Mary Beth - an Unwed Mother Visits the Church

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: An unwed teen mother visit the cult church. The message of responsibility, accountability, and discipline resonates with her. She is spanked by the pastor, enrolled in the school, and employed as a nanny by another young couple at the church. The pregnant 17 year old is well-spanked and well-fucked.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Lactation   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Sex Toys   Clergy   .

For some reason, the message at my church attracted a number of single mothers. I think the message of a strong family, discipline, and male leadership painted a picture that they longed for in their own lives. Perhaps they thought, “If only I had what the pastor talks about, my life would be so much better.” Most single mothers that joined the church did so after their child (or children) were nearing school age. Occasionally an unwed pregnant girl would join the church. Whenever this happened, they received special attention.

Mary Beth was 17 and only beginning to show her pregnancy when she first came to our church. I noticed her as soon as she walked into the service. She walked in at the same time as a larger group, and then quickly moved to an empty seat near the back. She listened intently to the whole service, but left before I could talk to her. This happened for several weeks, until finally she waited after the service and wanted to meet with me. I finished visiting with the other members and met her in my office.

I ask her to tell me about herself, encouraging her with questions along the way. She had been a junior in high school before getting pregnant just 4 months earlier. She had dropped out of school and run away. Her parents wanted nothing to do with her. She was working at a fast food restaurant and living in a boarding house. She wasn’t sure who the father was, she had been drinking at a party and met some college guys. She couldn’t remember the name of the boy she eventually went upstairs with, only that he was being really nice to her and that she liked the attention of an older boy.

I asked her why she kept coming back to our church. She explained that she knew she was a weak and terrible person and that she needed better self-discipline.

“Self-discipline starts with experiencing proper and adequate discipline.” I said. “I would guess that your parents didn’t spank you, or stopped before you were school age.”

“I don’t ever remember being spanked” she replied.

“Which is the primary reason that you lack self-discipline today. If your parents had done their job, you probably wouldn’t be in this situation today.”

She asked, “Is there anything that I can do now? I don’t get a do-over on growing up!”

“It isn’t too late to start. But the longer you wait, the longer it will take to reach your goals. It will take a lot of time to become a self-disciplined, submissive, woman of God’

“How do I start?”

“I will provide the discipline that you failed to receive earlier in your life. If you want that, we start right now. I will spank you here in my office.”

She hesitated, “If that is what it takes, I guess.”

“Remove your jeans and bend over that desk”

I was surprised that she offered no resistance. I selected a thin switch explaining to her that she would need to build up to a proper punishment. Having never been disciplined before, a real spanking might be too much for her body to handle in the current condition. I didn’t want to do anything that could risk the baby’s health. I lowered her panties and applied 10 strokes to each cheek. She was crying as she dressed.

“I want you to come to my office after work tomorrow. What time do you finish?”

“3 O’Clock”

“You will go to the church’s thrift store and pick out modest, simple clothes. A dress, or a skirt and blouse. I don’t want to see you in pants again. I want you to arrive before 4.” Mary Beth left and my Monday was looking brighter already.

When Mary Beth arrived 5 minutes early on Monday, I knew that the hook had been set deep. I instructed her to remove her panties, lift her dress, and kneel on the bench. The indentations for the knees were about 18” apart, giving me the first good view of her cunt. I repeated the 10 lashes on each cheek with the switch, added 10 more along the inside of each thigh, and added a couple of relatively soft strokes with a belt. Mary Beth cried, but didn’t object or try to get up.

I had Mary Beth come back every day that week, gradually increasing the punishment. The next Sunday I had a suggestion to offer her. A family at the church needed help with their new baby. Greg and Tina were a young couple who had been through my premarital counseling course. Greg was an enthusiastic disciplinarian and Tina was a model submissive. The church would sponsor her to our school and she could help with the baby to pay for her room and board. Mary Beth quickly accepted the offer.

I told Mary Beth that she would come to my office first thing every morning for her daily punishment. Any additional infractions at school would be handled at the end of the school day. And Greg would handle discipline at home. If she did get in trouble at school, Greg would certainly discipline her at home as well. Every week, I would expect Mary Beth, Greg and Tina in my office to review her discipline.

Each morning I used the belt or the cane on Mary Beth, increasing the number of strokes each week. I instructed her to undress completely and wait for me each morning. I looked forward to seeing her young, pregnant body in the morning. I began each session with a hand spanking, making sure I created a nice red glow on her cheeks. From there, I varied the sessions each day. Sometimes I would use a crop or a switch on the back or the inside of her thighs. Sometimes I would use the strap on the inside of her thighs. I worked gradually closer to spanking her directly on the cunt.

In the 2nd week of school Mary Beth got in trouble for talking back to a teacher. I used the leather strap on her, applying 10 quick strokes to the back of her thighs. I made her write down both her offense, and her punishment at school to take home with her.

I met with her the next morning

“Describe how Greg punished you.”

“Greg has a punishment gown for both me and Tina. They are thin silk, and not much longer than a shirt. We aren’t allowed to wear anything under the gown. Up until yesterday, Greg had us dress in the gowns just before bed. He would review our behavior for the day and ask if either of us thought that we deserved any punishment. So far, Tina had always been punished more.”

“Does he have you watch when Tina is disciplined?”

“So far, we have always been punished in plain sight of each other. However, this afternoon Greg told me to change into my gown as soon as he came home. Once I had changed, he sent me outside, where neighbors might have seen, to cut three switches. I think the knife he gave me was rather dull. When I came inside, he had me stand bowlegged and lifted my gown while he spanked the fronts and insides of my thighs.”

“Let me see.”

Mary Beth raised her dress. The remnant of several welts were still visible.

Mary Beth continued “I had to wear the punishment gown all evening. It was quite embarrassing. And Tina went out of her way to find things that required me to bend over and squat down. I think she really enjoyed making me feel worse. At bedtime, Greg spanked Tina with the belt first. Maybe he thought I couldn’t see or wouldn’t notice, but he was reaching under Tina’s belly with one hand and rubbing his fingers on her clit. I could barely see his fingertips, but I could clearly see just how turned on Tina was getting. Then he spanked me in the same position, but didn’t, you know, touch me like that.”

“But it sounds like you got excited when he spanked you even without being touched” I observed.

“Oh much more than usual. Did I just say that? Oh my. Let me explain. I get a little bit hot being bossed around and especially spanked. Watching Tina get spanked just adds to it.”

“Good, that is a sign of progress. You should find joy in being submissive to a man who is in charge of you. I’ll want to check how that is progressing.”

I had her lay on her back on my desk to be punished. This would be ideal for checking her arousal. I lifted her legs straight up together and spanked her with my hands until both cheeks were rosy. Then I spread her legs and lightly rubbed her lips. “I notice that your vulva are swollen, and (as I slid my finger between her lips) you are slightly moist.”

“Bend your knees and pull your legs back towards your body.”

Mary Beth did as she was instructed. This caused her pussy lips to peek out just slightly between her ass cheeks. I applied 10 firm strokes with the belt. While she was still in this position I ran my finger between her lips again.

“You are much wetter this time.”

Mary Beth seemed pleased by this comment.

“Spread your legs wide.”

I applied the switch to the areas of the thighs and between the butt cheeks that are usually protected. I also applied a few lighter strokes directly on her cunt. I placed my finger between her lips again and she was soaking wet, I told her just that as I slid the finger back and forth a couple of times and then inserted it into her anxious pussy.

“I think that you are doing very well in your training and deserve a little bit of a reward. Normally such a reward would be reserved for a married woman, but you are no longer a virgin so simpler rewards won’t work.” I explained as I inserted a second finger deep into her.

I undressed and buried myself all the way into her. She was remarkably tight for being pregnant. I moved inside her slowly as she built to an orgasm. It didn’t take her long, although it was milder than I expected. I began to thrust with slow, hard strokes, pulling completely out and then burying myself as deeply inside her as I could. Her next orgasm was considerably more intense. It began just as I pulled out of her, and the contraction of her cunt walls forced her lubricating juices to squirt out. I entered her again and she was like a vice, I couldn’t penetrate her until she briefly released the tension. Once I was fully inside her, she clamped down tight and I couldn’t move. The violent squeezing was too much for me, and soon I deposited my seed deep in her loins.

When she finally caught her breath, Mary Beth exclaimed, “I have never experienced anything close to that before”

“Your body knows that it was built for submission. As you submit, your ability to experience pleasure increases greatly. This is why an occasional “reward” is so important. You need to understand that you are on the right track now. Before you go, there is one more thing that you must do. I can’t walk around the school smelling like sex. I want you to lick me clean.”

Mary Beth made a disgusted look, “I have never put a penis in my mouth before. That sounds disgusting.”

“Not only is it completely natural, but it is a skill that every young woman should know”

She put forth reasonable effort, so I didn’t punish her any further. But she was totally without skill. Tomorrow evening she would visit my office with Greg and Tina. I had quite the surprise planned for all three of them.

When they arrived I explained to the three of them that I wanted Tina to coach Mary Beth on properly performing oral sex. I told her to give Mary Beth step by step instructions for doing this on Greg. When Mary Beth struggled to get it right, I told Tina to use me as an example and show Mary Beth what to do. Tina knelt in front of me and began to suck my ccck. She demonstrated how to take me into her throat. I began to fuck her face. As I started to cum, I pulled out and sprayed all over her face.

Greg was very excited watching his wife, and it didn’t take him long to cum in Mary Beth’s mouth. I instructed Greg to provide practice for Mary Beth each night for the next 2 weeks. I also suggested that Mary Beth should prepare to become a wet nurse. It would be good practice for her own baby. She was in the second trimester, and her breasts were already quite swollen, and her belly was only beginning to show.

“Every morning and every evening Mary Beth should use these electric pumps on her breasts. Until she starts to produce milk, leave these on for 30 minutes. Once she starts to produce, leave them on for 15 minutes after she is done producing a steady stream.”

I swore that her breasts grew each day that I saw her at the school over the next two weeks. By the end of that time they had nearly doubled in size and would leak on to her shirt in the afternoon.

When they visited my office, Greg was anxious to show the progress that Mary Beth was making. He volunteered that he was having her practice each morning while she was hooked to the breast pump as well. Mary Beth had clearly become quite skilled. But I noticed that Tina didn’t look too happy. Things were about to get worse for Tina.

“Tina, you look a little jealous.” I pointed out. “That won’t do at all.”

I made her undress and bring the punishment stool into my office. I strapped her on to the stool kneeling forward with her legs spread wide. I used the belt liberally on her bottom, her thighs, between her thighs and even a few strokes directly on to her cunt. When she was covered in red marks, I told Greg to take Mary Beth doggy style directly in front of his wife’s face “to begin curing her jealous streak.”

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