Riding the Range

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Twin teen boys discover another world outside of the city.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Farming   Sharing   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Nudism   .

The 17-year-old twins were really bummed. They had expected something different for the summer between their junior and senior years. Bill and Will, whose first names were both William but had different middle names, had just been informed that they were spending the summer at their uncle’s cattle spread in South Dakota. The only apparent upside was that they would be paid and that would help them buy a car when they got back. Both of them were a bit nerdy, played a lot of computer games, and were on the scrawny side.

Their uncle met them at the Aberdeen Greyhound station in a dirty pickup truck. During lunch he asked if they had any real work clothes. They went to the farm supply store to get suitable duds and boots before the two-hour drive to the 5000 acre spread. This was a whole new world for the city boys and they didn’t talk much as they looked out the truck windows. It wasn’t a farm, after all, but a cattle ranch. This was looking better.

When they pulled up in front of the ranch house, their aunt and three girl cousins crowded around the truck. They were all redheads, tanned, wiry, and nicely built. Aunt, 35, was the tallest. Then there was Becky, 18, Barbara, 16, and Brenda, 14. Things were looking even better!

The boys had noticed that Uncle didn’t move very fast and had some trouble walking. He was 52 and had pretty bad arthritis. That’s one reason he needed extra help during the busy season.

His main crew was Sam, a 20-year-old who supported his widowed mother. They owned property next to Uncle’s who leased it since they couldn’t use it right now. Sam had learned a lot from his late father and would run his own place someday.

Becky gave the boys a tour of the buildings and showed them the bunkhouse where they would stay. They looked at her trim ass a lot more than the ranch features she was showing them.

At supper they met Sam who, like the girls, was wiry and tanned. Uncle explained that the girls would get them started helping with chores and each day would get more strenuous. They obviously needed physical conditioning before they could help Sam do “man’s work”. The day started before dawn, which in the summer was damned early, so bedtime was now!

At an ungodly hour the oldest girls awoke them. When the boys, used to sleeping in, only grunted and turned over, the girls reached under the covers and grabbed their morning woodies. That is sure to get any normal boy’s attention. They rolled back and were pulled out of bed by their crotch handles.

Becky said, “Not bad for young un’s. Breakfast in ten minutes. Showers are better after work, not before. Oh, good workers get some special rewards!” She and her sister pulled up their shirts briefly, flashing their bare tits at the startled boys.

They worked harder that day than they ever had in their lives and were really wiped out at dinner. The older girls walked them back to the bunkhouse and opened their shirts and asked if they’d ever played with any of these? The boys nodded. “Any this nice?” The boys shook their heads. “You’ve earned 5 minutes!”

Not a second was wasted as four hands and two mouths enjoyed the firm upstanding mounds on the girls’ chests. There was some pulling the pud that night before exhaustion overtook them.

By Sunday morning all the boys and girls were pretty horny. Rewards had progressed to some dick sucking and pussy eating. It was the “day of rest” which got rephrased as the “day of the rest”.

The girls had ascertained that the twins were virgins. This morning, as the early light was creeping in the bunkhouse windows, the two older teen girls dropped the robes they were wearing and mounted the erections they found waiting under the covers. The twins woke up to a brand new experience - a wet pussy engulfing their pride and joy. A few ups and downs by the girls caused some loud groans from beneath them and a hot wet feeling spreading deep inside their snatches.

The cowgirls laid down on their mounts and kissed them back to hardness. This time they guided the new “men” to a longer and more satisfying copulation. After showering with their newest lover, the girls switched partners and returned to the beds for another happy fuck.

Even on Sunday there are some basic chores that must be done. While working that day, each girl explained to the twin she was with that they oughtn’t waste their semen masturbating since the girls liked it a lot. Someone would drain it every day, usually in the morning.

Two weeks later each twin was summoned to see their Aunt after dinner on separate evenings. By now they were getting acclimated to the schedule and work so they weren’t completely exhausted. She led them to the guest room, locked the door, and proceeded to disrobe.

“My daughters tell me you are doing quite well in learning how to please a woman. I need to check for myself so take your clothes off.” What red blooded American youth would refuse an order like from a full blown, good looking woman?

With the energy of youth, each shot two cum loads into their aunt’s hot furry cunt before she dismissed them. They were informed that she would do frequent checks on their progress as studs. NO complaints were heard.

To say the young men were thrilled by their sex life would be a real understatement. After a week of banging mother and two daughters another layer of the onion was peeled off.

On a Sunday morning the youngest daughter was brought to the bunkhouse by Aunt. “It’s time for Brenda to join in the fun. Her birth control has taken hold and she wants you to have the honor of her virginity. Sam took care of that for the other two.”

The flip of a coin decided that Will would penetrate her first, although both were exploring her with lips and hands. The hymen was long gone so entry was easy. Ever the twin partners, Will extricated before ejaculating and Bill then entered her vagina and became the first to deposit sperm in the new “woman” followed very shortly by his brother’s male fluid as well. Brenda spent the night being inseminated again and again by whomever had a hard tool.

She became a regular visitor to their beds, separately and sometimes together, which she especially enjoyed. A pattern developed where each twin could expect a different morning visitor each day except Sunday. Saturday night Aunt would always spend with Uncle, Sam with Becky, and the twins would alternate with the younger daughters, sometimes switching in the night.

On July 4th, picnic baskets and coolers were filled. Everyone, including Sam’s mother, got in the back of the farm truck for the ride to the big ranch pond. Surrounded by large shade trees, the pond was the main source of drinking water for the livestock. It, and its source, were fenced to keep the water clean. The vittles were put on the two picnic tables and everybody started stripping. Time for a swim in your birthday suit.

The twins had seen all the females naked except Sam’s mom. She came to the ranch about every other morning and had coffee with Aunt. She was a short brunette about 50 years old. She was built farm wife solid with full, somewhat pendulous tits that swung when she moved. Everyone seemed quite at ease with the nudity and enjoyed the water and related activities.

Lunch was enjoyed sans clothes. Then “nap time” was declared by Uncle and what happened next surprised the twins. With the ease of familiarity, threesomes began to form.

Aunt beckoned the twins to her futon-like mattress in the shade. She explained that the folks out here in nature knew that sex was a natural and important appetite just like eating. And, like a meal, it could be enjoyed for basic well-being, as they did in the mornings, or as a more socially bonding experience, like having company for dinner.

On holidays or other special occasions they had “potlucks” ... everybody brought something to share with all, both food and bodies. Everyone enjoyed sex with trusted partners as a normal activity. Of course, with a special partner it was “making love”, the next level up in intimacy and satisfaction beyond good ole screwing. Nature made cocks and cunts to fit together quite flexibly so it was expected that they would do so. The men understood this and reaped the benefits as well. They enjoyed other women and, if they had a spouse or special partner, enjoyed the enhanced sexuality that partner developed by sharing.

Aunt asked if they noticed that neither she nor Becky deep kissed them while fucking, and then explained that wet kissing was reserved for their spouse or “boyfriend” or fiancé like Becky and Sam considered themselves to be. Barbara had begun recently making out more intensely with Bill, and Brenda with Will, because they were developing some feelings beyond their horny crotches for that particular twin.

Aunt suggested they watch what was happening on the other mattresses. Uncle was being ridden by Sam’s mom. He was having fun capturing her big swaying boobs in his hands and mouth.

Aunt explained that they had often swapped with the neighbor couple so it was easy to keep on with her. She visited in the mornings for coffee and for cock. Uncle’s arthritis made it difficult for him to have sex on top so she usually played “cowgirl”. Aunt was usually teamed up on Uncle but the twins’ presence made things different today.

Sam was surrounded by pussy as the three sisters all found ways to stimulate and be stimulated. They liked to play musical cock and have a set number of penetrations before allowing the next girl to jump on. The winner was the one he came in.

Aunt got the boys’ attention by holding their cock heads together and sucking both at once. She showed them some of the many ways two men can simultaneously pleasure a woman. She always stopped short of their climaxes even though she had several herself.

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