College Reunion (Couples Sharing in the Faith)

by Peter Duncan

Copyright© 2018 by Peter Duncan

Romantic Sex Story: Penny Chapman, after having been sexually involved with her college roommate Miriam Stern for two years, lost track of Miriam. Deciding to contact her two years later she arranges for Gary and Charie Holbrook and she and John to visit them during a trip to New York City. They are invited to dinner, after which they split up with Miriam and Zack, and Gambo and Quivina Obaraku, Columbia students from Nigeria, Africa to enjoy an evening of swinging sex.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Incest   Father   Daughter   Swinging   Interracial   Black Male   Black Female   White Male   White Female   .

“Give him a blowjob Penny. Guys love a girl giving them head more than anything in the world.”

It confused everybody in her family that this liberal, red headed, Jewish girl from New York City chose to attend a small Christian university in Kentucky of all places. She told Penny and anybody else that asked at school that she was attending Bettencourt to spite her parents.

Penny Hargreaves grew up in a conservative Christian family in Kentucky. When the housing office told her that her roommate would be this liberal, abrasive, New York Jewess by the name of Miriam Stern she knew that she couldn’t make it through her first term in such a relationship. With absolutely nothing in common with this girl she just bit her lip and gritted her teeth and accepted the inevitable. It wasn’t a week into their freshman year when the brash New Yorker had already gotten herself into trouble with most of the students in their dorm by taunting their “backward,” ways. Penny got the feeling that the other girls in the dorm were blaming her for the Sterns girl’s objectional behavior. Though she tried to defend her roommate to those girls Miriam made things more complicated for her by continuing to belittle Kentucky’s small potatoes traditions and Penny’s “backward” religious beliefs.

Penny told her parents that she was going to ask the administration to change her room. But her mother reminded her that she was a Christian ... that Jesus accepted all people regardless of their differences ... that it would be the mature thing to do to adapt to this situation and learn from it. She prayed with Penny, as she always did when making difficult decisions, convincing her to for stay for at least the rest of the quarter with this with her diverse, divisive roommate. “Take it as a challenge baby.”

Taking her mother’s advice to heart she found that by tuning in to Miriam she began to understand Miriam’s rebellious attitude to her parents. Using her mother’s words she would come to Miriam’s defense more effectively when other girls in the dorm ganged up on her. She reminded them, all “fundamental Christians,” that Jesus was a Jew and was accepting of all people. Still, even while defending her, Penny found that many of the New Yorker’s views continued to cause her a great deal of inner discomfort.

One of biggest issues that her roommate harped on was Penny’s vow to save her virginity for marriage. Miriam, a promiscuous girl, told her that virginity was just an obstacle thrown in the way of experiencing of one of life’s greatest pleasures. Every time Miriam went on a hot date she came back with a blow-by-blow description of its sexual progression. Initially the Kentucky Christian was convinced that Miriam was just immoral. What was more distressing to Penny though was that each time Miriam filled her with these lurid details Penny became so sexually aroused that she often masturbated before going to sleep. Before long she was living vicariously through Miriam. Though she continued resisting men’s advances she began living in a fantasy world that mirrored her roommate’s sexual revelations.

Finally realizing how serious Penny was about remaining a virgin ‘til marriage Miriam gave up on trying to convince her to experience the joys of total sex before she settled down. She knew that Penny necked but wouldn’t let her boyfriends go further than copping a few feels. But after a few dates with John—the guy she would eventually marry—when Penny expressed alarm that he was getting really pushy about wanting to go all the way Miriam simply said, “Give him a blowjob Penny. Guys love a girl giving head more than anything in the world. And when you suck their cocks and they come it cools them right off. So if you go with a guy and don’t want to him fuck you—a word Penny had finally become accustomed to Miriam using—and you want to keep him on the string, give him a blowjob and keep doing it.”

“But if I did,” Penny said, “I wouldn’t be a virgin anymore.”

“BULLSHIT Penny,” Miriam said. “Blowjobs don’t take away your virginity. You don’t lose your virginity until a dick goes inside your pussy. You wouldn’t believe how many girls give head to protect their virginity; it’s just the smart thing to do if you really mean what you say about keeping that ridiculous piece of skin intact.”

She prayed continually about the influence Miriam was having on her. When she finally realized that she would get no answer from the Man upstairs she decided to play it that way the New Yorker suggested. When her boyfriend insisted that she touch his cock, she did it. Though she felt guilty that first time, she was thrilled to have his hard penis in her hand and looked forward to doing it again the next time they were together. On their next date she pretended that he had convinced her to suck it. Though she was tentative about it, she found that she loved the feeling of his warm, hard, pulsing sex in her mouth. On their next date she sucked him so eagerly that he quickly came in her mouth. Catching her by surprise, she was repulsed by the sudden presence of the icky goo and spit it out of the end of his cock.

When Miriam asked her why she spit it out Penny said, “It was DISGUSTING Miriam, eww I HATED it.”

“Disgusting?” Miriam said with a chuckle, “As far as men are concerned sweetie it’s the Holy Grail. Give it a chance; it’s an acquired taste.” “I promise you that you’ll start liking It.” she added in her nasal, New York accent. “And here’s a word to the wise: if you let a guy come in your mouth you’ll have no trouble keeping your virginity forever if you want to and know how to control it.”

Taking Miriam’s advice she gradually fell in love with the feeling of John’s hard, warm cock in her mouth. And, like her roommate advised, she soon found that she liked the taste of his warm, creamy sperm. She was happily keeping her hymen intact.

As Miriam kept relating exciting stories about her sexual adventures Penny became so absorbed with her roommate’s raw sexuality that she found that she was becoming jealous that her roommate was having so much fun. She had no clue that Miriam, who had other things in mind, was leading her into a more intimate direction of her own.

Penny had been masturbating since puberty. But the satisfaction she was getting from it had become less and less satisfying. Her boyfriend John had no clue of the existence of her clitoris. Like most young men sex was all about sucking and fucking. It was his conception that a woman got the most satisfaction from sex by having a hard penis in her pussy. Miriam explained to Penny that the pleasure she was getting from sex was from guys (mostly men professors) who knew what a woman’s sexual make up was about. “It’s more than just a hard dick going inside you Penny,” Miriam said with a dreamy look on her face. “It’s as much about the foreplay, the afterglow and milking the interludes. Fucking’s just the icing on the cake.”

“Under my circumstances,” Penny asked, “Is there a way I can experience more pleasure?”

“It’s up to the guys to push your button Penny,” Miriam said. When Penny gave her a blank stare she told her, “Some of the older guys know the purpose of a clitoris, along with the sensitive first two inches of my vagina. But if they don’t I have to tell some of these dumb shits where the damned thing’s located Penny. Hey, I like to come when I have sex.” She said when Penny gave her a disapproving frown. “Under your circumstances, where the guy is just putting his finger inside you, you have to let him know about your button and how much pleasure it gives you pleasure. Most of the time, you have to tell him how to rub it and keep rubbing it ‘til you cum.”

Something that made Penny especially uncomfortable was her roommate’s viewpoint on incestual sex. Miriam confessed that though her father had never done anything with her she always fantasized about “getting it on” with him. Though Penny acted shocked at Miriam’s admission she was torn by the guilty feelings she had toward her own father, something which she didn’t fully understand ... something she had many talks with God about.

“It’s immoral,” Penny said to Miriam, “It’s Wicked. It’s EVIL.”

Miriam said, “These fundamentalist preachers have really done a great job brainwashing baby.”

Penny replied, “It says in the BIBLE Miriam, it’s WRONG.”

“Bible, schmible,” Miriam twanged, “I’ve read the same stuff as you ... been taught about all the prophets up to the time J.C. did his thing. That’s where we Jews got off the boat. I really loved the story about Lot and his daughters though, after they left Sodom (quoting her own version of it). When Lot and his wife and two teenage daughters left Sodom he was told that if any of them looked back they would be turned into a pillar of salt. His wife, dumb shit that she was, looked back and became a permanent block of NACL. His daughters though, because they were isolated from any population that might have survived, decided that they would get their father drunk and ‘lie’ with him as the Torah terms it. They coaxed dear old dad into fucking them, got pregnant from their laying ways and started the world all over again.’”

The subject of incest became a constant area of dispute between roommates. It was the same with so many things that Miriam championed, always taking strong, liberal positions. Eventually though Penny softened some of her conservative views. And when her mother died of cancer it was because of Miriam’s constant persuasion that made it easier for her to do something that totally shocked her. When she told Miriam about what had done Miriam was shocked too.

It happened in her senior year just before Christmas. She was twenty-one at the time. Her mother, who had been struggling with cancer, finally succumbed to the disease. After the funeral she came home with her dad to a quiet and empty house. With a blank look on his face her daddy sat down in his chair. Penny, hoping in some way to ease his pain, sat down in his lap, just as she had when she was a little girl. Putting her arm around her father she laid her head against him. He began to cry. She kissed his forehead. As tears spilled from her father’s puffy eyes she gazed at him, awash in the sea of his grief. Leaning down she kissed his lips. His response was as passionate as it was unexpected.

A very sexual man, her father returned the kiss so passionately that her ears buzzed and the sensations drilled through her breasts, her stomach and her clitoris. It was a kiss with the kind of passion Penny didn’t even understand. The incredible life in that kiss erased any sense of surprise would have arisen when his hand so deftly began caressing her breast. The strange thing was that it felt so natural. Then she remembered how many times she had fantasized the mystery of these kisses in her young life. When the cupping tenderness of his hand morphed to manipulative softness then a hard, pressing rotation, she was surprised by the glowing orgasm that it triggered, something that had never happened in her fantasies. In that one moment all the memories of her desire for her daddy made complete sense to her. His actions were just normal between a man and a woman, not to mention a man and a woman who loved each other very much. What started as a way for a daughter to express her grief and comfort her anguished father suddenly turned to primal, animal lust.

This chair is not the place for this she thought as her neck was getting stiff. Not even knowing where the idea came from she got up from her father’s lap, took his hand and coaxed him out of the chair. Not realizing that she was leading him back to her bedroom it just seemed like the natural place to go. But it wasn’t an unconscious act; she had purposely led him away from his and his deceased mother’s bedroom in the fear that it might disturb him to be there with her. When he let her guide him into the room she remembered the many times she had masturbated in her bed, fantasizing about Daddy, now wanting to satisfy both his urges and her own. She wanted him to be in her bed where so many times in the past here finger had become her daddy’s. Sitting on the edge of mattress she patted it, inviting the bereft man to sit beside her. Snuggling against him she gently rubbed his thigh and said to him in a quiet murmur, “Lie back Daddy and let your baby girl take care of you.” Laying back he spread his arms like a man preparing to be crucified. Penny removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. She opened it and kissed him from his neck to his chest.

“Oh Penny,” he said, with a tiny sob catching in his throat, “I love you so much.”

She undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and zipped down his fly. Reaching in she found his cock plumping and pulsing on the way to an erection. Taking his partially hard member in her hand she moved the wrinkled skin of his penis up and down over his hardening shaft, which became stiff as it ironed out the wrinkles. As she eyed her father’s erect penis it appealed to her in a way she never would have considered. How many times had she done the same to John’s penis while successfully keeping him from fucking her? Miriam’s words echoed in her mind, “Guys love a girl giving head more than anything in the world. And when you suck their cocks and they come it cools them right off.” In the throes familial grief Penny found herself bending down to take her father’s penis into her mouth.

When her dad realized what she was actually going to do he made a feeble attempt at pushing her head away. “NO Penny,” he said, “this just isn’t RIGHT.” Forcefully holding back his arm as she kept stroking him she took his bulbous head into her mouth.

Not realizing how much having his cock in his daughter’s mouth would excite her father she was surprised when he urged, “Stop Penny, I’m going to COME!” She kept bobbing; pleased that her daddy was gentleman enough to not want to cum in her mouth if he thought it he might appall her. John surprised that first time, just letting it pop in her mouth without even a warning. But that’s my daddy, always a gentleman.

As his hot load shot deep into her throat she thought, strange, it’s almost like the first time he took me to have a milkshake. But it’s warm. She remembered the cold, sweet mixture as she sucked it through a straw. Knowing if her dad was anything like John he would ejaculate at least two more times so she kept bobbing and lapping wildly on the underside of his glans. Surprisingly he shot a forth strong spurt then flexed his cock a number of times, squeezing the last drop on the back of her tongue. Afterwards, snuggling with him on the bed, she kissed his lips and stroked his hair, repeatedly whispering, “I love you Daddy, I love you.”

After he dropped into a deep slumber she lay with him, basking in the warmth of his body. She remembered the many times over the years that he had snuggled her to sleep in this way. Then the memory of guilt she had about fantasizing sex with her daddy entered her mind. Maybe it was because she had always thought her daddy was above shabby sexual behavior. But after having discovered the deck of cards in his desk drawer with pornographic pictures on them she realized that her daddy was not a perfect human being after all. What’s more, seeing those pictures influenced her sexual feelings toward him. Not only did her fantasies expand to the pictures on the cards, the guilt she had previously felt about the fantasies had become totally erased. From that point on there was no guilty in her fantasies. Instead the pornographic depictions on the cards gave her more options with which to fantasize. At the moment though, while the nobility of what she had done to help ease his grief at his mother’s passing; she was picturing herself with her father’s substantial penis plugged into her vagina. True to her convictions though, she was still a committed virgin.

Though she ached for it, there was no way that she was going to encourage her father to penetrate her with his penis. Instead she took his limp cock in her mouth again. Not even awakening him she sucked him to full erection again him until he exploded in her mouth with a series of three spurts while still asleep. Penny When she felt her father’s cock stiffening in advance of ejaculating she fingered her clitoris to orgasm.

As she pillowed her head on her daddy’s tummy she pensively processed feelings of grief of her mother’s passing. Family had always been important to her yet there always seemed that there was something about her parent’s relationship that was mysteriously secretive. It was like the secret included her in a way that she tried to conger. What was it about Daddy’s cock in my mouth that seemed like Déjà vu? In her mind the comfort of his erect penis in her mouth seemed too familiar to dismiss. At the same time as she savored the aftertaste of his ejaculate she thought, this seems almost as perfect as it can be. Finally, putting his flaccid penis back inside his pants she zipped him up, found a blanket to lay over him and covered his sleeping body. Before closing the door she looked at her sleeping father and hoped that by going down on him she might have helped ease the pain of losing his wife and best friend.

As Penny told Miriam about the experience with her father her eyes welled with tears. No longer having a mother with whom to pray about such things she felt like she had betrayed her deceased mom by tempting her father to have sex with her. When she began sobbing Miriam took her in her arms, held her tight and rocked her, giving her roommate the kind of solace only a female could give.

With a look of compassion she said, “You look so guilty baby. But you’re not guilty as far as I’m concerned.” Feeling a twinge of guilt for encouraging Penny in this way though she said, “Maybe I shouldn’t have tried so hard to convince you about blowjobs.” But because Miriam did convince her that incest was alright she said it with a wry grin then pressed her body more firmly against the distraught coed.

As warmth caused by Miriam’s closeness coursed through her body Penny couldn’t explain why she responded the way she did, sliding her hands down to her roommate’s bottom and pulling their bodies more tightly together. But her roommate’s persistence in making intimate overtures toward her had been weakening her resistance. Now, with what had gone on at home, her realization that she missed her mother in a way that went beyond a relationship simply between parent and child and Miriam’s present closeness, she wasn’t surprised when Miriam kissed her lips. It was as if what had gone on between she and her father opened an entirely different level of sexual self-understanding. She welcome Miriam’s kiss, even lusted for it. Opening her mouth she gave her roommate permission to explore her mouth with her tongue.

Having had such experiences with women before Miriam was completely at ease. Completely in control, she pulled Penny’s blouse out of her skirt then and unbuttoned her own, helping Penny to take off her blouse before removing hers. She unsnapped Penny’s bra then attended to hers then, bare to the waist, wriggled into a tight embrace. When Penny’s eyes welcomed such intimacy Miriam took her by the shoulders and pressed their nipples together

Now lying naked together on the bed, while Miriam’s tongue ravished her quarry’s clitoris, Penny’s thoughts swirled in a celebration of inconceivable sexual pleasure. While wondering how something that felt so incredibly good could be considered bad she rejoiced in her bath of pleasure. As sexual memories flashed through her mind it was like the Spirit of Sexual Fantasies past flashed through her mind: masturbating as a young girl, the cocks she had jerked in high school and college, John’s and her father’s that she had sucked, the times she felt the surge of warm semen spewing from the end of his cock and oozing and oozing over here hand or in her mouth. As Miriam’s tongue worked titillating wonders between her legs there was a tingling in her ears, her anus, and the ends of her toes. Her mentor’s tongue fluttered on her clit and lapped her lubricated, smooth vulval groove. When Miriam’s fingers entered her vagina, digging and stroking, a powerful release shook Penny’s body then blanketed her in total relaxation.

While the sexually astute Miriam cuddled her compliant roommate she was pleased at how easily it had been to bring this neophyte to such a powerful climax. She knew that Penny could have gotten off while petting with the guys she went out with, but most of these guys had no clue about how the female sexual anatomy worked. Some were aware of the existence of clits but had no sense of how to manipulate them in the way for which they were designed. What’s more, few of these young men had a clue about how cunnilingus worked. She took pride in assuming that Penny had just experienced the most complete, full-body climax she had ever had.

The beauty of it for Miriam was that Penny’s excitement, which included her impassioned cries of release and the vise-like crushing of her legs on her head, triggered a most satisfying climax of her own. Hoping that the floor monitor didn’t hear the uncontrolled yelping that emanated from their room and mistake it for an injurious accident and come running, she and Penny now lay perfectly still. When no one knocked on their door she relaxed while thinking, what’s next?

Reversing her position she presented her seeping vulva to Penny’s eyes, deciding to offer her the opportunity a vaginal taste of her own. So warmed by the frenzied climax the surreal sight of Miriam’s pussy nearing her mouth excited Penny in a way she would never have expected. She had explored her own pussy with a hand mirror numerous times, taking for granted that all females’ vaginas were the same. But observing the lips and folds of another woman’s pudenda in such an up close array, she immediately recognized the difference between Miriam’s sex and her own.

Hers was a warm shade of pink. Her pubic hair was light brown and soft. Miriam’s was a mauve color that was surrounded by dark red hair. Her own inner labia were hidden by her larger, puffier lips but Miriam’s extended well below her labia majora and parted, curling outward like butterfly wings. As Miriam brought her vulva closer to Penny’s face her butterfly labia quivered and shimmered with a glistening wetness that seemed on the cusp of dripping. As they touched Penny’s mouth she instinctively suckled. Excited by the taste and scent she realized that Miriam’s essence was muskier than hers and somewhat tart.

Though new to cunnilingus, Penny consciously mirrored the actions Miriam was making on hers on Myriam’s’. Her tongue made repeated trips from her roomie’s clitoris to the delicate rosebud of her puckering anus. Prior to this moment Penny had had only two orgasms while she was with men that she hadn’t triggered herself. The first was because of the excitement she felt when her first boyfriend slid his finger inside her pussy. The second, just last Saturday night, was when she took her father’s cock into her mouth. It seemed that the lingual circling on Miriam’s tongue would never stop. So, even though her jaws were getting tired she continued copying the way Miriam was eating her until she simply fell asleep.

Awaking from what seemed like a two hour nap she found herself in Miriam’s arms. Her roommate told her that after they had both collapsed into the climaxed coil of their bodies they both snoozed for about fifteen minutes. And before the evening was over, by the time Penny went to sleep apart from Miriam, she had experienced nine world-class, bed-shaking orgasms.

Through all of the turmoil of her first term of college with her contentious roommate she realized that she had grown to love this roughly sophisticated New York Jewish girl and looked forward to many more sessions like they had just had.

It was two years into her marriage as well as two years after graduation from college. Though she had originally exchanged holiday cards with Miriam the friendship became distant. Within two years of leaving college it ceased to exist. John had gone trout fishing with Gary, the male component of the couple that had become their best friends. Penny and Charie took a trip home to Penny’s father’s home in Kentucky to visit her father and her new stepmother. From the time they first met in church Gary and Charie Holbrook had become unique friends, they become deeply involved in a swinging relationship John and Penny Chapman.

It a year after Penny’s experience with her father that she learned that her mom and dad were swingers. Her new step mother, whose husband had passed away, was also a member of the group of three couples that had been swinging since their army days in the Second World War. While at home Penny showed Charie the picture album her parents had taken with their own swinging friends with their newly introduced Polaroid Land Camera that her parents bought in the 50’s. While looking at a picture of her mother and one of her female friends locked in a naked embrace, Penny thought of Miriam and wondered what had become of her. Later that night, unable to sleep she wrote the following letter to the last address she had for Miriam:

Dear Miriam:

Not a week has gone by that I haven’t thought about our times together in college. I hope that you don’t mind terribly that I have sent this letter to your parents’ house, but I have no other address and would really like to get in touch with you.

I’m happily married to John Chapman who you met in college. He’s choir director at Ebenezer Baptist Church, here in Huntington, West Virginia; I am the accompanist for the choir and the church organist. The Church likes what The Choir is growing into and they seem to like my work as well, although, as long as they are happy with John they will be happy with me—smiling.

Do you have a career? Are you married? There are other questions I would like to ask but am afraid to. But I think you will at least be interested in the unusual circumstances that now surround my life.

I can’t tell you how much you helped me Miriam. I was shy and you were always there for me, even though I was initially leery of your sexual attitudes. I know my outlook must have been frustrating for you at the time. But I came to understand that not everybody was as uptight as I was in this regard. It was your liberated attitude that helped bring me out of my shell.

After Mom died, when I told you about my experience with my father, you erased my guilt then showed me just how joyful being a woman with another woman could be. Gosh, I shouldn’t be telling you this; for all I know you have left this aspect of your life behind you—the same way you left me. I may have been wrong for having said this but the feeling of losing you as a friend has been bottled up inside me since we parted as roommates. I don’t know if you truly realized how attached I became to you.

Would you believe me if I told you that John and I are involved with the kind of relationship with Charie that you and I had in college. (Charie is the female half of the other couple we are involved with in a “swinging” relationship). I just wish I could talk with you Miriam. Until tonight when I told Charie about you I had never told anybody else of what you and I had enjoyed together.

In August John and I will be coming to New York City for the National Choir Conductors Guild convention. Our church is sending him. Our friends, Gary and Charie (the couple I told you about) will be coming with us. Perhaps it is too much to ask, and you may have no desire to be with the shy girl in your past that you helped liberate, but I would really love to see you again. I hope that you will write back. Or call me at 304-533-1800, and reverse the charges.

I would really like to hear from you Miriam.

Love, Penny Hargreaves Chapman

“She was a lot of fun back then Zack even though she came from a fundamentalist, Christian family,”
Miriam said to her husband. “You would have really loved her—long blond hair, blue eyes and a great body. She had great tits, I mean really nice ones.

“And you put the make on her?”

“For the longest time I tried but never got anywhere. Then she came back from her mother’s funeral and told me about sucking her father’s cock the night of the funeral, and how guilty it made her feel.”

“No shit!”

“I swear Zack; you don’t pay attention to anything do you? Don’t you remember me telling you about my roommate in college?”

“Ha-ha babe, I was just teasing you,” Zack said, “You know that I’ve always been in awe of your sexual exploits. But you never told me why you shit-canned her.”

With a wistful smile Miriam said, “Once she got a taste of my pussy Zack she really loved it. I certainly loved hers.” With a look of de-ja-vu she brushed a finger along the lips of her pussy. “But to tell you the truth Hon, I thought she would go back to the hills and become a religious freak again. You know me Zack; I just don’t need any of that kind of shit.”

Sidling up to her husband she pressed her hand against his crotch and continued, “Who would have thought that the demure Penny Hargreaves and her choir director husband would be fucking another couple ... and that she is eating the wife’s pussy? Go FIGURE.” Squeezing his growing hardness she said, “Damn Zack, the magic is always there isn’t it? Just a few well-placed words and both of our motors are running again.”

Zack wrapped his arms around the slim waist of his red-headed, freckled wife as she was already massaging his cock into a state of Penis Erectus. As he kissed her she pinched the tab of his zipper between her forefinger and thumb and quickly dragged it down. In seconds she had his dick was out and was giving him a hand job. It was six in the evening; she had a meeting of welfare mothers to attend at seven. But typically she pressed any moment for a quickie, a longie, or an in-betweensie, never missing a beat. “We haven’t got much time baby,” Miriam said in her sexually modified, husky voice,” let’s get it on.”

“Do you want me in your pussy or ass babe?” Zack said.

“My ass’ll be great baby. “I’ll go get it.” Hastening to the bathroom she peeled down her panties and stepped out of them on the run. Reaching back and through her dress she unsnapped her bra, letting gravity take her breasts. She opened the medicine cabinet, took out the well squeezed tube of KY jelly and removed the cap. Returning to her husband who was standing by the kitchen table, Miriam bent over the table like she did in her doctor’s office in preparation for a rectal exam.

Raising her dress Zack bared her ass. He squeezed a glob of slippery lube onto the palm of his hand and smoothed the cool, clear substance over his cock. Spreading the cheeks of Miriam’s tight butt he exposed her russet anus and pushed the end of the tube into the center, popping it past her sphincter, and squeezing.

“Oooh baby,” she said, shivering to the cold gel, “you know how hot this makes me.” Relishing the slippery feeling of the cool jelly oozing inside her rectum she smoothed her hand down the front of her dress and fondled her left breast, feeling the eraser-like nipple hardening in the hollow of her hand.

“Umm-huh,” Zack said absently as he laid the tube on the table and easily slid his middle finger inside her puckering orifice. Patiently working it in and out he felt its tightness ease and becoming more pliable. Pulling his finger out with a slight “pop” he gently pushed two fingers back inside. Tenderly, he eased his fingers to the knuckles then backed out, testing the resistance, until her asshole allowed both knuckles past the sphincter. Probing deeply he gently moved in and out, fucking her with his fingers.

Wiggling her small, tight bottom Miriam sighed as she pushed back at the movement of Zack’s fingers working inside her. At the same time she rolled her hard nipple between her finger and thumb and squeezed. Hot flashes permeated her body from her breasts through her abdomen to her clit. Closing her eyes she gritted her teeth as her husband, now with three fingers in her ass, stretched it to a level of looseness that would tightly accommodate his large cock. With her body filled with fully-flushed warmth she said, “Do it NOW baby. Put it my ASS. Fuck it with that big cock of yours.”

Holding his slippery cock in his right hand Zack opened her cheeks with his left and touched his knob to the glistening star, which puckered like the lips of a thoughtful child at the first sight of fireworks. Leaning forward he felt her hole open evenly around his tapered head which popped past her sphincter and slid tightly through the lubricant.

As she felt his bulk penetrating her amazingly sensitive opening Miriam shuddered as her knees became weak. Raising and lowering her belly inches above the table she pushed back as she felt the meat of Zack’s unbending shaft sliding impossibly deep inside her body. Working her hand beneath her undulating abdomen she reached for her clit, rubbed it hard and said, “YES Zack, Fuck it. FUCK my ass.”

Held tightly by Miriam’s clutching anus Zack’s cock moved inside then pulled back out, making a mysterious noise that was silky, slippery and greasy. Pumping slowly at first he increased his rhythm, gritting his teeth as he slammed her hard then falling into a steady rhythm. As her face slid on the table in pool of the drooled saliva that leaked from the corner of her mouth she marveled at the feeling of his engorged sex fucking the O-ring of her asshole.

Digging at her clit with maniacal fingers she was on the verge of climax when, through clenched teeth Zack said, “I’m ... I’m gonna CUM baby.”

Reveling in nasty thoughts of Zack’s hard meat moving in such a taboo place she remembered how many times they had tried doing this before his erection finally felt comfortably at home in her now well-fucked rectum. With closed eyes she felt his cum-heavy testicles slapping and splashing on the flaccid lips of her sodden. At the instant she heard Zack’s yelp behind her she felt the heat of his semen filling her insides. Letting go she yelped, “Oh GOD I love this nasty, fucking sex Zack.” She shuddered in a spasm as she squirted her ejaculate and felt it sagging down her legs.

Just as she was ready to walk out the door to her meeting she looked at her husband and grinned. “What would you think if we did something with Penny and her friends from West Virginia Zack?”

“Hillbillies?” he said, “Do you think they would really be fun to be with?”

As she thought about Penny she realized that, even though she was a conservative Christian fundamentalist, there was a curiosity about her that seemed far greater than most of the girls she remembered in school. She was like a rebel that was trapped in a conservative body. When she told her about giving her father a blowjob after her mother died Miriam couldn’t shake the feeling that there were secrets in Penny’s family that she was hiding. And her LETTER! How many women after not having contact for years would confide that she and her husband were in a swinging relationship with another couple?

“Hell Zack, we live in New York City and didn’t find a couple to swing with until Gambo and Quivina moved next door ... and they’re the ones who showed us the way. He-he-he, that little southern girl Penny fooled me honey. It turns out that she and her friends are pretty smart ... and quite advanced sexually I would say. I think you would like them babe. It might really be fun to be with people who are genuinely down to earth for a change.”

“So,” Zack said, “You really want to get together with them?”

“Yes,” she said, “I’m gonna call Penny and renew acquaintances. Who knows ... butt fucking though?” she laughed, “Now that may be something that might blow that little girl away.”

Coming to the end of their long trip on Thursday they were driving through the Lincoln tunnel in anticipation of seeing the huge City loom over them as they entered Manhattan. The excitement for Gary and Charie was tickled by memories of their honeymoon, waiting to see if what appeared when they came out of the tunnel would be as exciting as before. For John and Penny, having never been in a city larger than Cincinnati the experience would be totally new to them.

The Holbrook’s (Gary and Charie) had promised that they would revisit some of the sights. One in particular was the porno shop where they saw their first “skin-flick” movie together. It was there where Charie’s raging sexual obsession had begun. John would have to spend Saturday and Sunday at the Choir Director’s convention and would miss it. But the Holbrook’s were nervously curious to experience such a brazen sexual depiction.

They were all excited about Miriam’s invitation to dinner on Friday night at hers and Zack’s “loft” in Lower Manhattan. When Miriam called Penny in West Virginia and had talked with her at length, Penny knew that she had to meet Zack, the man who had captured this rebellious woman who had amazed here for four years. She told her that Zack was the most exciting man she had ever met. “And you know what kind of excitement I enjoy.”

Penny felt completely comfortable while sharing the details of hers and John’s relationship with the “other” couple. She told her how they had met in church and how they had quickly developed as “swingers,” a word that still amazed her when she said it. She told Miriam that it was only when Charie had made such an active move on her that the memories of what Miriam had done with her in their room at school made her anxious to try and make contact with her again.

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