Oh Coach

by Syd

Copyright© 2018 by Syd

Erotica Sex Story: College Men's Basketball player becoming coach of a women's college basketball team. How the players continue after college life. This is a one part story that may later be continued as a sequel.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Sharing   Humiliation   Orgy   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Body Modification   Teacher/Student   Nudism   .

Graphic Title

I attended a small university in the Midwest where I was a decent basketball player. During my first year I was redshirted and basically practiced with the team and kept statistics. During that time, I got to know the coaching staff well and was able to play on the team while working on my degree in athletics. After I graduated with my BA, I stayed on to do post graduate work for my Master’s degree and with my additional year of eligibility continued to play on the team.

In the second year of my graduate studies I had asked my coach for a job if he had one. I was soon asked if I wanted to be an assistant coach. The thing was, it was for the ladies basketball team, he mentioned to Melinda Parr, the women’s head coach that I was looking for work. She had an opening on her team for an assistant coach and I was hired for the season.

I had played against some of the girls in open gym and knew most of the players on the varsity. Most of them knew me from the year before when I was a starter on the Men’s team.

Melinda was a tall redheaded woman, six feet two inches, who had played WNBA basketball until she met her husband, Mark and had a couple of girls. She was probably ten years older than me or so; I try to never guess a woman’s age; because I’m always wrong. I found I liked working with her and she not only taught me a lot about coaching but also a lot about playing basketball.

I enjoyed being around all the girls on the team but I had to learn to ignore all their comments or complaints and filter what was real from what they said. Most of the girls on the team were between eighteen and twenty-two, I had just turned twenty-five, standing six feet four inches, and weighing around two hundred thirty-three pounds, with dark hair and a descent tan. I have had many ladies compliment me on my eyes which are crystal blue.

We ended up having a very good season, made the playoffs, and finished in the top ten. I stayed on helping coach the spring training and finished my Master’s degree. I was getting ready to leave the school and look for a job when Melinda asked me to come to her office. I met with her and she asked if I would consider being her assistant one more year. Melinda told me the school had authorized her to hire a full time assistant coach, and she could offer them a salary and benefits. She told me, “You can probably make more as a high school head coach, but would it be as much fun. You know the girls would really miss you, I would really miss you.”

I had some interviews scheduled, but had not finalized them. I realized I would really miss working with the girls and agreed to work one more year as her assistant.

We had around twenty girls on the team but only suited up twelve girls for any game and the other girls kept statistics of the games. Usually there were four or five freshmen girls that were redshirted for the first year.

Our main five starters were Jackie, Linda, Sammie, Mercury and Diana, Jackie, five feet six inches, a redhead and a senior, played point guard and was the sparkplug of the team. Linda, also five feet six inches, blond, also a senior was the best shooter on the team. Sammie five feet ten inches, with dark hair, was a junior and had the fastest hands on the team. She was always making someone mad because she stole the ball from them. Mercury was stocky colored six feet five inches, a junior and a rebounding specialist. She was very athletic and was the first girl I ever saw dunk the basketball in real life.

Then there was Diana. Diana was probably the best looking girl on our team having a great tan and brown hair with green eyes. She was six feet two inches, a junior and the top scorer on the team. She could shoot from outside or drive it to the hoop using either hands. If we needed a basket, we would just clear out and let her drive to the basket. Most times she made the basket and was fouled, so we got a three point play out of it. She was a good enough player that she usually got double teamed. She was also the one I had the most fantasies about. Because she was so focused on basketball I don’t think she ever really knew I fantasized about her.

Our main reserves were Kathy, Stacy, Flo, Terry and Nancy. Kathy was six feet six inches redhead, a sophomore that played a very physical game but had a tendency to foul a lot. Stacy and Flo were both five feet ten inches, colored, juniors and twin sisters. Both sisters were very fast (both did track and basketball) and were forwards because of their speed. They were also the mouth of the team, their mouths running just as fast as they did. It kept everything interesting as you never had any idea what one of them might do or say. Terry was another six feet sophomore with dark hair and was the quietest one on the team. Nancy was five feet eleven inches blonde with a real stocky build. If the game got rough we would send her in until she fouled out or until the game got better. I would hate to play against her, she just played rough. We had another blond, Amy that was five feet nine inches a sophomore and a forward. Another colored girl was Jaz at five feet eight inches and a swing player.

Our season started good, but we lost a couple games in January and dropped to third in our division. Melinda was working the girls hard but it seemed like her mind was somewhere else.

In mid-February Melinda called me to her office. She told me she was leaving and that I would be the head coach for the rest of the season. I saw she was about in tears as she told me this and asked her if she was ok. She broke down and told me she had breast cancer. She then told me that she was having both breasts removed and would have to experience strong chemo.

I was in tears as I held her as I knew she was scared. She told me that her and Mark had been having some problems. He had started drinking a lot lately and was never home with her and the girls. I held her tight as I felt her damn burst from holding all this inside her so long. She told me she was going to be on medical leave the rest of the year and would be fine financially. I told her that her job was here when she was ready to come back. She hugged me tight and said we needed to go tell the team.

I walked with her to the locker room; she checked to see if everyone was descent and waved me to follow her in. The team took it really hard they all hugged her and cried with her. She promised to come back and visit us when the medical procedure was over. The girls promised to win the division and that she was to sit with the team at the championship game.

We lost in the semifinals of the championship bracket in double overtime. I tried to get a hold of Melinda and talk to her, but found out she was in a hospice. I went the next morning to visit her, but found she had passed away during the night, with her mother, father and both daughters at her side when she went.

I went back to the school and asked Tammy my assistant coach to come to my office. I had hired Tammy so I had a female assistant that could go to the locker room at any time. I told Tammy about Melinda and wanted her support and help as I told the team. The team took it hard with Diana taking it hardest because she was the one that promised Melinda that the team would be in the championship game with her sitting with them.

We attended Melinda’s funeral as a team and we all cried as a team at the loss of our dearest friend.

The following year the team voted to have a patch on the uniform with Coach Melinda’s name on it. The girls were on a mission and played every game to win, which they did. In the championship game, we played the team that beat us in double overtime the year before and had then gone on to be the overall champion for that year. We all felt winning the championship against them was in honor of Coach Melinda.

I was sad in the spring as I had to say goodbye to my seniors on the team. It was especially difficult saying goodbye to Diana, as I had gotten to know her really well but was really happy that she was drafted by the WNBA to play.

I had a good team the next year, but not the super one I had with Diana leading the team. I tried to keep up on her playing in the WNBA, but got busy working with the girls.

Tammy told me in the spring that she would not be returning the next year as she was getting married and was going to have a baby. I was happy for her and knew I would need to start looking for another assistant, but I put it off.

I walked in my office about two weeks later and there was Diana waiting for me. She had heard Tammy was leaving and she wondered if there might be an opening for her. She had torn up her ACL in the WNBA and was looking for a job. The doctors told her she would never be able drive to the basket like she always did even after it was repaired. I hired her and was glad to have her back. She had decided to come back to school and get her Master’s degree. The girls were glad to have Diana back teaching and coaching them with me.

I tried to keep a good working relationship with her, but was failing miserably. If she hadn’t been so good looking I might have had a chance, but I found myself dreaming more and more about her. Diana and I were going to an awards banquet and ceremony for the university teams. She had asked me to pick her up at her house so we could go together.

I knocked on her door and when she opened the door, what a vision she was. I helped her put her coat on and we went out to my truck. I held the passenger door open for her, and as she slid into the seat. I saw those gorgeous legs bared as her skirt slid up her legs. Busted! I was caught staring at her legs and was embarrassed. She really knew how to work it. I had been dating a couple of secretaries, but nothing in Diana’s league. I kind of wondered why she didn’t have one of her many boyfriends, which I’m sure he had, escort her to this event.

The thing that really got me about her short skirt and legs was that they were bare legs, no hose or nylons on them. Now, kill me now, I wondered what kind of underwear she had on under that dress? Hell maybe she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Oh shit, something was alive in my pants as I walked around to the driver’s side of my truck. I opened the door to the driver’s seat and was hoping my friend down there would go away. I started trying to think about Miss Head, my high school principal, undoubtedly the ugliest women I have ever seen. I was able to slide into my seat and thought I did a pretty good job hiding my friend.

It helped me being able to drive us to the ceremony, but when I held the door open for Diana to exit my truck, I was again treated to those gorgeous legs and her skirt sliding up to almost expose what color her panties were. She seemed to blush, but with her great tan I couldn’t really tell. It was fun watching her pull her skirt down as she exited the truck. I walked behind her to the entrance and excused myself to use the Men’s room. I snuck in a stall and helped myself relieve the problem of my little friend.

When I walked out in the crowd I was able to find Diana right away and we made our way to our seats. I had forgotten we had to present awards to the players on our team at this event. Lucky for me, Diana had taken care of all of it. Everything was on a table on the platform up in front of everyone. Thank God I had gone and taken care of my friend. Diana and I went up to present the awards to each of my players. We called their names and then had each of them come up on the stage to receive their awards. My players were all dressed to the “Nines” and I had never really noticed how good looking some of them were. I thought more about Miss Head, thank God for Miss Head. I didn’t even have to think about her naked.

I made it through the event and walking Diana back to my truck was again treated to her sliding on the seat of my truck and the vision of those gorgeous legs. I was busted again for staring at them and was blushing as I closed her door. As I got in the driver side, Diana spoke up. “If it’s okay with you, can we go somewhere and get a drink? I don’t want to go home just yet.”

“Sure, I think we are a little over dressed to go to the Ramble Inn where I usually go. So where would you like to go?

“How about going to the Blue Goose? I’ve been there a few times. It’s kind of semi-dress fancy, if you get what I mean.”

“Ok, we’ll have to park on the street though; my truck will not clear the height of the parking garage.”

“Ok, I don’t mind a little walk but these heels aren’t made to walk very far on uneven ground though.” She said with a gleam in her eye.

Once again I was treated to her sliding out of my truck and those gorgeous legs. We walked to the Blue Goose, and as we entered, found that they had a cover charge for the night. I paid the charge, found a table and we sat down. I ordered a beer for myself and she had a rum and Coke. We tried to talk but the music was too loud, so I asked her to dance. It was a slow song and I enjoyed dancing close to her, smelling her scents. We finished the dance and was about to suggest another when she waived to our table.

“Sorry, I can’t dance to these songs in this dress.” she said apologizing.

“Ok!” I replied with a questioning face.

“It’s so embarrassing.” She muttered. “I ... a ... a well, you may have noticed I’m not wearing hose or nylons on my legs. I hate them. If you don’t wear pantyhose with this dress, you have to wear a thong. I hate thongs also.”

“A ... a ... what? Ok.” I asked rather befuddled.

“Maybe you’d better just take me home.” Her reply was making me wonder what I had done wrong.

We left the lounge and walked to my truck. I held the door for her as she once again slid onto her seat. The view of her legs was there but I looked away as I continued to worry that I had done something wrong and didn’t want to add to it. Closing her door, I went around and got in to the driver’s seat turning to look at her, noticing tears in her eyes.

“Can we talk?” I asked as I looked into her eyes.

“Oh God, I’ve made a mess of everything.” She cried, as I watched her eyes and actions. “I wanted to make this the best night. I wanted it to be so special.”

“I’ve enjoyed this night. What have I done to ruin it for you?”

“Nothing, I’m just so stupid. God, you have been the perfect gentleman?

“I am sorry. I guess I’m a little dense. What’s the problem?”

“Oh God, you really don’t know! I have the worst crush on you and I planned this night because I so wanted to make you want to be with me.”

“What? You’re so out of my league! God, you’re beautiful. I bet you have guys standing in line to date you.”

“You got to be kidding! I’m a freak. I’m taller than ninety percent of the guys in this school and now I’m also older than most of them.”

“You really wanted to date me?”

“Yes Coach, I’ve had a huge crush on you since I first saw you play basketball my freshman year.”


“You think I would wear this dress if I wasn’t attracted to you?”

“Tell me about this dress.”

“Well if you haven’t noticed, it is impossible to wear a bra with it as it has built-in cups to contain my breasts.”

“Ok, I can understand that, but that doesn’t make it bad, does it?”

“No I guess not. Yeah, I guess in that respect, it’s ok.”

“So, what else do you think makes this dress so bad?”

“You’re really going to make me tell you, aren’t you?”

“Well, if I can keep your eyes sparkling like that, why wouldn’t I want to push you to tell me?”

“You are wicked. Ok, I told you I hated nylons and pantyhose. I also told you I hated wearing thongs and didn’t want panty lines showing on the dress. It’s rather tight and fairly sheer, so anything shows. So now think about it.”

I grinned at her and was sure she was blushing. “Really”

“Yes really! I have never in my life gone out in public wearing so little. Do you realize that all I have tonight is this dress, a pair of 4” heel shoes and my tiny handbag?”

“Oh my God, you mean you don’t have any underwear on at all?”

“That is what I been trying to tell you. I can see your friend likes that idea.”

“God, he has embarrassed me all night long tonight.”

“I thought that when I first got in the truck tonight, and my skirt slid up, that you saw I was not wearing anything down there.”

“No, I was looking but it stopped short. I have been wondering all night what you might be wearing. It was the thought of you being bare under your skirt that made me rush to the restroom when we first got to the ceremony.”

“You’re going to think this weird, but the thought I’ve made you horny has got me horny as well or as they like to say very wet, I know this is our first date. Well anyway that is what I thought it was. I’m sorry but could you take me somewhere and just fuck my brains out ‘cause I really need it.”

Starting my truck I headed for my apartment. I pulled up in front and went around opening the door for her. I wasn’t disappointed, as she slipped forward on her seat letting her skirt go farther up exposing her dark bush to me.

I led her to my apartment, letting her enter ahead of me and watched as she slid the dress up, working it above her hips. She soon pushed it up over her head and then dropped it on the floor. All she had on was her heels. She had perfect breasts, not huge, but definitely there, and the most perfect brown nipples. I noticed she was totally tanned, she noticed me looking at her. I pointed to the bedroom and she walked toward it with me close behind her.

I asked about her tan and she said. “One of my friends likes for us to go and get tanned at the spa. I use to have tan lines, but I been tanning naked the last few times.”

“You are so beautiful. Is your friend as pretty as you?”

“Prettier. You know her.”

“I do?”

“Yes, but I am not telling you who she is.”

“Ok, but can I leave the light on? I love looking at your perfect body.”

She shook her head up and down while I moved her to my bed. I hadn’t taken my clothes off yet but just pushed her back on the bed and moved between her legs. I could smell her arousal and moved to taste it.

“No, what are you doing?

“I want to taste you. I want to watch you come.”

“Oh my God! ... I’ve never had anyone do that before. Oh my God, shit, I’m going to cum. Fuck! Oh God, Don’t stop, Oh Fuck! OH ... OH ... I’M CUMMING. God yes, now fuck me! Oh God, put it in me. Please fuck me! I am begging, fuck me. I need your cock NOW!!”

I was sucking her clit as she screamed and carried on. I loved her taste but wasn’t so sure I liked her dense bush. I would put up with it if I could enjoy her charms. As she was cumming so hard, I was able to slip off the bed, strip off my clothes and then join her on my bed. I was soon sliding my very hard and above average cock into her depths.

“Oh my God, give it all to me. Fuck yeah, that is so nice. Oh fuck, how much more do you have? You’re hitting the bottom of my pussy. God, you are stretching my pussy. Oh so good, yeah, pound it in me. I may not be able to walk after this, but give me all you’ve got. Give this greedy bitch everything. Oh yes, right there. God I’m going to be so sore, but I don’t care, hammer it into me. Oh my God, what are you doing? Oh shit, did you climb in my pussy? Oh my God, I don’t think it’s meant to be stretched that far. Oh God yes, I am cumming again and again.”

I could feel her pussy grabbing me as she was cumming, but I had gotten into a rhythm and her pussy felt so good. It was tighter than I would have thought. Her last orgasm was huge and I felt the juices flowing from her body as I kept thrusting my cock into her time after time until I felt my cum flowing from my cock filling her pussy full. I collapsed on her with my cock still fully embedded in her tight pussy.

A few hours later I woke up with my soft cock still inside her tight pussy. I noticed my bed felt like a lake; there were love juices everywhere. I moved to slip my cock from her depths and she squealed a little as I came free. I fell back on my back and went back to sleep.

I woke up later with her laying on her side, her thighs wrapped around one of my legs and her very wet pussy pushed against my leg. I stared into her face watching her sleep until she started to wake up and then saw those gorgeous green eyes looking at me.

“Oh my God, next time I tell you to fuck my brains out, we better call 911. I’m never going to make it through another of those. I have never cum more than twice in one night before. I don’t have any idea how many times I came. Do you always make someone cum that many times?”

“No, but you made it rather easy. I never had a girl talk dirty like you did before; it seemed to make me try harder. I didn’t want it to ever end as your treasure felt so good wrapped around me. I felt that one orgasm you had when your juices flowed out on to my cock and I could feel your heart beating through your pussy. I’ve never ever felt anything like that before.”

“Can I use your shower?”

“Yes, if I can I join you?”

“Just a shower, my pussy is so sore, that if I can walk it will be a miracle.”

I stood up, held my hand out to her, helped her to her feet and then led her to the bathroom. I noticed she walked very carefully and that she kept her other hand over her pussy as we entered the bathroom. She hurried to the toilet and sat down on it.

“I didn’t think I would make it. Your juices are flowing out of my pussy. God, how much cum did you pump into me? I know I’ve asked but do you always cum that much?”

“Probably not, but I think you got me rather turned on tonight. I mean, you did just wear that incredible dress and oh yes, you didn’t wear a stitch under it. I think you may have been the one that started all this. While we’re at it, you keep talking about what my cock did to you. What about your pussy? She worked my cock pretty hard, put it away wet and I ought to mention that I think he might be just as sore as your pussy is. Oh and by the way, that is one fine pussy I must say.”

I watched her sitting on the pot with her legs spread feeling her pussy. I felt a twitch as I watched her stand up and move to the shower. I joined her in the shower and helped her soap her entire body.

I have a bench along one side in my oversized shower that I truly love. I sat on it as she rinsed herself clean while enjoying my shower. I could sit here and watch her for the rest of my life. She noticed me admiring her.

“You really do like watching me clean my body?”

“What’s not to like? You have a perfect body, perfect tits and an almost perfect pussy.”

“What do you mean, almost perfect pussy? I thought you liked my pussy?”

“I do, but it could be even better, if it wasn’t quite so hirsute.”

“Oh, so you want me to shave it bare and make it like a little girl’s pussy?”

“No, but that might be fun to watch.” I got poked in the arm for that last comment. I liked watching her pull the hair on her pussy and tease me with it.

“I can’t. You have no idea how much shit I would get from my friends if they found out. In the middle of her senior year Jackie shaved hers bare for her boyfriend and we all use to razz the shit out of her. Oh God, I might have even been the worst. I remember the first game after all us girls found out about it. I said something in warm ups like “Hey Baldy, throw me the ball” and some players on the other team heard it. During the game they kept saying “Hey Baldy” as they thought it would rattle her. I think it backfired as she made like thirty points that game and I can’t remember how many assists.”

“I remember that game. I didn’t know about the heckling that went on, but she played incredible that night. And, if I remember correctly, the last four games of the season also. I remember that at the next game I think everyone started calling her Bambi, and I thought it was because she was the shortest and smallest player on the team.”

“It was kind of the reason. Coach Parr found out about the “Baldy” slip and told us to cool it. We all decided that Coach was right. It was too much information; however, Jackie was the one that asked if we would call her Bambi instead. She said “I feel like a baby when I undress in the locker room anymore. I mean now what little bush I had is history, I don’t have any tits and everybody here is taller than me.” I walked over and hugged her and said “You may not have these damn things getting in your way, and your floss is history, but you are the leader of this team and don’t you forget it.” I think after that for the rest of the season you could have said anything to her on the floor while she was playing and she would just have scored a few more points on you because of it.”

“There is no way anyone would mistake you for a little girl, you’re all woman and very sexy. I was just talking about a little trimming, but if you wanted to totally blow my mind, then I guess you might know how to do it.”

“You think I would look good with a bald pussy?”

“Well yeah.”

“Oh my God, I would be so embarrassed if anyone found out.”

“This coming from the woman who wore that sexy dress last night without a stitch under it. Like I said, I just wanted you to do some trimming. Now that I think about it, if when I saw what was under that dress earlier was also bald, I would have probably creamed my pants right there.”

“Really, that would have blown your mind?”

“Well you blew my mind with that naked pussy under that short skirt. Now let me continue. I haven’t ever seen a bald pussy live except maybe my little sister when Mom would change her diaper. But to see a full grown mature woman with a bald pussy, and know she did it for her lover or even better yet lets you watch her do it. Well I can’t think ... Oh shit, if you need any evidence, look at this.”

I was holding my dick in my hand and he was so hard from this conversation. She glanced at it, bent over, and kissed the head of it. I melted into the seat as she then kneeled down and sucked the head of my dick.

Sliding my cock in her mouth, she took it in till it hit the back of her throat. She slid my cock back out of her mouth, and holding on, she talked to it like it was a microphone or something. “You want to fuck my bald pussy; you’re going to have to make me cum again and again. I can’t remember my pussy ever being bald before. I think I got my pubic hair when I was like ten or eleven and before that I remember having like peach fuzz there. I remember mom talking about me having hair on my legs when I was born.”

To say I was turned on is being liberal. Oh my, she stopped talking and took the tip of her tongue and started working on the part below the head that’s like a seam. Oh fuck. “Oh God Diana, you better watch it, I am going to cum.”

She sucked my cock deeper into her mouth; I don’t know if she put it in her throat or not. I started shooting my cum in her mouth. Oh my, I’ve never had cum in a girl’s mouth before. She was still sucking on my cock as I became coherent again.

Smiling at me, she released my dead soldier. “So you’re telling me that if we shave my pussy super silky smooth, bald as a baby pussy, that you won’t have lead in your pencil?” She had a wicked grin as she teased and tormented me.

“You are so wicked! Fuck! I already feel him thinking about it.”

“You said you wanted to watch me shave it. Wouldn’t you rather shave it for me?”

“I’ll tell you what, let me get my beard trimmer and I will reduce it to next to nothing, but I would love to see you twist yourself around and shave what you can. If you need me to touch it up afterwards, I would be honored to do so. I would love to be able to film it, but I know that’s not going to happen.”

“Really, why not? Would that turn you on? What would you do with the movie?”

“I would like to fuck you later while watching it together or even have you watch it as I lick that oh so silky smooth and very bald pussy.”

“Oh my, I’m getting turned on by our talking about shaving my pussy. I never thought I would say this, “Shave it bald baby” I’m ready when you are.”

I left the shower and got my beard clippers, they were freshly charged and ready. I turned the shower off as I handed her a towel to dry herself. She then sat on the bench and spread her legs. “You want me to get a bag for the clippings in case you want to keep them?”

“Should I?”

“It’s up to you. I guess I could always keep them, and then if you want them back, you just ask me for them.”

“Ok, but please don’t put my name on the bag and could you not leave the bag out where others might discover it, it could be very embarrassing to me.”

“I will keep your treasure in my safe where no one will ever see them, except you or me.”

“Will you promise to keep the movie with them?”

“So I can film this then?”

“Yes, like I would deprive you of the pleasure.”

I went to the kitchen for a plastic sandwich bag and on my way back I grabbed my tripod and camera. When I got back to the bathroom, Diana was lightly playing with her pussy with her right hand while her left hand was playing with her right nipple. As I approached her, her right hand was lightly tugging on her pubic hair as I watched.

“Maybe you don’t want to do this. I mean, there’s not going to be any left to grab like that when their gone.”

“No, I am just kind of saying goodbye to them”

I set up the camera and started it recording as I moved back into the shower and knelt between her wide spread legs. I grabbed the baggie and opened it so I could let the curlies fall into the bag as I used the clippers. She had a lot of pubic hair and I watched as her pussy become even more visible with the loss of them. I soon had all that the clippers could remove in the bag.

I saw her look down at her pussy. “God it looks so grody with the stubble showing.” I handed her the shaving gel and a new Mach 5 razor then leaned forward and kissed her nakedness. “What are you doing, kissing it goodbye?”

“Maybe, wait until it’s gone and see how well I kiss it.”

As I watched she spread the shaving gel over her entire area, then took the razor and started removing the stubble from her mound. I turned the shower on lightly so she could wash the razor as she worked. She was soon done and her mound was looking very bare when she laid back, bringing her legs up so she could see between them. She was very flexible and I was enjoying the view very much.

She handed me the razor. “Check it out. Did I miss any?”

I moved between her legs and ran the razor over everything again. I knew she was silky clean and free of any stubble now. “You want to turn over and I will do the back side?”


“Yeah, around your butt hole and the taint”

“Taint, what is a taint?”

“It’s the place between your asshole and your pussy. It taint your asshole and it taint your pussy.” I said with a chuckle.

“You were not kidding about making me bare. I never thought I would ever do something like this. And furthermore, I never thought it would turn me on like it is right now. You realize I’m not going to be able to shower at the rec center or the gym anymore.”

“We’ll see. Now, turn around and bend over. Yeah, just like that. Now reach back and pull your cheeks apart, and hold very still.” I made quick work of her backside as she got even more talkative.

“This is worse than going to the doctor. Oh shit, I have a physical next week. What do I tell the doctor?”

“I guess you’re going to have to grin a bare it.” I said with a chuckle.

“Well at least it’s my insurance doctor and not my regular doctor. God, I would be even more embarrassed if I had to go to my regular doctor. She’s my Aunt, Mom’s sister. And even though I doubt she would tell my mom, I wouldn’t know for sure unless my mom just comes out and asks me about it.”

As she was talking, I was able to turn her around and have here sit down on the bench with her legs spread wide. As she continued talking about her mom, I moved in and licked her very exposed pussy, sliding her clit hood back and attacking it with my tongue before I was able to suck on it lightly. I have found you must lightly suck on that special little nub or you will suck too hard and ruin the mood. I also love to lightly bite and chew on the lips while I slide my tongue in the pussy as deep as I can get it. I wished I could reach the G-spot with my tongue but had to settle for slipping two fingers in her pussy while continuing to lick and suck on her clit. I could feel her reaching a plateau, and increased my efforts. I had never eaten a pussy this bare and this sexy before.

She screamed as I was rubbing my fingers on her G-spot. “OH God! You’ve got to put your cock in me. I need to feel you deep right now. Fuck I am so going to cum. Yeah, oh yeah right there.” I had grabbed my cock and stuffed it in her pussy, going in and out as fast as I could. My hands touched her clit as I slid into the hilt. I could feel the head of my dick hitting her cervix as I went in deep. Every time my dick hit her cervix she squeaked. I was hammering that freshly-shaved totally bald pussy and felt myself reaching blast off real quick. God that felt good on my dick. I stood up with my cock still buried in her pussy and carried her to the bedroom. I fell forward on the bed, burying my shaft even deeper in her pussy and was soon squirting her full of fun juice and being able to finally catch my breath.

I rolled off her and went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later to her face inches from mine and her eyes watching me. I smiled and rolled up on her body, kissing her lips. I was also starting to sport a little bit of wood. “No, please! I don’t think my pussy can take another go.”

“Ok, I think I need to go pee anyway.” I chuckled.

I stood up and stretched as I started to head for the bathroom. I heard her slide out of bed and follow me.

“Can I hold him for you? You know, like point him towards the pot.”

“Ok, follow me.” I walked to the pot and she stood beside me with my dick in her hand. I watched as the stream of piss started as she jerked my cock to get it lined up and not pissing on the back of the toilet seat.

“Oh damn, I missed the pot, I’ll clean it up later.” She exclaimed with a giggle.

“When I am done peeing, you need to jiggle him so the last drops shake off.”

“This is fun; can we go out in the snow sometime and let me write my name in the snow with your pee?”

“Maybe, and if I let you write with my special instrument, then maybe I get to see you do a naked snow angel for me?

“Oh shit, that would be cold wouldn’t it?”

“Maybe, maybe not; depends upon if we pick a nice sun shiny day.” I chuckled as I thought about how much that might turn me on. I wonder what it would be like to fuck a snow angel.

She grabbed my dick and started leading me back to the bedroom by it. “This is fun, never led a guy around by his dick before.” I let that one go, smart enough not to make a remark about women at that point.

As we passed the full mirrored closet door on the way to the bed she stopped. “I like doing this, making you follow the leader.” She moved closer to the door and stopped with me looking over her shoulder. She had her left hand on her pussy as her right still had a hold of me. “Guess I am going to have to do some tanning on that.” She said as she looked at the naked white mound where her bush uses to be.

“Not on my account, I like it like that. You are so sexy like that.”

“Really, you don’t want me to have a totally tanned body?”

“No, you would be sexy no matter what, but like now is exotic. I mean, if you were totally tanned it would not make you as innocent. If you had tan lines it would be sexy, but not like this. I mean, you’ll have to cover it when you tan, but with what, tape? Having a very bald, untanned pussy and keeping it that way lets me know you have worked to do it. I might be out in left field, but I love it.”

She pulled me over to the side of the bed, sat down and was soon licking my cock while sliding her hand around it. At the same time, I was watching her slide her left hand down and around her naked mound. “God, my pussy is so soft where my bush used to be. I had no idea it would feel like this, just like the skin on your dick.”

“You know that feels wonderful, with you sucking on just the head of my dick and squeezing it with your hand.”

“Can you cum with me just sucking the head or do I need to take him deeper?”

“I think he likes whatever you do and I may cum soon. I’ll let you know so I don’t surprise you and you can let him shoot clear of you.”

“No, I want your cum and will swallow it. Let me have it.” With that she proceeded to take more of my cock in her mouth and I soon felt her throat surround my cock as I shot another load into her.

Later we went back and showered off again. I slipped on my clothes as she went out and got her dress. I watched her slide it over her head and down her body. I just realized that she was still going to be naked under her dress when I took her home.

“Diana, would you like to go get a bite to eat?”

“Could you stop by my place so I can change? I know you like me like this, but I am not very well dressed for a public place that is well lit up. I really don’t want to get arrested.”

“Sure, but may we do this again sometime?”

“Ok, as long as it’s not too public.”

Her roommate, Sammie from her old basketball team, was there when I took her home. She blushed as she walked to her bedroom.

“Hi Coach, you have a good time?” Sammie asked with a grin.

“You’re Diana’s roommate?”

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