by Marduk

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Erotica Sex Story: The story of a lonely woman, who has had failed marriages, finally meets a man who thinks she is the perfect woman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Orgy   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Hairy   .

Iryna was sixty-two; she had been unsuccessful in the marriage field, although she had tried twice. She didn’t think she was overweight but did recognize the fact that she was a bit tubby. Her hair had lost a lot of its original colour and there were the ‘wrinkles of age’ that she did her best with an array of cosmetics to hide. However, on the whole she didn’t think she was unattractive and did wonder if her tits that could be described as melon was a turn-off, but that was what nature had given her and that is what had to be accepted. She was lonely and to correct that had joined the local volunteers who manned the array of opportunities outlets that existed in the surrounding area and it was when she visited the head office of the local volunteers that she met Doug.

Doug was an outdoor individual, he was a rally rider in a senior’s cycle group, he was an explorer of old abandoned mine workings and tunnels and galleries but he also was a keen observer of women and when Iryna entered and was introduced he was very interested in getting to know her better. She may have considered herself overweight but for him she was almost his ideal woman, especially in the bust line and she may not enter for the ‘front page’ for any man’s magazine but she wasn’t ugly, maybe plain but that was not a real mark against her. “Iryna”, he said after introductions. “That of Greek origin and the name derived from the Greek goddess for a peaceful life”. Her mouth opened in astonishment and it was the manager who smiling said. “I bet you didn’t know that Iryna that your name sake was a goddess”. That comment led to further conversation especially hobbies and when she said that she kept ‘silk worms’ but was having difficulties in obtaining the type of leaf they eat, he took that opportunity to gain another point in his desire to seduce her. “I can help you there”, he said. “The type of tree you needs hangs over my fence and there are ample leaves there”. Her only reply was an ‘Oh!’ but said in the tone of ‘very interested’.

The conversation stalled till he said as he was about to leave, “I’m glad I drove today for it has started to rain and I would be rather wet if I had ridden for it is a seven kilometre ride back to my abode”.

“I guess I will have to wait for the bus and there is no shelter at the stop near here”, Iryna said with a sigh.

“Where do you live?” Doug asked. “I could drive you home and you could tell me more about your silk worms for I think many kids during my school days, decades ago collected those worms. It was a fad. What do you do with them?”

“I ... I harness the silk and make item with it”, she stammered and then said “I am not taking you out of your way Doug?” He smiled and shook his head. He didn’t make any move towards her but she quickly latched onto him, something that he was not going to object too. He didn’t know of her circumstances or that she was desperate for a companion to ease the loneliness that was only broken by the times she spent as a volunteer. “Here we are Doug”, she cooed. “Would ... would you like to come for a coffee and you can observe my worms?”

“I would like that Iryna”, he said as he gave her fingers a squeeze, much to her delight.

Her home was old but neat, she did her best to make it attractive and did spend time in the garden. “Please sit down Doug”, she said as she prepared the hot drink. “If tea is easier Iryna I would be happy with tea, coffee is just a drink; however, tea is my fuel. I drink quite a lot of it per day”. She giggled and he smiled at the way she did what was necessary to impress, finally a hot cup of tea and an array of biscuits were on the small table in front of him. She then joined him. “I am so grateful to be driven home”, she said as she put down the empty cup and worked herself right against him. “The pleasure was all mine Iryna I think you are a very nice person”. She just ‘Ooooo!, but made no attempt to halt his move to embrace her, in fact she welcomed it and returned his kiss with vigour.

As with all women in a kissing embrace he felt her up and although he suspected it was not surprised to find her braless and the weight and softness of her tit was already making a certain part of his build, interested. Wearing a skirt made it easy to travel up her thigh, whether from custom or just joy her thighs opened but when he reached the heavy haired groin and slipped under the elastic and buried into what felt like a forest of hair and played ‘chop sticks’ with her cunt, she erupted, her backside lifted and she pushed herself forward, totally taking the small length that he was offering by uttering ‘gasps’, ‘grunts’ and the deeper he went and the faster her reaction was ‘Ahhhh!’ or ‘Ohhhh!’. He stopped, she was panting. “Now let’s fuck”, he said as he got up. Only a fraction of time was needed for his trousers to be off and that throbbing weapon on display. He pushed her back, pulled down her panties, gave a gasp of appreciation at the hairy growth, pushed her thighs apart, inserted his cock and thrust and Iryna lifted off the lounge and her cry bounced off the walls. Once anchored he undid her blouse, freed those great melons with enlarged nipples then sucked and fucked and as for Iryna she was off the planet as every thrust took her over the abyss of pleasure.

In and out his monster went every thrust right to the inner depths of her cunt. ‘Fuck you randy cunt’, he gasped and he worked towards that cum explosion that in some cases almost lifted a woman’s backside well into space. It came; gush after gush and saliva dripped from her open mouth as he slowly pulled out. “Fuck that was nice. You are one very accommodating woman. You have fantastic tits and you have a forest of hair around your cunt, I loathe women who shave themselves, I will leave my contact number if you would like that hairy groin filled again”. He scribbled his number, gave each tit a kiss and left. It was some time before Iryna lifted herself off the lounge. She staggered into the shower and as the water washed away the sexual activity she almost shouted. ‘He found me worth-while, he didn’t say I was ugly, all fat or anything negative, he loved my tit. He wondered if I would like a repeat; the answer to that is Yes”.

For Doug she was just another obliging woman, he didn’t know what sort of lusting creature he had released. He did hope that she would ring or text but didn’t expect it to be mere hours after his first sexual encounter. “Doug!” the sensual voice called. “It is Iryna would you like to come to lunch tomorrow and you mentioned leaves for my silk worms, could you bring them as well”.

“Thank you Iryna”, he replied. “I will be riding so I will have a shower and be at your place, say a bit after one”.

“You ... you could have a shower here”, she cooed. “I do have an extra towel”, she giggled.

“That is nice but my bike gear would be wet and I wouldn’t have other cloths”, was his reply. Again there was a giggle and then a brief period of silence then the challenge. “I have a dressing gown that you could wear till your clothes got dry that is if you are not in a hurry”. He smiled. “I think that would be the ideal solution”, he said. “I should be at your unit around twelve-forty five”.

“I am so glad you have come Doug”, she said as he accepted and enjoyed the embrace, naturally feeling her braless tits. “I have put a towel and the gown in the bathroom and you can put your gear on the rack in the spare bedroom where the sun coming through the window will dry them by the time you leave, that is if you want to”. The last few words were immediately stored in his minds filing cabinet; he knew what she meant and was determined to match her suggestion. He had stripped and was washing himself when the bathroom door opened and Iryna, totally naked entered and asked “May I join you?”

‘What a ridiculous request’, he muttered to himself as he almost pulled her into the cubical. Soaping, touching, squeezing and pulling was the order of the day so by the time they stepped from the cubical he was rock hard, with just a quick wipe and with her sitting on the small chair, her head level with his cock; he pushed it against her mouth. “While you are there, suck me off. I wonder which is the best your mouth or your cunt”. Iryna had sucked before, almost daily in her efforts to please her husband and she took that cock into her mouth she hoped that this man, who had shown her his appreciation, wouldn’t just drop her; she of course didn’t know that for him, she was his almost perfect woman. She sucked and he worked her head, pushing more and more cock into her mouth till his entire length had vanished and she accommodated it, grabbing his balls as they exploded and a deluge flooded her mouth. She gagged but he held her and when he finally pulled out - from her mouth flowed a torrent of cum and saliva. “That was the nicest cock suck I have had for a long time. You were great Iryna, thank you”, he handed her a towel and gave her head a kiss.

They didn’t dress for although she was worried about her weight and the size of her tits that may have turned her previous men away, Doug seemed to gauge her as, almost a goddess and she therefore was beaming with he told her she had a fantastic body and would she let him take a couple of photos of her, naturally nude and she could take a few of him if she liked, a suggestion that had her offering a number of poses, as erotic as he requested. “You will stay the night?” she asked as they cuddled after a rather late dinner. “As long as we can fuck the night away I couldn’t think of anything nicer”, he replied as she again began to work his cock into that hard position that her mouth could gobble on. “That will do you randy cunt”, he said. “I haven’t fucked you doggie style, so bend over”. All she did was giggle that was till he rammed his length up her cunt and then it was the language of erotica as he fucked.

For him Iryna was his perfect woman but that didn’t mean that if another woman showed interest he would ignore her and a conversation he had with her one afternoon had her alarm bells ringing for what he said made her think that he had found another companion. “I had a visit from an old colleague, a woman that I knew and got along with quite well unfortunately she had got all religious, a pity for she certainly has a lovely bum”, he said. There was silence on the line till she stammered. “What ... what do you mean a lovely bum”.

“Oh! Simply”, he replied. “It would be nice to fuck for it has been ages since my cock slid up the arse of a woman”. Iryna took a deep breath and judged her words. “Would you like to fuck my bum?” It was a question that she hadn’t considered but the thought of losing him was what she wanted to avoid and if her bum was needed to keep him, then her bum would be offered, after all she had used every trick to secure the affection of her previous men and her backside had accommodated many a cock. He didn’t hesitate in replying. “Absolutely”, it was then only a matter of meeting up again and Iryna would pull out all the stops to make him totally forget his old companion and her attractive bottom.

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