Birthday Party

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2017 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: A family gathering leads to spanking, humiliation, and sex for a young-looking MILF.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Niece   InLaws   DomSub   Humiliation   Spanking   Enema   .

Sherri and I married young. We were both anxious to get away from home; but apparently Sherri had far more reason that I. We had children not long after we married, more accident than planned. Once our oldest started getting into mischief, I suggested spanking her. This is when I learned that Sherri was spanked rather severely well into her teens, probably right up until the day of our wedding. Apparently, my wife had been raised in a strict home, following a cult-like leader. I was surprised when I learned any of this since her family and their friends all seemed so nice, just a little old fashioned in a charming sort of way.

I’ve asked her over the years about her spankings growing up. She never gives too many details, and claims not to remember much on those rare occasions when I directly asked about a detail. So I have to surmise much from the little tidbits I have heard over the years. But those little tidbits also fed my fetish for spanking and bondage, something I have never shared before with my extremely vanilla wife.

All of that changed when we agreed to host the 80th birthday party for my Mother-in-Law. I wondered why we were asked, since we have little to do with her mother, or any of her siblings. But my wife insisted that we accept.

“Perhaps I can make peace with my Mother. She can’t have too many years left.”

Siblings, Nieces, Nephews and their spouses would be arriving from all over the country. The party was on Saturday, but the first guests were due to arrive Thursday and the last guests to leave wouldn’t depart until Tuesday. I was going to be out of town on business until late Friday.

Her youngest brother, Tony, was the first to arrive. Sherri drove Thursday morning to pick him up at the airport. As soon as they arrived in the door of the house, the weekend’s events began.

“You have been a disappointment and an embarrassment to the whole family. Your betrayal sent Dad to an early grave and still haunts Mom to this day. We chose your house to give Mom her greatest birthday wish, your humiliation and punishment. I promise you it will only be worse if you fight it.”

Sherri buckled right away. Somehow all of the buttons that family can push are still there.

“OK. Let’s get this over with. What do you have in mind?”

“Undress and kneel on the coffee table.”

My wife undressed, carefully folded her clothes, and placed them on the chair. She climbed on the table, knelt down, spread her legs slightly and leaned forward onto her elbows. Just like she had been trained to do over 30 years earlier.

Tony began spanking her lightly with a belt. Now most people wouldn’t consider what he was doing light, but compared to what Sherri used to get, and what she knew was probably coming later, this was light. After 20 strokes with the belt her bottom and upper thighs were bright red.

“Remember these?” Tony asked as he showed Sherri two large suppositories.

I had never heard about this, but a common punishment in their family (in fact with most of the families in their cult) involved inserting the custom made suppositories that contained various hot spices and oils that alternated burning and itching as different layers dissolved slowly over the day. These were an “adult” version that also included a strong aphrodisiac and ingredients that caused the labia and nipples to swell even larger than the arousal alone would accomplish. Tony inserted these into her ass and cunt.

“You have too much hair, it might protect you from the coming punishments. And even if it doesn’t, we won’t be able to see the effects well enough. Once your pussy is really sore from the treat I gave you, all of this hair has to go. But that can wait. I have brought along clothes for you.”

He pulled a short, silky, halter-top sundress from the suitcase. It fit perfectly, the cups weren’t too baggy for her tiny tits. Her lack of a bra would be apparent to anyone paying attention; Sherri may have small tits but she has very pronounced nipples. The dress was tight across her well-toned waist and thighs. It was also short. Not obscenely so, at least while she was standing, but if she wasn’t careful when she bent, sat, or squatted her lack of panties would be quickly noticed.

“I think we should run some errands before the others start arriving. We can start with a trip to Costco.”

The suppositories were working. Sherri’s hard nipples were pushing against the fabric of the sundress. Tony took her to the walk-in produce freezer section, making her nipples feel like they were going to explode from how hard they became. Men looked at her lustfully, and most of the women glared in disgust. As they went around the store, Tony picked items for her to add to the cart that required bending or squatting. Several men snapped pictures with their camera phones, preserving a glimpse of her pussy for later, and for the internet. They made several trips back to the freezer area for items that Tony forgot.

After the store, it was off to my best friend Phil’s house to pick up the cake. Phil stammered for words when he saw Sherri at the door.

“Th-th-that’s a n-n-n-nice ni-dress, isss it ni-new?”

He couldn’t stop staring at the nipples poking out. At least until she walked past and he noticed the damp spot on the back of her dress. She was driving him wild, he didn’t realize it but it wasn’t just the visual. She was so aroused that she was exuding pheromones at a rate 20 times what a woman normally does. Tony suggested that he should stop by the party Friday night, if he could get away from the family. The implication to leave his wife at home was clear.

A quick stop home to drop off the cake and groceries. Sherri laid back on the table and Tony put the hot wax, a little too hot, on her pubic hairs. But he had another surprise for her, she would be pulling them off herself in the front seat of the car as they drove. Tony worked hard to pull beside trucks that would have a great view as Sherri yanked the hairs off of her cunt. Sherri was naked from the waist down, sitting spread eagle with her feet on the dash. With the pain, swelling, and arousal from the suppository, the added pain of yanking hairs out in chunks was excruciating. The view for others was amazing too. Tony handed her a mirror and tweezers to finish removing any hairs the wax missed. My wife’s cunt was on full display to other drivers for most of the 45 minute drive to airport. Neither the embarrassment nor the pain were enough to slow the effects of the aphrodisiacs, Sherri’s pussy was glistening from the arousal.

As they waited inside the terminal for her sister Sandy’s plane to arrive, Sherri was receiving plenty of attention once again. Her nipples ached miserably by this point. She had never felt so horny in her life, it had been like having hours worth of foreplay and being denied any chance to orgasm. She didn’t know about the drugs in the suppositories and was wondering if it was the pain and humiliation that was actually exciting her. She was horrified at the thought.

Sandy and her husband arrived on time, and greeted her siblings with a hug.

“I know Tony started your punishment, but you look and smell like you are enjoying it a little too much.” Sandy said just before she reached under the sundress and ran her finger across Sherri’s cunt. Looking at her damp fingers, she added, “I’ll bet you didn’t realize what a little slut you really are.”

Sherri’s fear that the humiliation and pain were turning her on seemed to be confirmed by her sister’s brash comments. The idea began to take root in her psyche and would be carefully tended into a full blown conviction by the end of the weekend. A conviction that would dramatically change our marriage.

“You’re probably just dying to have an orgasm, aren’t you?” Sandy asked.

“I never thought I would admit this, but yeah, I am.” Sherri replied.

“I think there is an adult book store on the way home from the airport. I’ll let you pick out a toy there that will satisfy you.”

“I know where it is, but I’ve never gone to a place like that. I’m not sure I could.”

“How bad does your pussy ache just waiting to be filled?” The power of suggestion made her craving intensify even more.

“Really bad.” Sherri reluctantly admitted.

“If you think you can wait until the family is gone, fine. I’m just trying to do something a little nice for you. I know how horny good punishment can make a woman. I can’t imagine how you will feel after a couple more days of this. But the choice is yours, do we stop or not.”

“Stop” Sherri whispered.

“Excuse me?”

“Please stop” Sherri responded louder this time.

The drive to the adult book store was like a form of foreplay. Sherri ached for the release that having something in her cunt would provide. It seemed to take forever to make the short drive.

“When you pick out the dildo, make sure it is a really big one”, Sandy instructed.

“I don’t have any money, how will I pay for it.”

“You need to convince someone to buy it for you. But you can’t let him touch you, and you can’t promise to touch him.”

Sherri approached several men in the store asking if they would buy her a large dildo. The third man she approached agreed, if he could watch her use it. Sherri decided this wasn’t too bad of a deal.

Sherri went and picked out a 10” lifelike model that was only a little thicker than I am.

“If I’m paying, I get to pick it out” said the balding fat man who had agreed to buy her a dildo. He picked out a giant black dildo that was as big around as a soda can and at least 16” long.

“When do I get to see you use it?”

“We need to ask my sister who is waiting in the car.”

Sandy agreed that they would wait at the house until Joe had time to pick up a camera to record the act.

“But I didn’t agree to any pictures!” Sherri protested.

“It seems fair to me” her sister replied. Joe just grinned.

Tony mounted the giant phallus to a stool at the house while they waited for Joe. He arrived with lights and a high definition video camera.

“Joe, since you bought this toy I think it is only fair for you to decide. Can Sherri put any lubricant on this dildo, it is awfully big?”

“No, I want to see it stretch her tiny cunt to the maximum. I want it to hurt.”

“Sherri will like that. A little pain just turns her on even more.”

Turning to her sister, “Get undressed and straddle that dick. You have 3 minutes to get that all the way into your pussy or it goes in your ass too.”

Joe started filming as Sherri walked over to the chair and started rubbing her cunt against the top of the monstrously proportioned dick. After about 30 seconds of rubbing her juicy, swollen lips against the toy the video, which I paid to download from the internet, showed the glistening top of the dildo. She positioned it directly against her vaginal opening and start to press against it. The tapered head entered her and she got about 2/3rds of the width inside, before she stood up again. She bounced on the tip, slowly getting more and more of the width inside of her. It had taken about 90 seconds, but finally the full width of the toy popped inside of her. Her heavily swollen labia were being pushed inside of her, but suddenly spread out around the toy.

She still had at least 13” to take into her body. The urgency of the countdown was overshadowed by her urgency to come. She continued to ride the toy up and down, taking in more with each stroke. The next 5” went in fairly quickly.At this point she only had a minute left, and 8” of massive pseudo-cock to force into places that nothing had ever come close to touching before. She continued to squat up and down, moving 8 or 10 inches, but only making a little progress at a time with each downstroke. 10 seconds to go and she still had 5” to take. She lifted herself slowly, nearly pulling off the toy, and then sat down on the toy slamming it all the way into her cunt. She yelled in pain at the intrusion, and immediately started shaking all over with the most intense orgasm yet in her life. She sat rocking on the toy for the next 2 minutes as the orgasm coursed through her body in consecutive waves.

Sherri stood up from the toy and her own juices hung in strings from her gaping cunt. Joe continued to film, making sure to get close-ups as the hole slowly closed back up.

“Joe, would you also like to see Sherri get spanked?”

“Of course!”

“If you will film it for us, you can stay. The only copy will be ours.”


“Sherri, during this weekend you are going to receive 80 smacks from each of us to celebrate Mom’s 80th birthday. That will be 80 each from each of your brothers and sisters, as well as from Mom and Dad. 560 total smacks in a little over 5 days.” Sandy explained to her

“But Dad died 8 years ago”

“Brought on by the stress of your leaving the Family. Dad would be here if it wasn’t for you, so you will receive the spankings that would have been from him.”

Sherri knelt on the floor as Tony applied 20 strokes with a belt. He applied the strokes evenly from the middle of her thighs up to the rounded part of her ass. Plenty of red marks, but nothing with any distinct welts. This was going to be a long weekend, each stroke would have to just right to allow for maximum effect, she still had 540 strokes to go.

Tony had brought a special apron. It was narrow enough that it left her butt totally exposed. It barely covered her tiny tits, but if she reached or bent, her tits were clearly visible from the side.

Sherri wore the apron as she went to the backyard to cut a switch. She quickly recalled the family tradition where, bare-assed, the child had to whittle all the bark off the switch before starting back towards the house. It reminded her of being a teenager and having the back of her dress pinned up when she was sent outside for a switch. But here the neighbors’ houses were closer than what she remembered from her youth.

Sandy wanted the switch when she got back in the house. She had Sherri lay on her stomach on the sofa as she applied quick wrist snaps of the switch all up and her right thigh and butt. After the right side was done, Sherri had to stand-up and turn around to move the other side into position. Again her sister made expert use of the switch. 25 lashes to each side, each causing a thin little line on top of the deep red from the belt.

Tony returned from his suitcase carrying a thin plastic dog leash. He had Sherri turn over and struck the front of each thigh 10 times. This left strong welts.

Joe gave Sandy the memory card and left. Sherri had 90 lashes this evening and was sobbing strongly.

Sherri wore the apron while she made dinner and cleaned up after everyone. Just before bedtime, she was given new suppositories.

Friday morning arrived, and Sherri served everyone breakfast in her apron. Only a few marks on her butt remained from the previous night. The only clearly noticeable mark were the 20 on her thighs from the plastic leash.

Her remaining 3 siblings would arrive today. And as each new sibling walked in the door, Sherri bent over for 20 strikes with the belt. Her Mom arrived last, riding with her oldest sister and brother-in-law. Her sister gave her the “usual” 20 swats on the ass with the belt. By this point her ass was deep red with several growing welts.

Her Mom; however, had a different plan than the belt. She asked Sherri to bring a wooden spoon. Another punishment Sherri was used to as a teen. Sherri laid back on the dining room table and her mom gave her 20 hard swats on the inside of each thigh. The blows landed from just above her knees to just beside her cunt. Even at age 80 her Mom had amazing strength and aim. Some of those marks from the spoon would last through the remaining 4 days of the visit.

Her brother-in-law liked the spoon too. He made Sherri stand up and remove her apron. As she held her hands behind her head, he hit each breast 10 times with the spoon. With such small breasts, that meant that he hit every area of her tits, including some areas twice. The strokes weren’t nearly as hard as the ones from her Mom, but the combination had her crying hard.Both breasts were solid red. He pulled some nipple clamps out of his pocket and secured the tightly on her beaten nipples.

There wasn’t time to decide what she should wear that wouldn’t interfere with the nipple clamps, because Mom insisted that it was time for an enema.

Sherri hated these even more than spankings when she was growing up. Every Saturday night from the time they were little, Mom gave the girls enemas to clear out their nastiness before church on Sunday. Her Mom used a large enema bucket filled with soapy water. The nozzle was long and thick, inserted deep into their asses as they knelt on white towels on the floor. The girls were all close in age, and she lined all three up beside each other, filling each girl from the oldest to the youngest, Sherri. They had to hold every drop for 15 minutes from the time the last enema was done. If even a drop seeped out onto the towel, there was a severe beating and another enema. One time Sherri had a third enema because she couldn’t hold the second. Her bottom was so sore from the two beatings she could barely sit on the toilet seat to use the bathroom. If her mom thought that the had been extra bad that week, which was usually at least one of them, if not all of them, she would spank them while they knelt holding in their enema. She also liked to rub cinnamon oil or hot peppers against the assholes and sometimes against their cunt lips while they tried to hold in the soapy water. But the worst part of all, at least in Sherri’s memory, was having to wait and listen to each of her sisters empty their bowels while she had to keep holding hers while she waited for her turn.

This time she was the only one getting an enema, but the pail was larger than she remembered and she doubted she could fit all that water inside her, let alone keep from dripping any out. As she knelt on the towel, two suppositories were shoved up her cunt. And a clamp, like the ones on her nipples, was placed on her clit. It hurt so bad, but also felt somehow good. She thought once again how she really was a slut for punishment just like her sister said.

In went the enema, fast and penetrating it filled her up and bloated her stomach. The pain was more than she remembered as it stretched out her insides and worked up her intestines. Just as she was about to scream that she couldn’t take any more, the flow mercifully stopped. But the pressure and the churning were so intense she had no idea how she could possibly hold it 5 minutes, let alone 15. Suddenly, she felt more pressure against her anus. Mom was pushing in a thick butt plug. It hurt, but it was also a relief. The fluid would be blocked inside.

Mom had the belt now and started on my kneeling, plugged wife. The backs of her thighs had been relatively untouched so far today, so Mom started there. Methodically she worked her way up one thigh and down the other. Each stroke caused the clamps on her nipples and clit to sway. Sherri had her first orgasm of the day kneeling in the bathroom with a butt plug holding in a giant enema while she was being spanked with a belt. It surprised Sherri that the specifics of the situation didn’t bother her more. Her Mom gave her 35 more strokes with the belt before it was time to remove the plug and empty her intestines.

Sherri had shit water all over her ass and thighs. Her only choice for getting clean was standing outside and being sprayed off by cold water from the hose. She chose to do that, even though it was taking a chance that a neighbor would see her completely naked, covered in welts and marks from her punishments so far. Sherri had received 155 swats so far today, and 245 total. She came inside and was allowed to dress in the apron and go about her normal activities of serving her guests for the rest of the day.

I arrived home Friday evening shocked to see Sherri greet me at the door in the apron (and nothing else). Her hair was in pigtail braids and she wasn’t wearing any make-up so her light freckles were showing.

“I know this looks really strange. I’m being punished this weekend for all the pain I have caused my family. Please just go along. Help me get through this and we can talk once everyone leaves.”

“Sherri, now that Ray is home, it is time for your next switching. Go cut three switches and hurry back.” Her oldest brother Todd instructed.

It was still daylight and I watched as Sherri walked outside with her bare ass showing. I could see the welt marks from belts running across her red bottom and thighs. I wondered if any neighbors were looking out their windows. Sherri cut the switches from the tree and whittled the bark off as she stood in the backyard. She returned to the family room and gave the switches to Todd.

“Take off the apron.”

Most of the red from Eddie’s spooning was gone. I was astonished by the size of her nipples. They looked at least 3 times their normal size. With the bald pussy and the braids, she looked like a 13 or 14 years old with small boobs trying to catch up with her big nipples.

“Lay on your back and spread your legs.”

Todd took a switch and positioned himself by her cunt. Tony and her brother Ted each took a switch and a breast. Slowly they took turns switching her tits and cunt. I watched as little red lines appeared on her soft white skin. She looked at me pleadingly.

Sandy spoke next, “Good news Sherri, I think your husband enjoys watching this as much as you enjoy receiving it.” Turning to me she added, “You never knew that spankings turned her on did you? But I’m guessing you are turned on right now”

I didn’t say anything, but Sherri spoke between gasps and muffled shrieks for the intermittent switching, “He’s too good of man to be turned on by this.”

“Ray, take off your pants and show your wife that she is wrong.”

I hesitated, Ted looked at Sandy and hit Sherri’s tit especially hard, leaving a deep red mark. Sherri screamed. Sandy looked back at me, “Well?”

I took of my pants, and I had a raging hard on.

“See I told you! But just to prove it beyond any doubt, I’ll have your husband spank your sloppy cunt 20 times with a belt. If I’m wrong, and he doesn’t like this, his dick should go limp. But if I’m right, I have plans for that throbbing dick.”

My first couple strikes with the belt were tentative, but each stroke was harder than the last, till the belt was making a very satisfying WHACK sound against her cunt. Her entire cunt was bright red and my dick had grown even harder if that was possible.

I didn’t hesitate to accept the offer from Sandy. My wife is beautiful, in a “cute” way. Sandy is gorgeous in a sexy way. My wife is barely 5” tall; her sister is 5’8”. While 36C tits don’t seem that large, they are huge next to my wife’s tiny tits that barely fill an A-cup bra.

I laid Sandy back on the table and removed her clothes. I kissed her deeply, and then started exploring southward with my mouth. I squeezed and sucked on her tits, I wasn’t used to having anything that large to play with, but I was in a real hurry to bury my face in her cunt. I love going down on a woman, but my wife never allowed me. Sandy loved it. She grabbed the back of my head and smashed my face into her cunt as she had an orgasm.

All the while Sherri is laying only a few feet away still being slowly switched in the cunt and tits. The tempo of the strikes to her body was random, spreading out the pain, and the anticipation, as much as possible.

I mounted Sandy as I stood on the floor and bent her legs back against her chest. I could fuck her and squeeze her tits at the same time this way. I pounded away with full, vigorous strokes. Sandy rocked her hips to match my motion. She began another orgasm and this sent me over the edge as I filled her with what seemed like 3 times my usually amount of cum.

By this point, Sherri had received at least 25 lashes on each tit as well as her cunt lips. Most of the marks were little red lines, but a few were deeper. When I pulled out from Sandy, and my cum started leaking from her cunt, Sherri was ordered to lick my seed from her sister’s cunt. All resistance from Sherri was drained by this point, she immediately did as she was told.

As Sherri bent over licking her sister clean, she received another 25 lashes with the belt along her butt and thighs.

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