The Talk

by Ahazurak

Copyright© 2018 by Ahazurak

Romantic Story: A short tale of communication

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   .

This is a flash story that popped in my head as I was thinking about why the people in the Loving Wives stories rarely talk about their dissatisfaction with the status quo. I wondered what would happen if someone took the bull by the horns and actually talked about things instead of letting them fester. This is what popped out of my head. No BTB or cuckolding, no RAAC because there is no cheating. If this isn’t your thing it won’t hurt my feelings for you to pass on this one. I always accept constructive criticism so feel free to let me know what you think. This is just me trying something different.


My wife came to bed after doing her nightly routine. She was wearing a cotton nightgown and looked exactly as adorable as the day I met her. I could tell that something was bothering her all night but after 18 years of marriage I knew better than to press her. She would bring it out on her own.

“Okay James I need to talk to you about something and I need you to hear me out. This is going to require you to put your ego aside for second and focus on my words, not your feelings. Can you do that?” She asked.

This sounded ominous.

“Okay.” I said slowly. What was about to happen? I put my Ipad down and looked at her.

“Last night when we were reading that story on Literotica you made the comment that a woman should tell a man before she gets to the point where she is unhappy enough to cheat. I have been thinking about that and I want to have that conversation.” She said warily.

My world rocked.

“Mary are you saying you want to sleep with other guys?” I asked harshly. “Cause I am never going to be cool with that.”

“C’mon James.” She said with more than a hint of annoyance. “Why would you go there? No I am saying that our sex life is beginning to get stale and I want to pull this issue out in the open before it can fester. I told you to check your ego.”

Ok, I had some time now to center myself. I thought our sex life was as good as it could be for a couple of late 30 somethings with two kids, but I had to hear her out. I didn’t want anything to happen between us and if we had to have this conversation, I was all for it.

“I am sorry Mary, that was a knee jerk reaction. Yes, if you feel we need to talk about this I would love to. Can we do something though? Can you lay out a point or two for me to consider and then we have this conversation tomorrow before bed? I need to get in the right headspace since this is a pretty important topic.” I replied calmly.

The tension she had been carrying all night seemed to drain out of her. She gave me a huge grin and a nice kiss.

“Thank you so much James, I can’t tell you how nervous I was about bringing this up. I want to get one thing clear right now. I do NOT want to sleep with anyone else, I don’t want an open marriage or anything else like we read on Literotica. I just want to talk about ways we can spice things up together. Also I know that I have a role in this also, so please don’t think I am blaming you for anything or dumping this all on you. Are we good?” she asked that last part a bit hesitantly.

I gave her a big hug and kiss.

“Yeah darlin’, we are good.” I replied.

My mind was pretty much put at ease. Over the years the two of us had been able to have the big, uncomfortable conversations and not let them go nuclear. The last one had been about our method of birth control. After we had our youngest, Rose, we had decided to stop. I had thought it was a given that she was going to have her tubes tied and she figured it was easier for me to get a vasectomy. It got a little heated but we took a timeout and sat down and hashed things out. When it was all said and done I decided to get the vasectomy due to the fact that it was outpatient and less intrusive. After she had stated her case I could see her point.

It took me a bit longer to get to sleep because I was thinking about what she said but eventually I spooned up to her and grabbed her boob. I fell asleep with a faceful of hair.

I woke up to a wonderful sensation. Mary has to be at her work about an hour before I do, so I usually sleep while she gets ready. As she walks out the door she wakes me up and I finish waking the kids up and get their breakfast and lunches around and make sure they get out the door. Today instead of telling me to wake up she was giving me a sloppy blowjob. What made it even hotter was the fact that she was dressed in her navy pinstripe suit with her hair done up and looking every bit the high level executive she was. I tapped the back of her head when I was about ready and she took her head off my cock and pointed the end of my shaft to the right while she leaned to the left to finish me off. I shot three really good ropes onto the sheets and covered her hand in cum. She looked me in the eye then gave her palm a long lick. She ran to the bathroom and washed her hands, bringing me the washcloth she was using. She tossed it at me with a grin.

“Time to get up sleepyhead.” she said. “Would you be a dear and toss the sheets in the wash before you head out?” Then she swayed out of the room and down to her car.

I rolled away from the wet spot and stripped the sheets. I ran them down to the laundry and, on my way back I beat on each of the kids doors. I was rewarded with a yell of acknowledgment from my son and a grumpy moan from my daughter. Rose was not a morning person so I went and beat on her door one more time and yelled at her to get up. I ran up to my bedroom and grabbed a shower. I was in a great mood. I got dressed quick and hopped down the stairs to the kitchen. We aren’t health fanatics but we try to eat relatively well. I normally made them a quick salad and a sandwich along with a piece of fruit and a water bottle of iced tea. As I started getting things out of the fridge I realized that I was in too good of a mood to bother them with the “healthy” lunch they always complained about. I reached into my wallet and grabbed a couple of ten dollar bills. As they made appearances to eat their cereal I could tell they were wondering what was up with me not getting their food around.

“You each get ten bucks today for the a la carte line.” I told them. “Don’t get used to it.”

The looked at me like I had grown two heads. Then they grabbed the money like it would disappear.

My son looked at me sideways.

“Damn dad, was mom extra frisky last night or what?” he said with a grin.

“Ew, gross Ty!” My daughter squealed.

I loved my boy. He was sixteen and coming into his own personality. It looked like he was going to be closer to his mother in personality with just a bit of my irreverence.

I looked at him for a second and then grinned.

“Who said it was last night?” I asked archly.

That got another squeal from daughter and a red face from my boy.

The rest of the morning went pretty much according to routine. My daughter was running five minutes late for everything from makeup application to bathroom use. My son was fuming during those five minutes and I was cleaning up the kitchen while yelling dire threats of grounding and restrictions if she didn’t get her ass in gear.

We got out the door and broke a few laws to get them to the school on time, especially because they wanted to be dropped off a block away. How cliche right?

I showed up to work ten minutes late and dropped into my chair. I am a real estate agent by trade and consistently one of the top two sellers in our region. I got some dirty looks from a couple of the new guys as I walked in unapologetically late but it didn’t bother me. I knew my broker wasn’t going to say a word about it. I made him way too much money. Besides we were all technically subcontractors so he couldn’t force us to show up on time. We had one discussion about my hours when I first started. He asked if I was going to be a part time agent and I told him as long as he was giving me a 1099 form I would see him when I see him. Two weeks later I closed a 1.2 million dollar deal and he hasn’t said a word to me about it since.

I sat at my desk and fired off a few emails. I called a couple leads back and managed to setup a showing on a nice little twenty acre parcel about 45 minutes out of town. When I had cleared my work I took some time and thought about our conversation the night before. I didn’t think there was really anything wrong with our sex life, we usually were able to fool around on Thursday because the kids had various practices and rehearsals that night. This morning did make me think that we hadn’t done anything on any other night in a while though. I could kinda see where she was coming from. I grabbed my wallet and hit up Amazon. Paying the extra for next day shipping put the cost up there but I figured it was worth it. I called up and made reservations at the second best restaurant in town, and thought more about changing things up. I decided that as long as we didn’t include any others in our love life I would be willing to listen to anything she had to say. The rest of the day went smooth. I was able to bring back a signed buy/sell agreement on the property I showed. The commission was going to be about 1300 bucks so it wasn’t a huge haul but I made my living on volume so it was right up my alley. Plus Mary made enough at her job where if I wanted to I could be a stay at home dad. That wasn’t my cup of tea though. It worked out pretty well. Mary’s job paid the bills and insurance while my job bought the luxuries. As good as I was there were times I would go a couple months without a commision check so having her steady income was awesome.

I bugged out an hour early, much to the chagrin of the new guys. I went and got a family membership to a boxing gym I had passed for the last four years but never stepped foot in. I guess there was a Thursday night women’s self defense class taught there but I wasn’t all that interested in that, I just wanted to lose the twenty extra pounds I had put on since we got married.

I went home and got the noodles boiling for spaghetti. I whipped up a basic meat sauce and had the table ready to go when everyone walked in. Mary generally picks up the kids on the way home unless they head out with a friend. They know they are supposed to call.

The three of them walked in and saw dinner ready to go. The kids let out a “cool dinner’s ready early” but Mary had a sweet smile on her face. We ate and I got the usual “okay” for every question I asked about school from the kids. I made them clean up the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher to the usual complaints of child labor abuse. They then bolted to their rooms to do homework. I grabbed a bottle of wine and poured two glasses then led my wife to the living room. We snuggled up together and sipped our wine in silence for a bit.

“Okay beautiful, let’s have that talk.” I said, breaking the ice.

“I want to say that I’m so happy with you and our family James, I don’t ever want to make it sound like I’m not.” she said very seriously.

“Mary, please just say what is on your mind. I’m in a mental spot to not take offense right now so let it go.” I said with a small smile.

“Okay, on Sunday I was planning my week out and when it came to Thursday I went through my head that we would end up having sex and so I blocked out from 7 until bedtime that night and moved on. Then it hit me. That’s what our sex life is now. A block on a day calendar. I thought about it for the rest of the day, then when you were reading that story on Literotica and made that comment about how if the wife was unhappy she should at least give the guy a chance to fix it, I thought about us even more. I figured I should say something to you before I stewed on for too long. I know how I can get about things and I didn’t want this to be one of those.” she looked at me carefully as she said this.

Okay I could kind of understand that. I needed more information though.

“So am I not doing enough in the bedroom? You seem to generally have a four or five decent orgasms when we do it, unless you are faking it, trying to make me feel good. Do I not do it for you anymore?” I asked.

“James, I am not going to sit here and tell you I have never faked an orgasm, but believe me you have nothing to be worried about. Let me try to explain a bit better. Thursday night the kids will be gone until 10:00. We’ll come home at 6:00, eat dinner, you will help me with the dishes and then we will head upstairs where I may or may not have some sexy lingerie waiting for you. I will give you a nice sloppy blowjob and try to swallow everything you have. You’ll throw me on the bed and lick my pussy until I have a nice orgasm, then you will finger and lick me to another. By this time you will be hard again and will spread my legs for you and you’ll make love to me in the missionary position. I’ll generally cum again like this. Then you’ll turn me over and pound me doggy style until you finish. I may or may not have a really serious orgasm this way. Does that sound about right?” she asked.

“Yeah I guess, I am not sure where what you described is a bad thing though.” I responded honestly.

“None of that is bad, James. It is just that I feel like things are too routine if I can tell you on Tuesday what our love making session is going to be like on Thursday. Does that make sense?” She was staring at me intently.

“It’s not just you either.” she continued. “When was the last time I gave you a blow job and walked out the door? Do you have any idea how excited I was today? I had a tough time concentrating on anything. And that was just from a spur of the moment BJ.”

I thought about how happy I was all day today. We were into a rut. It was a good, safe, and fun rut but it was still a rut. She wanted out of that rut. I couldn’t blame her at all.

“Ok here is what I propose,” I said. “Every other Thursday one of us has control. The one who doesn’t have control will have to do whatever the one in control wants them to, within reason. No marking, animals, piss, shit, or other people. Everything else is on the table though. Also we both actively look for opportunities to have sex during the week. Does that work for you?”

In answer to that she jumped at me, spilling our wine over the couch. Oh well, it was time for another one anyways. We made out like teenagers and I totally got to second base. I was one horny and happy mother fucker. The kids came down to watch TV so we had to play it straight. I made an excuse to make some microwave popcorn and Mary followed me in a minute later. We were making out hard on the kitchen counter when our daughter came in for another glass of tea.

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