Taking Celebrity Jane

by Kathrin

Copyright© 2018 by Kathrin

Erotica Sex Story: A lesbian domination story Enjoying a night at the bordello with my boyfriend, we encounter a foreign celebrity looking for some bisexual threesome treatment. So while her ass got plugged I made sure she got a good taste of pussy as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Sharing   Rough   Orgy   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Squirting   Water Sports   .

For a while, I’ve made it a habit every weekend to visit the club that was run by my new sisters. It was my weekly treat and outlet, and since everything was free for me, I would make sure to go through all the girls and every kink I could think of. Once I met Triss, I would bring him along as well, giving us both a nice little adventure that would stay with us all week.

One particular Saturday we came by when it was still early in the day, and they had just had their lunch break business, so the parking lot was mostly vacant and the club seemed quiet when we walked in. I met Emily standing outside where she took a cigarette break. “Hello Kat,” she said. “Good see you.”

Emily was from some eastern european country, and had a heavy accent when she spoke, but she was cute and one of the girls that really, really loved sex. She was curvy, not as big as me, but more round than most of the other girls. She dyed her hair blonde and kept it in a short bob, which gave her face a round, sweet, feminine look. She had a little tattoo in her cleavage that showed a small heart and made sure it was prominently featured in her low-cut blue dress.

“Good seeing you too,” I said, smiling. “Anything I can do for you?” she asked me, as all of the girls did whenever I was around. Since I took care of them and made sure the club could stay open, they felt they were in my debt. Aside from that, I had the feeling they liked me and were happy that someone took care of them and made sure they wouldn’t have to be afraid of authorities. I paused and looked at her, when she squatted down, looking up at me teasingly.

She knew all about my kinks, and was only too happy to satisfy them, as she seemed to get a kick out of being treated like a dirty whore and used as a fuck toy. I lifted my skirt. It was summery, and warm, and I just wore a thin cute flowery dress that lay tight around my waist and made my boobs look really nice. She moaned when she saw my pussy. “Mmmh, I missed you cunt,” she said. “So good.” I spread my legs above her and reached down, pulling my labia open. She opened her mouth wide and was sticking her tongue out. I smiled down at her, getting turned on by her submissive demeanor and just began pissing on her sweet little face, letting a warm yellow spray drizzle down on her head.

It soaked her hair and ran down her face, where she licked it up with her tongue, her eyes closed to the torrent of pee. It collected in her cleavage and ran between her tits, staining her dress. When I was finished, she licked slowly and diligently across my slit, making sure to clean it up with her tongue, as she rubbed the liquid out of her eyes. Then she looked up at Triss.

He smiled down at her, and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock as it was hanging down, long and thick. She immediately crawled towards him and wrapped her thin, red lips around its head, looking at him expectantly. It has been a long ride, and we didn’t have a bathroom break anywhere, so Emily became his urinal as he filled her mouth with piss until it squirted out the sides of her mouth as she tried to swallow, but wasn’t fast enough. When he had emptied his bladder, we left her soaked and on her knees where she was and went inside, knowing that was the kind of treatment she liked and expected.

In the club there were a few girls hanging around the bar bored. We took a seat there and got a nice cold soda before looking over the room, trying to pick out a girl we would like to have fun with. Just as I was sipping on my drink, keeping my eyes on my old friend Charlotte, I saw a woman enter out of the corner of my eye. She was dressed way too good for a place like this, wearing a tight, teal-coloured tube dress that pushed her obviously fake breasts up to form the biggest cleavage I had ever seen.

She had long, straight hair that she had pulled up into a long tail. It was dyed red, but her natural colour was clearly much darker, judging from her eyebrows and general complexion. Her lips were lush and full, almost too large, her eyes bright and almost as teal as her dress. She was shorter than me, but seemed taller, as she wore shiny silver heels that were at least 8 inches high, or more. Watching her walk in, it struck me: I knew her from tv. She was an actress in a show I used to watch, years ago. I won’t reveal her name, so let’s just call her Dana Hatter. She must be in her 50s now, but like all actresses she looked forever like she was 29.

While I was still wondering what she was doing here, she walked towards the bar and sat down a few seats away from us. As she ordered her drink, I overheard her talking to the bartender: “Hi, is it possible to get a man and a woman in here?” I guess she was on vacation in Italy and thought it safe to pursue some of her more secret desires in a remote place such as this. The bar girl shrugged. “I don’t think so, but you can ask Jenna,” she replied as she poured the drink. I nudged Triss and grabbed my drink, walking up towards her. “Hi,” I said as I sat down beside her. “I heard you were in need of a couple.”

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