Coercing Camille

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: This story is a continuation of storyline from How I Met My Wife, but it is also a standalone story. Tom learns details of a young married woman seeing the pastor to receive discipline for her slutty fantasies. Tom uses this information to coerce her to submit to punishment from him and participate in an interracial video simulating a gang rape.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Reluctant   Heterosexual   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Sex Toys   Size   .

About three months after I installed the cameras a very attractive young mom came in to see the pastor. I had noticed her in church. She had curly strawberry blonde hair with that just slightly unkempt look. She was probably a 34 C, but she had a tiny waist, and well rounded hips making her look much more voluptuous. I was surprised that the pastor turned the camera on for her. Most of his subjects were teen or pre-teen girls.

I listened as they talked and she described how she was having a fantasy about being with someone other than her husband. She couldn’t get the fantasy out of her mind. She would have vivid dreams about it at night, often leaving stains on her pajamas. Sometimes it was just too intense and she had to touch herself. Her husband just couldn’t find out. He was insanely jealous by nature and it might end their marriage if he ever knew about her fantasies.

The pastor agreed that it was best that her husband never know, and suggested that an aversion therapy technique might work. Camille asked what that was, and the pastor explained “You need to attach negative experiences to these fantasies. Then instead of dominating your life, they will begin to fade. For example, I will have you describe the fantasy in as much detail as possible and I will spank you as you describe it. Soon the unpleasantness of the spanking will overcome the fantasy. Are you ready to try that?”

“Spank an adult? I haven’t been spanked since I was 8 or 9. Is this, you know, normal?”

“Discipline is the foundation of mental health. The fact that your parents stopped at a time when it was just becoming critical may account for some of your current self-control problems. I don’t normally spank grown, married women in my office but then most normal grown married women don’t come to me with your problem. It is the only way that I know to help. If you want my help, you will need to bend over the desk and be spanked.”

After a brief pause, I was amazed that this had worked. Camille had bent over the desk, resting her elbows on the surface. The pastor walked around to the front of his desk and raised her dress.

“I forgot, you aren’t used to being properly disciplined. You must remove your panties before I can proceed.”

Camille reached carefully inside her dress and removed her panties. Then she bent over the back of the desk again. The pastor raised her skirt and I was pleased to see both light freckles and a glimpse of strawberry blonde pubic hair, despite her legs being close together. She started describing her fantasy of meeting a man at the mall, going back to his place and having sex. The pastor insisted that she needed to describe the details in order for the aversion therapy to work. As she started filling in the details, he started applying swats with a ping-pong paddle. A tame punishment for his style, but it was clear he didn’t want to scare her off too early. After the session, he scheduled an appointment for her the following week. She came back and the process was repeated, except he used a belt. The week after that he suggested that she touch herself while he spanked her with the belt. After a couple more weeks he suggested that it might require him to spank her directly on the vagina. She agreed so readily that I was beginning to wonder what was up.

She kept coming back every week. Soon the details of the story started becoming more intense. Each week would start with a belt to the bottom, continue even harder while she caressed herself and finish with her being spanked directly on her twat. At one point she “admitted” that the man in her fantasy was black. The pastor told her this was a sign that she was on her way to getting better, when she could tell the full truth about her fantasy only then would the aversion start really working. As the weeks passed by she started describing that it was more than 1 black man. The number grew to 3 and then to 5. Then she was a cheerleader servicing the basketball team. First it was just the starting 5 players, later it included the bench players and grew to 12. At this point she had been having sessions once a week for over 6 months. I was convinced that the pastors’ spanking had become the central point of her fantasy and that the ever expanding story was about giving the pastor pleasure at the same time.

I arranged to run into Camille just as she was leaving the pastor’s study one afternoon. I flashed a knowing grin her way as I stepped past and asked the pastor if we could talk. He was flushed and told me that he was on his way out the door but call for an appointment. “Unless this is an emergency”

“No pastor, it will hold. I was just working in the area and hoped I could have a quick chat. But it can certainly wait.” He looked relieved. My real goal had been accomplished.

I caught up with Camille before she made it to her car. “I couldn’t help but overhear a little while I was waiting outside the pastor’s office” I commented.

Her face turned darker red than her hair. “How long were you waiting? How much could you hear?” she asked now in an almost panic.

“Enough to know that we might be able to help each other live out a little of our fantasies?”

“I’m a happily married woman. I have no intention of sleeping with an over-eager boy like you.”

“No from what I heard I’m far too few and far too white for your taste. Does your husband think that the pastor’s spanking will help you?”

A flash of fear crossed her face. “My husband” she stuttered, “doesn’t need to know anything. What do you have in mind?”

“My fantasy has long been to spank and torture a beautiful woman. Allowing me to spank you wouldn’t be much different than what the pastor was doing. Your fantasy involves having sex with a large number of black men. I could arrange a discreet fulfillment of that fantasy with some people from work. They wouldn’t even have to know your name.” For the first time her eyes were showing a gleam of excitement along with the fear. I suggested that we talk about it some more over lunch.

“Are you free all morning tomorrow?”, I asked. “Good, arrive at my office at 8:30. I’ll leave the garage door open, just pull inside. I plan on punishing your body until 1. I’ll give you a safeword and you can stop this at any time you want. How many men would you like me to invite?”

“3 men” pause, “No, please don’t think I’m strange but I want you to invite 12 men. All of them black and hung”

“No problem. Do you want to be the one in charge or do you want to be more passive?”

She looked at me and paused. “You’ll probably think that I am really strange ... Well I guess you already think that ... anyhow ... I guess what I am saying is that my fantasy is about more than being passive. I want to be controlled, to be forced.”

“OK. Once again you will have a “safeword”, if you want to end it at any point, just say the safeword and it will instantly stop.”

Camille arrived at 8:30 sharp the next morning. I told her that her safeword would be bananas. I also handed her a stack of forms, insisting that she initial each page and sign several places.

“I need to make sure we have all of this paperwork in place. If you later decided that any of this was not consensual, my friends and I could be in a great deal of legal trouble. These forms say that your actions both today and with my 12 friends is being performed at your request. That you have not been, and will not, be paid in any way for these actions. That you have been given the safeword ‘bananas’ that you can utter at any time to change your mind, and that I can video all of this. The video would be my protection that you did not speak the safeword. You are welcome to a copy of this contract and a copy of the video if you wish.”

“I don’t want anything that my husband might find.”

I smiled to myself. That means that she would never carefully read the sections that gave me distribution rights for the film. “Now that we have the paperwork completed, please go into the next room, undress, and wait for me.”

The next room had been converted into a well lit studio, stocked with punishment implements. I had so much I wanted to do in the next 4 hours I couldn’t wait to get started. I started by asking her to kneel on a table. I positioned a camera on a tripod directly behind her. I made a big deal about this, because I wanted her to think that this was the only camera. I had a friend manning 3 other cameras by remote control from the computer in the next room. I started with my hand just to get her skin red, but I quickly changed to a leather strap that I had picked out. The strap was more narrow than a belt, and had large holes on the business end. I used this to briskly warm her bottom and her thighs. I started somewhat softly and let the force of the strokes build. I didn’t want to scare her off too soon.

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