Profiting From Punishment

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Story: This picks up where How I Met My Wife leaves off. This is mostly a bridge story that explains future plot points (yes there is the tiniest bit of plot line). There is limited action in this section.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Spanking  

Sherri’s description gave me another idea. If her punishments always happened in her parents’ room, perhaps I could sneak some spy cameras into the room. I researched high-resolution spy cameras that I might be able to use. I emptied my savings account buying the equipment, but it was worth it.

I snuck into the house when I knew everyone would be away. I placed three small cameras out of sight in the bedroom. The cameras only recorded when there was both light and movement present. I set it up so that the cameras transmitted to their home computer through the wireless network. I buried some temporary storage and compression algorithms deep on the hard drive and set it up to download the compressed video to a web page in the middle of the night, when no one would notice the connection speed problems. I was hoping to capture video of the masturbation/spanking that the pastor had instructed them to perform. I captured that and plenty more. I hadn’t thought about Sherri’s 14 year old sister being punished too.

The first spanking captured on video was Sandy. She had just turned 14 and had just reached puberty. Like her mom and Sherri, she was petite and a late bloomer. I never did learn what the infraction was, but her Mom led her into the room and pulled a thin leather strap from the drawer. She had Sandy completely undress. Sandy’s breasts had only just begun to bud. Looking at them, I noticed mostly nipple, with a little bump underneath. Maybe it was the small size of her breasts, but her nipples looked huge. Her hips had not begun to curve and she had only the thinnest blond wisp of hair on her beaver.

Sandy bent over and held her knees. I watched as she was hit twenty times with the strap. She had red marks all across her bottom. Then her mother had her stand in the corner naked until her father came home two hours later. He came into the room and had her bend over as he inspected the marks. It looked like all of the marks had completely faded. He wasn’t happy. He made Sandy kneel on the bed and gave her 20 more lashes with the leather strap. These were clearly much harder strokes as they immediately produced deep red marks. Sandy was dismissed to her room, but the punishments weren’t over. Her Mom was about to be punished again for being too lenient. She undressed and knelt on the bed just as her daughter had. Her husband spread her legs just a little wider and began applying the strap with vigor. He made sure to let the end of the strap travel between the legs several times. While she remained kneeling, he mounted her from behind.

I would learn over the next few weeks that punishing mom for being too lenient led to much harsher punishments for both girls most of the time.

One afternoon particularly stood out. Both girls were brought into the room. Each of them removed their panties, raised their dress and bent over the chair. Their Mom brought out the belt. Sherri received 10 hard whacks of the belt. And then Sandy had her 10. The redness on Sherri’s bottom had just started to fade, along with her tears, when it was her turn from another 10. Back and forth, until each girl had 30 whacks with the belt. The girls were sent from the room without their underwear and came back several minutes later carrying two switches each. They finished removing their dresses, neither was wearing bras. Sandy kneeled on the bed, leaning forward until her face rested against the mattress. Sherri stepped behind her with a switch and applied a fierce stroke right across the center of her bottom. Even though Sandy’s entire bottom was red from the belt, the thin line from the switch appeared immediately. Sherri took her time, aiming each stroke carefully for maximum effect. The next one hit right where the back of the thighs meet the buttocks cheeks. After that one struck diagonally across the left cheek, the next across the right. Sherri pushed her sister’s knees a little further apart and adjusted her aim such that the next several strikes landed as much on the inner part of the thigh as the did on the back. She switched positions and did the same for the other thigh. She moved up the thigh with each stroke until she applied several glancing blows to her sister’s pussy from each side. I later counted thirty strokes with the switch.

Then they exchanged positions. Sandy was crying heavily, but she was mad as a hornet. She immediately pushed her sister’s knees further apart and brought the switch down directly on Sherri’s bald pussy. The first 10 strokes were all carefully aimed here. Her anger spent and revenge taken, the remaining 20 strokes were applied with less enthusiasm across the butt. Sherri was supposed to get the 10th of her 16 masturbation/spanking treatments that evening. As I watched the video I wondered if it was still going to happen.

It did. I watched as Sherri arrived in the room in her nightgown. She took it off and folded neatly on the chair. Her dad carefully inspected the marks from earlier in the day and pronounced her fit for punishment. Sherri laid back on the bed and put a thick pillow under her bottom. She spread her legs wide showing a clear view of the thin red lines from the switch earlier in the day. She closed her eyes and started rubbing herself gently. Very soon she was glistening wet. She grabbed her ankles and held her legs apart as her father brought the strap down directly on her wet lips. 5 hard strokes. Once she stopped sobbing violently, Sherri once again started rubbing herself. Again she stopped and grabbed her ankles and again she received 5 hard strokes with the strap. Usually this only happened twice and the punishment was over. This evening it was 5 times.

Each girl seemed to get in enough trouble to warrant a spanking several times each week. About once a week, Mom seemed to go extra easy on the girls on purpose. Being spanked seemed to have become powerful foreplay for her. The more she was spanked, the more excited she became. I could watch her wetness build. The sex afterwards was always fast, hard and over quickly.

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