Loving My Ex

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Sex continues after the split.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Slut Wife   Sharing   .

Kerrie was moaning in her inimitable way as she rode my cock. How I loved that sound. None of the other women I fucked made pleasure noises that resonated so well with me. Maybe it was because that sound was forever connected to the first piece of ass I ever got.

I was eighteen and she was twenty. She had just broken up with her first lover, a somewhat older guy who was insisting on getting married. She wasn’t ready yet. Too much life to explore first. It was our third date and she asked me to drive my van to a private spot. She was horny. Was she ever! I got laid in three different positions before she was ready to go home.

We dated steadily all the time I was in college while she worked. After a while I couldn’t get a date just anytime I had an opportunity. She was honest that she was dating others too. I noticed subtle differences in our sex but it seemed to be just as satisfying for both of us.

Kerrie gradually brought in new things for us to try which I couldn’t really complain about. My computer science program was very demanding so I just barely had the time and energy to screw her, let alone deal with finding any other girls.

She was spending two or three nights a week with me and we took short vacations together when we could. I was very much in love and she said she felt the same way but would not commit to sexual exclusivity when I asked. When she had explored enough of life she would let me know. In the meantime, I should enjoy what we had together.

Six months before I graduated I asked her to marry me, hoping that she’d done enough “exploring”. After a lot of discussion, she agreed but couldn’t cut off her other lovers cold turkey. She promised to taper down while we were engaged. I didn’t ask her for a detailed accounting but believe that she did, although the last guy might have been in her bed after her pre-nuptial party.

We screwed a lot on our short honeymoon and when we were settled in our small apartment. I think she was fine for the first six months of the marriage but I could tell she was getting restless and irritable. I have to give her credit for honesty. If I asked, she would answer truthfully.

Finally, after a silly squabble, I had to bring out the issue in the open. I just asked her why she was getting so cranky.

She started crying and said that she loved me and that was the reason she had given in to my requests for marriage. Deep down inside she just didn’t want to be monogamous. A couple of guys had recently gotten through her defenses and into her pussy. She’d loved the sex but hated the dishonesty. It wasn’t that she wanted another MAN for love; she wanted other MEN for sex. Was the latter any easier for me to take than the former?

We talked some more and I said I couldn’t live as an open cuckold. We agreed to separate but not file for divorce right away. We both needed some time to deal with the situation. Kerrie didn’t want us to get too far apart so she made me agree that we would spend every Friday night together. She DID love me and DID like our sex together and I believed her. How could I say no?

I began referring to Kerrie as my “ex” because we were not living together even though we were still legally married. Soon after we separated the husbands of couples we knew started hitting on her. She is a voluptuous redhead who never has any trouble attracting guys. There were a couple of them she was interested in so before she banged them she met with their wives and sent them to me to keep things “even” in both marriages. I know she had an ulterior motive as well. I’d never screwed anyone but her, and she wanted me to understand her feelings better. It did help and I can’t deny it was fun!

On our Friday “dates” she asked me about the women she fixed me up with and was very interested in my reactions. One of them, another redhead but slimmer and the mother of two small children, called me frequently even after Kerrie stopped screwing her husband. I guess I was pretty good in the sack and at making her feel desirable. I was working at home more than half of the time so it was easy for her to stop by during the day.

Kerrie counseled me about this woman getting too emotionally involved and how to counteract that. She kept her wedding rings on for that very reason because she’d had a lot of experience with those issues herself. She said that even some married guys would have trouble with her still bedding me, let alone other lovers. They didn’t last long, I guess.

We were apart for nearly two years. I noticed that Kerrie began inviting herself over on weekday mornings sort of spontaneously at least once a week for a short screw with breakfast. Many times it was evident she’d been recently laid, especially when I slid my rod into that special silky texture. “Mine was not to question why.” Much later I learned that many of those visits happened because her last partner hadn’t properly satisfied her.

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