I Thought You Loved Me

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Businesswoman mixes fun with work to liven up her sex life. Hubby protests but acquiesces.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cuckold   Slut Wife   FemaleDom   .

“George, don’t be a whiner. You know how I hate that! I told you I loved you twenty years ago and I’ll let you know if it changes.”

He came across the bedroom to the open door of the bathroom. She was on the toilet wiping her ass, “Why did you say you were going to fuck him tonight?”

“How soon men forget!” muttered Marsha as she pulled up her panties. Face to face with her distressed husband of two decades, she launched in to a spontaneous speech.

“What the hell are you worried about? That you won’t get any more. Have you forgotten that pussy is a renewable resource? Think back to when we met. I was banging your college roommate practically every night. You were interested and I was a horny one so you got it too for months until we graduated. The we started dating seriously and you knew I had a summer boyfriend too. Did you ever get blue balls?”

He spluttered, “But that was then!”

She marched up to him and looked up into his face, he being at least a foot taller than the busty brunette, “You’ve slowed down a bit but I don’t think I have and this will let me know that, for sure.” She turned and walked away, her still firm ass moving enticingly and giving George the beginnings of an erection.

She noticed him in the mirror, “You interested in a piece? It’s been a few days.” He nodded so she got a small towel and put it under that cute butt as she laid down and spread her legs. He got a better than average morning fuck since she was thinking about her evening outing. It calmed her husband and conditioned her parts in case her dinner companion was serious about the risqué comments he’d been dropping for quite a while. She hoped so. He was thirtyish, good looking and buff.

As she left for work, she reminded him, “It’s Marie Calender for dinner tonight. I’ll text if I won’t be back till morning.” A gleeful smile from her was answered with a scowl.

This was nominally a business dinner meeting which she expected to turn into monkey business. She needed some let-it-all-hang-out fun in her life. Running a small business these days was complex and stressful. Robby was a longtime sales rep for one of her main vendors so they had lots of interactions, frequently in person since she was an important customer for them. When he’d made an initial exploratory flirt, she’d given him an encouraging response and it had escalated for the past couple of months. Lat week’s lunch had gotten pretty explicit and tonight’s meeting was planned. He would be in town all night so there was nothing to slow things down except her husband, and she took a direct approach to that, as we have seen.

The dinner wasn’t dawdled through and the two were soon in his hotel room high above the city. Robby produced a bottle of Gran Marnier liqueur and they sipped, each looking at the other expectantly. Finally Robby suggested they’d get a better view of the city from the balcony.

It was narrow so he moved behind her to look over her shoulder. His arms went around her easily and he moved up close, feeling the curve of her ass on his thighs. His third leg began growing in appreciation. She noticed and wiggled her butt a tiny but perceptible amount.

Robbie’s hands moved up her front to cup her breasts. The low-cut dress top had teased him with her ample cleavage all during dinner. She murmured, “Unzip my dress and drop the top.” She was braless and his hands were now on her girls, squeezing the firm flesh and getting acquainted with her hardened nipples. The movements her ass made on the substantial hardness in his pants became more focused. He kissed her neck and nibbled on her earlobes as he fondled. Little whimpers of pleasure began emerging from her lips.

It didn’t take long before she directed, “Take my dress off and get naked with me.” She was commando, much to his delight and, although she couldn’t turn her head far enough to see him undress, she soon delighted in feeling his flesh and underlying well-toned muscles up against her back. Her pussy was dripping in anticipation so she simply bent over the rail, resting her breasts on it, and he knew what she wanted. For the first time in quite a while, a new man was separating her love lips and entering her pleasure channel.

He was not overly eager, much to her delight, and they stimulated each other for quite a while as they enjoyed the sparkling city below and the myriad of stars visible above. Neither had orgasmed when they felt the coolness of the night air and moved inside.

I shall not detail all of the interactions of two experienced lovers enjoying themselves to their utmost. You have certainly read about all of that before. Suffice it to say that they availed themselves of a late checkout.

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