Kelli: a Disobedient Young Wife

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: Kent takes his 21 year old wife to the pastor for advice on discipline. The pastor involves the board of elders. Kelli is punished by the pastor and the elders.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Spanking   Clergy   .

Kent came into my office at the church the other day to discuss his wife’s behavior. I had married them two years earlier. Kelli had been a relatively submissive 19 year-old at the time. I was surprised to hear that they were having problems.

Kent explained, “The first 6 months were fine. She kept the house spotless. My meals were ready and waiting when I came home. And she was ready and waiting when I came to bed each evening. But as time passed, her behavior became more sporadic. The house was always a mess. She wouldn’t even be there when I came home. And she started to have a perpetual headache.”

I needed to further consolidate my power at the church. I decided that involving the elders directly in the discipline of a young woman would help insulate me from potential criticism. I was certain that they would take to the taste of power like a bee to a flower. I was awaiting the perfect opportunity. Kent had just presented it to me.

“I think this is an issue that should be dealt with by the elders. Bring Kelli to my office next Monday after the board meeting.”

During the board meeting I spoke about the need for church leaders to serve as both coaches and examples for the members. I particularly emphasized the need to support fellow husbands assume their role as leader in their home. I spoke at length about the ills of society that have happened ever since we stopped disciplining our wives and children. Once I had them convicted of their duty, I told them about what was going to happen that evening. Kent and Kelli would arrive at the end of our meeting. We would demonstrate for Kent how to properly discipline his wife.

The five elders and I entered my office. Kent and Kelli were waiting. I gave my talk again about the importance of proper discipline in the home. I asked Kelli if she knew why they were here.

“I guess, because I haven’t been a very good wife lately” she stammered.

“That’s right. And your behavior reflects badly not only on you, but on Kent, and even on our whole church. God can’t bless any of us while we allow one of the members to openly rebel against His plan. For your own good, and the good of everyone in the church, the elders and I will discipline you tonight. Hopefully Kent will learn something from tonight as well, but to make sure, the elders will set up a visitation schedule to check on your progress.”

Kelli was too stunned to offer any protest.

“Kelli, you can not be punished properly while you are dressed. Please take of all of your clothes, fold them, and place them on my desk so that we can begin.”

My voice conveyed that this wasn’t a question open for discussion, and as I had expected, she silently complied.

“We will begin with a traditional over-the-knee spanking. Each elder will give you 5 swats with their bare hand.”

The first elder sat down in the chair and Kelli laid submissively over his lap. He applied 5 quick swats to her left cheek and told her to stand.

The second elder took his place on the chair. He rubbed and squeezed Kelli’s ass before applying the first hit. He took his time with each stroke, enjoying the feel of her firm young butt. I’m not sure what the other elders originally had planned, but each of them followed the example of this elder and spent more time playing with Kelli’s ass than spanking it. If my goal had been Kelli’s punishment, I would have said something to them. Once the elders finished, I took Kelli over my knee and added 5 swats with my hand. She wasn’t nearly done with what I had in mind.

“Bend over and grab your knees. Bend a little more so that your butt sticks out further.”

Each of the elders applied 5 swats with the belt. Kelli was sobbing but held her position through all the elders and me. 30 swats with the belt. Her bottom was a nice, deep crimson at this point, but I wasn’t done.

“Kneel on the floor and bend over that coffee table.”

“Tie your wife’s knees to the legs on this side and her wrists to the legs on the far side.”

This created such a vulnerable position, emphasizing Kelli’s narrow hips and firm butt. Her pussy was barely visible. I’m sure most of the elders were thinking more about fucking her than caning her. That might happen another time, but not tonight.

I spoke to the elders, “Each of you will apply 5 strokes with the cane”


Despite her red ass, the line from the first cane strike was still clearly visible.

24 more whacks followed, each one leaving a clear red line. I applied the final 5 strokes to her thighs. I left Kelli tied like this while I discussed the coming events with Kent...

“We need to discuss a visitation schedule to insure that Kelli’s behavior is improved. This will probably take some time, so for the next few months, an elder or I will alternate visiting each evening. On Sunday evenings, you and Kelli will stay after the service with all the elders.”

‘When the elder visits they will observe closely as you administer any punishment for the day. If your actions are insufficient, the elder will conduct a proper amount of punishment.”

After Kent and Kelli left, I instructed the elders that they needed to look for ways to make sure that the punishment was insufficient or improper.

I visited Kent and Kelli’s on Thursday evening.

After the first week, Kent and Kelli were back at the elder’s meeting. Kelli undressed without being told and stood to the side waiting for instructions. Before we began I asked Kent if Kelli had been more responsive this week to his sexual advances.

‘She didn’t say no, and allowed me to have sex every night” Kent replied.

I inquired further, “Was she participative and responsive?”

Kent hung his shoulders, “No, she laid there and let me do whatever I wanted but didn’t seem to enjoy it any.”

“I think that some planned chastity might be good for both of you. For the next week I don’t want either of you to engage in any sexual activity. No fondling, no oral sex, no masturbation. Nothing. We will continue to come by every night to observe Kelli’s punishment.”

The elders couldn’t find as much to correct in Kent’s punishments this week. Mostly they observed as Kent flogged his naked young wife each night. On Sunday evening the young couple once again stayed after the evening service for the elders meeting. Kelli undressed again and stood while I gave instructions.

“I still don’t want Kelli to be directly stimulated, but you deserve some attention Kent. I would like you to lie down on the floor while Kelli kneels and gives you a blow job.”

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