Hot Tails

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Erotica Sex Story: Husband's stories ignite his wife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Fiction   Mother   Daughter   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .

It all happened quite fast for the both of us. Both Derrick and myself were having some great sex. We were drunk and this only highlighted our kinkiness. Derrick always liked to make me talk dirty, about his huge cock and he liked to create scenarios about me in wild sexual situations. He liked to imagine me being fucked by several well hung chaps taking me in every hole at once or with another girl who could make me dribble cum.

I loved his stories and they always made me have a great orgasm as well as himself. But tonight was different. We had been drinking and just finished watching some great porn and we were really randy. Our daughter Amelia was at her friends and this gave us free range to just about anything. We retired upstairs to the bedroom and Derrick quickly got into his hot wild stories. This was foreplay for us and we were not in any hurry to get our things together.

He was in nice shape working out less frequently these days. In his mid fifties, he looked good and his cock was even better. A good eight inches of thick meat. I also kept in good shape to keep my hubby happy and went for run each morning to keep the body trim and tight. He especially loved my admittedly big arse. My tits were small but I made up for it by letting him fuck me any way he liked. I had short, close cropped dark hair like a boys and it made me look pixey and sexy. Derrick was talking about hot little girls and how much he’d like to see me fuck one. I asked him how young His fingers sliding inside me now making me gasp in pleasure he looked at me and said,

“Like Amelia darling, nice and young. I want you to teach her to fuck like you.” I felt my cunt go tight around his fingers and knew I was going to cum hot and heavy. This wasn’t the first time he mentioned our daughter in our lovemaking and the thought of a girl looking like her with me fucking her made me cum easily. At first I thought it strange and a bit disturbing but then as I looked at my baby Amelia I could see why he chose her. She was beautiful in every way with her long blonde hair to her tight little arse, Her budding breasts were really showing themselves and her shape was getting distinct curves. At 14 she was becoming a true hottie. Derrick was still sliding those long wet fingers inside me and I knew that his story was going to drive me up the wall sexually.

I thought about using Amelia in our sexual foreplay and tried to deny that I had any kind of sexual fantasy that would include her. My god! I was her mother. But he would always use her name to get me hot. Just thinking about her tight little body made me quiver in delight. I’ve never made love to another woman but if I had to someone like Amelia would be the best way, young and inexperienced. Totally under my control. Derrick’s fingers now delved deeply into my pussy making it squish wetly. I moaned out loud letting him know that all was right.

“Like that love?” “Yess!” I groaned pushing back against his hand. “I think you like the idea of you fucking Amyelia don’t you?” I hesitated a beat, and then caught myself. Was I so sexually turned on that I missed his intent? Was he asking me to fuck our baby girl? God his fingers were wiggling like snakes inside me and my brain was sending pleasure waves to my entire body. Our, my baby girl. God was I so perverted to imagine sex with her? But we were just playing. Toying. Having some kinky fun, weren’t we? But he continued... “Fuck darling! Id love to see you suck her hot little pussy. Make her cum for the first time. Fuck her till she screamed.” I did wonder how and if he knew she had a hot little pussy.

I felt a third finger join the rest. My drunken mind shut down to everything but those lovely fingers. I was going to cum again. The pictures that he made appear in my mind of Amelia were so sexually perverse that my cunt all but exploded in hot juice over his hand and the bed. My little girl was helping to make me orgasm. I was losing myself to the imagination of my husband and was letting him guide me. I felt his fingers slide free of me and in its place the knob of his big cock. I stuttered with anticipation. I loved that monster and wanted it in me quick. But he hesitated.

“Come on Connie tell me what you’d like to do to our little hottie?” The head of his cock remained at the entrance of my very wet love hole and he was teasing me to distraction. We were spooned together my back to him which allowed him access to both my love holes. I was breathing hard my body demanding pleasure. His cock at the brink of entering me. God I wanted it so bad. I realized that I wanted it and her too. “I want to fuck her ... God yes!” I cried out as I felt his massive cock push into me, sliding easily into my moist quim.

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