My Scholarship (2018 Rewrite)

by LOAnnie2

Copyright© 2018 by LOAnnie2

Erotica Sex Story: A rewrite of the very first erotica story I had made many, many years ago. I hope you all enjoy. It's about a 19 year old college girl who agrees to basically be an anal plaything for a very old college professor.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   First   Oral Sex   Teacher/Student   .

Hi, my name is Annie and this is the story about how, during my sophomore year of college, I got the “scholarship” that helped me make it the rest of the way through. Names are of course changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

First, a little background–I was a naive, nineteen-year-old girl from the state of Washington attending a small, private liberal arts college in Canada. Like many college girls I bit off more than I can chew, and I was certainly feeling the pressure about a month into my second year.

Even though it was Canada, and the exchange rate was great, being an international student at such a small school was expensive, like way more than even I thought it was. My family was never rich but my parents worked hard to provide only the best for me. This was the grand ole year of 2007, and I think we know what happened that year, an economic downturn.

The exchange rate started to get worse, my dad lost his job, and the combination of small, low-paying meaningless jobs with challenging classes was just not working out for me. No, that’s not the right way to think of it–my sleep schedule was fucked and my classes were kicking my ass.

I remember it clearly, it was a cold October Friday (it’s Canada, most October days are cold) and I returned to my dorm room in tears–I had completely failed my first test ever. And I mean completely, a twenty-two percent on the second test in Doctor Lambeau’s history class. To his colleagues, Doctor Lambeau was a sought-after history expert who represented the best of the school on the international scene as well. To his students, he was a guy who was well past retirement age who lived to ruin the lives of as many college students as he possibly could.

Suffice it to say I was a mess. I didn’t want to eat, I didn’t want to go out, I pretty much just stayed in bed and cried. With finances getting tighter by the month there was no way I could afford to retake the class, and I was having to sober up to the reality that if I couldn’t somehow turn things around I might as well just leave school and head back home. Wal*Mart was still hiring after all.

The following morning my roommate Tia brings her friend Steffi by. Steffi was someone who could help in a way, she actually worked as a Teachers’ Assistant for Doctor Lambeau. Being the small private school that we were, there was no graduate program so any assistants professors had usually came from the student pool.

I hadn’t really spoken much to Steffi, I mean she had been in our shared dorm room (our dorms were set up as 4 small single room apartments with common kitchen, living room, and bathroom areas) a bunch, but she wasn’t the type to hang out in my crowd.

To be honest, I always gotten the impression that she liked to slut it up, and I wasn’t like that (or at least then I didn’t know I was like that). I mean don’t get me wrong, I knew my way around boys enough to get along just fine, but in reality I had only had intercourse with two guys in my life at that point. Okay, looking back maybe I was a little bit of a slut in my own way–I mean I’d only slept with two guys, but I had blown about eight more. What can I say, I was kind of the master of the “if I give him mind-blowing head, maybe I can make him forget about sleeping with me” school of sluttery. And it always worked, what can I say, guys are easy. Not bad for a shy girl huh?

So it turned out Tia had blabbed to Steffi about my situation, and Steffi for her part actually had a solution. Not just a solution to my problem in Doctor Lambeau’s class, but a solution to my financial problem as well.

See, the school apparently gave professors some money they could use to pay for their own assistants, but Doctor Lambeau was loaded, a massive amount of family wealth that he had inherited and he had no heirs to give it to, so he offered a private scholarship much like was Harvard does–a few lucky recipients (all girls) could get their financial needs met.

“He’s looking for another TA,” Steffi started to tell me when I finally came out of my room hungry for breakfast. “I’m graduating in December so he wants to get the ball rolling now. I heard about your situation so I’m willing to recommend you for the job. The benefits are great, automatic passing grades in his classes, though he does make you do tutoring if you would be failing without the intervention, he takes care of all of your school expenses while you work for him, which most weekdays is about two hours and four hours each on the weekends. It’s technically under the table so if you need to miss a day you can easily make arrangements.”

I couldn’t believe it. Not even twenty hours a week, it would cover school and I didn’t have to worry about failing the hardest history teacher at the school. I had to admit it sounded too good to be true.

“Alright, what’s the catch?” I asked of her, “This sounds like an absolute dream job.”

Steffi motioned me back to my room. I followed her and she waited for me before closing the door and taking seat on my bed.

“It’s a personal services contract, that’s the catch,” she said rather plainly.

I stared at her blankly. At the time I wasn’t sure if that was supposed to mean something.

“Annie, what’s the most personal service you can think of when it comes to providing something for another person?”

I paused for a moment before replying, “Well sex obviously, but–”


I stared rather wide eyed at her, it was both shocking and a little horrified to have her say that. “You’re serious? I’d have to sleep with him?”

“Well, not exactly. You’ll only genuinely sleep with him a few times a year.”

I was relieved as she said that, but then of course she had to continue. “Most of the time he uses you it’s going to be anal sex.”

I blinked several times at her.

“You get used to it, t can even become enjoyable with enough practice and time.”

My head was swimming as I thought about what she was telling me. Constant anal sex from a seventy-year-old guy? Ugh.

“But think about the benefits. I know money is an issue for you and your family. And as weird and gross and wrong as it sounds you’ll really thrive. I mean did you know that before I came to this school I was originally homeless?”

I looked at her with surprise. “No, I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah, I had a semester-long scholarship that I was able to get to cover expenses, but I was going to be on my own for the rest of my college career. Someone tipped me off to Doctor Lambeau’s secret scholarship like I’m tipping you off to now, and I’m about to graduate college with a degree, I have a job lined up, I’ll be debt free and I have everything I need to be successful in the future. I mean sure, did I have to slut myself out a bit yeah, I did. But I’ll be honest, if I could turn back time I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

I listened to Steffi tell her story, and was really surprised by how honest she was about apparently playing anal slut for a kinky old man. I had to admit the more we talked about it, the more I realized that it would be my best bet.

“So, um, how do I apply?” I asked her.

Steffi grinned at me and pulled out some papers from her purse. “I have the application right here. I’ll fill it out for you.” She got up and went to my desk to grab a pen. “Alright Annie, strip,” she commanded.

I did the whole blank stare routine again.

Trust me, it’ll be easier this way. We’ll get through this fast. And don’t worry, I’m not into girls.”

Well, I stripped. It made sense only because of the fact that I’d have to be doing this a lot for him if I got this, might as well get practice.

“Let’s see, name? Annie Sullivan, age nineteen, sophomore. Red hair.” She was reciting what she was filling out when she turned to look at me.

“Normally I’d say you want to get rid of all of that, but in your case you should shave it into a landing strip just above your pussy. I think Doctor Lambeau will appreciate the fire crotch.”

I know I was blushing as she said that, but she just continued on without hesitation.

“Green eyes. Hmm, I’m gonna call you more of a pear in body shape. Height and weight?”

“Uh, five-five and one-thirty-five I think.”

She looked at me again. “Yeah that makes sense. I mean you’re not fat or skinny really, pretty average, and you have wider shoulders than most.”

“How big are your tits?”

For some reason I blushed again at the crassness of how the question was asked. I used to be so innocent.

“Uh, thirty-four b”

She nodded and looked through the application.

“Alright, questions about your sexual experiences. How many guys have you kissed?”

I had to think. “Fourteen.”

“Given blowjobs?”



“Uh, two.”

Steffi stopped and looked up. “You’ve blown ten guys but only slept with two?”

I blushed. “I’ve used head to get out of guys trying to push to sleep with me.”

She laughed at that. “Go you. I’m actually kind of proud hearing that Annie.”

I blushed again and she continued. “Anal?”


“Bondage, spanking, anything kinky?”

I shook my head, blushing again.

“How often do you masturbate?”

“Uh, like once or twice a week.”

Steffi shook her head in response to that. “You poor girl, you need to have more fun.” I rolled my eyes at her.

The rest of the application was a blur, but it continued along the same lines. I signed it, got dressed, and Steffi left.

I got a call from Steffi later that night, I was to go on Tuesday.”

When I got to the address Steffi had given me I was shocked. I was not expecting a full-fledged Victorian-style manor. Royalties from his books and his family wealth must have done him some wonders to have a house that looked so lavish from the outside. I could only imagine what the inside looked like.

A slight wind caught my coat as I walked up the steps to the front door. I draw it tighter to my body to keep the heat in. I ring the doorbell and wait patiently. I must have missed the intercom because it’s just a moment before Lambeau’s voice can be heard saying, “Enter.”

The entryway to the house is just as luxurious as I could have imagined it would be. It was simultaneously impressive and intimidating. The walls of the hallway on both sides were book cases full of books and statues, and the little space of real wall that existed was simply portraits. The house was pretty dark, except for one room that appeared to be brightly lit across the foyer from the door.

“In here Annie,” I hear a voice call out from that room, and with my nerves getting to me a bit more, I walk to the room, only the sound of my footsteps ringing through the house.

When I enter the study I’m floored even more, the room was huge, more like a library than someone’s personal study. With all the books I had seen so far I started wondering if Doctor Lambeau had more books than the school’s modest library. The room was huge, floor to ceiling in said bookshelves, several tables covered with open books and papers strewn about. I swore I saw some parchment too next to several maps and even an old wooden globe that I’m not convinced had North America on it.

In the far left corner of the room from the entrance I saw a fireplace and a pair of chairs, and of course Doctor Lambeau. The other corner included a leather couch whose arms looked rather worn.

The nerves only intensified as I made the slow walk while Doctor Lambeau watched, a crackling fire finally starting to make some noise other than the echo of my heels on the solid wood floor. When I made it to the chair the professor looked up.

“Would you like to hang up your coat?” he asked me rather politely.

I’ll admit that in my scared and nervous state I just adamantly shook my head no. He shrugged and motioned me to the seat. I tightened the grip on my coat even more and sat down and he appraised me in the chair. It was the most awkward three minutes of silence in my entire life.

“For now I have just a single question. Why?”

I stared rather blankly at him. I’m happy to announce this is a habit I’ve broken, but as a nineteen-year-old the deer in headlights look was my specialty.

“I really don’t understand why you of all people would apply for this Annie. I mean from what I’ve seen of you in class you don’t seem motivated, and you just seem like you’re far too shy and introverted to do this. I mean I know Stephanie recommended you for this, but I really can’t see it.”

Wow, was this going to be the shortest interview for something I’d ever had. I mean I know I was already frowning. I had gotten tips from Steffi, her recommendation and everything and it seems like I was only here as a courtesy. I mean I know this is way outside my norm, but I was willing to give it a try.


He cut me off immediately. “I’ll be honest, I don’t really care why you’re applying for this.” Ah, there was the snootiness that I was accustomed to from being in his classes. “I’m sure you’re like all the little sluts that I see parading before me every day with your own little sob story and reasons why you deserve the scholarship and to take over as an assistant from sweet Stephanie. Though it really doesn’t matter, does it?”

He chuckled. Just more evidence of why we didn’t like him as our teacher–such an elitist, condescending attitude made him as relatable as the Sultan of Brunei. Granted, he probably couldn’t give two fucks what his students thought, or if he could relate to them.

“Well, if you’re going to be my assistant, I might as well see your qualifications.”

I knew this part was coming and I closed my eyes for a second before nodding. It was pretty common knowledge that Doctor Lambeau’s wife had passed nearly twelve years ago, and everyone (well, us girls) seemed to think that he liked looking at us a little too much. I recalled one time that I swore he tried looking up my skirt as I sat in the front row of his class.

Steffi had already talked to me about working nude, there was even a question on the application about it But talking about it and being ready to show off were two very different things. But it was time.

I took a very deep breath before nodding and standing up. My hands trembled a little as I started unbuttoning the long coat I wore. I held it closed even as button after button was undone. When it was ready to come off I gripped the sides of the coat tightly as I pulled it open.

Following Steffi’s advice, I decided there was no point dressing up for the part when I knew I was going to have to strip after all. I watched Doctor Lambeau as I did so and watched his eyes widen a bit in surprise as I revealed my naked body to him. It was clear that he was enjoying my nude teenage flesh by the smile on his face, though I was unsure if it was my small, perky breasts with their small nipples and areolae, or my pussy with the small tuft of red hair above it but smooth skin everywhere else.

I dropped the coat on the ground as soon as the sleeves were off my arms and did a small pirouette for him, giving him a peek at my bubble-butt. I hated it, but for a guy who was planning to fuck my ass a lot if he accepted me, it seemed rather fitting that he might like it. When I was facing forward I stood naked before him wearing only heels and a nervous smile, joining my hands together a bit unsure of what I should do with them.

Doctor Lambeau seemed to consider me for a long moment before he finally spoke up. “So far what I’ve seen is acceptable. Stephanie told me that she advised keeping the landing strip, and I do appreciate it, but I think you should go ahead and shave it. It is nice though to know you’re a natural redhead.”

I nodded while he took another moment to look over my body. “Let’s see, if you’re getting advice from Stephanie, you should know what to do next.”

Taking a deep breath I nodded and turned to face away from him, showing off my ass before I bent over at the waist. Anything that might still have been some semblance of keeping my dignity, keeping my most private an intimate places to myself vanished when ten seconds after bending over I reached back with my shaky hands and spread my ass for him.

I felt the burning in my cheeks (the ones on my face) as I revealed everything to him. So much of me was in disbelief that I would be doing this, that I would be showing myself so completely to someone who was my own grandfather’s age. I mean before this the biggest age difference was just two years, and now I had a man fifty years my senior getting his fill of my teenage pussy and of course my little pink (so I would later be told) asshole that I would be having to give up to him.

Honestly, I’m not even sure now that it was the exposing myself that had me all bothered at the moment, it was more the eternity that he seemed to take in examining all of my charms. Steffi had warned me, there was going to be a huge amount of degrading going on, more so at the beginning. Keeping me uncomfortable was his way of testing me, and it certainly did. Up until that point I had never felt more relieved in my entire life then at the moment he told me that I had been a “good girl” and I could take my seat again. At the time I had missed the degrading little comment, but I really didn’t care.

Doctor Lambeau looked at me as I sat down awkwardly in the chair again and frowned “Oh come now Annie, if you’re gonna be working with me for a few years, surely you can get more comfortable?”

Shit! I had forgotten what Steffi had said about needing to look comfortable and vulnerable at the same time. I remembered another piece of advice she had given me as I apologized for my mistake. “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t want to be so impertinent to act all comfortable and familiar with a better without permission.”

It pained me to call him my better but it seemed to mollify him as he nodded and sat back and waited for me to get comfortable. I scooted forward in the chair and adjusted the decorative pillow to just behind me. As I started to lean back awkwardly in the chair I pulled my legs up and over the arms of the chair, spreading them wide. Though my legs felt strained by the uncomfortable position, my back wasn’t feeling so much of the stress. It felt odd to be sitting, almost laying in the chair naked with my legs spread. I knew from practicing the position with Steffi that he could see everything just like he would want,.

I’ll admit the next part of the night actually managed to be more embarrassing for me than even showing off myself for the first moments was. Doctor Lambeau started interviewing me–not like in the application or a job interview sense, it was more like he wanted to get to know me as if we were friends just meeting and catching up. He avoided talking about anything sexual, but the fact that he spent forty-five minutes talking to me while his eyes roamed my nude body and always seemed to come back to my pussy and asshole, yeah, it was uncomfortable as fuck!

“Well, you’re obviously a nice girl, and obviously pretty enough. Stand up, let me give you a little tour.”

It took a tiny bit of effort, mostly because of how my legs were sore from their position over the armrests but he helped me get stood up and slowly we exited the room together.

Doctor Lambeau led me to the front of the house where I had come in and I was a little surprised, I thought maybe he was going to show me out. I’ll admit that I panicked, especially with my coat back in the other room.

“You see this box here?” He motioned to a box kind of hidden amongst the bookshelves lining the entry hall that I had missed upon entering. I nodded in response to him. Every day when you arrive you will undress here in the entryway and you will put all of your clothes in the box. And up here,” he motioned toward a rack that I had also missed, with what looked like a collar with some chains and a leash, “If I desire you to wear anything at all, it will be hanging here, either like this is now, or from a bag. Do you understand?”

I nodded to his question and he just waited, staring at me. I was confused for the longest moment until I had the realization. “I’m sorry sir, I may not have realized, are you waiting for me to put that on?”

A single nod is all I got from him.

I took a deep breath and nodded, stepping forward to the rack and grabbing the collar. I will admit at the time I was a little confused because I had not seen one like this before, or a collar for sexual play at all, at least in person. I found the hook for the leash and put it on with it in front, clasping the collar around my neck. I was still confused by the two other chains that fell from the front of the collar.

“Sir?” I asked, holding up the chains with the clips on the end.

Doctor Lambeau smiled. “My, my, you’ll have much to learn here. These,” he stepped closer to me, taking them from my hand, “these are nipple clamps, built into the collar and connected by these chains.”

He reached down to my left breast, touching me for the first time as his hand grabbed it. I gasped at his touch and looked down. Had my nipples been hard for a while or did that just happen? I honestly wasn’t sure, but I do still remember the sharp pain that I felt when the first clamp closed around my left nipple for the first time. I even let out a little cry.

“Don’t worry, it will go away in a second.”

I didn’t believe him for a moment, but then it did feel as though the sharp pain was dulling fast. Of course he then took my right breast and did the same thing and the process was repeated.

While I reacted to the sharp pain in my right nipple he grabbed the end of the leash and looked at me. When I was ready to focus on him again he asked another question. “Did Steffi tell you about how you’re to move about in my presence?”

I nodded and closed my eyes before bending down to get on my knees. I leaned forward and put my hands on the floor. Doctor Lambeau obviously had a thing for degrading girls, for having power over them. Something that definitely wouldn’t fly so much now in 2018, but making me crawl on my hands and knees around him was part of the job so to speak. It felt so weird to have this happen with the collar and leash, it was almost as if I was his pet.

He turned away from me and tugged on the leash as he started to walk off. I followed him on my hands and knees as he led me around the house. The next room he led me into looked like a normal office. It had a desk, with two chairs, one behind the desk and one next to the first. The room was rather unremarkable.

“This is my main work office. We will be in here most of the time. It’s just a work space. While of course you’ll be nude, and there will be some sexual activity, it’s more about getting work done.” I looked for a moment, but then my leash was tugged because the Doctor was moving away.

He took me past the kitchen, past some of the other essential rooms of the house to another small room. This one had a chalk board, a stool next to the chalkboard, and as he led me into the room I saw something rubbery sticking up from the floor. I was a little shocked when I realized that there was a butt plug mounted to the floor, with a few metal hooks around it.

I looked up at him with a bit of confusion. “This is the tutoring room. If you hit a point in my classes where you would be failing if it weren’t for the benefit that you would be getting, we will spend some nights in here, your ass impaled on that rather large plug, and I will tutor you myself while you suffer a bit. Is that understood?”

I gulped at that but just nodded. The more I looked at the plug the more that I realized it was giant, definitely larger than my own balled fist. I knew I was gonna have to work hard to make sure I never ended up in this room.

“Come along,” he said as he tugged the leash, and I followed him.

He showed me his bedroom briefly, telling me that I would almost never go in there except if he were ill and choosing to stay in bed, or for some very special occasions. We were in and out so fast there was nothing I could really even remark or take in. Pretty soon I was in another larger room lined with books.

The newest room had the largest desk I had seen yet, but all the chairs except one were on the close side of the desk. He led me further into the room and all the way around the desk.

“Go ahead, look under it?”

I moved forward and looked underneath the desk. It was actually quite roomy, though there was something that easily stood out just like in the tutoring room. Underneath the desk, sticking straight out from the reverse of the front of the desk, were two dildos mounted vertically.

“This is the meeting room. There are times when I will need to have others present for meetings or lectures. In this cases, you will be under the desk, those dildos in your pussy and ass. Underneath the desk you’ll remain naked, and you’ll be giving me head. You understand?”

“Yes,” I said with a nod.

“Good, crawl underneath. You don’t have to mount yourself on the dildos right now though. I just want you to feel what it will be like underneath.”

I nodded and crawled forward and underneath, turning around and kneeling on the floor, the dildos sticking into my back. Doctor Lambeau sat down in the chair and moved forward, spreading his legs around my body as he scooted up close, confining me inside.

“Alright Annie, let’s see what you can do, might as well as get some practice.”

The moment had come, I knew that would be the case at some point, but I guess I was surprised when it happened. “Yes sir,” I mumbled as I repositioned myself and reached up to the zipper of his pants. It was weird pulling out the flaccid cock of a guy nearing seventy, a guy who was 3 ½ times my own age. It was rather squishy in my hand as I closed my eyes for a moment before leaning forward and re-opening my eyes with the cock just inches from my lips

I parted my lips and stuck my tongue out to start licking at the well-used cock (well, for being seventy and married and using college students as his own personal fuck toys it clearly had to be well used). As I felt the cock in my hand and my tongue started moving over the stretchy skin, I realized that he was large, like the largest cock I had ever had to that point and he wasn’t even hard yet. I was slightly freaked out that this old guy was about to be my largest cock. I had been licking for a few minutes when I felt I had run out of excuses–the cock wasn’t getting any harder and I knew I had to get this over with. I moved forward a little more and took it into my mouth.

I was surprised, annoyed, and probably even a little bit disappointed that even with his cock more than filling my mouth it still felt pretty flaccid. This had never happened to me before, and I started doubting myself. I glanced up to see him leaning back and looking down at me. I must have had a pitiful expression on my face because he looked at me and laughed.

“ED dear.” Ugh, I hadn’t even considered that, I should have from all the Viagra commercials that had been on TV, but of course the was the first time I had done anything with anyone older than 21. I sighed around his cock and just got back to work.

I nearly jumped when I heard a cell phone ring. I looked up at Doctor Lambeau and he looked down to me too and said, “Keep going dear.” I kinda figured, considering that he said I’d have to suck him with people in this room that I should try to do it now. He answered the phone and I just kept sucking. It didn’t take me long to figure out it was a business call that was quite important to him.

I was getting frustrated as his phone call continued. I mean I wasn’t an unattractive nineteen year old–I was used to the idea that if a guy had his cock in any part of my body that I was his focus. In this case a shy, scared, naked teenager’s mouth meant nothing to him as his phone conversation continued. I wondered if that was also why it was taking so long, if I wasn’t able to get him off because he was so distracted by the call,

I wasn’t sure how long had passed as his phone call carried on, but I felt my jaw starting to ache. The frustration continued to mount until I heard Doctor Lambeau telling whoever he was talking to that he had to return to his work. I was relieved when he hung up the phone and looked down at me. “I’m about to cum. I would like it to be on your face.”

I was warned about this, it was another power-play of his. He normally would want me to swallow according to Steffi, but the first time he wanted to do something that was another sign of his domination, his being better. As I held the base of his cock and started working furiously at the tip of his cock I could sense his body tensing and knew it was happening.

While it was weird that he never did harden, I was ready for it. The first squirt of his cum hit my lips just as I was pulling back, but he started coating his face with the rest of them. I had to move a little bit, the cum didn’t spurt far so I mostly had to just let it dribble onto my face. More surprising than anything so far is that it felt like a lot of cum fell on my face.

I had taken a single facial before, but this was definitely a lot more cum than the last time. I couldn’t believe that a seventy-year-old guy could cum that much. Just as I was about to clean him off he reached down to grab his cock with one hand and my face with his other. “Just close your mouth sweetie.”

Doctor Lambeau squeezed his cock upwards, trying to milk out any last cum in it. When I started to see the white liquid coming out he pulled my head down and wiped his cockhead against my lips, as though he was giving me some cum lip gloss. He did this a few more times before he let me go and started to roll back, redoing his pants.

“Not bad, not bad at all Annie.”

As he pulled the leash and started to lead me from this room I had to wonder what my face looked like covered in his cum. I guess I’d have the chance to find out later. The next hour was a continual tour of the house, with a lot more questions being asked. It was weird to be led around naked like a dog on a leash, even more that he didn’t seem to even care that I was naked, or really acknowledge it.

He finally led me back to the room opposite the foyer where I first met him this evening. “You may have a seat dear,” he said as he let go of my leash. I crawled across the floor back into the seat I sat in earlier. I once again put my legs around the arms of the chair and waited as he sat down in the chair opposite me.

“And finally this is the entertainment room. How much has Stephanie told you of her entertainment duties?”

I frowned, she hadn’t actually mentioned anything specifically about entertainment duties. I shook my head at him and he smiled.

“Well, there are times that while you will be required to suck me while you are underneath the desk like you did earlier, there will be some very rare times that you will have to perform your duties with other people here.”

I raised my cum-covered eyebrows in astonishment. “What do you mean sir?”

Another smile from Doctor Lambeau. “Well, you won’t have to directly fuck anyone else in this room, but you will be expected to provide whatever entertainment that is requested. It may mean oral sex, but more likely will mean dancing, but mostly some sort of masturbation.”

I was a bit confused–some sort of masturbation?

He laughed, “I can see your confusion. How about I give you an example. A week ago Stephanie was on her knees in that chair you are sitting in facing away, using a glass dildo to fuck her ass while myself and Professor Jennings watched. It was quite entertaining.”

I gulped at that, I had never masturbated in front of anyone, let alone my ass. And to have to do it in front of two others, I wasn’t sure if I could handle that.

“Do you have any more questions sweetie?”

I had to think for a moment, but there was nothing I particularly was needing answered right now. I shook my head. “No sir.”

He nodded. “Well, if there’s nothing else you wish to ask, or wish to say for my consideration, you’re free to go.”

Another gulp. This was the final cue and clue that Steffi had provided to me. Of course she didn’t exactly tell me what I should do here, but told me that I should make sure I stand out, make sure he remembered me and that he should consider me.

“Well,” I said as I put my feet back down on the ground and bent over the arm of the chair to reach into my coat. I pulled out a small bottle of lube and looked up at him. I got down onto the floor and crawled over to the couch. I stood up and bent over the worn arm of the couch, I knew that it was worn from other women bending over it so often. I reached back and put the tube of lube in the small of my back.

I took a deep breath, and looked back at him and tried to smile. “Doctor Lambeau, I want to thank you for your consideration of me for this position.” I reached back to once again spread my ass. “In return for you to taking the time to consider me, I offer you my virgin ass.”

As I looked back at him, I could tell he was genuinely surprised as well. He stood up, and much to my surprise I could tell that he had gotten over his ED problem as I could see the outline of a large cock through his pants. Maybe he had snuck some Viagra while I wasn’t looking.

“Mhmm,” he said as he started walking around behind me. “What are your conditions little one?”

I hesitated for a second before turning and looking forward again. “No conditions sir, my ass is yours regardless of what you’re going to decide.”

He chuckled a little too loudly at that for my liking. “You know little lady, that’s the first time any of you little sluts have ever offered that to me. I mean your friend Stephanie also offered me her ass like you are doing, but there was one difference.”

He had moved closer and I felt his hand against my hip. “When she made the offer it was conditioned on me accepting her as one of my TAs. The fact that you are giving it to me regardless is a unique gift.”

Fuck! I had fucked this up royally. I could have used my virgin ass to secure my scholarship, but now I was giving it up with no promise of anything in return.

Doctor Lambeau grabbed the bottle of lube off of my back and I heard him open it. “I have to ask, did Stephanie ever tell you why its your ass that will get the most workout from my cock?”

I shook my head again while looking away from him still. I don’t know that I could even look at him now.

“I used to be married, and I loved my wife very much. Using language you’ll understand, she had the most incredible pussy. I haven’t honestly experienced anything nearly as good since she passed. However, because of the norms of the time she didn’t really give head, and she definitely wouldn’t have considered doing something like anal. Those ideas were too taboo, too forbidden at least for the lifestyle we lived.”

I felt a coldness as the lube started dripping against the top of the crack of my ass. “However these days you college girls will stick all sorts of things in your holes.” He laughed at his own comment before continuing. “Head from you girls is amazing, there’s still something about your face that’s so innocent even when it’s being filled with my cock. Keeping you shaved is for the same reason.”

His finger started trailing some of the lube inside my crack, spreading it around my asshole. “However, there’s something different about you girls. To be able to have a girl, an assistant, that I can look over at her and with the simple words of bend over, I can have her ass writhing and squirming around my stiff pole when ever I desire, or at least whenever the Viagra is working. I get tired of all the stupid feminist cunts around this campus who constantly get mad and fight about female equality. Sure, by today’s standards women might be equal to men, but I’m too old school to believe that, and for me it’s more fun proving that you’re not. If we were equal my finger wouldn’t be here, my cock wouldn’t be getting ready to have your tiny little virgin asshole wrapped around it. The fact that you’re willing to subject yourself to an ultimate humiliation just for a silly little scholarship, you’re not equal to me.”

I looked back at him and he looked scary, a little manic even as he stood there and withdrew his finger from my crack.

“In fact, I’m willing to prove it, right now. I have a condition for you, and if you accept, you’ll get your scholarship immediately, no consideration required.”

I was terrified, what could he have in mind for me that would make him agree so willingly to accept me as his TA? I looked back at him and quietly asked. “What is it?”

He smiled as he walked away and grabbed a little leather bag off a shelf and brought it back, he pulled out a towel and a bunch of fabric cuffs and some chains.

“It’s two-fold dear. Even though I’ve started lubing you up traditionally, let me instead take your ass with only spit as lubricant, and let me expose you to a little more bondage tonight in doing so and we can sign the agreement tonight. Don’t, and I’ll just have to consider all my options.”

Well fuck, he had me, he really had me. Either way I was giving him my ass, and I knew enough about anal sex that it was probably going to hurt regardless. Would a little more pain be all that bad?

I sighed for a long moment, my arms getting a little tired of holding my ass open as it was. “Fine,” I finally said to him. “I’ll do it.”

“Great,” he replied, sounding genuinely excited. “Grab the towel and wipe away the lube then and we can begin.”

As I grabbed the towel and started to wipe my ass of all the lubricant, he started undoing the velcro cuffs, the largest ones first. As I was finishing up he came behind me again and brought the cuffs fabric to my thighs and started wrapping them around me before securing them, first my right leg then my left. He stepped back and grabbed two more.

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