The Adventures of Gay Taylor: the Breeder

by Eros Alban

Copyright© 2018 by Eros Alban

Sex Story: Everyone thinks Tyler is the sweet sexy gay boy next door, so parents don't mind letting him into their daughter's rooms unsupervised. Girls don't mind letting him cum in their pussy as they try to turn him, plus he does what none of the jocks can do, and pleasure them. Even some mom's let him knock them up.

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This story comes from the depths of my mind.

I am not a professional writer just someone who like to put the dirty ideas in his head online for others to enjoy. I don’t care if you don’t like my style. If you don’t like what you’re reading, close the window and read something else.

Happy wanking.

He was born Taylor Smith. The community knew him as gay Taylor. It was an odd name for Taylor seeing that there were not only many LGBT kids, parents, teachers, and other adults in the area. But oddly he was the only Taylor so there was no need for the extra disclaimer. But the name stuck so everyone used it.

Jeanie Temple was up early, making her husband breakfast when there was a knock on the door. Saturday morning, at 8am it was only ever one person. So Jeanie didn’t bother grabbing her robe or covering up and sampling answered the door in just the simple shear teddy. A strong breeze came in as the door opened, exposing her shaved milf pussy. The cool morning air causing her nipples to grew hard on her perky tits.

“Hi Mrs. Temple.”

“Oh Hello Gay Taylor.” She giggled at the young man as his eyes sized her up. Normally when a boy that looked like him looked at her like that, she would be worried, but this was Gay Taylor after all. She loved to tease him. Most people would be concerned or upset to hear about a teen boy is a neighbor’s home with such a near naked woman. Again this was Gay Taylor, everyone in town knew that he was no trouble. He was welcomed into everyone home. He had a surfer boy style of long messy sun bleached hair. While he tried to hide it, his lean fit body was clear under the tight clothes he always wore. “How are you today?” she asked as she hugged the usual visitor. Her firm tits pressing into his face.

“I’m very good Mrs. Temple. Just here to help Claire. Again.”

Jeanie smiled as Gay Taylor continued to hug her. She watched in pleasure as she his crotch bulge out. His hands encircled her tiny waist and squeezed her rock hard ass. Jeanie worked so hard to stay in good space. Not that George ever noticed. She tilted her head back and softly moaned as Gay Taylor began kissing her neck and throat.

“So do you two have plans?”

“Nothing special, just the usual study.” He responded as he lifted Jeanie up onto the counter. Her teddy doing nothing to cover her now wet and dripping pussy. “I think Claire said something about shopping for a dress for her date with Rob tonight.”

“That’s right, the dance is this evening. Are you going? Is there a new boy, or even a boyfriend?” Jeanie asked as she felt Gay Taylor sink his fat hard cock inside her now gushing pussy. His thrusts were slow but deep. Bottoming out next to her cervix Jeanie felt his swollen bull nuts banging into her, meaning he still had a few inches of hard cock shaft to give.

“I am going. Chet ask me. You know, the QB. He has a really nice butt from all that football. He was all romantic, he came out and ask me out at the same time.” His thrusting sped up as Jeanie started cumming hard, squirting everywhere.

“You mean Chet McCalister, the pastor’s boy. He is gay! Wow good for you, he is hot.” Jeanie said moaning loudly, as she felt Gay Taylor explode deep inside her. His hard raw cock shooting thick ropes of heavy cum into her unprotected womb. As they came together their lips met and they kissed while Jeanie was filled with load after load of baby batter. His thick cock holding it in.

“Yeah, Chet is super hot, but I’m not sure if he is boyfriend material. I mean his dad is super homophobic and since he came out three days ago he is already super clingy. But I’m not going to miss this dance, and I’m not gonna pass up on his sweet bod.” Gay Taylor said pulling his sated cock free from the milf’s well fucked cunt. “Well I don’t want to keep Claire wanting. See ya later Mrs. Temple.”

Jeanie laid there on the kitchen counter, her titties heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Her pussy stretched and dripping cum. It was everywhere. She scooped it up and tasted it. Gay Taylor’s seed was good. Tangy and a little sweet. She scooped as much as she could into her mouth. But there was so much so deep inside her. More than George could have ever produced. Oh fuck George, her husband. She was just fucked. This gay boy fucked her. This fit, hung, sexy, smart, gay boy next store just fucked her hard and raw. This boy she allowed into her house on a regular basis, had been inside her. And he fucked her good. George hadn’t even looked at her in ages. Not when she lost weight, or got the boob job, or started wearing the sexy clothes. Which is why Jeanie hadn’t bothered with birth control for years. And now she had a womb full of sexy gay cum from a fantastic lover that just went upstairs to her daughter’s bedroom. Jeanie had a mini cum at the fantasy of what Gay Taylor might do upstairs before she started cleaning up the counter and finishing George’s breakfast.

“Good morning Mr. Temple. How are you today? Getting ready for 18 rounds?”

“Well hello Gay Taylor. I’m doing well thank you. You know I have to practice every weekend if I’m every going to beat your score. Even with my handicap I can’t seem to be half the man er I’m ah er I mean player, golfer that you are.” George stammered.

“Oh Mr. Temple, your just rusty. Justin has shown me your trophies from college and your pro days. Tell you what, once this term is out, we’ll go hit a round. Get those kinks worked out, you me and Justin.” Gay Taylor replied smoothly. His words calmed the old man.

George started thinking back to the good old days of college and his short time of the pro circuit. Back when he was in his prime. When his body was in its peak and pussy was throwing its self at him. Now most days George’s life was spent thinking about budget sheets, order forms, staffing, and bills. Lost in his mind, George didn’t notice the state of his kitchen or his wife.

Claire was having a great night at the dance. The music was heavenly, her dress light and soft. It wrapped away her, like a bed sheet. Rob’s touch was at first gentle then suddenly everywhere. Claire panicked and looked around, but the dance floor no the whole gym was empty. It was the two of them naked, in bed. Claire turned to kiss her boyfriend only it wasn’t Rob. And she came hard.

She woke up covered in a cold sweat. Gay Tay her gay best mate wasn’t due soon so Claire popped in the shower. As she cleaned off, she tried to remember what had startled her, but all she could remember was feeling sexy. So as she washed offer the shaving cream, she rubbing her bare pussy and hard clit. Her large teen boobies shook and she rubbed her nub.

Drying off, Claire still shook after the series of good orgasms. She put on her new sexy bikini, which she knew would be lost on Gay Tay but he could still tell if Rob would like it. However as she sat down on her bed, she found that she was still tired, and closed her eyes for a few more minutes.

With George sent off, lost in the memory of history, Gay Taylor walked into Claire’s room. Dropping his stuff and locking the door shut, Gay Taylor looked over the girl on the bed before him. As he had done many times before he stripped down to just his boxer briefs and crawled into bed with his dear fag hag. Snuggling her, he gently rubbed her flat belly. Claire purred in pleasure as he added kisses to her neck and moved his rubbing from her belly lower to her pussy mound. She was still soaking from before, so several of his thick fingers slipped past her bikini and into her hot hole.

“Oh fucken hell. Now that’s a way to wake up.” Claire moaned as her pussy clamped down round the invading digits.

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