Black Is Beautiful

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Young Adult Sex Story: Ethiopian prostitutes in the North East of England find a moneyed punter

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Coercion   Reluctant   Fiction   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Voyeurism   .

Adeba Hapgood cringed as the pebbles cut her bony knees. She hated sucking cock in the alley on the gravel. But when you get to the street after 7pm you don’t get to choose your corner. She tried to ignore the pebbles as she swallowed her fifth load of cum for the night. She liked that this man didn’t pull her hair too hard as he fucked her face. The last guy she sucked off almost ripped out her braids. She licked her large pink lips and smiled at the bald man with glasses, while he reached into his wallet and pulled out a 10 € bill. The man couldn’t believe he just got the best blow job of his life from a stunning African girl and it only cost him 10 €

“Same time tomorrow night?” he asked zipping up his grubby jeans She nodded and smiled. As her mum always said, the customer pays for the sex buy they are buying the smile.

She stuffed the money into her shoe as he turned the corner. She glanced across the street and saw her mum getting out of a car. Adeba was glad her mum was back. She always felt safer with her mum working a nearby corner. With her pimp dad at home training her younger sister Addel, mum was the only protection she had. Adeba’s mum Bisrat waved from across the street as she buttoned her shirt. Adeba stared at her beautiful mum. At 49 Bisrat still had a slender body. She was 5’9” even without the stiletto heals, had ebony close cropped hair, coal black eyes, a twenty nine inch waist and 35C natural, big floppy tits. She looked like she stepped out of a Victoria Secret’s catalogue, the African version.

Bisrat was married not long after she’d arrived in the UK as one of a disparate group of refugees from her war torn country, to Roger Hapgood, a refuse manager for the council - Adeba’s dad. The reality was Bisrat being an out and out cum slut wasn’t ready to settle down at such a young age, so she cheated on Roger. She missed her pill one too many times and became pregnant with another child. Bisrat wasn’t even sure who the father was. When she told Roger what happened, he was enraged. He said that since she wanted to act like a whore, he was going to make sure she earned her money as a whore. He made her drop out of her senior year of collage and start selling her body on the street for him. She was earning him 100 € a night, her dark colour a big pull in Darlington, Co Durham and he loved it, it funded his crack habit. He would even book her for bachelor parties where she’d be gang banged all night netting him 200 €.

When Adeba was born, Bisrat was allowed to stay home with her. Roger decided that she had been punished enough ... for a short while, allowing her to return to her life. He even allowed her to return to finish her last year of college, training to be a cook, but she seemed earmarked as a washer up kitchen maid. But Bisrat just couldn’t contain herself. She ended up sleeping with Roger’s father and her tutor both of them in their 60s and that was sleeping in a bed not just the many shag partners she entertained in derelict houses.

When 18 she was pregnant with her second child. By the time the baby was born she would be 19 with two kids. She left him, because of his growing violence and alienated both sets of parents. Therefore she was no longer their concern. She had no where to go. And that is how it began, out onto the streets to sell her body. When she was plump with child she was able to earn more money from men who were into pregnant girls. One of her regulars loved to suck her lactating tits before fucking her cunt and arsehole.

Knowing her situation and how good the money, because of her unusual colour and background could be, she decided they would become whores as well. Adeba’s first ‘training’ Christmas present wasn’t cute toys and clothing, but a bag filled with various sized dildos, explaining that if Adeba was going to be a whore she needed to start getting her body ready, needing to learn to be a cum slut. Part of the learning curve, the girl was told, it would hurt bad when she was fucked by large ugly adult males. So Bisrat did what any good, penniless, not very bright mother did, she helped teach her daughters to be a whore. She taught them to use the dildos, suck them and fuck herself.

Each of Adeba’s birthdays, her mum threw a party for her. Inviting all her friends from college They all had a significant, fairy tale, white iced cake and played video games and she loved it. At four o’clock, the party was over and she put on a present from one of Bisrat’s clients which was a four inch stark white leather skirt, white fishnet stockings and suspenders which were a bit loose and saggy and a white mesh tube top but no panties. Mum and daughter went out to join the work force. That first night she came home bleeding and crying, but she earned close to 100 € with spunk all over her clothes and hair and smelled of cigarettes. Bisrat, who was working the corner of Gladstone Street and North Lodge Park, across from her daughter kept an eye on the trainee hooker, actually looking proud of her baby girl, having explained to the regular punters who she was and no nasty business. Addel, learned from the babysitter, a hooker on a night off, what was going on and when her mum and big sister got home, watched Addel lick the dried cum from her big sister’s body. Her other daughters lived with business friends - street business.

Over the years Adeba became very good at what she did. She had a nice flow of regular customers, including Bisrat’ college tutor, Adeba’s school principal and governors and the Imam from the local Muslim mosque who loved to cum in her arse. She was rented out for the whole night with a husband and wife for their fortieth wedding anniversary. They were an ugly fat Irish couple, who had worked with refugees in Ethiopia, Bisrat’s ethnic home but Adeba didn’t care, it was all experience, realising her work would involve people of all ages. As her mother always said, It doesn’t matter if they are ugly. It’s your job to make them feel beautiful.

After being a whore for many months, Adeba thought she experienced it all. She had been with women, men, teen boys, her mother and her white lecherous grandfather, Ken. She had experienced bondage and had a policeman force her to suck off him and his policewoman partner for free in return for not sending her and her Mum to Durham jail. She didn’t think there was anything she had missed. That was until she met Mr Everard. She knew that wasn’t his real name but she knew better than to ask. He approached her as she was talking to her mother on a quiet evening on the street.

“She over eighteen?” he asked, getting a cursory nod.

Mr Everard, an obese white American entrepreneur with businesses in Stockton, Middlesborough and Yarm, approached them out of the window of a large luxury car and said he was having a special party and needed something unusual. He asked Adeba and Bisrat if they were mother and daughter and had they ever performed together. Bisrat answered him by leaning down and kissing Adeba full on her soft lips, while fondling her tits, ignoring the four loads of cum that had been in her mouth. Adeba slipped her hand under her mothers micro-skirt and rubbed a finger into her crinkled curly hirsute cunt. As the women separated lips, Adeba licked her mother’s juices from her finger.

The burly man who enjoyed the juxtaposition if the thick mature black mature and the brown slender younger woman, wasn’t as shocked as they expected. leered at them. He asked,

“So would you both be available for a special party Saturday night? For the whole night, seven till breakfast?”

“How many people will be there?” asked Bisrat.

“Does it matter? I’ll have you two for the night and you’ll be sucked and fucked any which way, No questions asked. I’ll pay you 5000 €.”

Establishing that fee was for both of them Bisrat smiled a thin smile.

“Deal. No rough stuff?” Getting a promise and 1,000 € as reserve, Everard started to drive off in his matt black Mercedes GLS with fancy wheels until remembering something the vehicle skidded to a halt.

“Hey! I hope you’re both fucking hairy niggers? None of this bald smooth stuff?” He got the answer he wanted and drove away, Mother and daughter went home.

Saturday night - the girls went to their usual corner, opposite King Street finding him waiting. He handed Bisrat an down payment 1000 € telling them the rest of the cash would be at breakfast and surprisingly, did they have any food preferences or dislikes. No offal was the reply, they liked the forbidden bacon, as they settled in the back seat, he laughed, driving the flashy motor to the country. Bisrat tried making small talk with Mr Everard but he didn’t seem like much of a conversationalist.

“Look bitch, your job is to suck, fuck and lick, not talk. So shut up till you’re told otherwise”, he told her sternly. The girls sat silently until they arrived at a mansion across the Tees river, near Scotch Corner. They were in total awe walking through the halls of the mansion, past three hundred year old tapestries and suits of armour. They were led into a large room with a bed and some garments on a side couch. Bisrat mused that the meaning of her name was true – Good News.

“Here, put these on – no underwear, that means no knickers”, warned Everard.

The garments were beautiful, satin, coveralls just below knees, not fitted, scoop necked, like Togas Adeba giggled, with adjustment cords and elastic so even though mum and daughter were different height and sizes, once on and fitted, they looked splendid. Adeba’s was light blue, Bisrat’s was a black gown. She pondered who had advised Everard about them.

Having unselfconsciously undressed, then donned the gowns while the massive man lounged with a glass of wine, ogling them, the girls were led through the mansion to a magnificent pair of doors. Before opening them, he paused,

“Now remember, you are here to be used. You do what you are told, when you are told, and you will be paid. The gang know about these thing, like it’s not the first party we’ve had,” he guffawed.

With that, he opened the doors to a spacious dark panelled hall with banqueting tables groaning with left over food. Inside there were twenty people, fifteen men and five women, all in a tuxedo or dress – in the case of the spectators, not in the case of the sexual participants because the five women were all being fucked in every hole on the table, on the floor, up against the wall and bent over a chair. One man was shagging the arse of a fey looking young man.

The women in the room were all whores like Bisrat and her daughter, having been hired and imported from Richmond, Northallerton, Yarm and tiny villages around. They ranged in age from teenager to 65 so Mama Hapgood felt at home. Scanning the room, Bisrat and Adeba were stunned and amazed at such a scene of debauchery for no more than thirty seconds until they were each grabbed and pulled in opposite directions. Bisrat managed to shoot Adeba a reassuring glance.

Adeba was grabbed by an extremely fat man with a balding grey haired head and a long handlebar moustache. He grabbed the front of her gown and ripped it apart, exposing her 34C breasts. He picked up a tankard of beer and took a long swig and then put it down on the table. He kissed her neck, the beer dribbling from his mouth.

“Oh my sweet little nigger miss, you’re gonna get your gorgeous black bones rattled so many times tonight you’ll be crawling rather than walking” he gurgled, unleashing his cock and slouching on a high back chair. He pulled her onto his lap, facing him with no thoughts about foreplay and rammed his cock into her cunt and began fucking her.

As the burly man fucked her teenage pussy, Adeba’s experience relaxing her immediately, her tits bounced in his face. He reached up and grabbed her left tit and bit the nipple. She screamed and he laughed, other men joining in her discomfort. She thought there was going to be no nasty business and tried to do well what she was good at.

As she was bounced on a remarkably stiff cock for an old man, she had noticed bowls here and there with little blue pills in it.

“Hector,” her fat fucker shouted across the room. “That Viagra is fucking brilliant my friend, it’ll make sure we can shag the bitches all night long. Glad you got the niggers, haven’t had one since I was in Sudan with the relief chaps.”

He pulled her closer to him, leaning back, his paws under her bottom. Then Adeba felt another man behind her. He aimed his cock at her tight arse hole. She swiftly turned to look at who was the first to bugger her that night, finding it was young, inanely grinning, buck teethed young Oriental man wearing huge black rimmed spectacles. With a single push it was buried in her anal cavity. The two men pounded her small frame for thirty minutes before filling her with their spunk.

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