Uncle Takes Mom With a Plan

by shekar

Copyright© 2017 by shekar

Incest Sex Story: I am tanmay. I will narate a story of my mom.Her name is jayashree. This was a time when i was in 5th std. At that time her age was 42. She had well shaped boobs with big buttocks,sexy face and red lips. I am the only son and my father is bank emplyee and retired military officer. My mom is a professor in college and she had a collegue professor named kunthe. He was 50 at that time. He was half bald and ugly faced. His teeth looked as he never brush.

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Sometimes Uncle Kunthe used to visit us in presence of dad. Mom never liked him. I often heard her complaining to him not to come home. Maybe because of the way he used to stare at mom. He never dared to come in absence of dad. He lived somewhere else in the city.

One day there was a party organised by mom’s principal in college on behalf of his farewell. He was very close to us and a very nice person. We all were invited. A day before the party my dad’s uncle expired so he has to go to our village. He talked to mom’s college principal of saying he can’t come but his family will be there for sure. Mom dressed well in black sari, she was looking hot and spicy. We took an auto and reached the venue. Mom’s principle greeted us, and introduced to different people. He asked his kids to play with me. Suddenly I saw uncle kunthe standing with his friend, he saw me too, he came to me and asked where is ur dad, I told him the story. He was happy like anything to hear about dads absence. His yellowish teeth glittered and he kissed me on cheek and said “beta go and play” ... he was smelling of sweat and his mouth smelt like gutter.

I was suspicius about what is he up to.

So I decided to keep eye on him. He was searching for a chance to meet mom when she is alone. Finaly he got the chance after dinner. He went and asked something. Mom was serious while talking to him. I think she knew about his bad intentions. Suddenly he put his hand on her shoulder. She gave a tight slap to him. He was stunned. But noone noticed it. He came back. I could see anger on his face.

I didn’t see him for the next half hour. He came back from somewhere took a glass and took some mirinda in it. He went to a corner and added some powder to it. Then he went upto mom. She was sitting alone now and waiting to leave. I also went closer to hear.

He told to mom “I am really sorry for what I have done, please forgive me, I’ll never repeat it.”

Mom said “I dont want to talk about it.”

Uncle kunthe “plz forgive me. I swear of my wife that I’ll not repeat it.”

To end the matter she said “fine”.

He gave her the drink and insisted to drink it. Mom refused to for sometime but he insisted continously. She didnt want to talk at all to him. So she drank it. He then moved away. 10 mins after this she fell unconcious. Everybody noticed this time and asked about it. Uncle kunthe intervened and told “oh she just had a neat whisky “. Everyone was shocked as she never drink she is very orthodox types. Uncle kunthe then said “guys don’t worry I’ll drop both of them home in my car.”

He then asked others to continue and took mom in arms and asked me to come with him. He has carrying her in his arms. He reached where his car was parked. He then asked driver to take his car out. Driver was smilling at us. I guess mom is not his first victim. Driver opened back gate and uncle made mom to sit on back seat and he sat beside her. Driver asked me to come and sit on front seat ... He then called his wife and told her “Mujhe aaj kaam hai, mai subha aaunga.”

Driver started the car and started driving. I was looking outside suddenly I saw in the rear mirror. I was shocked to see uncle was pressing her boobs very badly. But she was unconcious. He then took her head in his his hands and kissed her badly. He was kissing her continously. I was so small at that time I was confused. I turned back and asked him “uncle what are u doing”, he jerked but he was intelligent, he said “oh I was giving her some oxygen”, I said ok. He then stopped doing it but now his hands were working ... He took his one hand in her sari. He then took his hand out and smelled his finger. He was breathing hard now. He was also pressing her boobs continously and some times he even licked her neck.

Finally we reached home. He asked me to open the gate and he asked driver to go his home and leave the car. I went and opened gate, he took her in his mascular arms and went directly to her bedroom. He then went to bathroom to get fresh. I was sitting near her. I could see her make up is ruined by this ugly looking old man. Her lipstick could be seen on uncles lips. Her sari wasn’t proper. Her hairs were distorted. Ah uncle kunthe came out of bathroom.

I told “uncle u can go now, I can take care of her”

He smiled and said” beta if I leave today, how will I face ur dad tomorrow So I’ll be taking care tonight if something happens u dont worry.”

He asked me to go and sleep but I refused. He insisted again and again since finally I have to leave. I think he knew that as time pass mom be gaining conciousness, so he didn’t want to waste any time.

I went to my room and pretended to be sleeping. He came to my room and as he was convinced I am sleeping. He went inside bedroom and locked it from inside. I heard the sound of locking. I ran towards the gate and started watching from key hole. As he went inside I saw mom still unconscious was lying on a bed. He took out his cloth one by one and became completely nude. I could see a big massive tool nearly 7 inches, hissing like a snake. He then started taking off her sari. He removed it completely. He was breathing heavily. Mom was reduced to bra and panty as he removed petticot.

Her big boobs were available to this monster now. He became so excited to see it that he tored the bra out and then he tored the panty. Now both were completely nude. He then starting licking her body hard and made her full body wet with his saliva. I noticed moms cunt now, she had got some golden hairs on it. He licked each of her hairs. He licked her armpits like some icecream, but she was out of this world. Even he was not enjoying this completely. He then got up and went to toilet to get some water and sprinkled on her face.

She starting gaining consciousness. He then quikly positioned himself in between her legs and was lying above her. His dick was touching moms cunt and he was sucking her boobs like a new born baby ... with every second she was coming back to this world. As she was totally ok now, but she suddenly saw uncle kunthe on her body, with a hot weapon rubbing her cunt. He knew thet she will shout. He pressed her mouth and told her “dont even think of shouting, your son will come and will be shocked to see u like this”

Mom was crying with tears. “Plz leave me kunthe. I m married with 14yr old son”. He replied “ doesnt matter, its a matter of 1 night only”. And was rubbing his giant on her pink cunt. And now he was trying to have a lip kiss for the first time while mom is concious. Mom started pushing him with her hands. He then took out his hands from her back and pulled apart both her hand. And tried to kiss but mom moved her face away as he came closer. But his dick was working hard as it rubbed on her cunt continously. His ass was moving like a wave to assist his penis to rub her cunt ... both hands were apart with fingers crossed, and he was licking her neck and cheek. He sometimes tried to lick her lips but didnt suceed. This went on for five mins as mom was saying” no ... plz chod do ... no plz ... kunthe plz” ... but he ws too busy to hear such cries. Tears coming out continously ... after 10 mins moms toes were moving in a up and down manner, I guess he was also getting charged ... she was conyinously weepng bit cries changed this time “plz ummm umm mmmm aah ummkunthe uuummmm”.

Both were breathing very fast now ... she then gave a loud cry “aah aah aaaaaahhhaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” ... yes she hads an orgasm but still weeping...

Uncle kunthe did it for 2 more mins and a loud moan came out ““ aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

He then fell on her and now left her hands free and took his fingers to moms seed and licked it while lying on her...

He asked after sometime “how are u feeling now”...

she replied “ plz aab jane do...”

Uncle kunthe “ are abhi to kuch hua hi nahi hai”

Mom “dekho aaj mera period hai, I’ll be pregnant if u do it inside”

Uncle kunthe “no problem, I’ll give u two options, if u cooperate I’ll cum outside and if u dont I’ll rape u and make u pregnant”

She started crying. Till this time he was noticing her body. He stared licking her boobs once again to get charged once again. He was getting charged as I could see his dick is rising. He said “tell which option u choose for” ... she had no option but to let him have fun tonight...

He then got up for the first time from her body and went to piss. Mom also got up ... As he came out once again she asked him to use condom but he refused ... He asked her to trust him ... Till now I was watching but This was a complete shocking incidence for me to see a ugly man fucking a beautiful mom...

He then realised that he hasnt got a smooch till now ... Mom was sitting on bed. He went near her and tried to kiss her. She tried to escape. But kunthe uncle then pushed her towards the wall with her back touching the wall with both his hands holding her face tight so that she could not escape this time. And this time he suceeded. He kissed her so desperately that I could hear loud sound coming out of his mouth “ ummm mmm mmm “. Mom closed her eyes and pushed him with her hand on his shoulder but he was a massive giant. He went on kissing. He pressed her cheek to take her toungue out as she did so. He licked it so badly ... And even he made her to lick his tongue. Her hands were pushing continously but that was of no use ... This went on for 10-15 mins ... As he left her she was breathing very fast as he didnt allow her to breath during the course ... He spitted, I could understand the nasty smell of his mouth had done it ... Now he got up once again and asked her to suck his dick. She refused. He blackmailed that he will make her pregnant.

His huge monstrous cock stood out straight pointing at mom. The first thing mom said is Oh my God! I cant do this kunthe please, its so big, he said don’t worry, nothing will happen, you will enjoy it. Then what followed was the most surprising thing to me which I never expected to happen. My beautiful, modest mom closed her eyes and was was saying please please, while Uncle kunthe put his hand through her hair and cupped the back of her head and pushed his huge cock against her lips. I heard mom say mmm ... mmm ... mmm ... no please mmmm ... and then with one firm push I could see her open her mouth and uncle kunthes’ huge tool enter her mouth. I guess it must have been great since Uncle kunthe let away a loud moan and kept his cock in her mouth. I could hear voices of mmmm ... mmm ... from her and her hands was on Uncle kunthes’ hands trying to stop him from pushing her face more.

It was wonderful to see her lovely lips warped against this monster cock. I wondered how such a huge thing went it. She definitely had her mouth wide open and only the head of the cock and an inch more was in her mouth. Then Uncle kunthe said take more and pushed more in, till half of his cock went it. I guess he must have felt the head of his cock push against the back of her throat. He stopped and put both his hand around her cheek and cupped her cheek in his hands. She was holding onto his hands, could see my mom sweat and uncle too and uncle was moaning and moaning and telling mom he loves her and so on, and told her, come on sweetheart do it faster and my lovely mom immediately started taking his huge cock in and out of her mouth fast. When suddenly uncle pressed her face deep down and was grunting like anything and let out a moan aaaah, aaaah!!!

Knew he was cuming, and my mom was struggling to move away, I was imagining how could she take his huge load completely inside. He was shooting his load down her throat. She somehow managed to remove her mouth off his huge cock and just then I saw a huge glob of semen leave Uncle penis and hit her face and lips and then her hair and chest and she opened her mouth and uncle kunthe again pulled her towards him and this time she kept her mouth going up and down on his giant cock. I guess she loved it too, after this I saw his cock shrink...

Now he started his work on his pussy. He licked her again. He went in between her legs and started licking badly. Mom let out a heartly moan for the first time ““ ummmm ummmmm ummm”. Her hands were on his half bald head and her eyes closed. Uncle kunthe knew this is the right time to take her. He made her got up and asked her to sit in his thighs with her legs crossing around his back ... and hands around his neck. He pulled her more towards him such that his dick was supporting the weight of her fleshy body. He then asked her to kiss him.

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