Under a Genie's Power

by DragoTime

Copyright© 2018 by DragoTime

Fantasy Sex Story: When a young girl gets hold of a genie, her housemates are about to experience his power.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Magic   Mind Control   Reluctant   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Genie   FemaleDom   Group Sex   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Body Modification   Nudism   .

Jacob Masterson was an 18-year-old, 1st year university student. Like most 1st years, he lived in university accommodation, and in his case that meant a small, university-owned house. He lived with 2 other students, a boy named Andrew, and a girl named Lizzie. All 3 of them were typical “losers”. None was particularly attractive, and all 3 were virgins, though none knew this of the others. They sometimes hung out, but mostly kept to themselves.

Our story begins one Thursday morning in November. Jacob had gotten up for his morning lectures, and was just getting ready to leave the house, when there was a knock at the door. He opened it to see the postman there.

“Parcel for Lizzie Lawson,” the postman said.

“Yeah, she lives here.”

“Sign here please.”

Jacob signed for the parcel, and closed the door. It wasn’t too large, although it had some bulk to it. He walked through to the kitchen, where Lizzie was sat in her dressing gown eating her breakfast.

“Parcel,” he said.

“Ooo yay!” Lizzie said, taking it from him. “I’ve been waiting for this.”

“What is it?”

“A thing I ordered online,” she said, opening it up. “I like collecting random shit.”

Lizzie opened the package, and pulled out what looked like an old oil lamp.

“It’s a lamp,” Jacob said.

“Well obviously,” Lizzie said. “Some antiques shop was having a closing down sale, so I bought it. They said they didn’t know where it came from, they just found it on a shelf two or three years ago.”

“You should give it a rub,” Jacob joked. “See if there’s a genie inside.”

“Maybe later. Anyway, don’t you have lectures to get to? Those tuition fees’ll go to waste!”

“Yes mother, right away mother.” Lizzie stuck her tongue out at Jacob, who then left to walk to university.

Jacob’s day went as normal from that point, until he got home around 1pm. He’d grabbed himself a sandwich while he was out, and he was walking to his room, when he heard something interesting coming from Lizzie’s room, which was right next to his own. It was moaning. Load, lustful, orgasmic moaning.

“OH! OH! OH GOD! OHHHHHH!” Just some of the noises Jacob could hear coming from his housemate. It was definitely Lizzie’s voice, but now she was moaning and groaning and crying out at full volume in obvious sexual bliss.

“Oh my God,” Jacob said. He didn’t know she had a boyfriend, so this was all new. He was gonna ask them to keep it down, but figured he wouldn’t embarrass her. Besides, hearing her moaning like this was kinda hot. Jacob went into his room, where the pleasured moans were still very much audible, and ate his sandwich, before pulling his trousers down and jacking off. Because when your housemate’s getting laid next door, you’ve gotta take advantage of it.

He stroked his cock, and closed his eyes, imagining that Lizzie was on her hands and knees, that it was him that was making her moan out like this. Jacob groaned out as he blew his load, picturing it covering Lizzie. He wanted to think Lizzie was cumming at the same time, but going by the noise she was making, it sounded more like she was having a non-stop orgasm. Her guy friend must have been good, he thought.

Jacob browsed the web for a while, until about an hour later when he heard the moaning subside. Jacob got his Playstation out, and decided to do some gaming for a few hours. It was about 6pm when the moaning re-started, and Jacob smiled, wishing it was him that was getting all this sex. He was struggling to understand how the hell they were still going though. Several hours earlier, and now again, their genitals must surely be completely sore by now?

Another hour later, and the moaning ended once more. Another few minutes, and Jacob heard Lizzie’s door shut, and the girl run upstairs to the bathroom. Figuring she was going for a post-sex shower, Jacob went upstairs too, and knocked on the bathroom door before she could start.

“Lizzie?” He shouted.

“Yeah?” She shouted back.

“I’m gonna get pizza. You want any?”

“Uh ... okay!” She shouted back, her mind obviously elsewhere. “Seafood one.”


Jacob wondered if the mystery guy was in there with her, or if he was hiding in her room. Jacob walked downstairs to the kitchen, where he found Andrew pouring a drink.

“Andrew, you eaten yet?” he asked.

“No, why?”

“Me and Lizzie are getting pizza. You want in?”

“I shouldn’t,” he replied. “I already have too many takeaways.”

“Great, what do you want?”

“Meat feast please.”

Eventually Lizzie walked into the kitchen, dressed in her dressing gown, any evidence of her day of sex washed from her, aside from a smile on her face.

“Hey Lizzie, we’ve ordered,” Andrew said.

“Oh, thanks,” she said, getting a drink out of the fridge.

“Figured you’d need some nourishment after what you’ve been up to today,” Jacob said, and Andrew followed this by imitating her moans from earlier.

“Oh...” Lizzie blushed. “You two heard that?”

“Lizzie, I’m pretty sure the entire street will have heard it,” Jacob said. “I can’t imagine what he was doing to you to make you cry out like that.”

“Oh you know ... stuff ... good stuff...” Lizzie said, obviously thinking back to the experience.

“Since when do you have a boyfriend, anyway?” Andrew asked.

“I don’t, he’s just a ... just a friend I met,” Lizzie said.

“So he’s a friend who’s a boy who you also have sex with,” Andrew said. “But not your boyfriend.”

“Right,” Lizzie said.

“Where’d you meet him, anyway?” Jacob asked. Lizzie seemed caught a little off guard by that.

“We, um ... we met on ... We met on Tinder,” Lizzie eventually managed.

“Tinder? Well, at least one of us is successful on there,” Andrew said.

“Don’t worry guys, I’ll try and keep it down in future,” Lizzie said.

The pizza came and the teens ate it and chatted as friends do, avoiding the topic of Lizzie’s sex life, before all retiring to their rooms for the night. Jacob was pleased to hear, or rather not hear, that no more orgasmic moaning seemed to be coming from her bedroom, although it was kind of a disappointment that he didn’t get to listen to her any more.

Jacob went to bed, and woke up around 3am, thirsty. Knowing he had some juice in the fridge, Jacob got out of bed, and left his room. He was naked, as he normally slept, but he figured Andrew and Lizzie would be asleep, so he didn’t bother getting dressed.

Jacob opened the door to the kitchen, and through his half-asleep state he was able to recognise that the light was already on, and there was a naked guy looking in the fridge.

“Oh hi,” he said, turning to him. “You must be Jacob.”

“Yeah...” Jacob said. He looked up and down this guy’s body, getting a good look at him. He appeared to be around his age, and had pretty tanned skin. The guy had a little bit of stubble on his perfect face. He had an extremely toned tummy, the kind where you’d expect him to be constantly posting topless pics on Instagram of his perfect muscles. And at his crotch, among neatly-trimmed pubic hair, he had the biggest cock Jacob had ever seen. It was at least 10 or 11 inches. And it was soft. Jacob could only imagine how huge it would be hard. His balls, likewise, were equally enormously-proportioned.

It was then that Jacob was reminded of his own nudity, and his hands rushed to his crotch, and he turned to leave.

“I’ll uh ... come back later,” he said.

“Don’t leave,” the guy said, and Jacob immediately stopped in his tracks. “Come back, I wanna talk to you. And don’t cover up, we’re all guys here.” Jacob turned back around, and sat on the sofa while the guy took one of Lizzie’s beers and started drinking it.

“So are you the guy Lizzie was, um ... having fun with, earlier?” Jacob asked.

“Oh yeah, she mentioned you’d heard us,” the guy replied. “It’s why she had me soundproof the room after.”

“You soundproofed the room? How?”

“Oh yes, I’ve just realised I’ve not told you my name,” the guy said, shaking Jacob’s hand. “I’m Belkan.”

“I’m ... Jacob,” he said, shaking back.

“Yes, we’ve been through that,” Belkan smiled. “You’re one of Mistress Lizzie’s housemates.”

“ ... Mistress Lizzie?” Jacob asked. What, did they have some kind of dom/sub thing going on?

“She’s laid in bed right now, asleep. Having literally hundreds of orgasms will do that to you. Oh, and she’s covered in my semen right now. Literally, I don’t think there’s an inch of her body that isn’t sticky right now. She seemed to like it though. In the morning I’m gonna wake her up by licking it all off of her.”

“Oh my God...” Jacob said, thinking about such an image. His cock was now rather firm.

“Anyway, I’m gonna go snuggle back up to her,” Belkan said. “Oh, and I’m gonna need you to forget all about this. Mistress wouldn’t like you knowing about me.”

“What?” Jacob asked. Belkan left the kitchen and shut the door, and Jacob blinked, and was momentarily dazed. What was he doing in the kitchen again? Oh yeah, he wanted a drink.

The next morning, Jacob got out of bed, and headed upstairs to the bathroom to use the loo, slipping on some boxers for modesty in case he should encounter anyone. When he got there however, he was greeted by Lizzie’s orgasmic cries of ecstasy coming from behind the door, along with what sounded like male grunts.

“OH GOD! OH FUCK! FUCK YES!” Lizzie cried from behind the door.

“Hey you two!” Jacob shouted, knocking on the door. “Mind wrapping things up? I need to piss!” No response, presumably due to how loud they and the shower were. “Fine, have it your way.” Jacob grumbled, and went back to his room to hold it in.

20 minutes later, and he finally heard the shower shut off. A minute or so more, and he heard the door open, and two sets of footsteps head downstairs and into Lizzie’s bedroom, complete with girly giggling from his housemate. Happy it was over, Jacob headed to the bathroom to relieve himself. Afterwards, he figured he should shower too, so he slipped his boxers off, got his towel out of the cupboard, and got into the shower. He closed his eyes and moaned under the warm water. He began shampooing his hair, not even noticing that his cock was slowly hardening, not stopping until it was completely erect. His mind was completely off sex, so there was no apparent reason for this erection. It was as though someone just cast a boner spell on him.

“AHHHH!” Jacob cried out as his penis convulsed in the most intense pleasure he had ever experienced, a thick dollop of hot cum spewing out the tip. Normal orgasms have some build up to them, a few seconds of increasing pressure where you know you’re going to cum, and there’s nothing you can do about it but wait for the inevitable to happen. This orgasm had none of this. Jacob went from 0 to Earth-shattering pleasure with literally no build up whatsoever.

Then the second contraction came, complete with twice the pleasure and twice the semen. This was too much for Jacob. His knees gave in, and he fell to the floor of the shower, straight on his ass. Jacob spread his legs, and cried out in bliss as this unbelievable orgasm overtook him. The warm shower water flowed down onto him as his cock continued to explode. The contractions were coming less than a second apart, and each one brought an impossible amount of pleasure, and an impossible amount of semen. Each contraction he seemed to be shooting more cum than he normally did in an entire orgasm, and yet somehow he didn’t run out. It just kept going on an on. Even after 10 seconds, when one would expect a normal orgasm to be petering out, this one continued. In fact, rather than subsiding, it seemed to be getting stronger. The pleasure got bigger and bigger, as did the size of his spurts of semen.

“AHHH AHHH! AHH CHRIST! HOLY SHIIIIT...” Jacob groaned as his cock continued with this orgasmic episode. He had no idea what the hell was happening to him, and he was torn between enjoying it and worrying that he was having some sort of stroke.

10 minutes passed, and Jacob had almost begun to resign himself to orgasming for the rest of his life, when he finally felt it begin to subside. It took several minutes for him to find the strength to pull himself up, his cock now completely soft. Jacob washed off the remaining semen, and then headed downstairs, towel wrapped around him. Just as he got to the bottom of the stairs, Lizzie’s door opened, and she walked out, fully dressed.

“Oh hey Jacob,” she smiled.

“Oh uh, hey Lizzie...” Jacob said, kind of embarrassed to be in front of her in only a towel, and after what had just happened.

“Did you have a nice shower?” She asked.

“Uh, yeah...” Jacob said. It was at this point he noticed Lizzie properly. Her midriff was exposed, a thing she never did, and it revealed a tummy that was considerably thinner and more toned than he’d expect from his overweight friend. Looking up, her boobs were considerably bigger than he’d thought they were. He’d never seen her boobs, but he knew her boobs weren’t anywhere as big as that, and yet it seemed she now had an enormous pair under her shirt, nipples obvious through her T-shirt. He reached her face, where he saw that the acne she’d had just yesterday was gone, leaving a clear, beautiful face.

“That’s great!” Lizzie smiled, bringing Jacob back down to Earth. “I was really wishing you’d have a pleasurable time! Andrew’s laid in bed right now, so I wished he’d have a pleasurable time too!”

“Right ... anyway, I think I’m gonna join him,” Jacob said.

“Ooo, really?”

“Not like that. I’m just feeling kinda ... worn out. I’ve not got lectures until later so I’m gonna nap for a bit.”

“Alrighty, I’m gonna go have some fun in class.”

“I doubt that’s possible.”

“Oh, you’d be surprised what’s possible with a little bit of wishful thinking.”

“Riiiight. Anyway, see ya.”

Jacob headed to late morning class, and on his way home he walked past the university cafeteria, where he noticed Lizzie once more. She was sat at one of the tables, next to Belkan (Whom Jacob had no memory of), who had his arm around her. 2 other guys, both quite nerdy looking, were sat with them, gazing at Lizzie, and appeared to be absolutely enthralled with her. Jacob hid around the corner so he could listen in and watch.

“You, go get me my food,” she said, pointing to one of the boys. “You’ll pay too. Then bring it back and feed it to me.”

“Yes Mistress,” the boy said, getting up to go do as he was commanded.

“Now you, gimme a shoulder rub,” she commanded, and the other boy obeyed.

“Now Belkan,” Lizzie said.

“Yes Mistress?”

“I wish for these boys’ dicks to be at full mast forever and ever,” she commanded. “However, they will never be able to orgasm unless they’re thinking about me.”

“Your wish is my command, Mistress,” Belkan said, snapping his fingers.

What were they talking about? Wishes? And why did she have two guys fawning over her like she was some sort of goddess? Jacob left, and headed home, confused.

That evening, Jacob and Andrew were sat in their small living room, watching a movie, when the door opened. Lizzie walked in, with Belkan behind her.

“Hey guys, there’s someone I want you to meet,” Lizzie said. “This is Belkan. He’s gonna be living with us from now on. I wish you’d be happy with that.”

Jamie and Andrew were about to voice their objections and questions, before they suddenly changed their minds.

“That’s great, Lizzie!” Andrew smiled.

“So this is your boyfriend, I guess?” Jacob asked. Given he’d seen him with his arm around her earlier, he figured it was a good guess. “The guy from Tinder.”

“I told you, he’s not my boyfriend,” Lizzie said.

“He’s just a boy who’s your friend who’s living with us and also you fuck him,” Andrew said.

“It’s more than just that,” Lizzie said, hugging Belkan. “It’s more like we’re ... bonded. We have a deep, magical connection.”

“I love Mistre...” Belkan began, before getting death glares from Lizzie. “I love Lizzie with all my heart. Seeing her smile is my only wish in life. Her happiness is my passion.”

“God, could you two get any more soppy?” Andrew asked.

“You’re just jealous,” Lizzie said, turning to Belkan. “Gimme a kiss.”

“As you wish,” he said, obediently making out with her.

Once their kissing session was over, Lizzie and Belkan laid down to spoon on the sofa and watch the movie. Jacob and Andrew tried to ignore the two lovebirds, who fortunately seemed content to snuggle and watch the screen rather than lay there and fuck in front of them.

At one point Jacob thought he heard Lizzie whisper something in Belkan’s ear, but he just ignored it. A few seconds later though, he felt his cock beginning to stir, as it began to stiffen. Jacob shuffled in his seat, trying to hide his hardening manhood from everyone as it quickly reached full mast. He didn’t even notice that Andrew was having similar problems too. The movie ended, and Lizzie and Belkan sat up, his arms still around the young girl.

“That was great!” She smiled.

“It was okay I guess,” Jacob said.

“The main hero guy was sooooo hot,” Lizzie said.

“Can’t say I noticed,” said Andrew.

“Oh come on, you’ve never looked at a guy and thought about how you’d wanna see his dick?” Lizzie asked. “Or touch it?”


“Or thought about how you wanna make out with a guy?”

“Ew, no,” Jacob said.

“I bet it’s just like making out with a girl though,” Lizzie said. “I bet if you closed your eyes you’d not be able to tell the difference.”

“Doesn’t mean we’re gonna do it though,” Jacob said. “Like, me and Andrew aren’t gonna just start making out on the sofa here.”

“I wish you would.”

And just like that, Jacob and Andrew felt their opinion on the matter shift.

“I suppose ... we could try it,” Andrew said.

“Yeah, I mean, we’re all friends here, right?” Jacob said.

“Right,” Lizzie smiled. “I won’t judge.”

Jacob shuffled towards Andrew, and the two turned to face one another. Nervously, the two moved their faces in, until their lips locked.

“Woo!” Lizzie cheered. “You go guys!” Relaxing a little, the two boys commenced their making out. It was surprisingly pleasant, they thought. They didn’t know what they’d been nervous about.

“Now use tongues!” Lizzie ordered. At this, the boys spread their lips, and allowed each-other’s tongues access into their mouths. They explored, and it only added to the pleasure of this new experience. “Lay on top of each-other!”

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