Sister-in-law Takes Charge

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: A dominant woman moves in with her younger sister and brother-in-law. She takes control of the husband almost immediately and then extends that control to her sister. The wimpy husband is locked in chastity and turned into a cum-eating slave. His wife experiences black cock for the first time.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Coercion   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Wimp Husband   Sister   InLaws   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   .

My sister-in-law moved back to town a couple of months ago. She was recently divorced and needed a place to stay, so she moved in with us. From the time I met her, I viewed Christine as my wife’s “evil twin”. There was only 14 months difference in age between them and they always had nearly identical, athletic, small-breasted frames. As similar as they are in looks, they are opposites in personality. My wife is shy, reserved, and deeply religious. Her sister is the proverbial wild-child.

I was always madly in love with Connie, but I also welcomed Christine’s flirting and teasing. This was probably the first step in my downfall. My job allowed me to work from home several days each week. Three days after Christine moved in, I was working from home. Christine joined Connie and I for breakfast that morning. Her pajama top wasn’t immodest, but I swore I could make out the faint outline of her nipples through the fabric. I anxiously waited for her to bend forward so I could catch a glimpse of what I was now certain were her bare breasts. She obliged, leaning over to talk to my wife.

She busted me staring and only winked. I soon retreated to my home office and my wife left for work. My wife was probably still in the driveway when Christine opened my office door.

She reached for the top button on her pajamas asking me, “Would you like a better look?”

Of course I would. I nodded yes.

“If you are willing to be my sex slave until Connie comes home, I promise you a chance for way more than just seeing my tits.”

I didn’t hesitate, “Yes!”

“Come undress me.”

It doesn’t make any sense that seeing someone nude who looks so much like my wife would be so arousing, but it was.

“Show me how special I am. Worship my pussy with your mouth.”

I had considered myself fairly skilled at giving oral sex before I was married, and enjoyed the effect I could have on girls. But my wife was never interested in anything she considered “kinky”. I went down on Christine with great enthusiasm, determined to show her how skilled I was.

I anticipated driving her wild with my tongue and fucking her. Instead, my face stayed buried in her cunt for over an hour as she drifted from one orgasm to the next.

“Would you like to fuck me?”

“Of course!”

She pulled out a strange looking little metal cage. “Are you willing to have your dick locked in this and worship my pussy every day until I’m ready to be fucked?”

I briefly considered how hard it would be to hide from my wife for a few days. We went to bed at different times. We only had sex when I pushed the issue. So I reasoned that she wouldn’t need to know.

Most of the time I barely noticed the cage. It was strange having to sit down to pee. It hurt like hell when I started to get hard, waking me up several times a night. The momentary pain seemed to be a small price to pay in order to fuck my sister-in-law.

For three days I went down on Christine at least once a day. I gave her back rubs and footrubs and sucked her toes when she asked. She suggested that I give my wife a back and foot massage first, and then offer one to her in front of my wife.

I knew that the massage I gave my wife would have to be at least as long and intense as what I did for her sister, so I devoted all my energy and attention to an hour long massage for my wife. She was delighted.

“Your sister looks like she could use a massage too. I should give her a short one too, unless, of course, you mind.”

My wife might have privately objected, but I knew that she wouldn’t openly create a confrontation either with her sister or in front of her sister. I spent an hour on Christine’s massage too. By the time I finished my back, arms and hands ached.

Thank you Connie for sharing your husband’s wonderful hands with me. He is so talented he could do that for a living. Tom, why don’t you let us ladies continue to relax and go clean the kitchen.

Sis, I just had a great idea. Tomorrow night, we should have Tom prepare us a great meal and repeat these amazing massages.

Connie may have only been thinking about herself when she quickly agreed.

For the next week this became the nightly routine. I would plan and prepare the best meals that I possibly could. I gave lengthy massages to both women. I cleaned the kitchen after dinner. At Christine’s command, I started doing some laundry every night too.

I was so horny from being locked in the cock cage that each night my hands wandered to more and more skin on both women. I’m not sure if Connie noticed that the massages I gave her sister were even more sensuous than what I was giving her. She may have been too focused on her relaxing evening.

The night before I was scheduled to leave on a business trip, Christine took things to another level. Just before starting their nightly back rubs, Christine ordered me to undress. Connie was shocked by the order, and even more by my rapid compliance. I turned away from my wife so she wouldn’t see my cock cage, although I was certain Christine was going to make me show her.

I own your husband. He will do whatever I tell him. The last week? I commanded him to do all of that. Tom, turn around and show your wife what you have been wearing for the last 10 days.

I slowly turned around so that my wife could see the cock cage.

“Tell Connie why you agreed to be locked in that device.”

“So I could fuck you.”

“Would you still like to do that?”

“Yes, I replied meekly.”

“Then do it now, in front of Connie.”

Christine removed the cage and I was instantly as hard as a 16 year old boy.

“Not so fast. Start by kissing my feet.”

I took my time kissing her feet and sucking on her toes. Eventually she invited me to do the same with her pussy. Only after she had been satisfied several times did she climb on top of me and start riding my cock.

I held out for as long as I could, which wasn’t that long after such a long wait. Christine warned me not to move as she crawled up my body and straddled my face. I had to clean every drop of my cum from her.

Christine rotated positions on my face and bent forward. I briefly thought that she would be returning the oral favor for me. Instead I felt the steel cage slide back over me and heard the lock click shut.

“This is how I see it sis. It should be clear that I completely own your husband. I can take him away from you and leave you with nothing. Or I can order him to continue pampering both of us like princesses. Which would you rather?”

“Please don’t take Tom from me.”

“I won’t, so long as you serve and obey me just as well as he does. He will still pamper you more than you can imagine. But you will be serving me too.”

“I understand.”

“You can start now by learning to pleasure me. Crawl over here and lick my cunt.”

I was surprised that Connie only hesitated for a moment. I’ve never been particularly drawn to girl-on-girl action, but the sight of seeing my wife going down on her sister was incredibly arousing. My dick was soon straining against the steel cage. I suspect Christine enjoyed humiliating her little sister, because her orgasm came fast and hard.

With Christine satisfied, I was directed to go down on my wife’s hairy cunt. She hadn’t allowed me to lick her pussy since we were dating. In her mind, oral sex was gross. Her lips had never touched my dick and she had only hesitantly allowed me to lick her a couple of times before we married. I approached the task this evening with gusto, determined to show her what she was missing. Just as Connie was about to cum, Christine ordered me to stop.

“You haven’t earned a cum yet” Christine informed her sister.

I was scared as my business trip started. I was locked in a steel cock cage and needed to pass through airport security. The body scanning equipment saw the chastity cage. I’m certain the technology could identify exactly what I was wearing, but I was still taken to a side room and made to strip so that TSA could verify that I wasn’t carrying a weapon.

The rest of the week passed without incident for me; although I dreaded the return trip through airport security. My wife’s week was considerably more eventful. After work each day, she would prepare a gourmet dinner for her sister, give her sister a lengthy massage and lick her pussy to several orgasms. If anything was less than 100% perfect, Christine would spank her little sister. Of course Christine was picky enough that nothing was perfect enough for her. A typical night would result in between 15 and 25 lashes with the belt. However, Christine liked variety so sometimes it would be a switch, a paddle or even a hairbrush.

The worst part for Connie was being repeatedly brought to the edge of an orgasm, only to be denied. Several times each night Christine would run a vibrator on her clit, expertly taking Connie to the very edge only to leave her frustrated.

When I returned home Friday evening I was allowed to watch as Connie received 25 lashes with a thin belt. She stripped nude and knelt on the coffee table. Her once hairy pussy was now completely smooth. I later learned that Christine has sent her for laser hair removal. My wife would have a bald cunt the rest of her life. She looked so young. Leaning forward to place her head on the table exposed her ass even more. Christine was not gentle as she brought the belt down repeatedly. I watched the little red lines appear all over her tight little butt.

I had a busy evening. I gave both women massages, licked Christine to three orgasms, and licked Connie to the edge of orgasm twice.

The next couple weeks continued much like before. I cooked dinner for the women each night, kept the house spotlessly clean, provided massages, brought Christine to orgasms and left my wife on the verge of an orgasm multiple times each day. Christine still found excuses to spank Connie several times a week. Several things did change. Connie was being brought to the edge more times each day, including several times before she went to work. She was also sleeping with her hands bound so that she couldn’t pleasure herself to orgasm.

As children, Connie and Christine had been severely punished when they were caught touching themselves. Experts consider it normal for young girls to touch themselves, but Connie’s Mom thought that masturbation was one of the greatest sins so she punished her girls, usually with the switch, any time they touched themselves. As the girls grew older she forced them to play with themselves while they had Ben-Gay on their fingers. These punishments, along with the moral lectures, had effectively prevented Connie from ever playing with herself. However, with the growing sexual frustration Connie was experiencing, Christine didn’t trust their upbringing to be sufficient so she started binding Connie’s hands each night.

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