by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Two young couples enjoy a special weekend which will change their lives forever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Sharing   Group Sex   Swinging   .

The two young couples were sharing a hotel room to save money on the weekend trip. They were close friends from high school and had been a part of each other’s weddings few years earlier so they figured it would work out OK. Ever since the wedding nights, the wives had bemoaned that they were virgin brides. Why had they waited so long? Their husbands weren’t quite as pure, having shared a drunken college girl for a night on a spring break. Maybe this was the opportunity to change that.

After modestly donning night clothes the first evening, the suppressed sounds of sex could be heard from each bed after lights out. When the wives went to the bathroom to freshen up after they finished fucking, they initiated their plan. The naked young women slipped into the other husband’s bed. Cleaning the sleeping guys’ crusty dicks with warm washrags got some attention, and a wet kiss shut up the surprise when the tits they grabbed for were very different than usual. Amy was slender, B-cup, and shaved. Trish was short, a bit more padded, D-cup, and carpeted.

The intense direct stimulation of a new body intimately involved with theirs, and supplemented with the sounds and thoughts of what was happening to their own spouses, made the second climaxes of the evening not only quicker but more intense. Screwing noises intermittently and repeatedly broke the stillness of the night.

Before dawn the wives freshened up again, their pussies especially in need of it, and slipped naked into their own spouse’s bed. The room resounded with happy sex sounds as the couples reunited at a new and different level. The husbands had enjoyed “sloppies” with that college girl but never expected them from their wives.

Modesty was looser now but the foursome behaved as if nothing had happened as they went through the day’s activities. There was a lot more expressed affection and even some discreet groping between the married pairs. When they had a chance to chat, the gals agreed this was working well and planned for the coming night (pun intended). The men wouldn’t talk about it.

After dinner and some nightcaps in the room, the drapes were drawn leaving a small gap for gentle illumination. Everyone used the bathroom, the lights went off and so did the clothes. This time the wives went directly to the other bed where they found a ready erection. After fooling around for a while, Amy, who had won the coin toss between wives, got on top of Trish’s husband and put on a show in the dim light. They finished missionary and then it was Trish’s turn “on stage”. She started reverse cowgirl and finished doggie on top of Amy’s spouse. Both positions showed off her big tits moving around as she screwed. The couples swapped back to give each husband fresh seconds in his own wife, and from then on the gals traded beds for each round. They woke up with the other spouse, had a quick fuck, and then showered with them.

The only open discussion about the two nights was an agreement that it wouldn’t happen at home ... and they needed to plan another trip soon!

Home sex for the next few weeks was hotter than it had been since the honeymoon. At first just the memories of what they had done and watched was enough to produce eager copulation several times a day. Their spouses were now “different” and difference is always stimulating. Then they began to talk about what they had felt both as doers and as watchers. That progressed to fantasizing about what they wanted to do. When the monthlies struck, oral sex was taken more seriously. The husbands even ate pussy with a tampon in it and the wives learned that semen is an acquired taste like coffee or beer. Then they talked about doing the same things with the other couple. It was SO difficult to keep their “hands” off on home turf.

Trish found a nearby state park with housekeeping cabins that would be a great getaway and save them money. Friday after work they loaded up Andy’s car and Trish got in the front with him so Amy got in back with Trish’s husband Bart. They hadn’t driven thirty minutes before Amy had swallowed a mouthful of cum. She suggested Bart drive so Trish could finish off the driver’s boner she had been playing with.

Their cabin was selected for its seclusion and girls got naked in the car after entering the park. It was dark so they stayed that way unloading the car, cooking dinner, and sitting on the porch afterwards.

It turns out the horny gals were the real activity instigators so the guys just went with it, looking forward to the next surprise. After a couple of glasses of wine, everyone was loosened up. The wives laid side by side on one of the beds and wanted to be eaten by their husbands. After one climax, they swapped men and got another one from a different tongue, then pulled the closest dick into their cunt.

Each wife reached over and felt her husband’s pecker going in and out of the other wife, and diddled that clit to a climax. The drained and spent men were rolled off to their backs and each wife got in the 69 position with her own man. They each tasted the mixed flavors of the cross coupling just finished. It was getting late so Andy and Amy moved to the other bed and fell asleep joined at the crotch. Bart spooned up behind Trish and got firm enough to soak in her wet cunt too.

The smell of coffee woke the men. Trish brought the sleepyheads some in bed, giving their morning woodies a quick suck so she could taste the pussy on each one. Her tits got some good morning nipple bites and sucks too. After draining and washing their dicks, the hubbies found Amy doing dishes and Trish cooking. The cute naked asses were irresistible so Bart eased up behind Amy and rubbed his offering on her buns. She stepped back, bent over, and got a meat injection as she continued with her task. Andy tried the same with Trish, reaching around to cup her mammaries, but she said loudly, “I appreciate the offer but the cook can’t be distracted right now. Amy, take care of this guy.”

Amy called back, “I’m filled up at the moment but he can get in line. You can have yours later!” Thus Amy had two dicks in a row before breakfast and Trish got her double dipping right after.

They put on swimsuits and explored the park, discovering that there was a topless section of beach around a point out of sight from the main park. The gals immediately took advantage of the opportunity to get rid of tan lines. There were a bunch of teenage boys cruising the beach so there was an audience as both men put sunscreen on each wife. With the warming temperature, the scent of cum filled crotches would occasionally waft on the light breeze. In order to keep from burning, the women would walk the beach making it a point to speak to small groups of young boys, giving them a good close-up view of the projecting nipples, and the love bites on their tits. They commented about boys who were cute or built or had big parts outlined in tight suits, usually partially filled from the visual stimulation.

Giddy with their newly expanded sexuality, the young wives fantasized about trying out some young guys “just for fun”, or would it be better with older men who knew what they were doing? Amy giggled that she had a grandfather who would do her in a minute based on the comments he made.

The husbands had been checking out the other bosoms on display and decided their wives had the best. The gals took a quick dip before returning to the beach towels since their bikini bottoms were soaked with girl juice. Reluctantly covering up, the couples went back to the cabin for lunch, which was delayed by relief of the built up sexual tension. They all piled on one bed and had a quickie with the other spouse.

After lunch it was nap time with your own partner, tear off a wake-up piece, then back to the beach. The men wandered away so the girls could play.

The young wives beckoned their favorite boys over to put sunscreen on them. The untanned tits “needed” two applications, one from each eager helper. After visiting a while, the rascally women said they would like to learn to swim. That was a great, even if manufactured, excuse for some more hands-on by the boys who found interesting ways to hold them in the water. The gals also found some interesting “handles” after the boys’ suits dropped down a bit, and globs of white stuff soon floated to the surface. Back on the beach more sunscreen was needed, of course. The boys expressed confusion about which husband went with which wife. Trish just explained that on these weekends it didn’t really matter, getting amazed looks from the youngsters who left when the husbands approached.

The husbands had visited with a couple of attractive topless women but nothing like their wives’ adventures. They laughed and discreetly groped their spouses as they were told of the fun with the teenagers. Andy suggested that the boys be invited to the campfire at their cabin after dark. Trish thought that the men should do it so the boys knew it was OK. Bart found the boys and, with a smile, said how much the wives had liked the swimming lessons before issuing the invitation. It was accepted and he gave directions to their cabin. The two couples went swimming before leaving the beach and the teens observed that Amy and Trish were good swimmers all along.

Just after dark the boys showed up with a girl in tow. She was the slightly older sister of one of them and insisted on meeting these cool couples. She brought a big bottle of spiced rum which was soon served on ice. Everybody enjoyed s’mores along with the rum and, when the mosquitoes found them, they moved the party inside. Sandy, the new girl, asked how they liked the topless beach. She was a bit shy about her figure. Amy said they had never done it before, but got over shyness real quick and it felt good. Smiling at the boys, she added that when you had help with sunscreen and swimming it felt REAL good.

The rum was taking hold so Amy stood up and took her top off to show that her tits had not gotten sunburned. Trish joined in and the two topless gals turned to Sandy who blushed and took hers off revealing a pair of perfect C-cup boobs. All the guys whistled so she stuck them out and shook them. Her younger brother said he’d been trying to see them for years so she put them right in front of his face. She squealed and jumped back when he licked one of the nipples. Everyone laughed.

After another round of rum Trish said that they liked being completely nude even more because then the girls got something to look at. She pulled her husband’s sweats off, gave his partly hard pecker a solid kiss, and then her bottoms came off. Amy did the same for her husband and Sandy stripped her two boys. Trish, always the instigator, stood up in the center of the room and did a slow turn around to show off everything she had. Sandy was a natural redhead with fair skin, freckles, and a just right crop of reddish pubic hair which framed, but didn’t obscure, her pretty labia. She was beautiful. There were four hard peckers and six hard nipples by the time all seven “acts” were done.

Everyone looked to Trish for the next happening. She turned to Sandy and said, “What would you like to try?”

The young woman’s head was whirling, and her crotch was dripping. She spread her thighs and reached down to rub her clit. “I’m 20 years old and I’ve been fucked a few times but it was in a car or a dark place and I’ve never even had such a good look at cocks as right now. I’d love to play with all the ones here, even my brothers’.” Turning to the teen boys she asked, “Have you ever done this much with a woman before today?”

They shook their heads.

“Are you virgins?”

They nodded.

“Then can we just do some playing around with you guys for a while?”

Nods all around.

Sandy got on one bed with both husbands while the teens got a wife apiece in the other one. Besides the pleasures of exploring new attractive bodies, the married folks had fun showing the newbies interesting things to do with hands and then mouths. The boys and Sandy learned just how good eating at the Y could be. When the women had all climaxed, the rigid rods got their turn to be pleasured. The wives switched off so they could both sample each one and also to slow down the inevitable. Sandy got a mouthful from each husband.

While they were resting, the by now less shy Sandy said she had one more request. “Can we watch you fuck?”

The married folks looked at each other and shrugged.

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