Cyber Cuckold

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2018 by WelshWriter

Sex Story: Pure fiction but it sounds fun

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Masturbation   .

I loved watching my wife masturbating, fingering herself, or playing with one of her many toys while as I sat stroking my cock and since we’d stopped swinging, due to health problems that was as close as I got to seeing the real thing, her being fucked by another man. I’d resigned myself to the fact that it was something I’d never see again but a contact we made with Chris on an adult chat site changed all that, well almost.

I knew I’d never get to see him fucking my wife because he lived in Australia, a bit too far for a weekend visit. Both myself and my wife had chatted to him on yahoo messenger and my wife had exchanged some pretty horny online sessions with him and a couple of times, I’d fingered my wife’s pussy while they chatted but this was the first time we’d tried this.

I’d taken a chair into the bedroom and positioned it at the bottom of the bed, giving me perfect view up between my wife’s wide spread legs. She had her laptop on the bed beside her and I had mine on my knees. We’d told Chris what we had in mind and he was all for it so, after all three of us had signed in, the fun began!!!

Big1ForYou “Hello sexy. Are you ready for me to fill your cunt my big fat cock?”

Blue Lace “Oh yes Chris I can’t wait, I’ve been looking forward to it all day.”

I sat and watched as my wife slid her hands between her legs and started to stoke a finger through her pussy lips and play with her clit! This was going to be hot!

Big1ForYou “Is Mike there? Is he going to watch while I tell you how hard I’m going to fuck you?”

Blue Lace “Yes, he’s here Chris. He says can’t wait either.”

Big1ForYou “I know you like a nice big cock like mine in your cunt and you like to be fucked hard, then filled up with a big load of hot, thick cumm. Well Hazel, that’s just what you’re gonna get.”

Blue Lace “Yes Chris, yes. I want to feel your big hard cock in my cunt. I want to feel you come inside me.”

I groaned softly as my wife slipped a finger in her juicy pussy and started fingering herself. She looked down the bed at me and gave me that grin she does when she’s horny and I could feel my cock hardening rapidly.

Big1ForYou “Oh God Hazel I’m gonna fuck you so hard. Are you playing with your cunt?”

Blue Lace “Yes Chris, I am. I’m imaging it’s you though.”

Big1ForYou “Would you like me to lick your juicy cunt and finger you before I give you the real thing?

Blue Lace Oh yes Chris I’ve got two fingers in my cunt, too. I can feel your tongue on my clit, it feels great, I wish you doing it for real.”

Big1ForYou “I’m kissing you now, Can you taste your cunt on my lips?”

My wife pulled her fingers out of her pussy, looked at me again, and licked her sweet juice off them! I wanted so wanted to crawl up the bed and taste her pussy for myself, but the rules were I was just there and watched.

Big1ForYou Do you want to fuck you now Hazel? Do you want to feel my big fat cock in your cunt?”

Blue Lace “Yes Chris, I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me really hard.”

Big1ForYou “My knob is just inside you. Oh your cunt feels so hot Hazel. So hot and wet. Can you feel me stretching your tight little fuck hole.”

Blue Lace “Oh God yes Chris, I can but I want it all! I want all of your lovely cock inside me.”

My wife now slid three fingers into her pussy and started pumping them in and out. From her loud moans I could tell she was really enjoying herself.

Big1ForYou I’m pushing it in deeper Hazel. Can you feel it, can you fell my big fat cock buried deep inside you?”

Blue Lace “Yes Chris, yes I can feel it. Fuck me Chris. Fuck me.”

Big1ForYou I’m fucking you slow and deep Hazel. Now I’m fucking you harder and faster. You like that don’t you? You like the feel of my big fat cock slamming into your cunt?”

Blue Lace Oh yes Chris, yes. Fuck me hard. Oh yes that feels so good!.”

Big1ForYou My balls are slapping against your ass each time I drive my cock into your hot cunt. Do you like that Hazel?

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