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Erotica Sex Story: You never know what will happen when I get horny. Especially when I am laying around the house.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Pegging   .

I had just put the groceries down when a new text message came in.


Was I busy? Probably not.

Nope. What’s up?

I’m horny

Really? :)

Really. Want to help me out?

And how can I help?

You could come over and lick my clit until I cum

I could. Is that all you want?

I want you to fuck me multiple times too

Sounds like fun. Are you naked?


The picture that came with the response showed her pulling on one engorged nipple and naked on the couch.

Sexy. Can you wait for me to get there?

I am just going to watch some videos and get wet

Don’t touch your clit then

I will try not too. Hurry.

I pulled the keys out of the pile of groceries, tossed the frozen items in the freezer and headed to the Jeep. I got another image as I unlocked the door.

Not wet yet

There was a picture of her closed lips and just the hint of her clit. I adjusted my cock which had swelled from her teasing and climbed into the Jeep.

This could be fun

She sent a screen capture of a woman tied to a bed on her front with her ass in the air.

Yes, I can see how it could be. I sent back.

I tried not to gun the engine as the light changed, but I was only marginally successful. I calmed my racing heart down and did not immediately respond to the number of texts that came in while I negotiated the city traffic. By then, there was six new text, and they were all images. I pulled up to a red light and investigated them in more detail.

The first one expanded on the previous one, only the woman’s hands were tied in front of her, and her legs were splayed such that more of her ass and pussy were exposed. Apparently she was working on a theme.

The second image was two women. One took the other with a strap-on. The third picture showed a guy and a gal, and she pegged his ass. None of these came as a surprise as she had told me about her desire to be part of the former and she had used me in the similar fashion and with significant effect as in the latter.

The fourth image was an update of her state of excitement. Her lips were now swollen and glistened from her moisture, and her clit was prominently displayed. It was hard to tell if she had played with herself or if that was how it was coming out of her naturally.

The light changed before I could get a look at the other two. Five minutes later I pulled into a parking space and looked at them. The fifth one came as no surprise. It was a woman being doubled teamed. It was something she had told me was one of her fantasies. The sixth one did come as a surprise. It showed a woman on a bed with a wicked looking knife slicing through her panties. The image did not disturb me. Once before I had met a woman who had a similar fetish. Just talking about cold steel touching her body would get her excited. She owned a pair of heavy, sharp sheers that she would have me use to cut away her clothes to get at her. The closer and more intimate the blades came to her body, the wetter she would become. I purchased a flip knife that would get her going if I dragged it over her skin. There was never any blood involved, just the feel and the potential risk of the steel cutting her was enough. I shivered a bit as I put my phone back into my jacket and made my way up to her apartment.

It’s open was the response to my knock.

I went through the door and locked it behind me. I found her on the couch, legs bent, pussy gaping open and oozing. She looked at her tablet which she lowered enough to blow me a kiss and then went back to the video. I took off my coat and shoes and walked around to see what had her so mesmerized.

On the screen, a woman was being serviced by two men. One guy was balls deep inside her. He was pounding away while she sucked on the other guy, occasionally pulling him out to stroke him as she tried to get her breath from an orgasm that would roll through her. It was a pretty hot video, and I quickly got undressed while she watched. My cock was hard by the time I was naked. She reached over and stroked it gently as the video came to an end.

She put down her tablet and swiveled enough to suck my cock into her mouth in one smooth motion before she started to bob up and down on it. I got even harder. She stopped and turned around on the couch, so her pussy was on the edge. She pulled her legs back and opened herself wide.

“What do you want?” I asked

“Just slam it into me, hard and fast,” she said.

Her eyes were glazed, and her nipples were hard and red. I stepped forward, lined my cock up, and slammed forward into her. She cried, moaned and shook as I hit bottom. Her velvet walls clutched my cock, and she was hot and wet. I braced myself and gave her everything I could. I slammed into her over and over and she thrust back. Her clit was hard, and the couch under her was wet when I exploded inside of her. She shook as I slipped out and sagged against the coffee table while I tried to get my breath back. She slumped against the couch and dropped her legs.

“Lick me?”

I moved forward, and she wiggled her butt over the edge. I flicked my tongue over her clit, and she squeaked. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked. She shook and twitched before she cried out, and the first orgasm rolled through her body followed rapidly by two more. I slipped my fingers into her wet snatch and pressed hard against her g-spot. She came again with a gush before she pushed my head away while she gulped air.

“Whew, I needed that,” she gasped.

“So you’re done with me?”

“No fucking way. That was just to take the edge off. I still need you to fuck me again. Maybe a couple more times. And lick me.”

“Greedy much?”

“It’s been a bit of a dry spell.”

“I guessed. Did you shave just for me?”


“Going to tell me?”

She pulled herself into a sitting position and rested her arms on her legs and looked at me.

“Kiss me?”

I moved forward and kissed her. She clung to me like a drowning woman as she rammed her tongue into my mouth and I returned the favor. We kissed for several minutes like that until she broke the kiss and held me close.

“Damn you are so fucking sexy,” she whispered.

I let her hold me, and I held her for several minutes until my knees started to hurt.

“Can I at least get on the couch if you want to continue holding me?”

“Sorry,” she said contritely.

I got on the couch and laid out, and she lay down on top of me before she pulled a quilt up over us.

“Comfy?” she asked.


She sighed and rested her head on my chest. Her hand moved in idle circles.

“I was supposed to have a date tonight, so when I got up this morning, I shaved. And doing that, along with the water flowing over my body and thinking about what I was going to wear and imagining how his cock would feel inside of me, well, it got everything going. I managed to get shaved without cumming. Anyway, I was fucking horny when I got out of the shower, and I was going tell him to get his ass over here now and take care of me. This was waiting.”

She reached over to the table for her phone and passed it to me.

Sorry babe. I have to go out of town, so I have to cancel tonight.

When will you be back?

There was no response, so I looked at her.

“When is he coming back?” I asked as I handed the phone back to her.

She pushed the screen a couple of times and handed back to me. She had sent a message to one of her friends I did not know.

Just got a text that Gary has to go out of town. Bastard. And now I am horny. LOL

Girl, you are always horny. But what do you mean Gary had to go out of town?

He sent me a text

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