Amika's Baby

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Young Asian woman tries to get pregnant to do better in life. It doesn't work out the way she planned.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   White Male   Oriental Female   .

I’m a 42-year-old divorced guy working an IT contract in an Asian country for six months. My accommodations are in what we would call a rooming house with six small apartments. One of the benefits is that meals are provided along with cleaning and laundry. I’m on the top floor which gives me a view over the small city toward the mountains. I do quite a bit of my work in my room so I set my desk up to look out the biggest window.

I speak little of the local language and my housemates likewise don’t speak much English. My main contact at the client company is fluent in English and gives me lots of cultural tips. The food is tasty and plentiful. Twice a week the landlord’s daughter comes in to clean and do my laundry. She is an attractive early-twenties girl who wears the traditional pajama-like clothing which shows little of her shape. It appears that some nice sized breasts are swaying unencumbered under the top, as best as I can tell.

After I’d been there a couple of weeks my company contact asked me how my accommodations were. I replied that they were fine. He asked if the housemaid was washing me yet. That puzzled me and he explained that if asked, they would scrub my body in the shower with a special sponge and dry me off afterwards. Some would even rub my skin with oil. They did expect a tip for such extra service but it was well worth the $5 US that was usually given.

On Amika’s next visit I used a little English and gestures to ask her. She smiled, nodded and went to get some supplies. She undressed me in the small shower room and started the shower. To my surprise, she removed her shirt and carefully hung it up. Noticing my reaction she indicated she didn’t want it to get wet. Her breasts were lovely, appearing quite firm with up tilted dark nipples and areolae. There was no overt response to my growing erection. I’d been without pussy for quite a while.

I got in the small shower and she stood outside as she soaped and scrubbed my entire body, giving my hard rod exactly the same attention as all my other parts. I stepped out and I was toweled dry. What a treat!

Turning me to face her, she took hold of my shaft and expertly caused it to erupt its creamy output into a tissue. I had to brace myself for this unexpected surge of pleasure. She just smiled and began oiling me from head to toe with a lightly fragrant lotion. I snoozed on the bed as she finished her other work, still without her top. I gave her a $5 tip which she politely thanked me for.

Her next visit went the same way until the end. This time, instead of jerking me off, she knelt down with her mouth an inch from my hard cock, looked up at me and said, “OK?” Of course I nodded.

That was the best fellatio I have ever had. I was still standing and had to sit down immediately after she accomplished her goal. I watched her swallow, smile and ask, “OK?” I couldn’t speak, only nod. I slept!

After a couple of $10 tip sessions she surprised me yet again. Instead of kneeling she slipped out of her pants and pointed to the darkly furred place where her slim legs came together. The usual question, “OK?” Damn this was getting good!

When I said “Yes!” she went to my bed and laid back, opening her legs in the age-old invitation. Her inner lips were flowerlike in their pink moistness and very visible on the dark background.

The moment my cockhead separated those fleshy petals, Amika began making those mewing pleasure sounds that Asian women do. I was feeling the most magnificent pleasure a man can have, stroking in and out of that silken sheath. Her hips quickly synchronized their movements to my thrusts. She was relaxed and responsive at the same time, clearly familiar with this merging of bodies.

The sensations I was feeling, inside and out, were indescribable. As my rising towards release became noticeable, hers were even faster. The mewing rose in pitch and volume until she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, locked our pubes together, and shook in pleasure.

She said softly, “You!” As she worked her pussy muscles in perfect time with my thrusts, I soon boiled over, groaning, as the glow spread from my genitals. My stiffness slowly faded after splashing copious cock cream into her depths. I didn’t want to withdraw but finally nature did it for me. Amika retired to the bathroom and put on her pants, finishing her work topless like nothing different had happened. She refused more than the $10 tip she had been getting, saying, “Good me too”.

The next time I saw my client I circumspectly inquired, “My house girl is offering a lot more than just washing. Is she a prostitute?”

He smiled and explained that the local women, based on the experience of a few who got pregnant by Americans, felt that was a ticket to the USA. I smiled inside since I had a vasectomy years ago. Don’t ask, don’t tell. He further explained that she probably had a local boyfriend who had to wear condoms. I did recall seeing her quite often with a young man. After a week of post-bathing sex she asked in her best English, if I would help her learn to speak it better. She had studied the language in school and could follow it pretty well having practiced with movies and TV listening. Speaking was something that the local teachers just couldn’t do well. Their accent was wrong.

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