Senior Truth or Dare

by Dr Cumings

Copyright© 2018 by Dr Cumings

Fiction Sex Story: Two heterosexual couples in their late forty's and early fifties consider playing truth or dare.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Coercion   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Wimp Husband   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Size   .

I want to thank Zen Master for editing this story. His input had been extremely helpful

“I’m tired of playing cards. Let’s do something else.” Stella complained.

Stella Benson is my wife Pam’s best friend and she and her husband Greg get together with us every few weeks and play card games or sometimes Pictionary or some other board game. We’ve been doing this for the past eight or ten years, ever since they moved into our neighborhood.

Pam and Stella were friends’ from way back when they were in high school and had kept in touch with each other over the years. When the couple decided to move back to Springfield, Pam helped them find a house. My wife is in real-estate so she didn’t have any problem finding them a place to live near us.

“You want to play Pictionary or Scrabble?” Pam asked.

“No, I’m tired of that stuff too, let’s do something different.” Stella offered.

“Like what?” Greg spouted with a bit of irritation.

Stella always did have a tendency to bore easily and people who have been married for a long time tend to have a shorter fuse with their spouses. Greg is certainly no exception to that rule, but clearly he loves his wife and would lay down his life for her.

She scowled at his annoyance and then turned to me. “Bill what’s that game the kids play now days.”

I wasn’t sure what game she was talking about, but the only game besides ‘Cards Against Humanity’ that I could think of was ‘Truth or Dare’. So that’s what popped out of my mouth. “Truth or Dare?”

“Yes, that’s it, Truth or Dare.”

“I’m not sure what the rules are for that game.” I told her.

“I’ve never even heard of it.” Greg said.

My wife said “I hear it’s very exciting and it can get very sexual.”

“I’ll get my lap top and google the rules.” I told them.

As I got up to get my computer I heard Greg ask his wife. “Stel if this game involves sex are you sure you want to play?”

“Oh Jesus Greg, You’re a fifty two year old adult. If you aren’t comfortable with sex by now you may as well curl up in a corner somewhere and hide.”

Greg huffed. “It’s not the sex Stella, I don’t have the body I had twenty years ago and if clothing is removed I would be embarrassed.”

“Oh Greg.” She mocked, “None of us are spring chickens anymore. That’s what happens when you hit forty. Don’t worry about it you have a good body for a man of your age.”

For a man of fifty two Greg is in decent shape although he is starting to get a little gut on him, however his wife Stella is in fantastic shape for a woman forty nine. She used to be a professional dancer and even performed on Broadway a few times. Now she has a dance studio where she teaches children. Many times I have lusted after her, but other than some innocent flirting we have maintained strict social boundaries.

My wife is the same age as Stella and is also in good shape. She works out at the gym and we play tennis regularly. Pam is not as trim as Greg’s wife as Pam’s breasts are substantially larger and her genetics has given her a wider and fuller rear end, but her curves are all womanly and she catches the eye of other men as often as Stella does.

I sat down with my lap top and typed in ‘rules for truth or dare’.

It spit out several web sites I picked one that looked promising and I read from the page that came up.

“Here are the rules in a nutshell: •The players are grouped together sitting in a circle. Whoever joins the group must play or leave. Anywhere from four to eight players are best. Two or more are allowed. •Chose a person to start. The starting player asks any other player the question “Truth or Dare?” •The person who they asked is then forced to choose between one of the two options. Not choosing it isn’t an option. Choosing both isn’t allowed. Once you chose you can’t change your mind. •If the questioned person chooses truth, then he will have to truthfully answer a question that the starting player will ask them. The questioned player may not lie. (The group decides if the answer is the truth or a lie.) If he lies the group will decide a penalty that must be performed before the whole group. •If the questioned person answers dare, then he has to fulfill an action which will be imposed by the starting player. It could be a very embarrassing action. •The group decides if the action was performed correctly. They may tease the questioned person to draw out the dare a little longer or to reveal more details about his answer. Generally, the group decides everything. •After that, the first players turn is over. The questioned player now becomes the questioner and can choose anyone in the game and ask them the question “Truth or Dare?” Anyone who doesn’t answer his question or perform his task is ejected from the game. •The game goes on until the group decides it no longer wants to play.” HINT: the questions and the tasks are meant to be embarrassing.

“That sounds easy enough.” Stella observed.

“I wouldn’t know what to ask.” Greg grumbled.

My wife told him. “I’m sure you’ll think of something as the game progresses Greg.” Then she asked. “Who should go first?”

My friend’s blond wife chirped. “Why don’t you go first Pam?”

“Sure. I’ll go first if that’s okay with everyone else.”

Greg and I nodded.

“Ok. Stella, truth or dare.”


My wife was grinning. “Who took your virginity?”

Stella’s eyes shot open. “Why Pamela Hays, you know dammed well who it was.”

“Yes,” My wife said grinning even more. “But does your husband know?”

Stella looked at Greg, then she turned back to Pam and said. “I don’t want to play this game anymore.”

“Oh no you don’t.” Greg growled. “You started this whole thing and now I think you need to answer your friend’s question.”

“Grrr, Okay. It was Steve Hucksley.”

“You had sex with that asshole?” Greg shouted at her.

“Only twice, and it wasn’t any good either time.”

Greg grumbled something under his breath, but didn’t say anything more.

“Your turn Stella.” I told her.

She shot daggers with her eyes at Pam and said. “Two can play that game missy. Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” Pam answered. Her grin had evaporated.

Stella leaned toward Pam and asked. “Whose dick did you suck in the high school parking lot almost every day for a month?”

My wife gasped. “Why you bitch!” she shrieked. “I can’t believe you said that.”

“Turn about’s fair play.” Stella said smugly and crossed her arms across her chest. “Answer the question.”

I probably wouldn’t know the guy even when she answered, but the fact that my wife had given any guy blowjobs in the school parking lot every day for a month was shocking to me. I could count the number of times my wife has given me oral sex in our twenty one year marriage on one and a half hands and none of them have been in any public area.

My wife looked at me and said. “Close your mouth Bill you might swallow a fly.

I hadn’t realized that my mouth was open, but I snapped it shut with a pop as she glared over at her best friend. “Arthur Anderson.”

Surprised, I did recognize the name. “That pimple faced geek you showed me in your year book?”

“The very same.” Stella confirmed.

My wife stood up from the table. I thought she was going to leave, but instead she asked. “Who would like some more wine or a beer?”

Stella lifted her glass and tossed her a snooty smile. Both Greg and I asked for a beer.

I began to wonder if the game had been a bad idea. Sure I had learned something about my wife that was disturbing and it was something we would discuss later, but playing this game worth the possibility of destroying her and Stella’s friendship.

I looked at my two friends across from me and said. “Maybe we should do something else. This game is starting to make me uncomfortable.

“Hell no.” Greg crows. “I think we should keep playing. It’s starting to get interesting.”

“I want to keep playing too.” Stella said.

I shrugged. Pam returned with two beers and handed me one and slid the other over to Greg. She poured Stella’s glass so full I thought she was going to spill it then she poured herself a glass almost as full and then took a big gulp.

Then Pam sat down and said. “So I guess it is my turn now?”

I nodded even though I knew it was a rhetorical question. I was wondering if this cat fight was going to continue when she said. “Bill, truth or dare.”

I responded with, “I’m not sure. The truth questions have been very antagonistic, but I don’t want to do a dare either.”

Then Greg interjected. “Come on make a decision pussy.” And he smiled at me.

I knew he was trying to lighten the mood so I went with it. “Oh pussy is it?” I shot back at him. “And this is from a man who is worried about showing his love handles.” Then I turned to my wife and said. “Truth.”

“How many women did you have sex with before me and can you name them.” She asked with a gleam in her eye.

Even though we have been married forever it seems like, we’ve never talked much about our love life before we met.

“Wait.” I said. “Can she ask two questions?”

“You read the rules. Didn’t it say something about revealing more details?” Greg asked.

The lap top was still on the table I opened it and the page was still there. I scanned the rules and found the one Greg had referenced and read it.

“•The group decides if the action was performed correctly. They may tease the questioned person to draw out the dare a little longer or to reveal more details about his answer. Generally, the group decides everything.”

“Let the group decide.” My wife insisted. “I say yes.”

Greg said. “Sure why not.”

If Stella said no then it would be a tie and I wondered what would happen then, but she said. “Yeah, I think it’s within the rules.”

I think my wife was expecting that I had quite a few sexual liaisons, but I wasn’t the stud that she apparently thought I was. I had sex with only four women and only one was for more than one night.

I asked. “Would you repeat the question please?”

“How many women have you fucked before me and can you name them.”

My face twisted at the word fucked, as that is a word my wife never uses. Then I saw that her wine glass was empty.

“Four and yes.”

“Who were they?” Pam asked.

“That’s three questions, that can’t be within the ruled can it.”

“Group?” she blurted. “I say yes.”

Stella said. “I’d like to know their names. I might know one.”

I assumed Greg was going to side with the women so I said. “I only remember the last names of two of them, but there was Mary, and Joellen, then there was Martha Higgins and Alice Dwyer.

Pam asked. “That’s all, just four?”

“Yep, just four.” I confirmed.

“I’m not so sure.” Pam said. “Do you guys think he’s lying?”

Greg said. “Nah, If he was lying he would have said twenty and he wouldn’t have been able to name them all. Your turn Bill.”

“Truth or dare Greg?”

“Truth.” My friend said.

I couldn’t think of a question to ask him so I just asked Pam’s question. ““How many women did you have sex with before Stella.”

“Twenty.” He said with a grin. “And I can’t remember their names.”

“Bullshit.” My wife blurted.

Still smiling he said. “Okay, okay. The truth is I don’t know how many, but it could have been twenty. There were quite a few when we were at State College.”

His wife said “I believe him. I know before we met he got around pretty good.”

“Okay,” Greg said. “My turn. Stella, truth or dare.”

“I’m not drunk enough to do a dare yet so truth.”

Hearing this Pam reached over and filled her glass then filled her own.

“Where were you when Steve took your cherry?”

“In the back of his Mercury.”

“Where was the Mercury?

“At the Starlight Drive In movie.”

“Where was I?”

“Two cars over screwing Maryanne Higgins.”

“It was THAT night?”

“Yes, that’s why I let him do me. I was pissed at you.”

“Huh.” My friend said.

Stella turned to Pam and asked. “Truth or dare?”

Pam’s eyes narrowed as Stella smiled at her. “Truth.” My wife said.

“How many men did you fuck before Bill?”

“Cunt!” my wife spat at Stella.

Stella giggled.

My spouse glared at the woman across the table from her and said. “Twenty.”

Stella continued to smile. “Are you sure, I seemed to remember a diary that had a number of names listed in the back that you told me you had sex with.”

Pam ground her teeth and said. “Ok maybe there were more, but I don’t remember how many.”

For some reason, hearing that my wife had had sex with that many men made my dick hard. I was glad we hadn’t bought that glass topped dining table or my boner would be showing. On top of that I was discovering that apparently my wife was a slut before we started dating.

“My turn.” Pam hissed. Stella, Truth or dare?”

“Dare bitch!”

Pam grinned. “I dare you to strip to your underpants.”


“You heard me. Take off everything but your panties.”

“You dammed slut.” Stella shouted.

Greg interrupted “I think we should go.”

“Be quiet Greg.” Stella growled at him. “Ok Pam just remember, you started this and it’s my turn next.”

Pam crossed her arms and said. “Talk talk and no action.”

Stella stood and literally snatched off her blouse without even unbuttoning it. Then she reached behind her, unsnapped her bra and tossed it after her blouse. Then her skirt fell to her feet and she was standing in a pair of hot red laced panties. I could see her pubic hair through the lace. She is a natural blond. She swung her hip to one side and asked. “How’s that for action whore.”

Then she sat back down and said, “Pam, Truth or dare?”

“Dare oops, I mean truth.”

“Oh, no you dizzy twat. You said dare and once stated it can’t be taken back. Pam I dare you to strip completely.”

Pam stood and started taking her clothes off. Greg and I looked at each other and I shrugged. He nodded and continued to watch my wife undress. I saw him lick his lips when she removed her bra and her big tits fell out.

She pushed down her shorts and her panties with one motion and stood with her curly brown bush for all to see. She did a little dance in a complete circle and as she sat down I thought I saw a smile flicker across her lips, but it was so brief that I couldn’t be sure.

When her ass hit her seat I was cursing myself for not buying that glass topped dining table.

My wife looked over at Stella and said “There Happy?”

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