Room and In

by uksnowy

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Erotica Sex Story: A small hotel has guests

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Fiction   Bestiality   Voyeurism   .

Bert and Elsie Harding ran this rather seedy private hotel just off the seafront on Hayling Island which is near Portsmouth in the UK. The house was large and impressive from the outside, Elsie had inherited it from her father after his death. There was not enough money to be earned in the short holiday season to provide a good living and keep the house kept as well as it should be, so it became more shabby year on year. This hurt Elsie but Bert wasn’t worried as the house was in her name anyway, and she did the cooking and the bookings, his function was more that of a porter and general handyman, but it suited him. It was April 1988, just another morning in the Harding establishment and they were on their second cup of morning tea when the phone rang.

“Helloo,” Elsie said in her falsely posh accent, Bert sat and heard another booking being made. “And how old is your daughter?” there was a pause. “She is eighteen, so you will need two rooms then?” another pause “I have a nice room on the first floor overlooking the sea and another at the end of the hallway, but it hasn’t got a sea view,” another pause. “No sorry I haven’t got any adjoining rooms, not even two next door to each other,” she lied, she had but Bert hadn’t decorated them yet and she couldn’t rely on him getting them done by next month. “Yes Mr. Coxon I will reserve those two for you, until next month then, Yes look forward to seeing you and your daughter.”

Bert’s ears pricked up, the thoughts of skimpy bikinis came to his mind, bursting little breast buds, tight little bum cheeks. “Another booking?” he asked casually. “Yes, pity you didn’t get the rooms finished like you promised, but I can put the girl in No .6 and the father in No .10, so please make sure everything works, you listening to me Bert?” “Yes Dear, don’t start, I’ll get onto it now,” he replied getting up from the table.

He ambled along to No .6 and looked in, not much needed doing here he thought, then as he turned to leave, it occurred to him that the unfinished room was next to it, a stud wall too, and the seed of a wicked plan was sowed in his sexually deviant mind. He and Elsie had long since stopped having sex, ever since Charlie had arrived. Charlie and Elsie had become close, mainly with the encouragement of Bert. Elsie was a good looking woman with large firm breasts and a very pretty face and he loved to watch as Charlie pleased her. Bert was a handsome man at one time but he didn’t bother with himself now, what for? he thought to himself, she wasn’t interested, and Charlie was there to satisfy all her needs. He had watched them at the start of it all, with her agreement of course and he had to say Charlie’s enthusiasm had never wavered, much to Elsie’s delight.

A month passed quickly and on the allotted day Harry Coxon arrived with his daughter Rachel. Bert looked from behind the curtains as Elsie went out to welcome them. The man looked very cultured, calm and upright, he thought and when he saw the daughter emerge from the Volvo XC90 he sensed a feeling that he hadn’t felt for a long time. She was tall, slim and extremely pretty with long dark hair tied in a pony tail, her breasts were small, well formed and trussed high in a brassiere, the straps of which were visible below a form fitting pale green top. When she leaned in to get her case from the boot. Bert the avaricious peeper saw the bottom crease of her firm buttocks below the red plaid miniskirt she’d travelled in. That was one perfect bottom, round and full. He licked his lips as he dropped the curtain and hurried outside to help carry the cases.

“Please let me carry those,” he said as he arrived before them. The girl turned to look at him and he was struck by her large brown eyes and the hint of a tantalizing smile on her lips. “This is my husband Bert,” Elsie, already out there, said. Bert nodded to the man and smiled at the girl, then he hurried inside to put the cases in the correct rooms, he wanted to make sure that the girl’s cases were placed in No .6, it was important to him to make sure of it.

Rachel looked round the room and smiled, she liked it. She inspected the shower, it looked new, Bert had finished it a few months before and re-tiled, he had also completely re-decorated the room, and fitted the mirrors. She looked out of the window onto the side lawn of the house, not a sea view but if she craned her neck she could just see the beach at the front of the house. As she stood looking out and across to the small park where two girls were playing tennis, she became aware of a movement in the garden as a friendly looking Golden Labrador pushed its way between two laurel shrubs, sniffing along the ground. She didn’t know it then but his name was Charlie.

Three days passed by pretty uneventfully for Rachel and her father, their first real holiday together. They walked the beach in the early morning and late evening and visited a few local tourist places of interest, like the Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quay shopping mall, the Royal Navy Dockyard, the weather then turned hot and Rachel spent most of the day on the beach. For Bert, nothing was different but much to Elsie’s surprise he seemed very keen on the decorating and even interested in attracting new guests, insisting on doing two rooms at once but unknown to her it was his way of splitting time between the two rooms just to make sure that he was doing No 5 when Rachel was in No 6.

Making time in his busy days, he couldn’t contain himself any more and decided he would enjoy the fruits of his labour and endeavour. Entering that room with his heart racing and head pounding, he removed the picture from the adjoining wall to expose the one inch hole he had cut in the plasterboard. Nothing could be seen from the other side as the hole was cleverly hidden in amongst some ornate plaster carving decoration all along that wall, one of the old original features of the building he and Elsie had preserved. It went above a mirror over the small wash basin and standing on a work stool/bench he could spy on Rachel when she came back from the beach, usually at about 5.30, a quick shower and rest, then dress for dinner at 6:45. This day was like the others and Bert, ostensibly busy for Elsies’ sake, was in No 5 waiting for the sounds of the Coxons arrival, he looked at his watch and then heard the front door bell go, Elsie call out ‘hello’, the footsteps up the stairs and along the corridor. The work stool was positioned and up he went

She slung her beach bag onto a chair and quickly became naked and disappeared into the shower. It all happened so quickly for Bert but he was still able each time to see and appreciate just a little more of her young firm body, the full dark triangle of hair she had at the top of her legs, the way she shook her hair free from her hair band, the wobble of her pert breasts as she shook her head, and the spring in her walk that made her bum cheeks roll.

He sat waiting for her to emerge again, his hand in his fly, pulling out his cock already half erect and sat loosely wanking it while he waited, not wanting to cum till later, then she emerged with a towel wrapped around her torso. Unfortunately, she bent double, facing him to sling and fold a towel over her head, catching up her locks, twist the towel then fling it back over her head. Cursing gently, he was sure, with patience, he would capture that treasured view from behind, one day, exposing her cunt and arse hole – his favourite. Rachel stood drying herself, then walked over to the mirror, looking in it at him, but of course she couldn’t see him. He grinned at the usual grotesque expressions women made in mirrors, examining every detail and blemish on their faces. She started drying her breasts, looking at herself, lifting one then the other to his delight. She walked away over to the bed, her bottom moving deliciously, his tool now very hard in his hand, then she bent over to dry her legs wow! Nirvana! ... her pubes appeared between her cheeks, the dark slit of her entrance below the small pink puckered hole, and then with that image he exploded, his spunk squirting up against the wall, an ecstatic grimace on his face.

In life nothing stays the same for long and one day Rachel’s father received a phone call summoning him back to attend to the family law business, but it was arranged that Rachel would stay until he returned to complete their holiday, and then the weather changed and became unsettled and wet. Rachel could not go to the beach and had started to take Charlie for walks in the park. Charlie was an intelligent dog and when it came to ‘walkies’ time which was about 3pm he would get his lead and go up to get Rachel from her room. Charlie seized his lead between his teeth, trotted up the stairs to Rachel’s room and scratched at the door as Bert was filling holes in the wall of No .5 and Rachel was resting on the bed reading. Bert stopped, listened and heard voices, removed the picture quietly and put his eye to the hole. Rachel had let Charlie into the room and was talking to him.

“Oh Charlie, not today ‘cos it’s pouring with rain,” she said. He looked up at her, tail wagging and still made for the door. Bert smiled to himself, Rachel sat on the bed in just a navy blue T-shirt and panties looking at Charlie, then he dropped the lead as if understanding and walked across to her. She stroked his head and he rested it on her knee and he whined in that doggy understanding way they al have. She bent, repeated her explanation in a silly voice, the way people do to animals and babies, and as she did so he licked her lips as she spoke. She did not seem too pleased and got up and washed it in the wash basin in front of Bert, then she jolted, her eyes wide in surprise and for a moment Bert thought that she had seen him through the mirror but then he saw that Charlie was behind her, and Charlie in his dog view of the world had done what he often did to Elsie, licked her bottom.

There was a look of shock, turning into amusement on Rachel’s face, and to Bert’s astonishment and delight she leaned over the basin once more, wiggled her butt, allowing Charlie to lick her there again. Bert looked into that lovely face, the eyes showing the rapturous delight she felt with this newly found pleasure and the mounting desire shown in it. Rachel straightened up and walked over to the door and locked it, then to the bed, all the time Charlie following watching her. She removed her panties and sat on the bed, calling to him. The hound joined her, looking eagerly. Bert smiled, thinking to himself ‘you won’t have to show him what to do my girl’ and he looked with glee at her as she hesitantly opened her thighs and Charlie delved straight in there and started to lick her.

Rachel gasped as she watched him with glazed eyes and then just lay back and let him do it, starting to squirm and writhe as he brought her to orgasm, lifting her bottom off the bed so he could work his bestial magic, and then slammed shut her thighs as she could take no more. Bert, thought this bitch doesn’t need much stimulation, his erection in his hand, stroking as he watched through the spy hole. She lay there for a while and then dreamingly sat up, looking down at Charlie who sat panting looking back up at her and Bert realised that he probably thought that the second course was about to be asked for, the bit when he mounted her and had his own pleasure. Seeing from his privileged vantage point that Charlie was ready, his red, pink mottled pointed penis now full and ready for his onslaught although this could not be seen by Rachel, not until he put his front paws on the bed that is.

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