Thoughts of Adriana

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Erotica Sex Story: One of two tales I was commissioned to write. In both stories, characters + ages were given and bits of detail about them but no scenario, outcome or circumstances.....let imagination rip!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Bestiality   Voyeurism   .

My son Ronan and myself were having some great sex. We were drunk, after he had cooked a fabulous meal of Moule Mariniėre ... plus several G and Ts beforehand and a bottle of Moet champagne which he always brought, regardless of the occasion and this only highlighted our kinkiness. Ronan always liked to make me talk dirty cheering him on about his huge cock, and it is, not just a figure of speech, and how great it was and in turn he would create scenarios about me in wild sexual situations often with my work colleagues at Grabbit and Scarper solicitors. He liked to imagine me being fucked by several well hung or just very young chaps taking me in every hole at once or with another lady. Anything dirty would make me cum in rivers. I must explain I am Rhonda, 58 years old, widowed and Ronan who is 34 was staying with me as he did quite often, if on a case in Winchester, Salisbury, Shaftesbury elsewhere. It was company for me after Arny died eight years ago and Luane, Ronan’s wife had walked out.

Arny ... actually Arnold D.Cumberbatch, chief judge of Surrey in the South of England and I had practised incest with Ronan and his sister, from their early years. Franny his elder by one year sister now married in New Zealand. She married a lawyer and Ronan was a prosecuting barrister in London. I had been a legal secretary so we had kept it ... it all ... in the family.

I loved his stories and they always made me have a great orgasm as well as himself. But tonight was different. Before the family tête a tête at my house, we had been at the pub drinking and after the meal were watching a great porn film and we were really horny. His daughter Adriana was at camp in Godalming, being in the Girl Guides. We had free range to just about anything that night. We cantered upstairs to the bedroom and while he undressed me, Ronan quickly got into his hot wild stories. This was foreplay for us and we were not in any hurry to get our things together and my crotch was saturated just standing.

As a treat for both him and the chaps at the Horse and Groom pub, I had worn a slinky grey satin blouse with tiny white polka dots I bought at John Lewis in Guildford. It was partly transparent and exposed all of my underwear ... well, my black brassiere only of course. He made me stand with the blouse removed, smoothing his delicate, learned hands over my hips clad in a pencil slim, knee length black skirt, then lower, sighing and grinning as his fingers felt the straps of my suspenders beneath.

“Cor Mum, you’re something else you know, So sexy and willing,” he chortled glancing up through the gap between my breasts.

“Glad you like it young sir,” I giggled back - then. “I hope this is not going to take too long.”

“Ah there’s a clue, slowly slowly,” he snickered. I playfully slapped his handsome fair head.

He took a hint from my expression. I watched his crisp white shirt drop away and admired the firm tanned body I had birthed. Ronan was in nice shape, always working out. Kneeling swiftly taking him by surprise I knelt, hearing my knees crackle as they do these days and undid the flies of her business suit. I roughly pushed him back on the double bed and dragged his trousers and pants off then his socks. He looked good and his cock was even better. A good eight inches of thick meat. I like to keep in good shape too, having exercised since teen years and Arny did too - bless him. I don’t run each morning as he and I did, to keep our bodies trim and tight. He especially loved my once trim arse ... oh dear a bit saggy now. My breasts are small, with pale smooth nipples. Always had trouble feeding the kids with them, either long painful session of expressing in to a bottle, or bought milk. My short, now salt and pepper hair, cut like a boys made me look pixy and sexy.

I allowed him to draw off my skirt and then did a classic Mrs Robinson act of peeling off my sheer black stockings from four black and red silk suspenders. My bra was unclipped and he made great play of enjoying my quite tiny nipples - tiny in the sense of girth but stout in erection. My areolae were very textured with minute knobbly blebs and wrinkles which her ... and Arny loved. Now they were full on sensitised. I had gone daringly commando that night and his surprise was genuine, even though it wasn’t the first time I had gone without knickers.

Ronan was talking about hot little girls and how much he’d like to see me fuck one while he fondled my trimmed bush of dark brown pubes. I asked him how young as his fingers slid inside me making me gasp in pleasure. He looked at me and said,

“Like Adriana Mum, nice and young. I want you to teach her to fuck like you.”

“Family wise you ... and Luane should have kept up the tradition darling...”

“Yes I know, I mean in the end that’s why she left me, not agreeing to it. I s’pose I could have tried but you were here, we were in Kensington, we had a nanny, I was really stressed and it just slipped by.”

“Yes I know and Dad and I felt helpless in some ways, but it wasn’t our duty to intrude ... Ooooh yes!”

I felt my cunt go tight around his fingers and knew I was going to cum hot and heavy. This wasn’t the first time he mentioned our little Adriana in our lovemaking and the thought of a girl looking like her with me fucking her made me cum easily. At first I thought it strange and a bit disturbing but then as I imagined Adriana I could see why he would favour her. She was beautiful in every way with her long blonde hair and tight little arse. Her budding breasts were just showing themselves and her shape was just getting curves, she was going to be slender and tall. At fourteen she was becoming a true hottie and dressed in the Girl Guide uniform, which was all enveloping made her sexier. Ronan was still sliding those long wet fingers inside me and I knew that his story was going to drive me up the wall sexually.

I thought about using Adriana in our sexual foreplay and used all ideas of sexual fantasy that would include her. My god - I was her grand mother. But Ronan would always use her name to get me hotter than a pistol. Just thinking about her tight little body made me quiver in delight. I’ve never made love to another woman ... well apart from years back with Frances, but if I had to, someone like Adriana would be the best way. Young and inexperienced. Totally under my control. Ronan’s fingers now delved deeply into my pussy making it squish wetly. I moaned out loud letting him know that all was right.

“Like that Mummy?”

“Yess!” I groaned pushing back against his hand.

“I think you like the idea of fucking Adriana.” he chuckled in my ear.

I hesitated a beat, and then caught myself. So sexually turned on I missed his intent, he was serious. Asking me to fuck his baby girl? God his fingers were wiggling like snakes inside me and my brain was sending pleasure waves to my entire body. My beloved grand daughter. God was I so perverted to imagine sex with her but hang on Rhonda you did it with Ronan and his sister, your offspring...

He continued.”God Mum Id love to see you suck her little pussy. I’ll bet it’s beautiful and hot. Make her cum for the first time. Fuck her till she screamed.”

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