Mama Teaches Me

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Incest Sex Story: Teenager learns about women from the most trusted source.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Sharing   Incest   Mother   Son   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

I woke up when mama came home from the first date she’d been on since she and daddy split. My door was not fully closed and I heard a man’s voice and then they walked down to her bedroom. After while there were some noises and vocal sounds I’d never heard before. I got up and put my ear to my door opening and could hear better but still didn’t understand what was going on.

When the man left, I went in to see mama. She’d never been fussy about nudity at home but I’d never seen her like this. She was lying on her back with her eyes closed and her legs spread. I got the view from her feet. I’d never seen her crotch from that angle and it was really pink and opened up with some white stuff oozing out.

She sensed that I was there and raised her head. “Hi Tommy, come up here and lie down next to me.” I snuggled up to her which I’d done before but not when she was naked. One breast was practically in my mouth and I was tempted to suck on it like I knew I’d done when I was an infant.

“Are you okay mama? I heard a bunch of noises from here and there’s some white stuff coming out of where babies get born.” I’d had some sex education now that I was 14 years old.

She rolled on her side to face me and her big breasts were now pushed on my chest. She pulled me close and wanted to talk, I figured. I just waited for her to decide what that would be about.

“My dear young man, that white stuff is what comes out of the end of a penis. Hasn’t that happened to you while you were sleeping sometimes?” I admitted that it had and didn’t tell her that I’d learned how to masturbate.

I had a question, “So how did it get down there?”

“That nice man that I had a date with put it inside me. Sometimes it makes babies but I’ve made sure that it won’t.”

“But mama, why would he want to do that?”

She squeezed me to her breasts again as she answered, “Because it feels really good to both the man and the woman when they do that even if they’re not trying to make a baby. I used to do it a lot with your father but we aren’t together anymore and I was missing it.”

I remembered seeing my dad’s penis sometimes when he was dressing but it was always short and floppy. That led to my next question, “So dad put his penis in there and then his white stuff came out and that got me started?” She nodded and I continued, “When I saw it was always real soft and floppy like mine usually is so how could it go inside?”

She reached down and grasped my penis. I knew that it got hard first thing in the morning quite often but that went away after I peed. Then I remembered how it got when I rubbed it and made the white stuff spurt out of the end. That must be how it was able to go inside a woman. Mom seemed to want to show me something so I just waited.

She rubbed my penis until it got hard like when I masturbated. I could see that she was breathing hard and there was a flush on her face and across her upper chest just above her breasts. Without saying anything more, she rolled on her back again and pulled me on top of her. One hand was on my hard organ and the other one on my ass and she pushed me right up inside her. “That’s how it works honey. Now if you move in and out that will make it shoot the stuff in there.”

Her hands on my hips taught me the best kind of movement and after a while her body shook and she moaned which kind of worried me until she explained that was the special pleasure that “copulating” could produce. “Keep on moving honey and you’ll feel your own.”

I did and when my penis throbbed it was way better than I’d ever gotten with my hand. We both fell asleep with me still on top of her.

When I woke up she rolled me on my back and was sitting on my hard thing. She took my hands and brought them up to her big breasts and told and showed me how to make them feel extra good. Instinctively I sucked on them when she bent over so they could reach my mouth. “Oh my baby, I remember you nursing me and the little thrills it gave me then. It’s much better now!”

The next time we got naked together she got real excited and started using some words I wasn’t familiar with. She really wanted to know how it felt for me to be doing sex with her and I did my best to describe it, even though that is kinda difficult to do.

The next weekend she went out with that same guy again. We had “fucked” in the afternoon and she said for me to come to her bed as soon as he left. I didn’t just wait in my room while they fucked but quietly came up to her door and opened it enough that I could see him between her legs. Neither one of them could see me but I could watch his cock and balls as he pumped his stuff into her.

As soon as he left, she was waiting, pussy wide open and wet for me to hop on and give her some more pleasure. I told her how much I enjoyed putting my penis in her when she was wet with just her own juices, or with mine or his already there which felt different. She loved all of it, I could tell. She did ask me if I was jealous of her boyfriend but I said, “Why should I be when I get to be with you so much more than he does.” She was very pleased at my maturity.

One night they came home from a date pretty drunk and got into the whiskey right away. I hadn’t gone to bed yet and I did been introduced to this guy Jake. He offered me some whiskey but I declined so he insisted I sit down with them and he began asking me a bunch of questions about different things.

“Hey son,” (I don’t know why he called me that. Maybe he just couldn’t remember my name) “I hear that this hot mama of yours is been teaching you about sex. You’re a lucky son-of-a-bitch because I had to learn it from an old lady down the street who wasn’t nearly as good looking as you’re getting. How about you and I treat her to one of the fantasies that she’s told me when she is really hot and bothered.”

Mama looked really embarrassed and tried to say no but Jake was on a roll. He addressed me, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s two holes down there. She told me that she’s had it in the back one a few times before she met your dad and it was kind of fun. How about you and me fill them both up for her at the same time? I’ve never done that but I’ve always wanted to and this might be might be my big chance. How about it, sport?”

I never thought about anything going into a shit hole but then babies came out of a pussy and cocks went in there so it might just be possible. I said I was willing to learn about it and mama rolled her eyes.

Jake sent mama to get some oil and we put a throw down on the floor. When she got back we all got naked. Jake and I were both erect at this point and he said, “I guess mine is smaller so I’ll get the back door this time.”

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