Niece Becomes Our Nanny

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2017 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: A young lady has lived a sheltered life until she visits her aunt and uncle for the summer to be a nanny for their new baby. She is spanked and fucked by her uncle.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Coercion   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Uncle   Niece   Aunt   MaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   Cream Pie   First   Oral Sex   .

The greatest experience of my life happened when my niece agreed to be our nanny. But I am getting ahead of myself.

My wife and I had been married for just over 10 years when we had our first baby. It almost amazes that we did have a baby, since we rarely had sex after the honeymoon. It wasn’t really a sudden stop, but gradually there were more and more days that my wife said “No, she wasn’t in the mood” For my part, I quit trying. It wasn’t worth the effort. Noone likes to beg.

Two weeks after our baby was born, our 17-year-old niece came to live with us for the summer and be our nanny. Christy had always been my favorite niece. She reminded me of my wife when we first met. Christy was a very cute, and very petite, blonde. She wasn’t allowed to wear jewelry or makeup at home, since her patients were very strict and conservative. Many times Christy looked more like 13 or 14 than nearly 20. She had a firm, athletic body. Her breasts barely filled an A-cup. Her hips were narrow and her butt was firm as a rock. I had noticed her for the last several years, and jumped at the idea of having her as a nanny.

Her strict parents had never allowed her to live anywhere but home. So she was thrilled to come live with us. And she was a great help with the baby and the housework. Her behavior was perfect, she was always responsible and helpful. The 2nd weekend she was there she asked to borrow the car to go to the mall. I gave her the keys and some extra money—I liked the idea of doting on this cute young thing. She didn’t come home when the mall closed. I tried her cell phone and there was no answer. My wife and I were both worried. We knew she wasn’t usually allowed to go anywhere alone after dark. We waited up for her. It was almost 1 AM before she came home.

By this point, worry had also turned into anger. We were both furious with her. There was little enough sleep for new parents, having to stay up waiting for someone wasn’t what either of us needed. My wife went up to bed and I agreed to have a talk with Christy.

“I can’t believe you were that late. What were you thinking”

“I went to the arcade and I lost track of time. Sorry. It won’t happen again. Please don’t tell me dad what happened.”

“It shouldn’t have happened even once. What should I do?”

Her answer shocked me, “You probably need to ... spank me” her voice quivered.


Bolder this time, “You know, send me to my room and spank me for being so bad. My dad does it whenever I have been bad, or he thinks I have been.”

“You might need to explain a little more to me, I haven’t been a father long. Certainly not long enough to understand punishments.”

“I go to my room and change into my pajamas. I wait there for dad, I mean you, to come. I usually get between 10 and 30 hits with the belt. I was pretty bad, so I probably deserve more like 30.”

I was fascinated, and a little aroused, by the idea. I sent Christy to her room and told her to wait for me. I went upstairs to our bedroom to get a belt. I told my wife about Christy’s punishment.

She was enthusiastically supportive. “That little brat needs to learn a lesson.”

I chose my stiffest, heaviest belt and went down the hall to Christy’s room. She had changed into a thin nightgown. I noticed the outline of her nipples against the cloth. I knew I was going to enjoy this.

“Bend over” I instructed her, like I knew what I was doing.

She bent over and lifted her gown. I was taken by surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I paused to admire the view. Firm, pale buns upturned towards me. The slightest hint of blonde hair peeked between her thighs. I tentatively applied several swings of the belt.

Christy informed me that “real spankings are harder than that.”

So I swing harder, leaving big red marks across her bottom. I was growing the biggest woody of my life in my sweat pants. It was more than seeing her gorgeous young body. Being able to dominate it was a powerful aphrodisiac. After 20 strokes I stopped. When I finished, Christy turned and hugged me. It seemed that she pushed her hips firmly against my erection and held them there just an instant. It was probably just my imagination, but it sent bolts of lightning through my body.

When I returned to bed my wife was sound asleep. I went into the bathroom and relieved myself. All that I could think about the rest of the week was how erotic it had been to spank my niece.

The rest of the week, Christy was the model, responsible young adult. Doing even more than was asked of her. When I came home from work that Friday, she asked if she could borrow the car and go to a movie. I agreed, but demanded her assurance that she would return home by 11pm. She readily agreed. I told her I would give her one strike with the belt for each minute she was late. I swear she smiled as she told me, “no problem”

As 11 approached, I was getting excited. When the clock struck 11 and there was no sound of a car in the drive, my hopes soared. Watching the minutes pass was the most intense foreplay I had ever experienced. Finally I heard the car. By the time she made it to the door, Christy was 36 minutes late. She didn’t offer an apology, just asked me if I was ready to start her punishment. It almost looked like she had a grin in her eyes.

I directed her to go to the basement so that we wouldn’t wake my wife and baby. I instructed her to undress, completely. She faced me a stared straight into my eyes as she pulled her top slowly over her head. She unfastened her bra and let it fall off her shoulders and then to the floor. She was staring at my eyes, but I kept glancing to her nubile body. She removed her sandals and then slowly pulled down her jeans, stepping out of them. I eagerly awaited the final piece of clothing. Sensing my anticipation, I think she took her time, pulling the panties down ever so slowly. Now she stood in front of me totally nude. And she looked outstanding. I was asking myself how much I might be projecting my fantasies on to her. No attractive teenager is trying to seduce their uncle, and who had ever heard of someone looking forward to a spanking. But that is what she looked like.

I don’t know how long I stared before she asked, “Are you going to spank me or just stare at me?”

That taunt was enough to move me from staring at her into action.

“Kneel on the coffee table” I commanded.

Once she had positioned her self, I spread her legs further apart and had her lay her head on the table. This position left her totally and completely exposed. Her cunt lips were clearly visible through her wispy blonde pubic hairs. I brought the belt down hard across the meatiest part of her taught bottom. I waited a few seconds while the read mark appeared. Then I brought down the next stroke. Again and again I hit her with the belt, waiting between each stroke to admire the effects. I worked my way lower until I was hitting her upper thighs. After 25 strokes my arm was getting tired, so I paused longer to admire my handiwork. And to bask in the exposed view I was given.

As I looked at her, I just had to touch her. So I started lightly running my finger along the darkest of the red marks. As I did this I noticed that her lips were swollen and glistening with dampness. As I stared at the slight part in her lips I knew I was faced with a watershed decision. If I played it safe and continued with the spanking I might have more chances to spank her in the future. But maybe not. Or I could push my luck. Perhaps I wasn’t really projecting my desires and she really was turned on by having her uncle spank her. I could see the prize. It was worth the risk.

I tried my best to sound shocked and disgusted. “You are quite the little slut. You actually enjoy this!”

I said as I was sliding the tip of my finger between her lips. Running my finger along the damp lips, I easily found her swollen clit. Gently tapping her clit,

I continued to talk, “Is it really a punishment if you are enjoying it this much? I have never heard of such a thing. You must be quite the whore.”

By this point her hips were slowly bucking, pressing harder into my hand. Her pussy was quivering so much that her hole looked like it was gasping for air.

I was still massaging her clit when I slapped her pussy with the belt. This seemed to excite her even more. With each of the next 9 slaps, I hit her just a little harder. She was sopping wet and her breathing was labored. I started rubbing my finger in circles around her cunt opening. As she pushed herself against me, I used my other hand to remove my sweat pants. I placed the head of my dick against her opening. She pushed back against me. She paused as I hit against her hymen. I pulled out. She pushed against me again and I pushed hard into her at the same time. I could feel her tear as I pushed, and she let out a small cry, but I continued pressing forward until I was hilt deep. I remained deep inside her, moving only slightly as she became accustomed to the intrusion. Slowly she began moving her hips in unison with me. Slowly I started moving in and out. Before long I was pumping hard, grabbing her hips and pulling her towards me to enter her fully. Her orgasm was so strong that her already tight passage felt like it would crush me. I came at the same time.

Christy collapsed onto the coffee table afterwards. A mixture of blood and cum seeped down her thigh. While she was laying there, I told her that her punishment wasn’t finished. She had only received 25 of the 36 strokes she had earned.

“I will finish tomorrow. Before then I expect you to shave yourself as bald as a little girl.”

I have long had a shaving fetish, and my wife won’t even trim for a bikini, so I was looking forward to this. Christy didn’t make any protest.

The next afternoon my wife left to the grocery. The baby was asleep. Before her car was out of the driveway, I told Christy to strip. I had her lay back on the kitchen table with her legs spread so that I could inspect her shaving. I ran my fingers across her freshly shaved skin. I found that she hadn’t done a thorough enough job along her lips. I could feel stubble.

“This will mean an extra 10 strokes with the belt.”

I left her laying on the table while I commanded, “Pull your knees back towards you.”

Pulling her knees against her torso tilted her pelvis upward. Her newly shaven lips were clearly visible as they poked between her thighs. They were already swollen and glistening. I proceeded to lightly run me fingers along the outside of her lips.

“It seems like you are looking forward to your punishment today. You are already excited.”

I continued to gently rub her lips as she tried to press harder against me. Once they were sufficiently swollen that they hard started to part, I began her punishment. This position meant that more of my stroke fell on her thighs. I repeatedly hit her pussy lips. For the final 5 strokes, I instructed her to spread her knees apart. While these strokes were slightly softer, I brought them down directly between her thighs.

As soon as I finished spanking her, I entered her with one thrust. She was so wet, that I slid very easily into her tight body. I could feel the pressure surround me, as she adjusted to the size. Slowly I pulled all of the way out, lingering just long enough for her passage to narrow again slightly, before I slammed into her even harder. With her hips positioned just off the end of the table, and holding her own legs back, my penetration was deep. I ground my self into her even deeper. After only 5 strokes like this, Christy had the strongest orgasm I had ever witnessed. I couldn’t believe how long it was lasting. She clamped down so tightly on my manhood, that all I could do gently rock. After about a minute or so of this, I came as well. I lingered inside as I rapidly shrank, waiting until I was flacid to disengage.

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