A Learning Curve

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Erotica Sex Story: An old found story which appealed to me and cried out to be abridged, moved across the pond and developed, from be a straight stoke tale, to a less, but still stoke worthy. It also tips over from the heroine being gorgeous and nubile, to a plain dowdy mother.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Farming   Mother   Son   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .

Riya was 48 years old. Five foot two, weighing around a hundred and forty five pounds, pear shaped, big arse, tiny tits, with mousey brown hair, no raving beauty, not attractive in the perceived sense of the word. Her chin was strong and pronounced doing little to enhance her small nipped mouth and hooked nose. She was divorced, and raising a 16 year old son.

It had been six months or so since her son Eddie had their first sexual encounter. Before that happened, it had been eleven years since she had been with a man. The relationship, had really turned her life around, Eddie’s also. He was friendly with a bunch of older boys, never at home, and his grades in school were just above failing. These days however he would be home at night, doing his home work, and his grades had jumped way above average. His teachers could not believe the turn around. He had turned into a real nice looking kid. He was five foot nine, hundred and seventy five pounds. Riya had turned him into a real loving machine, and they do a lot of things together.

Riya had found him before he could wipe the screen of porn, but being level headed and understanding, she persuaded her son to discuss his desires rationally and offered to help him. They started looking at a lot of different types of porn together, on the computer and one thing led to another. Eddie was more than willing to do or try anything.

One night, late in the evening, near to bed time, Riya had to go to the bathroom. “Mum, I want to watch you piss” he told, completely surprising her, but this was her new son and sex object so why not ... He followed her into the bathroom, sneakily grabbing her butt and lifting her skirt in anticipation, stripping off his jeans and pants on the way. They laughed joyously and while she was pissing. Eddie ripped away her big pink knickers, noticing the wet stains in the gusset and thrust her legs wide. He put his hand between her chubby, flabby legs on her hirsute pussy, making her piss was running all over his hand.

It really turned him on. His cock became extremely hard. When he stood, it made his mother hot watching him rub her piss on his cock and stomach. Riya dragged off her loose combat tank top and greying little brassiere “Oh baby, this is a new one, fuck me. Fuck me right here, and now,” she told him, standing up, piss still dribbling down her legs, while Eddie took her place on the stool. She straddled him letting his cock slid into me. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his face to hers, kissing him passionately.

His cock pulsated inside Riya as as drove her wanton rump down on him, moving up and down on his cock, fast and furious. Thinking how he had wanted her piss on him, had stepped her lust up another notch. He started talking dirty, something he knew his darling mother loved. “Fuck me Mum- oooh yes god! fuck me” He was sucking Riya’s tiny wobbling tits. His hands on her buttocks, pulling her arse hard. She could feel my orgasm building. “Oh Baby baby, I’m getting close.” Riya told him. “Hold back honey Mummy’s almost there.” Her cunt pulsed around Eddie’s cock. She couldn’t stand it any longer and blasted off in full orgasm, screaming with pleasure. Riya’s whole body was shaking. Eddie was about to blow his load she knew so she stood up off his cock, and fell to her knees between his legs.

His cock was slippery with her mature juices. She took him into her mouth, just as he unloaded. His cock was spitting his sperm in hot blasts into her mouth. She loved the taste of his young spunk. He was groaning with pleasure. Her mouth was full of his cock and his cum. She pulled off his cock, closing her mouth, holding all his cum in her mouth, savouring it’s taste. “God Mum that was fucking great”. He excitedly gasped. She looked up at him and opened her mouth, showing him all his cum, and then swallowed it. “God Mum that’s cool” he said. “What does it taste like?” “Great baby, just great” They showered and decided it was time to go to bed. Lying there they talked. “Mum, what would you think if I wanted you to start pissing on me?” he laughed. “I think I have a piss fetish, something I saw on a website... “Darling if you want Mummy to piss on you, I’ll piss on you.” She told him. “Well tonight when you were pissing in my hand, you saw how it made me feel hot. I wanted to feel it splattering all over my body. It just makes me feel good to think about it. I think it would make me feel like you were cumming on me yeah?” “OK with me Eddie,” she told him, adding “You were great tonight sweetie. Give me a kiss, and lets get some sleep.”

The following week past quickly. Riya’s friend Sue who worked with her at the supermarket, won some tickets, to the races at Goodwood. Her and her husband were big racing fans. She asked if Riya minded looking after Buzz their dog. It wasn’t the first time since when he was just a pup and agreed. The July meeting was happening and the phone on the Headley residence trilled as Riya drinking coffee. It was Sue. “Are you up and at it? she yelled into the phone. “Well I guess so”. she replied, giggling, knowing that ‘at it’ was a term she’d used for shagging over the years. “I’m sitting here in my robe drinking coffee.” “Well we’re on our way see you in a minute”. Riya hung up the phone. She was shocked at how Buzz had grown, when she brought him in. “He’s beautiful, and you keep him always looking so nice. Eddie always loved him” Riya told Sue - George her husband was sat waving urgently from his car. She patted the big German Sheppard. “Of course you know he’s house broke” Sue told her. “He’ll go to the door when it’s time, to do his duty.” Riya didn’t sarcastically comment that of course she knew all that stuff, just adding that it’’ll be fine. The dog laid down on the throw rug by the back door. Sue left and Riya had planned to clean out some cabinets. She really should take a bath, she thought. Eddie had fucked her that morning, before leaving for his part time weekend job. Riya glanced at the storage unit. It wouldn’t take long she mused, it’s a small cabinet and most stuff in there will be thrown out, so she decided she would just clean out the cabinet first then take a bath.

She was kneeling down removing unwanted things from the cabinet when Buzz trotted over and pushed his nose under her house cleaning robe and began licking at her crotch. She wanted to stop him but the feeling he was giving the middle aged woman was like nothing she had ever felt. His tongue licked all round her baggy knickers. His tongue felt a little rougher than Eddie’s and he was reaching into places Eddie could never get to – with his tongue.

Should I stop him? She pondered. This is not right, it’s sort of dirty, but Riya just had to have the sensations he was giving her. Hell! she thought, who’s going to know ... a little while longer perhaps. The little while didn’t last long before Buzz reared up on her back holding on to her with his front legs. He was trying to mount her like a bitch in heat. Rita wasn’t a large strong woman and was pinned down by a massive hairy hound, who started humping frantically.

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