create friction.”

I grabbed her head gently and started moving her up and down fucking her face. This time I didn’t feel any teeth scraping my skin.

“Good, you’re doing good.”

My encouragement worked and she started showing more enthusiasm.

“Take it as deep as you can. To become good at this you have to be able to take it down your throat eventually. But that would take practice to be able to control your gag reflex.”

Julia had taught me all that. Julia was a phenomenal cock sucker.

Jessy started bobbing on my cock with vigour. She was going as far as physically possible without taking me down her throat. She tried a couple of times and gagged. She wasn’t ready yet.

“Ok, now you don’t keep doing that alone, you have to vary it to make it more interesting.”

I grabbed her head and I stopped her with my cock half way in her mouth.

“Use your tongue. Pull my skin back down and run your tongue around the ridge in my cock head.”

She did.

“Oh, that feels so good.”

She kept doing it.

“Now vary between licking and sucking.”

She did. It was awesome.

“Oh yeah! You’re getting good at this. This feels great.”

The compliment worked and Jessy started sucking well.

“Now gently massage my balls with your other hand. Careful, they’re very sensitive so you need to be extra gentle.”

As soon as her palm surrounded my balls I felt that I was going to lose it.

“You’re doing awesome. I’m going to come soon. A good cocksucker swallows. So be ready. It will be a bit surprising.”

Just in case, I put my hands on her head to keep her down.

I felt my jizz shooting through my cock at great velocity. This situation had me so turned on.

As the first squirt hit, I felt Jessy gag a little and try to pull back.

I held her in place and actually pulled her enough to feel the back of her mouth.

“Swallow. Don’t keep it in your mouth. Don’t pull back, let it go down your throat directly.”

I felt her swallow hard. It felt exquisite on my cock.

I didn’t have to hold her anymore. She was pushing down on my cock on her own now.

The sensation was so strong that I didn’t even notice that my ass wasn’t on the bed anymore. It had lifted off the bed.

Spurt after spurt surged from my cock into Jessy’s mouth taking my breath with it.

Once the spasms stopped, I dropped down to the bed and felt my body relax. Jessy was a natural at this. I could easily see her matching and exceeding Julia’s oral skills.

“Wow! Jess, that was awesome. You made me feel so good. Thanks.”


“Yeah, really. You’re a natural.”


“What about for you? Come over here next to me.”

“No, it’s ok.”

“What is that supposed to mean? You made me feel great. Don’t you want some of that too?”

“No. What we did today was more than enough.”

“Huh? I don’t understand.”

“I wanted to give you oral sex and I did. I’m done for now.”

With that she turned and left my room.

“Jess! Come back here.” I called after her.

She didn’t.

I was confused. What girl would blow a guy and then decline the offer of reciprocal pleasure?

The whole thing didn’t make any sense. Why did Jessy start this hugging thing to begin with? Why doesn’t she want me to get her off or something?

I didn’t think too much about it. I was feeling awesome after what Jessy did to my cock. My only thought about the subject was that I sure wanted this to continue.

The next day, I was dreading that I might not find Jessy at the door when I came home. But my fears were unfounded. As soon as I stepped in I was met with the same familiar body hug.

This time I didn’t proceed to play with Jessy’s ass like before. I thought I would vary things and see if I get farther.

This time as Jessy hugged me, I lowered my head and started kissing her face. Small kisses from her temple down to her ear and down to her neck. I could see goose bumps spreading across the skin of neck and back. She made small contented sounds and sighs. This was good.

Instead of the harried groping and humping at the door, today Jessy pulled away a little, smiled at me and pulled me to my room. Once there, she waited for me. I guess she wasn’t sure how to proceed and needed guidance.

I simply took off my clothes and laid down on my bed, just like the day before.

I guess that was the signal that she needed and she climbed the bed and positioned herself between my legs and reached for my cock.

“Not so fast.”

Confusion and inquiry showed on her face as she retracted her hand.

“I want to see those big tits that you’re hiding.”

“No, I can’t do that.”

“No? Why not?”


“Because what?”

“I’m fat and ugly, and I’m afraid to turn you off.”

“How about you let me decide about that. Take your top off.”

“Do I have to?”


Her hands trembled as they reached for the hem of her pyjama top. But then she grabbed it and swiftly pulled it off and threw it away.

Jessy’s eyes were squeezed shut while her hands rested in her lap.

I was stunned. In front of me were a pair of the firmest tits I’ve ever seen. For their size they didn’t sag at all. I could easily see their lower edge where they connected to her chest. They didn’t flow down on her tummy like all the tits that I’ve seen on fat girls on the net. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought they were fakes. They were almost perfectly round.

“Wow.” That was all my brain could muster at that moment.

Jessy’s eyes opened a little and she let go of the breath that I didn’t notice she was holding.


“Yeah Jess. Wow. You have the best tits I’ve ever seen.”


“How big are they?”


“How big are your tits?”

“Well, I’m not sure. I can’t really find bras, so I get them custom made. The seamstress said that if my size existed in the store, then I would be something like 40L or M.”

“Holy moly sis, they’re gorgeous.”

“You think so? I was afraid that you would get turned off if you saw my body.”

“Well, this part is awesome and you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“You really think so?”


I sat up and faced her.

“Can I touch them?”

“If you want...”

It was my hands’ turn to tremble as I reached for her magnificent fleshy orbs. Her nipples were big. As thick as my thumb and stuck out a good half inch from the dark areola that surrounded them. Each areola was at least four inches in diameter.

I put my palms on her nipples and grasped as much tit-flesh as would fit in my hands. Jessy moaned a guttural moan. I squeezed gently and started moving them around trying to explore their texture. They weren’t as soft as I thought they would be. It was like playing with a couple of foam balls or something. I can’t find the words that would give those beautiful tits justice.

I had to taste them, so I grabbed one and I licked the nipple. Jessy’s sharp intake of breath told me they’re sensitive.

I guided Jessy onto her back on the bed and for the next ten minutes I did anything that I could imagine to those wonderful tits. Licked, sucked, pinched and moulded them every which way. Jessy only moaned in response to anything I did, even when I pinched them harder than I thought she would tolerate.

After I had my fill, I started making my way lower towards her crotch only to be stopped.


“I just want to return the favour.”

“I’m not ready to do that.”

“Are you sure, I can make you feel good too you know.”

“I know, but you’ve made me feel plenty good today already.”

“Ok.” I agreed as I headed back towards her plentiful mammaries.

I started playing with them again and soon I raised up and straddled Jessy’s belly. I took my cock in hand and started rubbing it between her tits. Soon enough she got the hint and pressed them together making a snug tunnel to fit my cock.

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