Redneck Romance - a Love Story

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Love thrives in the Ozarks in some of the most unlikely ways.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Sharing   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Water Sports   Size   Prostitution   .

Cletus saved up enough money to try out some of that stuff called “pussy” that the other guys he worked with were always talking about. When he’d asked one guy where he could get some, he was told to go to the Redneck Tavern and Entertainment Center.

One day after work he took a shower and it wasn’t even Saturday. It was a long walk from the farm but a nice person gave him a ride part way. They dropped him off at the door of the place. He’d never been in one like it before. He went inside and there was loud music and people all over the place. A nice lady came up and talked in his ear, asking what she could do for him.

“Ah’m here to git some pussy,” seemed matter of fact to him but the nice lady got a huge smile on her face and almost seemed like she wanted to laugh, but she signaled and he followed her to the back and up some stairs. At the top was another lady with her underwear on, but it were much fancier than anybody in his family ever wore. Guess it was the city kind.

The first lady told the second lady what he said and she smiled real big too but had him sit down on a real nice couch. This weren’t nothin like the general store where he went to buy most of the things he needed.

She told him to wait a little bit so he watched as men would come up stairs with the nice lady and then a pretty girl in a robe which showed her titties came out and they would go down a hall. In a little while the nice lady came out with a young blond girl wearing one of them kind of robes. “This is Lucy. She is going to give you what you asked for.”

Cletus followed her down to a little room which had nothing in it but a bed and a washstand and a wastebasket. This were a funny kind of store, he thought. He looked in the wastebasket and there were a bunch of rubbery things that kind of looked like cut off fingers from rubber gloves all wrinkled up with some stuff inside.

Lucy took off her robe and she was naked. When he just sat there she asked, “Didn’t you come here for some pussy?” He just nodded, his eyes just fixated on that pretty naked body. What kind of store was this?

He said to her finally, “Ah thought it come in a box.”

She had a little tinkly laugh and said, “Yes, it usually does come in a box. Haven’t you had any before?” When he shook his head she changed her voice and said, “Oh my. How did you learn about coming here.” When he explained the sequence of events, she realized she had an utterly ignorant virgin to deal with. She didn’t know his name so she asked.

“Cletus, pussy isn’t a store bought product. It means two things. This (pointing to her crotch) is called a pussy among other names. Getting pussy means that you put your penis inside it and move it so it feels real good.”

“What’s a penis?”

“That’s the official name for the thing that your pee comes out of.”

His eyes opened and he blurted, “Oh, my tallywhacker! It goes in your pussy?”

At a loss for words, Lucy asked to be excused for a few minutes. When she returned she told her new client that she was going to give him a demonstration so he should just stand quietly in the corner and watch until it was all done. Then they would talk some more. She went out of the room again. This time when she returned a man was with her who just ignored Cletus and began taking his clothes off.

Lucy knelt down and sucked on his man’s tallywhacker and it got long like Cletus’ did sometimes. Then she laid on the bed and he got between her legs and, sure enough, his tallywhacker went right in her pussy. He moved it in and out a bunch of times and she made some noises and then he made the kind of noise Cletus did when he rubbed his and the white stuff squirted out. He wondered if her pussy would have that white stuff in it.

The man pulled his tallywhacker out, Lucy pulled off one of them rubber gloves things, dropped it in the wastebasket, and wiped off his tallywhacker which was getting soft now. The man got dressed and gave Lucy some money and left.

Lucy asked, “What did you think of that?”

The young man answered, “Well that looked easy enough to do and Ah think Ah gets the idea now. Ah guess Ah’m ready to get some pussy.”

His hostess said, “I’m ready to give you some and since you’ve never had any before I’m not gonna use a condom. Your first time should be the best.”

“What’s a condom?”

Lucy explained that it was those things in the wastebasket and Cletus thought there were quite a few there so she must sell a lot of pussy.

He got out of his overalls and dropped his drawers and he was glad he’d worn some clean ones. Lucy knelt down like she had with the other man and said, as she touched him and then kissed it, “Oh my, this is a big one. Maybe the best one today.” That made Cletus proud.

She didn’t lay her back and open up her pussy like he had just seen. She laid him on the bed and climbed over the top of him and he could see her titties hanging down real nice. Lucy rubbed her pussy along the big tallywhacker laying on his belly until she felt slippery and then she raised up and pointed it right at her pussy and she started to move down on it. Step-by-step it went inside her. She made some little noises that sounded like it felt good to her and it sure as hell felt good to him. He rubbed his plenty but it was never was warm and soft as this.

All of a sudden, after she’d only moved on him a few times, it felt real real good and he knew that white stuff was shooting out the end. Lucy stopped and just felt it but she didn’t get off him. He knew his tallywhacker could stay hard and he could shoot two or three times in a row and she kept moving and she made some noises and shivered a bit and then he felt himself shoot in some more stuff. She seemed to like it all inside her.

She cleaned them off and hugged him and said for him to come back and see her again and always ask for Lucy. As he walked down the stairs he felt like he’d been really educated about pussy.

He saved up his money and would go to see her once a week and she always gave him pussy without them condom things so he felt special. She always told him she would look forward to seeing him again.

One time he came in the afternoon and things weren’t very busy so they lay together and talked after he put his stuff in her. She asked him what kind of work he did and he told her that he was a livestock excrement mitigation technician.

She was puzzled, “So what do you do in this job?”

Cletus smiled, “Ah cleans the chicken shit off of the tractors and equipment that spreads it around the fields of the farm that Ah work at. Ah also clean manure out of the horse and cattle stalls and pens. They tell me that it’s really important to keep the place as neat and tidy as Ah can.”

Lucy pondered things a bit and said, “Are you busy on Sundays?” When he shook his head she added that was her day off and she’d like to visit with him some more.

He had a question, “Will Ah have to buy some pussy to be with you?” She shook her head, smiling, and told him that she was not on the job and this was like friends.

She had a car and came out to get him at the farm because he lived in the housing they had for the help, and he showed her around. She was dressed in regular jeans and a nice top instead of her fancy little robe and he introduced her to some of the people he worked with.

He had on his cleanest overalls and didn’t own anything else. They went to Walmart and he got some jeans and a nice casual shirt. She even sprang for some shoes that weren’t boots and he said they felt funny on his feet.

They went to a restaurant which he hardly ever did. Even though it was a fast food place he was fascinated by the pictures of all the things you could buy up on the wall and they settled into a corner booth to have their meal and visit.

Lucy was interested to hear about his growing up in the hills. He was proud of his eighth-grade education by the time he was 18 and he had to leave the school. He said he sent money home to his maw and paw the best he could because they was on welfare and that took care of most of their needs. Lately he’d been using what little extra money had to buy pussy from her.

His story touched Lucy’s heart and she reached over to hold his hand after they finished eating. She’d had kind of a rough life herself and so could empathize with this soul sitting across from her.

After her early marriage went south, she’d struggled to support herself, sleeping in doorways or on couches and giving up her pussy in exchange for food and/or shelter. When she finally realized it was worth a lot more than what she was getting for it, she went to the Redneck Tavern and had been there for about a year. The income was good enough that she could buy a decent used car and have her own apartment.

“Cletus, I want to show you where I live.” She drove him to her small apartment. It wasn’t much, being only a front room with a small kitchenette, and a bedroom with a tiny bath. He seemed impressed though, being much nicer than the bunkhouse that he lived in or the cabin of his parents.

Lucy got lots of sex, of course, but there was an aching in her heart that had been there ever since the love and romance had gone out of her life during her marriage. This young man certainly had his limitations, but she knew that he would never do anything to hurt her and was genuinely pleased to be in her presence, even when he was paying for it. He had responded to every hint of affection she had tested him with, like holding his hand, hugging him, and now sitting close to him on the little couch.

She couldn’t stand it anymore, and leaned over to give him a kiss. He kissed her back gently, just like she had kissed him. She turned up the dial a little and he seemed surprised by tongue kissing but took to it right away. When she put his hand on her breast he didn’t seem to know what to do with it, since that’s not something they did at the Tavern.

She said softly, “Let’s take our clothes off and get on the bed.”

“Ah didn’t bring no money today!”

That made her heart melt as she replied, “I’m not working and so this is just for friends and it’s going to include some other things we haven’t done before, like the kissing.” He got up and took his new clothes off and carefully folded and put them on the couch. She watched that with the beginnings of tears in her eyes.

When they got in the bed she explained that there were lots of other things to do with each other besides “cock in the pussy”. She got him to use that shorter name for his part. She showed him how to pleasure her breasts and all the good places to kiss and touch. She left cunnilingus for another time but she did spend a lot more time kissing and sucking his eager organ.

This time, with no pressure to finish, he spurted in her the three times that he knew he was capable of and she had an orgasm each time, setting a record for a single copulation as best she could remember. She lay there with him snuggled against her and snoring in his postcoital nap. This felt really, really good to her and she realized how badly she had needed affection. She cried silently for a while and then snoozed herself.

When she took him back to the farm he asked again if he needed to pay her. She looked him in the eyes as she said, “No. Send it to your parents. We are friends now and I want to see you every Sunday.” He smiled big time.

When she picked him up at the assigned next time one of the other farm hands who had been a client at the Redneck sauntered over to her car window. He said with a nasty grin on his face, “Well lookee who’s here. You out whoring in the boonies? Can’t you do better than that piece of trash? Or do you like chicken shit?”

Cletus was in the car so she stepped on the gas and threw gravel as she barreled out of the driveway her face red with anger. She muttered, “He won’t get more of me at any price, the jerk!”

As she calmed down and drove a regular speed, Cletus asked, “What made you so mad at him?”

As she drove with her eyes fixed straight ahead she said, “I can’t believe he was so rude. I don’t want you hanging around assholes like that. You deserve better.”

Cletus wondered what “whoring” meant but figured he’d better not ask right now. She remained silent as they drove. When they got to her apartment she took him to the bed immediately and he noticed the greatest intensity in their joining ever.

She was on the phone quite a bit after that but he didn’t know what she was talking to somebody else about. When she came back to bed she laid next to him and said, “You’re going to stay here tonight with me. I don’t go to work until the evening tomorrow and we’ve got some places to go. I think I found a much better job for you and that will help you get out of that place you are staying too.”

Cletus was thrilled. His job was the first one he’d come across when he came in from the hills and he’d never had the resources or gumption to go looking for a better one. Now the wonderful Lucy had taken charge. He hugged her and said, “Thank you. Thank you. Now can we make love again? My cock has gotten ready like you like it.”

He’d heard the word “fucking” and knew that it meant doing what they did. Lucy had called it “making love” and he asked her what the difference was because it seemed like the same thing. She had gently explained that fucking was what she did at work and made those men wear condoms. What she did with him was because she wanted to as friends and was better because she could feel him putting his stuff in there. He was happy with that explanation. He did have another question though, “When those men put their cock in you, does it feel good?” She explained that it did just a little bit most of the time but what she did with him felt really good all of the time. That made him very happy and she could tell.

This was the first time since he left home he’d slept overnight with a woman. He shared a bed with his sister back in the small cabin but they wore nightclothes and never did nothing together. He was delighted and Lucy finally had to tell him stop it and let her get some sleep because they had things to do in the morning.

First they drove out to the farm and he told them he wouldn’t be working there anymore. They gathered up his few belongings in a cardboard box and headed back to town and a new future. She took him to a big truck stop by the interstate and introduced him to the manager. It was a long walk from her place where he was now in residence but that didn’t bother him a bit. He would work in the truck wash, helping out at first so he could learn how it worked and doing detailing in the cabs of the rigs. If he learned well, he might be the overnight shift employee. The pay was double what he got at the farm.

This was great! He could get in the big trucks that he’d always admired and talk to drivers who had been all over the country. Lucy introduced him to a couple of the truck stop whores she’d been friends with when she worked there for a while. He could ask them about stuff.

She had to go to work so he walked around the neighborhood and then spent time watching TV. He’d have to be up pretty early to get to his new job and was asleep when she came home. He knew how late she worked so he didn’t bother her in the morning, dressing quietly and leaving.

When he got back to his new home, she had gone to work but said she would wake him up when she returned. That took a bit more effort than she expected but she really wanted to talk to him and find out how the job was going. He was thrilled and she could tell. They made love before both of them went to sleep. She thought of him often as she serviced her johns but it didn’t make their activities any more satisfying. She needed him when she got home and he was there for her.

Sunday finally came for her and it seemed like blink of an eye to him. He got his first paycheck and was absolutely stunned with how much money was in it. He wanted to do something nice for her and they went out to a family restaurant to celebrate. He had a beer, something that he could never budget for before, and she had a glass of wine. She felt all warm inside as he stared at her with puppy dog eyes.

Back in the apartment they got naked and made love very gently with lots of affection. They laid together and talked, mostly about his week. When Lucy asked him if there was anything special that happened his face lit up, “Oh yes Miss Lucy (he hadn’t gotten over that politeness yet), one of your lady friends came to me when Ah wasn’t busy and said she had a little project for me. Ah followed her to a truck and we got up in the bed with the trucker. She gave me one of them condoms and had to put it on me because Ah didn’t know how. Me and the trucker took turns fucking her because that’s what he wanted to see and do. Ah got $20 for doing it. Ah guess Ah’m a whore like you now.”

A flash of jealousy raced through her and disappeared quickly when she realized the irony of it. “I guess so. How was it?”

She felt lots better when he replied, “Ah see what you mean that making love is much better than fucking. That condom makes it feel worse and also Ah didn’t hardly know her either. Should Ah do it again?”

Lucy had to think on it just a little bit, “I guess it’s your choice because we don’t own each other. I just don’t want it to mess up our friendship.”

“Oh Miss Lucy, it could never do that!”

A few days later Lucy woke him up when she came home. When he finally opened his eyes she chortled, “That asshole from the farm came in asking for me. I told him flat out that he’d have to get his somewhere else. I’d already told the other girls what a jerk he so none of them would have him. Serves him right because we don’t get much respect as it is, don’t you think?”

There was a terrible mismatch of their work schedules so Lucy put in to move to the day shift when one of those girls left and that was immensely better. She wasn’t quite as busy but with Cletus’ income they had plenty. That was good for a while but then he got put on nights because he’d been a good learner and they felt they could trust him for the graveyard shift from midnight to eight.

That gave them the evening’s together at least. They started going out doing things like a normal couple might. Lucy delighted in teaching him about city culture and, when she remembered that his education was very limited, they went to the literacy center and got some materials to work with. He was also an excellent student for sex and she was always delighted if she came home horny, which you might not think she would when getting at least a dozen dicks a day, but they weren’t very satisfying.

She would routinely ask Cletus about his day and her interest perked up when he said that the same truck stop whore that had showed him what threesomes were all about came to him again. She’d said that her trucker husband was stopping by. When she’d suggested a threesome treat for him he was all for it. They’d spent about two hours after he got off work in a nearby motel room where Nancy lived. It was much better than the awfully crowded truck cab.

Of course Lucy knew the woman who he was talking about, a statuesque redhead with big tits and hips. She had been the most friendly to Lucy during her time there. Lucy said she was pleased for them and then Cletus said that Nancy had invited the two of them to come to her motel room home on Sunday. Her husband was having some work done on his truck so he’d have a bit of a layover.

The two gals hugged and Cletus introduced Norman who Lucy had not met, or so she thought. Norman took a second look and said he thought he had fucked her when she was working at the truck stop and Nancy had been on the rag. Lucy hadn’t even realized that Nancy was married. Lucy drove them to a nice restaurant because all of them had enough of the truck stop food.

It seems the couple only got together about once a month because of Norman’s routing. They hoped that when he got his truck paid off that she could take her commercial driving training and become a co-driver with him. She’d been saving as much as she could and was getting close to having the nest egg that she needed.

Norman had heard about his wife’s threesome with the trucker and Cletus, and said he wanted to see that happen for himself because she’d said such good things about her helper. Nancy piped up and said she hoped she could feel the real him this time. Lucy said, “Why not? I guess we’ve all fucked each other before so let’s go for it.”

They had a really good time, individually and in combinations. Norman treated for dinner and they went back to the room for a nightcap, or maybe a “night-cock” and “night-cunt”. Whatever you want to call it, the gals enjoyed it a lot more than their everyday fucking, and we don’t even have to wonder about the guys.

Norman had to head out the next day but said he would look forward to his return ASAP. He was pleased that Nancy now had a friend and protector. He gave Cletus a small cell phone so Nancy could call or text him if she needed his help. Lucy said she’d show him how to use it.

That really paid off less than a week later when a trucker slapped handcuffs on her and drove off with her naked in his sleeper. She managed to get to the phone and punched the button which was programmed to call Cletus. She whispered that she was being kidnapped and he knew what to do. They’d set up a plan where she took a picture of the truck cab door before she got in and texted it to him. He called the police and showed them the picture and it wasn’t long before the truck was pulled over and the driver arrested.

The troopers wrapped Nancy in a blanket but didn’t say anything about why she was naked in that truck. These officers patrolled this area and they’d been in the truck stop plenty of times. As long as the girls didn’t cause any trouble they left them alone, figuring they did a good service that the drivers needed. Besides, their benevolence fund got big donations from the truck stop.

Cletus went to her room after his shift ended and Lucy was there consoling her. She was so happy that she had friends.

Nancy joined them now on Sundays to go out and do some recreational things which all badly needed after working six days. After doing some fun things, one or the other would treat for dinner and they’d go back to Lucy’s apartment. After checking with Cletus, Lucy suggested that they both take him to bed. His stamina, like his love tool, was impressive and there was plenty to share. She told him that he would be “making love” with Nancy just like with her and so there would be no condom to interfere.

He did her proud and took turns with the two women, hopefully giving them enough orgasms to get the new friend through a few days without them. She was still on the night shift and tried to figure out a way to enjoy her new special man without waiting a whole week.

She had some seniority at the Tavern so Cletus could come there and give her a proper seeing to before he went to work a couple nights a week. His copious deposit made it better for her to accommodate her customers too. Lucy was proud of him and pleased that others besides her were benefiting.

That’s how things went about six months. Cletus tutoring was paying off. Lucy was surprised at how well he did and figured his school must not have been very good. It wasn’t him being stupid.

Nancy had saved enough to pay her tuition and she went off to CDL school. They kept in touch but certainly missed her. That got Lucy to thinking about how they could improve their lives. Cletus was doing better than he ever had in his life and just had no clue where to go from there. Lucy had glimpses of a different life but wasn’t sure how she could make the leap from whore to career woman.

They were still wrestling with this one when a monthly customer of Lucy’s stopped in. After they fucked he asked if they might have coffee later because he’d like to talk to her about something else. She told him when she got off work and would meet him downstairs.

Reginald had a distribution company and he was on the road about half time going to trade shows to set up exhibits to attract new customers. He was losing his right hand woman very soon and had been long taken with Lucy’s charm, figuring if she could be that good naked she might do real well when dressed. There was more but he wanted to know first if it was worth spending the time on. A big question was if she was married.

She told him that she was not married but had a live-in boyfriend, the first time she’d actually used the BF term for Cletus. She found out more about his company and what the job duties would be. As she expressed her interest, since it seemed like a good way out of what she was doing at the moment, he revealed more and more.

She stopped him to inquire about the salary and he quoted a figure a bit higher than she was currently netting. He also said that there was an apartment in his warehouse and that would be included in her compensation. Her boyfriend could serve as security and warehouse helper which would help Cletus earn some money.

A question had been building in her mind. “And why is your current person leaving?”

His answer confirmed a bit of what she was thinking. He said, “She is getting married and her new husband does not want her traveling with me. I know what you are thinking, and yes, she shared my bed on most of those trips and I would expect that of you. There are also times when closing a big deal that pussy is expected and I don’t have one. There would be bonuses for those based on the value of the contract that we got.”

She smiled, “I guess that part shouldn’t be a problem for someone like me, should it? I’m sure I could be a good sales person for you also since that’s what I do every night, getting the customers to buy extras. My boyfriend is okay with what I do now so that shouldn’t be a problem either. My only other question is: are you going to want pussy when we are not on the road?”

“That has been customary,” replied Reginald with a smile. “You’re still going to be spreading an awful lot less than you are now, right?”

Lucy smiled, “Now that we’re down to the bottom line I will talk this over with Cletus and I’ll give you a phone call in 24 hours. That’s the promise, and I keep my word.”

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